   Place 3 students by March 10th = a $50. Gas card. Place 5 students by March 29th, our first Benchmark, = a $250 gift card to the store of your choice or a 4 in-one (efax, copier, scanner, printer) All placements must be “Approved” by Chicago office, with signed school permission forms uploaded in database.

Place students and go to Argentina - February 2014

Do you want to know what you need to do to attend the Amazing CCI Greenheart Buenos Aires, Argentina Conference? Here it is… For all new LCs you’ll need 42 points to attend, for experienced LCs you’ll need 50 points to attend. You get 4 points for each student you place. You can also earn points by doing GH projects (you must get project approved in advance), by doing GH presentations in schools, and by placing boys before certain dates. So, if you are a brand new LC to CCI GH, you can come to Argentina by placing 5 boys that have a B next to their name before March 29th… if you use the bonus money to buy extra points. 5 bonus boys before March 29th comes out to… 5 placements = 20 points + 10 bonus points + $1000 bonus money which can be used to buy 16 points = 46 points!