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15 Writing Your Marketing Plan

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ned several times while writing this book that it seemed ke trying to hit a moving target. Many things have changed c design and illustration, including who does what, what it and how the work is done. The good news is that these gallowed me to finally write a "crossover book" and talk to -dikdgners and illustrators. The better news is that you now have y more opportunities for marketing and selling your work. This Ok will make a difference in your life: helping you discover what it b u love to do, aiding you in finding the time to do it, and showing E how to get paid what you are really worth. t Of course, there are many changes happening as this book is ing designed, produced, and printed. New technology and clients' rceived need for speed have been driving many of the changes. I 1 often use the term "creative professional" as a stand-in for aphic designer and illustrator." Designers are creating illustrations, Ustrators are designing, and everyone is a consultant. Maybe this is tjjood thing; . - you can make more money when you offer more serv@s. Sorting it all out to create your personal marketing plan is the real trick. If you are just starting out, you have the advantage of learning it .I1 as new illformation and without any preconceived notions. In fact, hope to use this book as a textbook to give students a reality check