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: Bahasa Inggris : V (Lima) Nama Siswa Nilai Hari/Tanggal Waktu : ……………….….. : …..… menit Paraf Orang Tua

Paraf Guru


Choose the correct answer by crossing (x) a, b, c or d ! 1. He need canvas for … a. Jogging b. Singing c. Painting d. Watching

2. They needs racket and shuttlecock for … a. Cycling 3. Her hobby is … TV a. Listening b. Watching c. Washing d. Playing b. Badminton c. Fishing d. Painting

4. They are collect stamps because their hobby is … a. Philately b. Painting c. Cycling d. Drawing

5. Her hobby is … in the kitchen. a. Washing 6. I take a nap at … b. Cooking c. Drawing d. Playing

7. I have dinner at … a. 12 a.m. b. 9 a.m. c. 7 p.m. d. 7 a.m.

8. I always … at five a clock in the morning. a. Go to school b. Take a bath c. Study d. Get up

9. It is … in the evening. Let’s go to sleep. a. Nine o’clock b. Five o’clock c. Twelve o’clock d. Six o’clock

10. We usually have lunch in the … a. Morning b. Afternoon c. Wvwning d. Night

11. I always … television on Saturday night. a. Buy b. Bring c. Look d. Watch

12. Do you mop your house every Sunday ? a. Yes, I do 13. b. No, we don’t c. Yes, you do d. No, you don’t

Puput always … the flower every morning. a. Takes b. Picks c. Waters d. Cleans

14. My family have dinner in the … together. a. Morning 15. b. Afternoon c. Evening d. Everytime

Dani always … at 6 o’clock in the morning. a. Has breakfast b. Has dinner c. Has lunch d. Take a bath

16. What is a hat for ? a. Sleeping
ke aja..

b. Working

He can b. Lompat tali aja. Trousers 18. a. Short c. Balap karung 24. Tie b. Party 17. Protecting the head c. House d. I am d.. a. I can 25. Glves c. Shoes 21. Perosotan d. Doll b. Pyjama d. Dress b.blogspot. School 22. Short c. They like to play gunny scak race. Marble c. People wear … because of hot weather. Jacket d. Hat b.c. Tie 20. Filed b. Shoes d. It is my new … a. Short b. We put our money in the … a. Jacket 19. He can not c. Ayunan c. … a. Singlet d. I do b. This is a … a. Do you have many marbels ? Yes. . We wear … on your head. You do c. … a. The boys usually play kite in the … a. He is ke soalulangansekolah. He does d. Earing d. Gunny sack race means … a. Pocket b. Street c. Can Budi pick up Pasha ? Yes. Dress d.

. 31. 30. What do you wear for school ? I wear … 33. 07. It will be raining (hujan). so we need … 35. Answer these questions ! 36. _____________________________________________________________________________ 38.blogspot. My mother is … in the kitchen. Mention 5 names of toys ! _____________________________________________________________________________ 37. . Translate into Indonesian language : “My family dinner in the dining room”. Draw the time : a. Bring your … 34. I always take … in the bathroom. Mention 3 daily activities ! _____________________________________________________________________________ 40.II. We want playing police and thief. 32. Susi’s hobby is … aja. After getting up I usually … the bed. nine o’clock ke soalulangansekolah. Before go to school. _____________________________________________________________________________ 39. Does Rina likes camping ? No. … 28. he playing … III. Fill in the blanks with correct answer ! 26. Translate into English : “Nia suka bermain boneka”. Anton hides behind the tree.15 It is … 29. twenty past seven b.