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Across 2. Exchange goods with someone else. 3. A preserved body of a dead person usually wrapped in bandages. 4. A half-man and half-lion creature found in ancient Egypt. 8. Someone who could write in ancient Egypt. 10. A king in ancient Egypt. 11. A place where people worship the gods. 12. A valuable metal. 13. A very dry area with very little rain. 15. A time when the river water rises high and spills over the river banks.

Down 1. A plant used to make paper. 2. A place where the dead are buried. 5. A system of picture writing used by ancient Egyptians 6. The river that flows through Egypt. 7. A large tomb built by a pharaoh. 9. A system for bringing water from the river to the fields. 14. The desert is full of this.

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