some will use technology to make and some may resolve to illuminate the use of technology all together. Now it is a place to eat.Make. urban design. built environment) Delivery The exhibition component will feature a mixture of elements and stages of the process to better represent the process of design: Concepts (drawings.. readily available. and renewable or repurposed. MAKE. Embrace or retreat? Integrated into our lives everyday. jewellery etc. How has technology affected your life.THINK.. The exhibition component of ‘Think. the creation and use of objects and how it influences our environment. interact and work. and will continue to have an impact on how we work.or rethink the old? . renderings. how we live and the make up of our environment.. Some will implement technology in the design OFFICIAL OPPENING MARCH 17 . appropriate. CHANGE.) Built environment (architecture. Should we embrace new materials? .Change’ will highlight designer’s responses to challenges faced by the influx of technology in both manufacturing and product end-use. Has the couch evolved? What other object’s have changed with the uptake of technology? Product lifecycles - now reduced from decades to months. It has. processes and practices of a various group of designers. Thought starters A couch was once a place to sit and relax..or both? Participants Product designers (furniture. technology has changed forever the way we interact with objects and materials. your environment and the world? Explore how technology informs design. travel. object. discover. models) Prototypes (one-off experimental works) Products (completely realized objects that are produced/production ready) Digital (online and multi-media) Outcomes There will be a number of outcomes that represent the ideals. Design Tasmania PO Box 1845 Launceston Tasmania 7250 Contact Rye Dunsmuir 03 6331 5505 or rye@designtasmania. Material should be of a local context. New compounds and materials are endlessly developed.

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