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Published by: Rakesh Kumar on Feb 27, 2013
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Baldev Ram Mirdha Institute of Tech.

(EC), Jaipur

Presentation on

Technical Seminar”
Presented by:Ashwini Saini Seminar Coordinator

    

  

Importance of Seminar Weekly schedule Seminar week wise Plan Topics Important guidelines about the seminar Important Deadlines Marking Scheme Presentation Marks Distribution Presentation Guidelines Code of conduct Exam/Viva

Importance of Seminar

Students cannot improve their knowledge from text books only. Seminars are capable of keeping the students updated with the latest technologies. Seminars also make them to start thinking about new things which they think could be implemented practically. Seminars provides the platform for their future research work. Last but not least seminar helps them to improve their Confidence, Communication & Presentation skills.

Weekly schedule

  

Monday : Tuesday : Friday : Venue :

1.10 PM to 3.00 PM 12:10 PM to 2:10 PM

Seminar Plan
Weeks Activity By Faculty Activity By Student

Week 1

Presentation by coordinator ( Regarding the guidelines) Display the Schedule of Black Board Presentation.

Topic Search & Finalize Guide and Area selection.

Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5&6 Week 7 to 13 Display the Schedule of Main Presentation. Rough Draft Report Checking.

Synopsis submission Black board presentation. Black board presentation Cont. a) Black board presentation Cont. b) Rough Draft + Review Paper Submission a) Final Report Submission. b) Main Presentation. c) Main presentation Cont. Main presentation Cont.

Final Report Submission

List of Topics
Image processing
Biometrics And Human Computer Interaction Data Image Compression Image Enhancement Internet and Web Application Machine Learning And Data Mining Medical imaging And Multimedia Application Pattern Recognition And Analysis Wavelet transform

Wireless Communication Network And System Security
Adhoc Network Wireless network Protocols Reliable Computing Cyber Security And Ethical Hacking Information And System Security Intellectual Property Rights Mobile Computing RFID Application Trusted Computing Wireless Communication And Sensor N/W

Data Management And Mining
Clustering Distributed Database High Performance and Data Mining Algorithm Query Optimization Sequential Data Mining Social Network Mining Stream Data Mining Temporal And Spatial Data Mining Text Graph Video Multimedia Data Mining Web Mining

High Performance And Computation
Cloud Computing Compiler Technologies Distributed Computing

Grid Computing Nanotechnologies Pervasive Computing Quantum Computing Scalable Servers Soft Computing
Surface Computing

Important Guide Lines for Seminar

In order to get approval to the respective guide student must bring at least two research papers along with him/her.

Student will not be allowed to give the Black Board presentation without submission of Synopsis & Abstract.
Students will have to Submits the Main reports on or before the given dates.

Important Deadlines
S.No Task . 1 Synopsis & Abstract Submission 2 Rough Draft Submission 3 4 Corrected Rough Draft by Guides Final Report Submission Deadline Tuesday 15th Jan. 2013 Monday 28th Jan. 2013 Saturday 2nd Feb. 2013 Monday 11th Feb. 2013

Presentation Phases
 

    

Topic Selection and guide selection Synopsis Submission before Black Board Presentation Black board Presentation Review paper submission Rough Draft Submission Final Report Submission Main Presentation

Marking Scheme

 Internal-

60 marks  External-40 marks – 120 Marks( Scaled to 60 Marks)  End Term – 40 Marks • Theory Exam – 20 Marks • Viva by External – 20 Marks
 Presentation

Internal Marking scheme

Black board(20)
 Synopsis(2+3),Att.

& Disc.(2), Explanation(4),Presentation skills(4),Topic(5)

Review Paper(10) Main presentation(65)
 Report(10+10),Att.&

Disc.(5),PPT(20),Communication Skills(5),learning(5), Queries(10)
 

Rough draft(10) Attendance & Discipline(15)

Guidelines of the Presentation

There will be two types of Presentations
 

Black board Main Presentation

Black Board Presentation
  

3 weeks are dedicated for this , so we have 26 presentations in a week. Every student need to give 8 minutes presentation including query session. Schedule will be displayed on notice board. 7-8 weeks are dedicated for this, so we have 8-10 presentations in a week Every student need to give 20 minutes presentation including query session. Schedule and report format will be displayed on notice board. Presentation format should be same for all.

Main Presentation
  

It is compulsory to give the presentation as per the schedule.

How to prepare the BB presentation

Select the area and guide Search for the topic Find at least 5 research paper(2010-12) related to your topic Select 3 papers out of these 5 paper Prepare 8 min. presentation which includes following points:
 What

is the area and its application?  Why you choose this topic?  Present the comparative study of these papers.


Present the comparison in tabular format as follows
S.No. Title Autho r Publication and year Approach or method
Limitatio ns

2 3

Finally present the conclusion of studied paper

Guidelines for main presentation

This will be of18-20 min. PPT presentation You need to include following slides:
Area with application of Topic (at least 10)  History of Topic  Description of your topic  Different methods which are available.  Briefly explain some methods which you have studied  Explain one method in detail including its history, related work, approach, benefits, limitation and conclusion  Presentation of review paper.

Code Of Conduct

• •

It is compulsory to attend the seminar in college uniform. Students must maintain decorum in the class. If the Student is absent on his/her presentation, it will be considered that he is absent and will be awarded ZERO marks. Mobiles phones in normal mode are not allowed in the seminar hall. Students should bring a separate note book.

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