Ananthan Nambiar 2012 The Teenage World

5 Science 1

Guys, the choral speaking competition is about to begin in 40 seconds Oh my God! What are we going to talk about? Let’s talk about movies Oo la la… Let’s talk about talk about Nasi Lemak Yum, yum, yum… No, no, no, no, no let’s talk about us! What? Us? What about us? I’m talking about our teenage life! 5,4,3,2,1 Page | 1

A very good morning To the judges Ladies And gentlemen Boys And girls We from (school no___/SMK Wangsa Melawati) would like to deliver a choral presentation titled “The Teenage World” Join us on a journey To a world Where fantasy can be reality And what was nothing Could be that special something

It is the time to unleash our true colours We start to say NO when everybody said YES Our heart starts to go fonder Ooooh…ooooh When we say. 15. “No more childishness!” “Well maybe a tiny-winy-winy bit…” And when we become more mature and think about the future . be comfortable And have FUN! 5 Science 1 Page | 2 We were once innocent.Ananthan Nambiar 2012 The world of TEENAGERS That’s right Teenagers Please bear with us till the end So sit back. we wake up to a new world and became T-E-E-N-A-G-E-R-S Teenagers! 13. 14. 16. 17 and 18 What about 19? Oh yes that too. carefree and childish Until one day.

Ananthan Nambiar 2012 What is the future? What are we going to be in the future? Lawyers Doctors Astronauts The next Tyra Banks! Er… is it o. We really need a break . Just be yourself honey” 5 Science 1 Page | 3 When you start secondary school. “Don’t follow others. “Be whatever you want to be darling” Mom says. you have to start thinking about Newton! If there is no net force acting on a body.k? Dad says. its state of motion remains unchanged Electrochemistry And Vectors Homework Paperwork Examinations And the parent’s demands for As As And more As Forget about Facebook. Twitter and concerts Stop We have to put more effort and focus on our studies Fuuh….

a.. Its illegal! But how can we get there? Rest assured cause we have… Busses Taxis Commuters Or even the aeroplane Now everyone can fly Hey guys. Have you ever thought on how to get to your destination? 5 Science 1 Page | 4 You don’t have a license yet! A. wait. check out my new iPad 3! Wow! Oooh… Aw. you can’t drive without a license.a.. I’m getting my iPad 4! What! Already? So fast!! I want one!! Teenagers are sharing the same typical habits Stuck to their hi-tech gadgets They cannot live without them Communicating with friends . come on… iPad 3 is so yesterday. wait. remember friends.Ananthan Nambiar 2012 Exam is over! Freedom is ours! Its holiday! Where to go? What to do? Um… having a picnic at the beach? Woosh… Shop till you drop? Ah… Or Jungle trekking? Yea!! Wait.

nasi lemak and teh tarik Don’t forget the king of fruits. what are teenagers without gadgets? 5 Science 1 Page | 5 Now. beiber is now part of every teenager’s life. Enough. let’s move to our favourite topic: Food Yes! Finally! Teenagers love…food Foodstalls and restaurants are swarming with teenagers enjoying Roti canai. the durian Eeeeeeeee… Hey what’s with the eee… expression? Durians are delicious Mmmmmm… Hey is it true Bruno Mars and justin Beiber are coming to Malaysia? Oh my Beiber!! Beiber is so cuute… I want Beiber!! Beiber? Yuk… Enough. Truth be told. Some love him Duh…he’s so cute and he has an angel’s voice And some hate him .Ananthan Nambiar 2012 While shopping While sleeping While eating Or even in the toilet! Euuu… Messaging such an epidemic After all.

the queen of squash These amazing youths are inspiration to all teenagers No matter what race or religion...Ananthan Nambiar 2012 Yea…We prefer Bruno Mars. How about football? Of course! The EURO cup is coming soon too. Selena Gomez? (Gossiping) Would all of you please stop! Huh… another teenager’s favourite. He is also 17 years old you know… FYI. A Malaysian footballer now internationally renowned. Nazmi Faiz brings pride to us all. we all just LOVE sports! . Yea just look at Nazmi Faiz. Hello. Really? Truly Truly? Really… 5 Science 1 Page | 6 Now what shall we talk about? I have an idea. the world’s best badminton player! And Nicole Ann David. what an amazing trick from Ozil and…and…GOAL Hold your horses… the EURO cup is interesting and all but our Malaysian footballers are not bad too. Malaysia has shined in many other sports too We have Lee Chong Wei. gossip. too much gossiping can affect your life. At least he’s not dating Selena Gomez. Aw. Ronaldo’s passing it to Ozil.

Hanna Tajima is their fashion idol While boys. And I'll no longer be a Capulet. oh Romeo. let’s move to fashion! OW yea! Teenagers love fashion Girls are addicted to shawls. parents nagging and most of all LOVE L. crave for full cap and skinny jeans But beware. now turned bitter A problem faced by all teenagers . Control yourself. R: Shall I hear more or shall I speak of it? J: 'Tis but thy name that is my… Stop it guys! This not a drama competition. at first.Ananthan Nambiar 2012 Now.V.O. teenagers can’t avoid mental torturing problems Ugh… Studying. For them. Once sweet.E Can spell disaster in a teenager’s life At first love seems to be romantic like in the movies J: Romeo. it may cost you a lot of money Aw… mummy and daddy can handle it 5 Science 1 Page | 7 Above all enjoyment. Huh. wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name. love makes us feel like Romeo and Juliet But then: He doesn’t want to talk to me I’ve had enough of her She annoys me I hate him I hate myself!! Love.

WE LOVE OUR TEENAGE LIFE! Page | 8 . allow us to lend your ears please… Ehem. no..ehem… Be good in studies Never get involved in puppy love Always listen to your parents Stop building castles in the air And live your life to the fullest Before we end our choral presentation. no. love is not a problem.Ananthan Nambiar 2012 No. it’s a waste 5 Science 1 Charlies and angels. we would like to apologise if we have offended anybody Last words from us.