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The Last Democracy is Dead

The Last Democracy is Dead

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This is such an important but dreadful non fiction article..for truth soldiers..this is not entertainment..
This is such an important but dreadful non fiction article..for truth soldiers..this is not entertainment..

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Published by: Daniel J Towsey A Truth Soldier on Feb 23, 2009
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The Last Democracy is DEAD

By Daniel J Towsey http://www.scribd.com/doc/12748708/The-Last-Democracy-is-Dead

The Imprisoned light of truth So golden warm on the side of truth And so dark and cold on the side with no truth. Are we now in a new (world order) dark ages? Yes because you are afraid of the truth and You will not learn and then speak the truth. Soon the golden light of truth will be completely Covered over by the cold dark deceptions of the NEW WORLD ORDER

And all you’ll have left are your dreams of democracy. While you sleep in the stone cold souls prison of darkness. I was So wrong.. In my previous article. “The Last Democracy” Please read it So you can fully understand this following)most important article. The Communist Fascist Evil Corporate New World Order has covertly, completely taken over all of the peoples governments in Canada, as will as all public utilities, lands, natural resources and everything else that belongs to the peoples of Canada. Because they have killed the sleeping giant. please read my “The sleeping giant is actually brain dead’ Please read my “Nova Scotia Power Report”, “Made in Canada” and “Once upon a time there was a Canada” to get a more complete understanding of this most dreadful situation. Here is the result, please read “Starving in Canada” and “Welfare Bum”. Be they municipal, provincial or federal. There is no democratic governments of the people and by the people left in Canada. If there ever was any such thing? I think we have always been deceived by the British NWO Zionists. All the governments of the people and by the people have deceptively been taken over by the Zionist Banksters of the NWO. Since their introduction of NAFTA.[North American Free Trade Act... which means that a secret society is free to trade all of your hard work and assets for anything they want. It is just a clever way to steal everything that belonged to a once free society.. Back in 2001 I published my “corrupt Canadian elections” vote fixing article. I risked my life to inform and wake up Canadians. In hopes that this evil wheel of deception could be blocked from rolling any further. And in hopes that our common law and common wealth democracy would

be brought back. Few listened. The people preferred to think of me as “The Village Idiot’” please read it. After this vote fixing article was published on the Internet, I had my life destroyed by covert agents. Agents believed they were working for this so called national security. There is no such thing in a democracy. For a democracy can not exist with secrets. Secrets are only for hiding wrong doing. And exactly who is being kept secure in this national security? It’s surely not you, me or we the people. All the, we the people’s democratic governments no longer exist. All that is left is corporations. Who hide behind their pretty, clever and false corporate image. I long for the days when corporations never existed. The days when we had companies and business that were owned and controlled by responsible and truthFUL hard working the people. For these businesses belonged to we the common people and not to a small secret society who is insanely on their way to their NWO.

A secret society that creates money out of thin air and then uses that free money to take over and own everything. The NWO’s corporations are nothing but a huge crime and EVIL deception against all GOOD humans... When are the TRUTH SOLDIERS Going To GET BUSY? ALSO PLEASE UNDERSTAND THE THE Nwo’S United Nations is NOT a

FAIR AND JUST democratic institution.. It is the home base for the New World Order enslavers of human kind and the end of all that is good and sane. THERE HAS BEEN MANY GOOD PEOPLE wHO BELIEVED IN THE U.N. AND GOT INVOLVED WITH it. BUT they soon realized that for as long as there are countries with veto powers. The UN is just a big fraud and deception. The NWO has been created by evil.. through the use of “Truth, lies and Deceptions”. We are all domed if this world is not run by truth.. Evil is flourishing because good people are doing nothing.. You can only fight evil with truth.. Did you read the sleeping giant article that explains how the NWO is taking over while they keep you entertained and deliberately dumbed down? One day soon the entertainment will end and the golden light will go out..and a new dark ages will be here for ever... You make for a great NWO target while you sit up there on that post and do nothing. Think the NWO is not affecting you? Then read these articles about the UN’s world depopulation agenda known as CODEX Alimentarius that started in early 50’s. Check out these if you don’t believe me.... “Tap water will kill you” “Why get a flu shot” “Tobacco Chemicals” “US Patents for HIV AIDS and Patent for cure” “How to grow a mushroom” “My jewish dentist from hell” “Psychiatry an industry of death”

They insanely believe they can control all of us for ever through all their covert and deceptive activities... Its time for the tRUtH SOLDIERS to march..against this NWO war against our freedoms.

Please read my “A Truth Soldier” article. And remember

"When the seeds of truth are sown, the grassroots truth revolution will blossom from the enlightenment"
All governments in Canada are now corporations. This has been achieved so deceptively... The Corporate media of Canada has never told the people of Canada what has been going on... You need to fully understand what is a corporation? A corporation is a secret societies controlling entity created by the insane. Please read my “Recipe for insanity” article to fully understand. Our world is now fully under the control of the insane. For insanity can only exist in an absence of truth. What is behind the very nice pleasant and sincere looking Corporate (front]image? When you dig for the truth about any corporation , you always find exactly the same thing. An entity that does not care about democracy, human rights, the environment or plain old truthful common-sense. A corporation is a completely sick thing. This sickness spread a s a result of secret societies taking control of the creation and distribution of money.



The Last Democracy

Recipe for insanity http://www.mychurch.org/blog/105990/recipe-for-insanity Nova Scotia Power Report

http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/2008/06/05/nova-scotia-power-report/ The Sleeping Giant is actually brain dead http://mytypes.com/danieltowsey/my-writings/the-sleeping-giant-is-actually-brain-dead/
Made in Canada Once upon a time there was a Canada http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dc3nb2st_10dgtzccck Starving in Canada http://my.opera.com/danieltowsey/blog/2008/08/21/starving-in-canada Welfare Bum http://en.netlog.com/danieltowsey/blog/blogid=1889241 corrupt Canadian elections http://people.tribe.net/ae1bf2e3-de43-49c4-b04b2f71bae2ff52/blog/0376d4f4-50d4-4d86-b453-64dfee901eaa The Village Idiot http://www.mychurch.org/blog/260982/The-Village-Idiot lies and Deceptions http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=dc3nb2st_28fzdq3cg7 “Tap water will kill you” http://danieltowsey.blogspot.com/2008/11/tap-water-is-going-to-kill-you.html “Why get a flu shot”
http://social.infowars.com/blog_entry.php?user=danieltowsey&blogentry_id=2818 http://danieltowsey.livejournal.com/tag/%22made+in+canada%22

“Tobacco Chemicals”

http://my.opera.com/danieltowsey/blog/2007/08/01/tobbaco-chemicals http://danieltowsey.blogspot.com/2009/02/below-you-will-find-us-patents-for-hiv.html

“US Patents for HIV AIDS and Patent for cure” “How to grow a mushroom” http://danieltowsey.livejournal.com/14423.html “My jewish dentist from hell” http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/2007/06/05/my-jewish-dentist-from-hell/ “Psychiatry an industry of death” http://danieltowsey.wordpress.com/2007/06/05/psychiatry-industry-of-death/

God is Crying
As he watches insanity take over his wonderful creation. For the love of money over the love of truth. For there can not be any love at all without truth.

As it has always been said. Money is the root of all evil. The money masters are insane. For they know no truth. They with their power of money have created an artificial and severely contaminated and deviated reality. The reality is that truth is always very very simple, and only lies and (self) deceptions are complicated. The opposite of truth is always insanity, for without truth. There can only be insanity. Many today are looking outwardly for answers. For now many are realizing something is very wrong. Unfortunately all have ignored the simplest truth of all. That is to look into your own soul for truth. Have you always been truthful to yourself and others? Don’t expect for answers to come from others. The answer is so extremely simple. It lies in your self. GOD is not religious. GOD is the truth. GOD be with you in THE END

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