Day 2013

Poster Contest
On a standard piece of poster board, design a poster focusing on Pi or promoting “Pi Day”! Awards will be given in the following 3 categories:

MOST ARTSY CRAFTY CREATIVE (Let your artistic talent shine!)

MOST EDUCATIONAL (Teach us something new about pi!)

MOST HILARIOUSLY FUNNY (Tell a corny pi joke?)
Posters are due by 3PM on Monday, 3/11/2013. Turn in your poster with your name, team, math teacher’s name, and math period written on the back.


Day Shirt Contest

Design a clever mathy t-shirt all about Pi to wear on Pi Day! Your shirt could be artsy, crafty, and creative (let your artistic talent shine), your shirt could be intellectually educational (teach us something new about pi), or your shirt could be hilariously sidesplittingly funny (tell us some pi jokes)! Use iron-ons, puffy paints, or even order one online! Of course, school dress code applies. Don’t forget to accessorize your shirt with matching shoes, jewelry, or other fashionable Pi products! Prizes will be awarded to all participants, and BIG prizes will go to the top three individual students with the most creative Pi t-shirt ideas!
Exciting Pi Fact #1: It took German Mathematician Rudolph Van Ceulen most of his life to approximate ∏ to 35 decimal places – a record in 1600! Thrilling Pi Fact #2:

Currently, over 200,000,000 decimal places of ∏ have been calculated. NO repeating pattern has yet been found!!! Amazing Pi Fact #3: Albert Einstein, one of the most influential scientists and mathematicians of all time, was born on the 14th of March (3.14)!!!