EXERCISE 1 PAIRWORK STUDENT A • What springs to mind when you hear the word ‘Facebook’?

• Do you like the Facebook logo? • Facebook or Twitter? • What are the best things about Facebook? • Do you think it’s dangerous putting information on Facebook? • What are your favourite Facebook applications or games? • How would you sell someone to Facebook who didn’t want to open an account? • What is the purpose of Facebook? • Would you ever pay to use Facebook?

STUDENT B • Can you remember when you first heard of Facebook? • What do you think of the name ‘Facebook’? • What do you think Facebook will be like a decade from now? • What would you like Facebook to do differently? • Is Facebook a good place to meet new people? • Would you let your 14 14-year-old child open a Facebook account? • What do you think of people who are addicted to Facebook? • What questions would you like to ask Facebook’s owner? • Have you ever put anything on Facebook that you regretted?

EXERCISE 2 SMS language EX.1 b c r u y gr8 2DAY m8 l8r sk8r b4 ur btwn x or xxx xlnt wat B4 BF BRO BT D8 M8 PLS SIS btw asap wan2tlk txt tlk2ul8r tmb ily WTH!? thx, thnx, or ty rotfl ruok pls or plz xoxo omg np lol lyk hv g2cu ema dl or d/l cu or cya cul/cul8r bcoz HVND It woz

EX.2 Read and translate these sentences: 1.ru goin disco 2nite ______________________________________________ ______________________________________ 2. hi m8 u k?-sry i 4gt 2 cal u lst nyt dnt we go c film 2moz sry nyt-y _____________________________________________________ 3. A: I mu m8. Ltns. Hru? B: Oh, I’m fine. I mu 2. How is ur sis? A: My sis is Ok. She is on a d8 2day. B: Ic. That’s gr8. It’s getting l8. We should go b4 It get’s dark. I hope I will cu l8r. Maybe 2morrow? A: Ok! Hand. CU

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