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Catalina Marketing Corporation


Q1.) What are other advantages to manufacturers of this system? . How cost effective for manufacturers is Catalina’s coupon system relative to FSIs? (Table B provides a good start.

Sample FSI coupons .

Cost effectiveness for manufacturers due to Catalina’s coupon system relative to FSIs Avg Coupon redemption rates taken from Exhibit 2 .

. Catalina system enabled providing information within a few weeks • It generated detailed information about the usage of coupons including supermarket. Cost Effective • Coupons printed only as needed • Hand delivered to the customer • Eg: Shopping List product of Catalina generated sales equal to those by FSI’s at one third the cost Targeted • It helped target the promotion to the correct customer directly and on the basis of the intended purchasing behavior High Redemption Rates • Catalina coupons had high redemption rates of nearly 11.Advantages to manufacturers when using this system Information Captured • Catalina System generated detailed information through reports • As compared to FSI’s where information was available only 3-6 months after the program ended.2% whereas the redemption rates for other coupons were close to 3-4% • It increased sales volumes for the manufacturer.

 Increased trials and brand switching which was the main aim of the manufacturers  Fast. cheap and cost effective for the manufacturers as well as hassle free for the retailers  Easy for the customer and could be targetted at the right time according to the usage pattern of the consumer when the consumer was likely to make the next purchase. .Continued  Lesser media cost for the manufacturer  Were exclusive to a category unlike the FSIs where the same category coupons were printed in the same newspaper.

Q2. Are retailers and consumers better off with this system? .

Shopping List (incentives for volume customers). etc.CUSTOMERS  Coupons score well on relevance and timeliness  Avoids clutter as not bombarded with multiple offers  Instant gratification incase of Quick Cash.  Personalized attention and customization to customers on the basis of past orders  Broader consideration owing to discounts and samples WHAT ELSE CAN BE DONE? Redemption should be made easier. system should obviate the need for the customer to store the coupon for redemption at a later stage .

RETAILERS Effective promotion • Greater flexibility • Reduced wastage as coupons are printed when needed • Higher redemption rates • Sharing consumer purchasing information with manufacturer • No category overlap • Brand switching can be induced • Increased footfall • Customer data is managed and promotions are tailor made • Increased retention as coupons are given at the end of the purchase • Loyalty schemes can be redeemed only at the store Product turnover increases Customer loyalty enhanced Efficient management Fillip to private labels • Ease of use (automated) as tied to main billing system • Low clutter and ease of display and management • Information captured can be used for further analysis and planning • Cooperative advertising .

What Should Catalina do next? .Q3.

Options Available Expanding the Cycle or Product Capacity: Opportunities:  Current network is running at 12% capacity room for growth Challenges:  Existing system is not able to cope up with increased capacity Targeting National and Overseas Markets: Opportunities :  About 25% of supermarkets are covered in existing Catalina Network  Opportunities in countries around the world Challenges :  Most of Major super markets are covered under existing Network  Technological and operational Challenges .

Continued Additional Marketing Services & Expanding Services to new type of retailers: Opportunities:  Existing setup can be utilized for augmenting services it is providing to its clients  Could expand to other Industries i.e Non-grocery store retailers CIR Venture: Opportunities:  Program was well received by both retailers and manufacturers in Test Phase  Significant benefits for both manufacturers and retailers Expanding Operations into Redemption Area of Coupon Business: Opportunities:  Existing infrastructure and Know-How can be utilized and can make easy transition into Coupon Redemption Process  Already present in this in a limited scale .

a program which is having strong prospects  Focus on Tackling Technological and Operational Challenges Advantages:  Tackling challenges helps in removing bottlenecks for expansion Phase-3:  Expand into National and Overseas markets  Improve Cycle/ product capacity of the existing Network Advantages:  Full Scale expansion resulting in strong growth for Firm .Way Forward Phase-1:  Implement additional marketing services to existing customers  Expand operations into Redemption of the Coupon Business Advantages:  Can leverage on Existing Infrastructure and technology with out much investment Phase-2:  Implement CIR venture.