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Myth and Religion of the North The Religion of Ancient Scandinavia E, O. G. TURVILLE-PETRE @ GREENWOOD PRESS, PUBLISHERS Sibley se, 2, eaten ke rn Kata 9 Prat enn ‘Blozotie FF KA.d U4 wut Flora ate nary Kao Vraze F.Me5 /aco4 ce ny con my Ta mon tn i remain ote ioe m wt vw CONTENTS PREFACE, a SE ets thor eereuaaae eee a = soa ; Se mon ee este e tet ee aaa enone a a eee : sata = = ‘THE VANIR, ‘The War of the Hate and Vanit—Njbad—TreyrFeiNer~ log Freya LESSER KNOWN DEITIES ‘Typ UllBragt Tuna Gefun Frigg and eters, ‘THE DIVINE KINGS ‘THE DIVINE HEROES Trmanarc, Sigurd and the Burgundant—Stalad Harald Wartoot Hsing GUARDIAN spretTs ‘The Dish—-Fyghs and Hamingh—Blve, EsrthSpic, % 16 26 ur 136 10 90 xa xv ‘TEMPLES AND OBJECTS OF WORSHIP SACRIFICE GoDLESS MEN DrATH ‘THE BEGINNING OF THE WORLD AND ITS END ABBREVIATIONS Nomis BIMLIOGRAPEY AUTHOR'S NOTE In Old Norse p has the value of te unveced; 8 has that of void. @ expres sound Deore a and & “The ater iswd to show that the frm of the word is ype o resonstracted. 36 ar 2s a5 LIST OF ILLUSTRATIONS 1 Seen from Rogaland Pte: Uninsiy Mam, Oslo 2 Helga! Pole: Gubvand Homes, Teta 3 Themis Pht: Guba Hansen, Ieland 4 Tingvee Plt: Gund Hors, Leland {5 Basil mounds at Uppsala, Plots ATA 6 Church of Bongund Pht: Uninesty Maen, Oslo 1 Carod bend of man Pat: Unity Mesa, Ole 1-11 Animal bee om the Ostberg ship-busial Plus: Univesiy ‘Mason, Oso 2 Image of fine fue Plt; Nate Masi, Desk 15, Tage ofa man fom Raligs Phat AT 4 MiniarreSigare fom Teland Phot Neto! Maso, Kale 5, Bronze image probably of Thr Pho» Naina! Maem, odond 16 nage, supposedly of Th’ hammer Pits; Natl Mirna, Zoand ty Ties hammer Plt ATA 18 Crus from Birk. Pte: ATA 19, Bedpot fom shipgrave af Gabstad Pots: Unies Musa, Ot 20 Animal head fom the Schelde Pho: Bris Moon ft Rune tone om Alona Pts: ATA 2 Carved stone fom Hunnetad Pht ATA 23, Rune stone from Sonder-Kiskeby Pho: Namal Mize, Damark ‘ag tue stones from Govland Phos: ATA 28 Rene stone from Rgajum Pl: Uniosiy Maso, Bee 49, Rune sone rom Leberg, Pht: ATA 0 Rune stone from Rak Piao: ATA

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