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Published by: Jonathan Schroeder on Feb 27, 2013
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Man of Steel, www.manofsteelchallenge.com Copyright © 2009, All Rights Reserved.

Underground Strength Coach, LLC, The Dieselcrew, LLC. 1

Underground Strength Training Secrets for Developing Freak Strength and Rugged Muscle

Man of Steel, www.manofsteelchallenge.com Copyright © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Underground Strength Coach, LLC, The Dieselcrew, LLC. 2

Jim Smith, CSCS / Zach Even-Esh
Copyright © 2009, All Rights Reserved Underground Strength Coach, LLC / The Diesel Crew, LLC

All rights reserved. No part of this special report e-book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the expressed written permission from Jim Smith or Zach Even-Esh. We have unique tracking codes embedded, designed to detect illegal distribution of this special report e-book and the download links. Each download is recorded. Fines start at $150,000 and include a possible prison sentence upon conviction.

Man of Steel, www.manofsteelchallenge.com Copyright © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Underground Strength Coach, LLC, The Dieselcrew, LLC. 3


Man of Steel, www.manofsteelchallenge.com Copyright © 2009, All Rights Reserved. Underground Strength Coach, LLC, The Dieselcrew, LLC. 4

isolation movements and going for the “pump”. Underground Strength Coach.manofsteelchallenge. We’re after what many coin as “Real World Strength” or “Functional Strength”. All Rights Reserved. Man of Steel. In this special report you’re going to learn that it doesn’t take anything fancy to develop the look of a Gladiator. The Dieselcrew. there are no two ways about these facts.Introduction If you want to get brutally strong and powerful as well as having the look of thick. You’re gonna have to earn your strength and muscle. athletic and highly conditioned. And if they are strong. LLC. www. You need to be strong. This is how results will come about. The men of the “golden era” and prior lifted anything that would yield results in strength and muscle gains. dense muscle then it’s time to train Underground. This is how I train and this is how I train my athletes. Show me someone who is satisfied with their strength and they are likely satisfied with everything else around them far too easily. their strength has no endurance.com Copyright © 2009. and no more. it lasts only a few minutes or maybe only one minute. The simple fact is that training is supposed to be hard and the human body is supposed to be strong. LLC. 5 . Many decades and even centuries ago the greatest lifters and most dominant athletes looked strong AND actually were brutally strong! They were what we would call “All Show and ALL Go!” Nowadays too many people look strong but can’t perform with high levels of strength and power. This is what happens when you follow pretty workouts that revolve around high tech equipment.

Underground Strength Coach. Man of Steel. so they practiced the compound lifts with frequency. www. and because they practiced so often. they gained GREAT skill (i.manofsteelchallenge.e. All Rights Reserved. hand balancing and ring training These men also trained with higher volume and frequency than what many are accustomed to today.The results are superior to any of the fancy training methods out there and you can experience the same if you’re ready to put in the work.com Copyright © 2009. The Dieselcrew. The difference was that back then. unlike many of today’s “popular” programs) Partner gymnastics based movements. LLC. acrobatics. LLC. the choices of exercises were not many. stones heavy barbells lifts with two hands and one hand heavy kettlebells climbing rope pressing & rowing heavy thick handle dumbbells from all angles Focused on ground based lifts (very little was performed lying down and nothing was performed sitting down. Ask an athlete nowadays what extra training he does and the majority do little to nothing. STRENGTH) in these lifts. 6 .

With regards to volume. All Rights R Reserved. Underg ground Strength Coach. they also had high work capac city. c A an circa 1924 Alan lost his leg in WW I an decided 4. and w worked the ass off on each mov eir vement. W don’t want your bo shuttin down on you when you need it to work. Thes lifts were ALL comp se e pound lifts a packed on slabs of rugged m and f muscle very quick kly. LLC e C. The Dieselcrew. Ala Mead. th men of T Golden Era did no perform m o he The n ot many differ rent movem ments.manofsteelcha allenge. ww ww. dling heavy weights fo more than just one or Ediso NJ. 7 . inste ead. We w ody ng The right style of training w promot physical and mental toughness o will te s. they performed 1 – 4 movem ments per w workout.com Copyright © 2 2009. Man M of Steel. exc cuses for m modern da Gladiato ay ors. Becaus these me practiced these bas lifts regu se en d sic ularly.Above. LLC. t n nd d to take act o tion by lift ting heavy as his me y ethod of re ecovery w where mos st people would ha made e ave excuses and given u There are NO up. which is what mo people lack today. we build them up to hand set. ost When an athlete begins tra e aining at Th Underg he ground Str rength Gy in ym on.

All Rights R Reserved. Underg ground Strength Coach. Man M of Steel. y W tle your body a adapts to th stimuli a he and progress slows.com Copyright © 2 2009. LLC. ww ww. 8 . k Varie is great for stimula ety ating the mi and bod and it is a necessar aspect of ind dy ry f impro ovement. and Romanian Deadlifts fo the lower body. With too litt variety.manofsteelcha allenge.Body ybuilding Le egends such as Sergio Oliva & Ro h obby Robins would p son perform coun ntless super rsets of ben pressing and pull u for the upper body Squats nch g ups y. D or r They were also strong as h with these lifts and had the “ y hell “Long Stren ngth” I conti inue to talk about. LLC e C. The Dieselcrew.

I started out in my pare t ent’s garage which wa as FREE EZING cold and all I ha was a cr ad rappy 300 lb Olympic s from Co set ostco. And bec cause they always got t stron nger. 9 . these men of might m t moved weigh that sho many o the most hts ock of adva anced lifter’s of today. LLC. The Dieselcrew.manofsteelcha allenge. ww ww. Underg ground Strength Coach. they consistently added mu c y uscle. LLC e C. ke en rk avoid the in ntensity req quired to Unlik many of today’s me who wor out and a break records. what the men of The Golden Era did to com m a mbat their la of varie was to ack ety const tantly strive to break P e PR’s (Perso onal Records). s Don’t think for one second that you n ’t o d need a fanc place to t cy train at or f fancy equip pment to tr rain with.But. a pai ir of 50 & 100 lb DB’s and a gun rack w 0 D which I used for squatt d ting. I used an old too d ol Man M of Steel. All Rights R Reserved.com Copyright © 2 2009.

ong k ked ged e n ever before in that tight sp t pace in my Dad’s garage. 10 . Underg ground Strength Coach. retty but it work ked.box t elevate the flat ben for inclin dumbbe benching Wasn’t pr to t nch ne ell g. ww ww. All Rights R Reserved. LLC e C. Not m surprise I got stro as heck and I pack on rugg muscle faster than my e.com Copyright © 2 2009. The Dieselcrew. LLC. all beca ause I was limited to going heavy and basics on I am us g d nly! sing the word “limited’ loosely here.manofsteelcha allenge. these ’ were great “limits” to have e e! Man M of Steel.

manofsteelchallenge. The young kid was a wrestler. heavy weights and intensity. His workouts revolved around all the machines and fancy equipment most of which were isolation movements. One weekend I was training at a Gold’s Gym. BIG MISTAKE. and the kid at the front counter started chatting with me after my workout as he wondered where I trained since he never saw me before. and he got to talking about his workouts at this fancy Gold’s Gym (I wish the original Gold’s Venice was the norm for gyms of today). Man of Steel. I started chatting with him about George Hackenschmidt. powerlifting. especially for a wrestler! Movements that had him sitting down and lying down were common place for his training. The Dieselcrew.On the weekends. the great wrestler who was also incredibly strong. LLC. even at the young age of 19. heavy ground based lifts and overhead presses. We spoke about heavy Olympic lifting. 11 .com Copyright © 2009. His eyes lit up and we mapped out a simple Underground program that had him training three days a week. Underground Strength Coach. www. When I told him I train at home in my garage his jaw dropped! He asked how I got so big training in a garage! I told him all about the need for basics. All Rights Reserved. I would take a trip to a different gym to change things up a bit. LLC.

The Russi ian Lion. Underg ground Strength Coach. Georg Hacken ge nschmidt. But.manofsteelcha allenge. This is coin “work c ate e ned capacity”. All Rights R Reserved. LLC e C. I would go f 20 . Y can’t ju be big You ust and s strong. you must also be highly c u conditioned and wrest d tling and other combat t sport are a gre addition if you wan to be a B Ass! ts eat n nt Bad Man M of Steel. I was d plit s training more lik a powe – bodybuilder. the progra I was am follow wing was working BIG time and I kept getting stronger and bigge w G er. 12 . ww ww. s sporting a seriously y rugge physiqu ed ue! Back then I was still bodyb k s building and using a sp workout template. I was coaching wrestling at the time and had n problem wrestling w g e no with other athle etes without resting. In ad ddition. Nev ke er vertheless.Abo ove. This conditionin and wres ng stling made me strong and imp e ger proved my a ability to tolera intense workouts. The Dieselcrew.com Copyright © 2 2009.30 minutes no stop with for on h the y younger wre estlers. LLC.

LLC.The g greater stre ength developments I gained res sulted in improved stre ength endu urance & po ower endura ance. LLC e C. Underg ground Strength Coach. All Rights R Reserved. The Dieselcrew. Let’s take a lo s ook at my old schoo power – bodybuild ol ding split workout from the gara m age days: Day 1: Should ders. Arms s 1) BB hang clean 4 – 5 x 3 – 5 re eps 2) 1 arm DB laterals (h B heavy) 2 – 3 x 6 – 12 each 3) bent ove DB laterals 2 – 3 x 6 – 12 reps er 4) BB shrug 2 – 3 x 1 – 20 reps gs 15 s 5A) BB chea curls 3 x 5 – 10 reps at s 5B) lying DB extensions 3 x 5 – 12 reps B s 2 Man M of Steel. 13 . ww ww.manofsteelcha allenge. which was some h ething I nev had bef ver fore (back when I was doing the trad n ditional gym workouts) m ).com Copyright © 2 2009.

LLC e C.manofsteelcha allenge. 14 . All Rights R Reserved. LLC.Day 2: Legs 1) BB back squat work up to 2 x 12 – 20 reps (I only had 300 lbs so the ked y reps wer higher th normal) re han ) e 2) DB lunge variations 3 x 6 – 10 each 3) BB RDL 2 – 3 x 10 – 20 reps 4) 1 legged calf raise w Dumbb 4 x 10-20 reps with bell Man M of Steel. Underg ground Strength Coach. ww ww. The Dieselcrew.com Copyright © 2 2009.

Here and there I would throw in some DB curls and close grip benching for the arms.20 reps each arm 2A) Incline DB bench 3 x 5 – 10 reps 2B) bent over BB row 3 x 5 – 10 reps 3A) incline or flat DB flys 2 x 6 – 10 reps 3B) feet elevated push ups 2 x max reps At the end or beginning of each workout I worked abs and / or calves. Underground Strength Coach. pull up bars. 15 . I did have an influence from a Rogue Lifter whom I met back when I was only 14 years old. George used to train movements. but not too often. I noticed his LONG time periods spent on each of the movements he chose.com Copyright © 2009. I never rested much between sets which was great for improving work capacity. Back then. the Y was the typical golden era style gym: lots of york plates and round head dumbbells.manofsteelchallenge. I was trying to mimic the way George trained at the old YMCA yet I enjoyed the variety of several movements as opposed to working one or two movements over and over so I modified his workouts into my own. All Rights Reserved. www. not muscle groups. George was a beast of a man I used to train alongside at the OLD Metuchen. a york isometric rack and plenty of benches. His name was George. Man of Steel. What a gem this place was. then all remaining sets at 100 lbs for 15. LLC. dip bars.Day 3: Chest & Back 1A) Flat Bench Press – work up to 2 Heavy Sets x 3 – 5 reps 1B) 1 arm DB rows – 1 warm up set at 50 lbs. He would perform 1 or 2 exercises per workout for endless sets. The Dieselcrew. NJ YMCA. LLC. It’s a shame it had to go. I also hit the forearms with some traditional wrist curls at the end of upper body days since that was all the grip training I knew of back then.

usual his work lly kouts were j just 2 move ements.com Copyright © 2 2009. resting g What a freak th guy was. that’s Bull Shit! Le see som physical et’s me and m mental toug ghness hap ppening aga ain! Man M of Steel. ed rbell cheat curls skull crushers. bar he an ss. Or. s. ww ww. The Dieselcrew. t his solid rock! A boy wa he in sha And as ape. Underg ground Strength Coach.manofsteelcha allenge. LLC. they go to the beach an the rest o the day t ble nd of their exha austed beca ause of the sun. 16 . built like s only 30 – 60 seconds betw ween HEAVY sets and never slowe his inten Y ed nsity! Toda someone mows the lawn and they feel e ay. All Rights R Reserved. e exhausted the rest of t day and the d unab to work out. LLC e C. etc.It wa typical fo George the Beast to train one movement for up to 4 minutes as or o 45 at a time. His favorites s s seemed to be th Romania dead lift (RDL). the bench pres weighte dips. Come on.

Underground Strength Coach. The Dieselcrew. They all seem to have that freak strength that so many others struggle for through the weight room yet never achieve. Nothing bad ever happened to them! My wife’s cousin grew up in Pa.com Copyright © 2009. His work ethic and work capacity was second to none. LLC. All Rights Reserved. www. cutting down trees. and his father always had him working with him on weekends or around the house during the week. He then told me I need to get a longer rope on a higher branch! This is the same kid who cut down the trees in my back yard and left me a few logs.manofsteelchallenge. This kid was always moving stones. all of which required manual labor. LLC. He KNEW I would find a use for them when training my athletes and he was 100 % accurate. We started using the logs for all our carries and lower body movements and our wrestlers benefited immensely from their use! There’s something to be said for the people growing up on farms or working in tire yards / junk yards.FARM BOY TRAINING In the early and mid 1900’s young kids worked 12 hours or more every day on a farm performing manual labor. Man of Steel. pushing wheel barrows and carrying sandbags or mulch. he noticed my climbing rope in the back yard hanging from the tree and he climbed up with ease using no leg assistance. 17 . When he was working on my house. swinging a sledge hammer or axe. digging ditches.

Underground Strength Coach. The extra isolation movements which will NOT be listed are simply icing on the cake and you can incorporate the isolation movements on your own with your own discretion. 18 .BASIC LIFTING Let’s take a look at the basic lifts you will want to incorporate on a regular basis. Key: BB = barbell DB = dumbbell BB hang clean & press (or push press) BB military press (or push press) BB high pull BB power clean or hang clean BB bent over row (overhand and underhand grip) 1 arm DB rows DB swings DB hammer cheat curls BB cheat curls 1 arm DB snatch 1 arm DB clean and press (or push press) BB back squat BB deadlift variations (RDL. www.com Copyright © 2009. Snatch Grip DL) BB or DB floor press Mixed grip pull ups Parallel bar dips Push Up Variations Man of Steel. The Dieselcrew. LLC. All Rights Reserved. LLC.manofsteelchallenge.

LLC. 19 . you above move ements for each worko and wo out orked at the incredib hard 3 – 4 x week em bly you w develop freakish s will p strength and a physiqu that will shock othe d ue ers! Bent over BB rows w B with a thic bar. the above list is incre . a m ck must have for develo oping a rugged and muscula back! The thick b adds plenty to th grip! r ar bar he Man M of Steel.Now.manofsteelcha allenge. LLC e C. Underg ground Strength Coach. if y chose 2 -3 of the a ple.com Copyright © 2 2009. The Dieselcrew. e edibly simp but. ww ww. All Rights R Reserved.

th seated machine p he presses an all the other crap nd p exte exer rcises. ww ww. You will be sk kipping the lat pull d e downs. the list ab bove may very well be completely different t y than what y are you curre ently doing as well as what other in your gy are doin rs ym ng. the concent e tration cur the leg rls. e er Yep. LLC e C. LLC.com Copyright © 2 2009. Let’s hit the weights hard a heavy in the 1 – 1 range (u and 10 unless perfo orming calist thenics). Underg ground Strength Coach. The Dieselcrew. It’s time to train move s ements. you read that correct all the w up to 5 reps! t tly. way 50 Man M of Steel.Sure. All Rights R Reserved.manofsteelcha allenge. NOT just ex xercises. g ensions. 20 . an once a w nd week perfor a high re workout with lighte weights rm ep t er with a rep range anywhere from 12 – 50 reps pe set.

21 . It is also very challenging. LLC. Along with quality nutrition and this “old school. not what you want to do! What you want to do has nothing to do with what is best for you! Man of Steel.com Copyright © 2009. LLC. Underground” style of training you will quickly begin developing a rugged physique.manofsteelchallenge. The “holding back” will allow your mind and body to recover. Part of your discipline will be resting when you may really want to train. your body will have compensated and reaped the rewards of your training. take one week and train light but also stop your sets way before any serious intensity is required. we reap the rewards of our training through proper rest and nutrition. Remember. Underground Strength Coach. The Dieselcrew. and when you return to the intense training one week later. After training hard for 2 – 3 weeks. All Rights Reserved. Discipline means doing what you have to do and what is best for you.High rep training can be a great catalyst for building muscle. so be mentally prepared to push through the pain zone when your muscles are screaming with fatigue. www.

which have k of e made a comeba into tod e ack day’s trainin for many individuals athlete o not! I ng y s. heav barbells and dumbbells to vy s de evelop dominating strength. All Rights R Reserved.com Copyright © 2 2009. 22 .kno own as the 'Russian L Lion'. ww ww. pow werful and jacked w d wrestler fro the early 1900’s “Hack” om s. LLC e C.manofsteelcha allenge. power an a rugge body that many nd ed asp pire to ach hieve toda Hack d this un ay! did nder what many today would consider sh c h**ty conditions. George Hackenschmidt . The Dieselcrew. re egularly us sed Russia Kettleb an bells. Underg ground Strength Coach. this training t t takes guts a a no fe attitude! You must and ear t Man M of Steel. or must warn you though.Abo ove. arity Let’s take a look at some o the tools they used back in the day. NOT the Ra T ng . was a brutally y st trong. LLC. Travel Back in Tim Whe Undergro T me en ound Trainin was the Norm.

then move on and purchase toys if necessary. Tractor Tires Tire flipping is the ultimate in full body power and strength development.be willing to push yourself and challenge yourself with heavy weights and odd objects. you will reap the rewards of Underground training which is that of obtaining a body that looks strong and powerful while performing with domination! If you think you’re ready then let’s get started! EQUIPMENT LIST Below is a list of equipment that you will want to start collecting slowly for your own gym. Underground Strength Coach. You’ll be sore in places you never felt before. Many of the strongest. Don’t forget though. tire yards or can be made by a local welder. Focus on driving into the tire with your legs while the chest presses against the tire.com Copyright © 2009. much of the equipment listed here can be obtained for free from junk yards. 23 . your personal gym – not many gyms are left out there nowadays that cater to the hard core lifter who wants to train raw. Start with lighter tires to perfect your form and prep the body for future heavy loading! Man of Steel. www. This will help you jump up quickly and powerfully. garages or old school gyms. In the end though. NO BS style. Make sure you don’t curl the weight up. That’s right.manofsteelchallenge. best developed physiques were developed in dungeon type gyms that are either in basements. My suggestion is that you investigate your resources and snag the necessities for FREE. in the trenches. LLC. The Dieselcrew. LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Underg ground Strength Coach.manofsteelcha allenge.com Copyright © 2 2009. LLC. The Dieselcrew. LLC. e C 24 . ww ww.Man M of Steel. All Rights R Reserved.

The t flip is one of the m tire o most effecti moveme ive ents for dev veloping muscle in your entire body I have ro y! outinely per rformed wo orkouts that consisted only of tire t e flippi and sled dragging! ing d ! Sledg Hammer – Sledge hammers w work yo grip. ww ww. All Rights R Reserved.com Copyright © 2 2009. LLC e C.manofsteelcha allenge. yo core. ge rs will our our our your shoulders and cardio! It’s also a great way to work in some loade mobility ! ed y training. You c swing for high rep or time. 25 . LLC. using overh can f ps head. yo legs. diago onal and sid swings de plus many more variations Try 2 non stop minu e s! n utes of sledg hammer training ge r and y will dev you velop a soli “core” an rock hard forearms! id nd d Man M of Steel. Underg ground Strength Coach. which we can all afford to in ncorporate m mobility wo ork. The Dieselcrew.

Sledg Hammer work to th sides are great for building rot ge he e tational pow through wer the c core and a great conditioning too as well. If you have a large tire just stand ol e. d up the tire and hit agains the tire. Underg ground Strength Coach. LLC e C. 26 . st Carries ate er arry of som sort.com Copyright © 2 2009. The Dieselcrew. All Rights R Reserved. Do it! These me Anytime you can incorpora a farme walk or ca ements dev velop treme endous overall strength and musc size. We utilize cle e move many different carry variat y tions but th most cha he allenging ca arry is HEAV walks VY with long farme handles! er When you begin performin heavy fa n ng armer walks you’ll notic how you back and s ce ur d legs get extrem mely jacked up! There i isn’t a musc in your body which gets a cle h chan to relax when you perform these walks H nce HEAVY! Man M of Steel. ww ww. LLC.manofsteelcha allenge.

You c also ca can arry stones. The Dieselcrew. the ALL wor The sligh differenc add variety to your workouts. ht ces r . ey rk. which in tu spurs m p sh p urn muscle grow and stre wth ength on a regular bas sis. ww ww. 27 . hea DB’s or any odd ob avy bject you can t think of.manofsteelcha allenge. LLC. heavy sandbags. All Rights R Reserved. LLC e C. keep things fres and keep the body off guard. Underg ground Strength Coach. Too much of a good thing is never a good thing! g Man M of Steel.com Copyright © 2 2009.

Jud Beast. th d hen carry. ’t set! You definit n wer ply ming all the even need a bench or pow rack to get started here. consis stency and determin d nation! The Barbell. Th man’s r c his rugged ph hysique ca ame throug all the basics. Underg ground Strength Coach. The Dieselcrew. Simp perform barbe lifts that are ground based will be plenty If you hav a trainin partner. gh nothing fa ancy. u tely need to snag your o rself a barb of 300 lbs. Requ A do uired to deadlift. lot o hard wo of ork. ww ww. 28 . or more You don’ bell e. Man M of Steel. f eightroom m n eck or st g used weigh ht If you’re low on funds.Above. LLC e C. ve ng he ca hand you the bar fo floor pre an or esses. che E Bay o Craigs Lis and snag a 300 lb. wrest tling with a sandbag during a long walk of heavy sandbag g y g carries. ell t d y. n muscle is left out of this at no e t sim mple drill! Abo ove. then squa down.manofsteelcha allenge.com Copyright © 2 2009. LLC. All Rights R Reserved. KING of the We e . David Ellis carries a 135 lb anvil.

29 . all the ground based lifti and Oly e d ing ympic lifting g deve elops the leg to a grea extent. I d e don’t see a anything fancy in th gym. across a parki lot for extra high r ing e reps will be BRUTAL on the legs a can add tons of and d stren ngth and muscle to the quads. ha e ams and glu utes! You c also pe can erform vario deadlift as well as the hack squat. d you? f hat do Squa atting can be done for ultra high reps with a weight tha you can press b at overh head and get on your back. All Rights R Reserved. but. it’s t time to see how you c can Now that we ha desissified your tra rporate all these tools into a basic program. LLC. ww ww. gs at Pu utting it All T Togeth her ave aining. t c incor Here are a tw very ba option for organizing yo worko e wo asic ns our outs: Man M of Steel. Underg ground Strength Coach.Ab bove. whe the BB is ous ts ere held behind the back. BB rowing in an old Du r ungeon like gym. r You c perform high rep walking lun can m nges with a BB or DB’s walking a s. And.manofsteelcha allenge.com Copyright © 2 2009. I often get a lot of fla for this. I g . ack don’t think you need to squat to deve t elop a stron and pow ng werful lower body. The Dieselcrew. In addition. LLC e C.

).manofsteelchallenge. upper body pull and a lower body movement with a BB or DB. www.1. but guess what. The two samples above are very general.com Copyright © 2009. LLC. Training should be performed on nonconsecutive days. all workouts are full body workouts. sandbag or keg shouldering. – tire flip. All Rights Reserved. Train in this fashion 3 x week on nonconsecutive days. After a warm up. This crew came in and performed a full body workout with strongman lifting only. 1 very heavy set x 200’ 2) Tire Flip 1 warm up set. full body the final day. Underground Strength Coach. When the workout was finished. 30 . then recovery and mobility work as well. Your full body day will be ALL odd object / underground style training. Perform one movement for upper body push. LLC. they performed the workout below: 1) Farmer Walks: 1 light. lower body the next day. etc. 2 Heavy x 5 reps 3) Sled Drag on cement 3 x 200’ mixing forwards and backwards dragging and then pulling the sled rope hand over hand at the end of each drag. Man of Steel. not isolating it! Here is a sample workout from the athletes at my Underground Strength Gym in NJ. Perform three workouts per week with the following split: upper body one day. 1 medium. 2. Finish OR start the workout with one full body movement using one of the odd object lifts listed in The Grip Experts E Book (i.e. The Dieselcrew. BIG strength and muscle comes from generalizing your strength. an ab circuit is performed.

– Try my 30 day tr membership at T Underground b clicking . LLC e C. methods and movements with wha you know d at w work for you and you will be well on your way to surpassing all the o ks a l n others who follow the so ca w alled “rules” of getting big and str ” rong! Now the rest is up to you! Make It H Happen! In St trength.If ou athletes feel strong it’s not odd for us to p ur f d perform 2 .10 range. All Rights R Reserved. s heavy ba so asics were t commo theme. They had v very little in the way o variety bu man did they look like they co n of ut ould knock a hous down wit their stre se th ength and s size! Many o those lift of ters were in nfluenced by th training of The Gol he o lden Era. LLC.com Copyright © 2 2009. The Dieselcrew. Each s is perfor set rmed either for time (3 seconds r 30 s) or fo reps in th 3 . or he I will always rem l member tha hole in th wall YMC I trained at when I was 14. the on Combine some of these pr rinciples. ww ww.3 hard set of the ts stron ngman Log Clean & Pr ress.manofsteelcha allenge.co om P. Zach Even – Esh h http p://ZachEv ven-Esh. Underg ground Strength Coach. y rial The by HER RE Man M of Steel.S. 31 . at he CA d There was some jacked up dudes mo e p oving enorm mous weigh in that g hts gym.

www. LLC. 32 . LLC. The Dieselcrew.com Copyright © 2009. Underground Strength Coach.FREAK GRIP Man of Steel. All Rights Reserved.manofsteelchallenge.

www. your grip strength is crucial in everything you do. exercises include deadlifts. All Rights Reserved.Introduction Nothing says a freak like a thick set of forearms. You have to spend time in the gym developing your hands. The Dieselcrew. examples include shot rotations.com Copyright © 2009. LLC. examples include plate pinch Wrist Postures – ulnar / radial deviation. examples include grippers and sandbag training Support – statically supporting a weight where the fingers oppose the thumb and the fingers support the load. contrast baths and rubberband extensions Man of Steel. thick bar lifting Pinch . LLC.statically pinching your hands where your fingers and thumb are parallel to each other. when you’re in the gym or on the field. there are 5 components of grip strength: Crush – crushing your fingers through a distance. This will be the key to creating full body tension and hitting personal records. forearms and arms. If you can’t hold the weight or hold your sport’s implement. then you’re screwed. In fact. examples include sledgehammer levering and power rope training Hand Health – exercises that promote hand health and muscle balance. Underground Strength Coach.manofsteelchallenge. For your quick reference. 33 . rack holds. wrist flexion extension and supinations / pronations.

com Copyright © 2009. The Dieselcrew. Make sure to hit singles until you become proficient at this exercise. LLC. This requires an insane amount of focus. All Rights Reserved. hold lacrosse balls in your hands.manofsteelchallenge. finger and wrist strength. Underground Strength Coach.Lacrosse / Tennis Ball Pull-ups While performing pull-ups. 34 . Man of Steel. www. LLC.

With this version we are actually wrapping the towel around the bar itself. The Dieselcrew. Man of Steel. www. Underground Strength Coach. This is hard as hell and you have to be ready for a battle. 35 .manofsteelchallenge. LLC. All Rights Reserved. LLC. This is different than typical pull-ups with towels where you have the towels hanging down.com Copyright © 2009.Towel Pull-ups (Dynamic Support) To make the bar “thicker” we wrap a towel around the bar.

manofsteelchallenge. There are two things working against you: the fact that the axle is thicker.com Copyright © 2009. Make no mistake. Take an axle and put it ON TOP OF your power cage. www. 36 . Underground Strength Coach. Take two 5 lb plates and pinch them together while you perform push-ups. and that the axle is able to roll freely over the top of the cage. All Rights Reserved. LLC. Combat Push-ups Version 1 Here is a version of push-ups focusing on finger and wrist strength. Now perform pull-ups. This is amazingly difficult and will require a high level of grip strength. Man of Steel. The Dieselcrew.Rolling Axle Pull-ups This exercise is ridiculously hard. LLC.

The Dieselcrew. 37 . You have to squeeze extremely hard to keep your knuckles off the ground during the movement.manofsteelchallenge. Man of Steel. Stay tight and focus on the tension from the back to the hands. www. Combat Push-ups Version 3 We switch the dowels around in the hands and focus on the other side of the wrist.Combat Push-ups Version 2 Focusing now on ulnar and radial deviation strength. LLC. we are now utilizing a dowel rod. Underground Strength Coach. All Rights Reserved. LLC.com Copyright © 2009.

manofsteelchallenge.Thumb Training Many athletes and lifters who participate in sports at sometime injure their fingers and especially the thumb. www. LLC. lots of volume should be utilized. All Rights Reserved. The Dieselcrew. Underground Strength Coach. is a way to target the injury and focus on the strengthening the area. LLC. With all rehab exercises. This exercise. 38 . using a simple key chain lanyard.com Copyright © 2009. Man of Steel.

LLC. But. It works finger adduction strength which is NEVER targeted with any training.com Copyright © 2009.manofsteelchallenge. www. Make a tight fist and lift the dumbbell and hold for time. Underground Strength Coach. LLC. Then place each strap BETWEEN the fingers.KYAO (Knock Yo Ass Out) This exercise I created about 5 years ago when I started working with MMA athletes. All Rights Reserved. Man of Steel. Take an Ironmind Eagle Loop strap and tie it around a dumbbell handle. 39 . it is so important for creating great tension with a fist and protecting the hands and wrists when punching. The Dieselcrew.

www.com Copyright © 2009. LLC.Towel Pronate and Curl Thread a towel through a carabineer at the bottom of a cable stack and hold it tight to your side. Underground Strength Coach. 40 . LLC. The Dieselcrew.manofsteelchallenge. The towel adds a thicker implement to grip and the cable keeps constant tension throughout the movement. Man of Steel. Internally rotate your hand (pronate) and then curl the weight. All Rights Reserved.

Underground Strength Coach. you not only create a great amount of tension. 41 . The Dieselcrew. you engage more of the chest and upper back.manofsteelchallenge. You can perform this movement on the preacher bench or standing. All Rights Reserved. LLC. LLC. www.Crush Curls By gripping the dumbbell on the ends.com Copyright © 2009. Your fingers will also be getting a great workout when doing this exercise. Man of Steel.

42 .com Copyright © 2009. LLC. All Rights Reserved.Towel Barbell Curls Loop two towels around the barbell and grip them while you perform curls. After performing this exercise for several workouts you’ll notice an incredible increase in strength when you go back to just utilizing the barbell without the towels. Underground Strength Coach.manofsteelchallenge. Man of Steel. www. LLC. The Dieselcrew.

LLC. Underground Strength Coach.Around the Worlds Perform a two hand pinch with plates and when the weight is locked out start walking your hands around the outside of the plates. LLC.com Copyright © 2009. The Dieselcrew. 43 . Walk your hands around both CW and CCW.manofsteelchallenge. All Rights Reserved. Man of Steel. This develops serious dynamic pinch grip strength. www.

com Copyright © 2009. www.Blockweight Curls (By the Face) Pinch a blockweight by the face and perform reverse curls with it.manofsteelchallenge. The Dieselcrew. Underground Strength Coach. You’ll notice you’ll have to fight to keep the blockweight in your grasp throughout the movement because the weight will be shifting. 44 . LLC. Man of Steel. All Rights Reserved. LLC.

The Dieselcrew. LLC.manofsteelchallenge. Underground Strength Coach. All Rights Reserved.com Copyright © 2009. LLC.FREAK RESOURCES Man of Steel. 45 . www.

LLC. LLC. The Dieselcrew. Man of Steel. building a internet business.Underground Strength Coach Recommended Resources Here is a list of my favorite web sites. 46 . trying to balance being a husband and father. building and managing my Underground Strength Gym and STILL training hard and heavy! If I did it so can you.5. products. perfect for the Busy Man. working 9 . The Beast Strength Program and The Underground Freak Strength Audio Collection! Underground Kettlebells . Period. Underground Strength System .The Entire Underground Collection: 3 training manuals.Lessons in Lifting. Business and Success! Underground Strength Coach 30 Day Trial . Enjoy! My Blog . 15 Minute Muscle .com Copyright © 2009. www. All Rights Reserved. training tools and resources.The training I utilized when the shit hit the fan! Back when I was working countless hours and trying to squeeze it all in. Underground Strength Coach.Private Videos and Membership Forum giving you inside access to my coaching and advanced training methods as well as unshared info from industry leaders.The Best Kettlebells in the World. Life.manofsteelchallenge.

www. The Sandbag Assault . The Russian Lion Power Course .com Copyright © 2009. revealing some of the most amazing methods. In addition. LLC.The most effective core and ab training device I have ever used. Scare the s**t out of your neighbors and onlookers but you’ll also get Jacked and Strong as a Beast. getting you Strong as Hell! The Purposeful Primitive . Functional Strength and hand of steel that crush like Vise Grips. This course has stayed under the radar for too long. 47 . All Rights Reserved. Grip Experts . Period.F**K the Gym! Make a sandbag and train at home. most muscular men in the world trained! The Lost Secrets of Strength Seminar .manofsteelchallenge.The Most Kick Ass DVD Set on Kettlebell training.The Underground Sandbag .Built for use and abuse and of course. The Dieselcrew. LLC.One of my Favorite books. backyard or basement. Underground Strength Coach.The Ultimate Resource on developing Real World. it is a brutally effective and fun tool for training the upper body. in your garage.The definitive training course on how one of the strongest men in the world developed his body and mind. now you can get your hands on it HERE. stories and insider secrets on how the strongest.Joe DeFranco and I unleash our training secrets and take a crew of hard core Strength Coaches through the workout of their life! Kettlebells for Combat . performing hand walking and even lower body training! Man of Steel. The Power Wheel .

The Dieselcrew. LLC e C. USAW is the co-founding m member of the Diesel Crew. All Rights R Reserved. BLUNT F FORCE TRAU UMA By Jim Smith mahttp://www. W Weighing in at o over 800 pages. LLC.ABO JIM SMITH OUT M H Jim Smith.dieselcrew w. also a lec cturer. author and member of the EliteF r r FTS Q&A Staf Jim is an expert ff. th Helping at thletes of all sk levels attai their goals a ““Achieve Be kills in and eyond Potential”” Jim is ””. but also how to structure your own programs. ACCELER RATED MUSCUL LAR DEVELOP PMENT By Jim Smith. CH HAOS TRAIN NING By Jim Smith ://www. all encompas ssing reference fo or all at thletic trainers and strength coaches d s. CFT. it has e everything you nee to get ed stronger. Elite A more about Jim visit his web m. mor explosive and o re obtain an elite level of c conditioning. Chao Training is the os essential.com/manuals.CombatCoreStre ength. you train fighters or you WANT to tra like a fighter. bsite at www. ss Combat Core demo onstrates advance torso training ed strate egies for elite athletes and the manu ual provides th he science and anato omy that the ex xercises are based upon n. by-step. 48 .D DieselCrew. ntional strengt training protocols. Man M of Steel. cates himself t studying. This monster manual is over 670 page es of in nnovation. If you are a MMA fighter. BFT is a ain must have. d to developing and enhancing a d athletic perfor rmance He dedic through t utilization of conventiona non-conven the al.com/mm manual-re-rele eased The ESSENTIAL reference for training r combat athlet tes. cscs www.Accelerate edMuscularDevelopm ment. easy y-to-follow protocol that ““teaches”” you how to not on build u nly slabs of muscle.com Accelerated Muscular Deve elopment (AMD) is the ONLY complete muscle e e building system AMD provides a stepm. ational Sports S Sciences Certified Strength and C n Certified Fitness Training (CF and USA W FT) Weightlifting (U USAW) Association (ISSA) as a C as a Club Coach.com The manual is the esse ential core training refer rence for all stre ength coaches and fitnes professionals.com m To learn m OTH HER PRO ODUCTS FROM J JIM SMI ITH CO OMBAT COR RE By Jim Smith. contributo for Men’’s Fiitness and is a m or member of the E Fitness Q/A staff. cscs m www w.com Copyright © 2 2009.dieselcrew. Jim is ngth and Cond ditioning Association (NSCA) as a ) certified through the National Stren Conditioning S Specialist (CSC the Interna CS).manofsteelcha allenge.php p http: Bridg ging the gap from typical strength m train ning means to sp porting execution n. CSCS. Underg ground Strength Coach. ww ww.

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