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Alstom is a global leader in power generation with a portfolio of products covering all fuel types. From fossil and biomass to nuclear and renewables, close to 25% of the world’s power production capacity depends on Alstom technology and services. Whether in design, manufacture, procurement or servicing, Alstom is setting the benchmark for innovative technologies that provide clean, efficient, flexible and integrated power solutions. Alstom can supply anything from single components to complete turnkey power plants. Our Plant Integrator™ approach and power automation and control solutions ensure the optimisation of all elements to derive the maximum lifetime value from all our customer’s investments. Alstom has more than 100 years of experience in engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) of new power plants. But our engineers are also experts in retrofitting, modernising and servicing existing plants. With operations in 70 countries, Alstom is close to customers all over the world, ensuring rapid responses and service excellence at all times.


percent of the world‘s power production capacity depends on Alstom technology

employees around the world in 70 countries

With our recognised expertise all over the power generation market, we are able to find solutions to the challenges of today.


years of industry leading expertise

We recognise the need to improve the environmental balance of legacy plants while increasing adoption of new clean energy solutions.



It can be used in industrial applications such as aluminium smelters or cogeneration plants. like district heating or desalination. versatility is key. coupled with long inspection intervals. it provides the perfect core for a power plant. the other maximises operating time between inspection intervals. Applications cover electrical power generation in base load. Alstom’s GT13E2 truly sets the standard. the engine can actively support grid frequency with high response and no extra lifetime factors. The GT13E2 provides exceptional performance for a wide range of applications and can operate as a stand-alone turbine in a new or existing power plant design or as part of a turnkey power plant.Both highly versatile and highly efficient. competitively priced electricity. With millions of fired hours of operation to its credit. Utilities and independent power producers face rapid changes – tougher emissions legislation and fierce competition not least among them. its modularised and pre-tested auxiliaries mean it can be brought on-line quickly to support phased plant construction. 03 . designed to produce reliable. Finally. In the power industry. We know our customers need the high levels of efficiency and performance that the GT13E2 delivers. Its combination of high power output and high conventional class availability in both simple and combined-cycle plants has made it first choice with operators across the world. The GT13E2 offers superior flexibility through two operating modes one maximises performance. intermediate or peak duty. In addition. GT13E2 the latest evolution of gas turbine technology Alstom’s GT13E2 gas turbine delivers the highest engine efficiency of any conventional class gas turbine.

the GT13E2 makes it simple to switch between operation modes. In an unpredictable energy market. Operational flexibility Today’s markets are volatile.Greater efficiency. 04 . plant operators simply respond to market changes by selecting the best mode online. Unlike many advanced gas turbines that come with high maintenance costs or reduced availability. even at full load. Meeting the power Key benefits Unrivalled efficiency The GT13E2 has the highest open-cycle efficiency of any conventional class gas turbine. the GT13E2 can operate in either a Performance Optimised Mode or a Maintenance Costs Optimised Mode: one maximises performance. in creating the GT13E2 we have optimised our existing proven technology to add these fuel cost savings without compromising in other areas. the other maximises operating time between inspection intervals. with a high exhaust energy level providing significant fuel cost savings. To maximise profit. The turbine can also handle wide fluctuations in gas composition while the engine can operate on diesel oil (with or without water injection for NOx control). with an online switch-over between gas and oil. With no change in hardware.

This makes the GT13E2 the ultimate choice for operating regimes with a higher sensitivity to O&M costs and availability. Easier maintenance / reduced repair work With the GT13E2. 05 . boosted operational flexibility and reduced maintenance time. perfectly illustrating the way we make these enhancements: every upgrade to our turbine blading compressor and combustor has increased performance. Continuous enhancement We are constantly evolving the GT13E2. The GT13E2 had three upgrades so far. Ideal for industrial applications such as aluminium smelters. the GT13E2 makes it simple to switch between operation modes. operators can achieve maintenance intervals of 36.000 Equivalent Operating Hours (EOH) between hot gas path inspections.Higher performance industry’s high demands In an unpredictable energy market. district heating or desalination plants. keeping it at the very cutting-edge of turbine technology. It has been designed for superior performance under all conditions including extreme heat or cold. We do this by making incremental improvements. the GT13E2 provides a cogeneration solution. it makes use of exhaust heat to generate thermal energy for a range of applications. intermediate or peak duty. Versatility As well as covering electrical power generation at base load.

with improved environmental turndown. It also removes the need for ‘major overhauls’. The rotor is welded from forged discs that ensure high stiffness with two-bearing support. Three rows of variable guide vanes control airflow efficiently. Alstom’s annular combustion systems also do not need any ‘combustor inspections’ as for can-annular systems. Annular combustor A fully annular combustion chamber distributes the circumferential temperature evenly while avoiding problem zones such as cross-firing tubes or transition pieces. 06 .Designing excellence Meeting the With every upgrade. increasing part load efficiency and starting reliability. This reduces the amount of maintenance leading to higher availability. Low-stage loaded compressor The 16-stage compressor with its low stage loading yields a high surge margin and high reliability. Alstom increases efficiency and availability. This design eliminates maintenance work such as restacking and disk replacement or factory rotor overhaul. Maintenance-free welded rotor Alstom’s welded rotor was first introduced for steam turbines in 1929 and has been operating successfully in our gas and steam turbines every since. by reducing maintenance time and extending inspection intervals.

07 . the straight-line arrangement of our gas turbine and heat recovery steam generator (HRSG) facilitates compact plant layouts. which has operated successfully for several millions of hours throughout the Alstom gas turbine fleet. with a long burner life. allows extended inspection intervals of up to 36. By eliminating the turning elbow. Turbine Advanced aerodynamics and multi-convective cooling schemes contribute significantly to the GT13E2’s outstanding efficiency. with the option to run with liquid fuel as an alternative. combined with thermal barrier coating and conservative firing temperatures. improving performance in both simple and combinedcycle mode. no maintenance between hot gas path inspection and low emissions. The AEV burner gives the benefit of dry low NOx combustion for operation with different natural gases. Axial exhaust system For power producers limited on space.000 EOH. plant owners also benefit from reduced back-pressure and turbulence at the HRSG inlet. cost-effective refurbishment.demands of today’s plant owners Dry low NOx AEV burner Our AEV (Advanced EnVironmental) burner technology is a further refinement of the EV burner. All Inconel 738 conventional cast turbine airfoils and heat shields ensure long parts life and allow for full. The design of the first turbine stage.

this superior gas turbine has already built an impressive track record of reliability and performance in various stringent conditions. flexibility Alstom’s GT13E2 is the world’s most reliable heavy-duty gas turbine With over 150 GT13E2 units sold and millions of fired hours.Reliability. reliable operation Packaged for fast. low-cost installation Fast start and loading Excellent grid stabilising capability The GT13E2 in combined-cycle High exhaust energy and temperature for superior thermodynamic performance Cold-end drive and axial exhaust for reduced exhaust system pressure losses and better layout Available pre-engineered multi-shaft configurations 08 . The GT13E2 in simple cycle Efficient.

Efficiency In simple cycle turbines. Plant operators benefit from its high fuel flexibility and power augmentation options. the GT13E2 provides the highest efficiency in its class. The world’s most reliable heavy-duty gas turbine.and performance Delivering outstanding results Extended inspection intervals One of the key advantages of the GT13E2 is its ability to operate with extended inspection intervals for low fuel cost applications or in schemes where fuel is provided by the power off-taker (Tolling or Energy Conversion schemes). this ability to switch modes without changing hardware brings a crucial advantage. The GT13E2’s Optimised Operation Mode allows for 36. delivering unrivalled performance in markets where fuel costs are higher or fluctuate regularly. The importance of flexibility The GT13E2 has been designed to deliver high operational flexibility. Its Performance Optimised Operation Mode also offers the lowest Cost of Electricity (CoE) when fuel prices rise.000 equivalent operating hours between Hot Gas Path inspections. maximising profits. 09 . it offers a fast start and high load gradients as well as a frequency response in the wide load range. Performance The GT13E2 delivers exceptional performance coupled with low emissions at full and part load with low turndown. This includes the ability to switch between operation modes online. Plant operators can receive this benefit with only a very marginal reduction in efficiency and output. If demand is seasonal or fuel prices are volatile.

Plant owners add the following requirements to the list: Operational flexibility to support plant dispatch requirements such as quick start-up. and operating a profitable gas turbine power plant goes far beyond selecting the best components. partial or global load rejection. With the Alstom GT13E2 gas turbine. comprehensive user information should be readily available. active grid frequency support. A key aspect is integration. Alstom engineers work in partnership with our customers to meet every requirement. in 1939. air inlet cooling. Developing.Seamless integration Simple. Operational support is also available on a 24/7 basis with the on-line Alstom Monitoring and Diagnosis System (AMODIS). black start. This experience goes back to the world’s first commercial gas turbine plant in Neuchâtel. black grid restoration. Switzerland. As a leading EPC contractor. fuel flexibility. with technology for all plant components in house. all the above come as standard. Application consulting should be available when required. building. we approach every integration project with the following list of requirements for our gas turbines: The gas turbine should be designed for simple and cost effective integration into the overall plant. with a portfolio including any level of service from spare parts delivery up to full operation and maintenance. The GT13E2 is the result of years of Alstom experience in gas turbine plant design and construction. power augmentation. In-depth. Today. Operational stability to accommodate sudden load changes. 10 . An efficient Operation & Maintenance regime. Alstom is the leading EPC contractor worldwide. The GT13E2 is backed by Alstom’s plant operating and maintenance service expertise. which can substantially enhance flexibility and performance.

operating in simple-cycle mode. The latter is equipped with a dual-fuel GT26 gas turbine. the gas turbine can be submitted to a real-life comprehensive validation process that leaves nothing out in terms of loads. Optimise the run-up. limits or duration. The Astom Power Plant allows to: Operate the engine under real-life conditions. Switzerland. As it is an Alstom facility. gas turbine development department. The power plant has oil storage sufficient to run the gas turbine for 12 hours at full-load. manufacturing plant and power plant. This includes fuel switch-over operation between gas and oil. 11 . Validate and verify the fulfillment of specification requirements. The Alstom Power Plant Located in Birr. The gas turbine is operated under real service conditions without any commercial constraints. on-load and run-down procedures. the Alstom Power Plant provides a unique environment. Proven technology.Cost effective. Validate the operational flexibility features and capabilities including the unique low load feature and fast ramping. connected directly to the 220 kV Swiss power grid. all within the proximity of Alstom’s R&D facility.

and associated installation and commissioning. COCKBURN AUSTRALIA Delivered four months ahead of schedule Western Power’s 240 MW combinedcycle Cockburn power plant is situated adjacent to the existing coal-fired power plant in Kwinana. plant engineering. RAS ABU FONTAS B & B1 QATAR Using natural gas from 14 different sources Ras Abu Fontas is the largest and most important power and water production plant in Qatar. Power Stations 3 & 4. with a wide range of gas compositions without any hardware change. resulting in increased performance. 12 . all gas turbines were upgraded to a flexible operating mode that allows choosing on-line between higher output and extended lifetime. Construction began in June 2002 and cold commissioning took place at the end of March 2003. Owned by Genting Sanyen Power and finished in just 24 months. on completion it generated 667 MW and supplied 57 tons/hour of process steam to the adjacent paper mill. Aluminium Bahrain (Alba) is currently one of the largest modern aluminium smelters in the world. ALBA BAHRAIN Continuously upgraded With an installed production capacity of more than 800. supply three quarters of Alba’s installed power generation capacity. All eight turbines are installed in one air-conditioned gas turbine building. increased expected lifetime and improved overall availability. nearly four months ahead of schedule. installed by Alstom. in the future. the power plant demonstrates exceptional fuel flexibility. Alstom installed two GT13E2 gas turbines equipped with advanced high-efficiency. Pelican Point is a 500 MW combinedcycle power project developed on a fasttrack basis by National Power. the plant was built on a turnkey basis in record time.000 tonnes per year. the plant’s capacity was increased by 377 MW thanks to three additional GT13E2 gas turbines. extended inspection intervals. In 2002. low-emission burner technology to help meet the strict environmental requirements. The plant layout is designed so that. PELICAN POINT AUSTRALIA Built on a fast-track basis Operational since September 2000. Sonelgaz’ base load simple cycle power plant is located 120 km South-East of Constantine. Completion was achieved in early October 2003.Delivering profit worldwide Alstom gas turbines in action F’KIRINA ALGERIA Constructed in record time Operating since October 2004. In early 2007. From signing the contracts to the first unit’s commercial operation date. Operating on natural gas from 14 different sources. Western Australia. Alstom also supplied the overall power plant control system. The gas turbines have been continuously upgraded. further units – including the conversion to combined-cycle – can be added without disturbing operations. KUALA LANGAT MALAYSIA Using a flexible operating mode This cogeneration plant was the first of several independent power projects with the GT13E2 in Malaysia.

PHU MY VIETNAM The largest power complex in Vietnam The Phu My combined-cycle power plant has a total capacity of over 3.Add-On 160 MW. Alstom’s plants in the complex include: Phu My 2. the Minsk gas power plant was originally opened in 1999 as a single simple cycle unit. electrical generators. It is now a 555 MW (3 x 185 MW) plant.1 . a steam turbine. control system and interconnection facility.800 MW. . the BoP equipment and complete engineering.1 Ext.1 . making it the largest power-generating complex in Vietnam. MUARA TAWAR INDONESIA Providing efficiency The Muara Tawar combined-cycle gas power plant is located near Jakarta. In 2012 a second unit was developed and installed by Alstom. This allowed open-cycle operations while Alstom converted the plant to a combined-cycle. Alstom supplied 3 x 165 MW GT13E2 gas turbines. Alstom was also responsible for the supervision of erection and commissioning works RUWAIS UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Consistent high service In 1998. installation and commissioning work.300 MW. We also provided the overall plant control system.160 MW add-on. 2003 Phu My 4 . 2 LUMUT EXTENSION MALAYSIA Efficient installation When Alstom installed another block to this GT13E2 based 1. It now has 14 units and a capacity of 2158 MW. MINSK BELARUS Reducing emissions Operated by RUE Minskenergo. The facility is located in the coastal industrial area of Ruwais. one SC13E2-2-1 and one KA13E2-1. Alstom supplied four GT13E2 gas turbines and generators.400 MW combined-cycle power plant. West Java. Alstom won a contract for the Ruwais power and desalination plant in Abu Dhabi. producing more energy with higher efficiency and less impact on the environment. 2004 Phu My 2. 13 . 2006 VAIRES-SUR-MARNES FRANCE Efficient power Alstom was commissioned to install three GT13E2 gas turbines into the Vaires-sur-Marnes power plant on the bank on the river Marnes. the developers invested in a bypass stack. three HRSGs. Alstom has provided one KA13E2-3. converting Minsk into a combined-cycle cogeneration plant.With millions of fired hours. 230 km west of the capital Abu Dhabi City. along with the associated HRSGs and desalination plant.450 MW. providing efficient power to meet France’s rising energy demands. the GT13E2 boasts an enviable track record. the entire auxiliary system. 1997 Phu My 2.

Alstom has extensive experience with various sizes of multishaft arrangement in all types of power trains. 1. GAS TURBINE Alstom gas turbines – the core of any combined-cycle plant.The Alstom Powertrain 4 3 1 2 Alstom engineers have optimised our Powertrains for both hot and cold end performance. STEAM TURBINE Alstom steam turbines offer: An HP turbine shrink ring design for sustained efficiency and fast start-up Welded rotor design for fast start-up and low maintenance Single bearing designs for compact arrangement Single axial or lateral exhaust designs available for lower foundations and lower first costs. Powertrain Arrangements Whether used for utility. cogeneration or industrial applications. creating maximum combined-cycle efficiency. from base load to daily start and stop. 3.TURBOGENERATOR Alstom turbogenerators demonstrate high efficiency. 4. HEAT RECOVERY STEAM GENERATOR (HRSG) Alstom’s range of HRSGs provide: Drum type and once-through technology Optimised hot and cold end performance for maximised combined-cycle efficiency High thermal flexibility for fast start up Highly modularised design for fast site erection 14 . TOPAIR Multi-chamber Totally Enclosed Water to Air Cooled (TEWAC) system for high efficiency Self-retightening stator end windings for low maintenance proven reliability in various applications and shaft arrangements. 2. reliability and availability with low maintenance requirements.

It enables us to stay in touch with global customers’ expectations.000 are in engineering and 1. We are constantly searching for solutions to make the best use of both our customers’ investments and the earth’s resources.und Raumfahrt (DLR). Studying heat transfer with Oxford University and engineering institutes in China. our customers receive ever-greater efficiencies and reduced costs throughout the lifecycle of their plants.Research & Development Alstom collaborates with over 30 universities worldwide. The best solutions How it works Across 22 centres. anticipate their needs and lead technology trends.500 people. of which 4.000 MW Drax station Completing the largest water and power project in the Middle East with the 2. Thanks to our upgrades and innovations. our engineering and R&D workforce totals 5. 2. We also focus on minimising CO2 emissions through the development of renewable technologies for application in both new and retrofit installations. 3. Our R&D policy takes a global approach which delivers several benefits: 1. the gas-powered Tallawarra at 435 MW International collaboration In the field of international collaboration. Our commitment to research and innovation has led to our involvement in some of the world’s most important gas power and cogeneration achievements: Supplying equipment for the world’s largest co-fired biomass plant. the UK’s 4. Alstom has played a leading role in establishing the European technology platform for zero emission fossil fuel power generation (ZEP). India and Russia. giving it an unparalleled reputation for R&D. It puts the work where the expertise is located. Developing hydro turbines with Grenoble and Lausanne universities.500 in R&D. 15 . We also collaborate with over 30 universities worldwide on a whole range of research including: Working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Stanford Research Institute on CO2 emissions. It helps to nurture close contacts with universities and design institutes that can complement our in-house efforts.000 MW Fujairah power plant in the United Arab Emirates Delivering the most efficient fossil-fired power station in Australia. Researching combustion with Cologne’s Deutsches Zentrum für Luft.

Besides remote monitoring and diagnostic services. our plant operation experts rely on comprehensive and proprietary knowledge management tools.Working Partnership throughout In-depth service portfolio combined with broad experience In today’s power generation and industrial markets. plant owners and operators seek to establish long-term cooperation with major Original Equipment Manufacturers. the PSC provides 24/7 operation support and direct access to a global network of technical experts who assist in troubleshooting. As part of Alstom’s commitment to providing complete plant services for optimal performance. If required. Our flexible and customised expert services cover solutions at all stages of the plant lifecycle or if requested simply on single components including: New and improved parts Reconditioning Services Advice and operational support Field service Performance improvements Service contracts Services on other OEM gas turbines Plant Support Centre™ Expert support around-the-clock Alstom’s Plant Support Center™ (PSC) offers fast and comprehensive technical support solutions to keep plants competitive. They look for partners who are willing and able to develop solutions that will increase production efficiency and reduce emissions throughout the lifetime of their equipment. 16 . assessment and re-commissioning and analyse equipment trends. they can also call in Alstom experts with specific engineering know-how and fleet-wide experience to assist with operational support or more detailed investigations. Besides practical experience. we are dedicated to supporting you to cost-effectively maintain your gas turbine and combined-cycle (GT/CC) power plants.

With a network of over 60 local Service Centres in 70 countries. there is always a dedicated Service manager close at hand and available around the clock to respond to your needs.with Alstom the plant’s lifecycle Alstom has over 100 years’ experience and an installed fleet of more than 650 GW. We are where our customers are Alstom’s footprint and broad industry expertise enables us to support you in an efficient and responsive manner around the world. 2 GT/CC product 4 GT/CC execution 7 GT reconditioning 7 field service network centres centres workshops AMERICAS Danville Richmond Richmond Richmond Jupiter Jupiter Jupiter Sao Paulo EUROPE Baden Baden Baden Ashby Birr Karlovac MIDDLE EAST / ASIA PACIFIC Dubai Dubai Dubai Rabigh Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur Reconditioning Workshop Execution Centre Product Centre Field Service Network 17 .

LTAs offer many immediate advantages: Fixed preferential prices for parts and services Flexible scope to suit operative strategy Extendable scope to include almost any aspect of plant operations Alstom’s Operation and Maintenance (O&M) contracts let plant owners devise completely new management strategies by outsourcing risks and responsibilities. The scope of services and equipment covered. you can be sure of a win-win situation. with Alstom’s comprehensive. Take advantage of performance and availability guarantees through tailored agreements that perfectly suit your required service and equipment scope. as well as the contract duration and risk sharing. yet flexible agreements. Alstom’s O&M contracts are fee-based agreements that: Mitigate risks Leverage Alstom’s extensive experience in plant asset management Can be adapted to suit your business strategy 18 .Services Thanks to Alstom’s maintenance contracts. Alstom has long-term service contracts with 25 plants and 60 GT13E2 gas turbines. maintenance and support requirements. Partnerships for performance Long-term agreements (LTA) are based on framework contracts that define prices and conditions in advance. Besides offering preferential conditions for high quality parts and services. We make sure our contracts are tailored to meet all your operational. our customers are free to introduce new management strategies by outsourcing risks and responsibilities – contracts that put plant owners in control. our GT13E2 service customers benefit from our extensive first-hand experience and expertise. Whether you prefer a Long Term Agreement or an Operation & Maintenance contract. can be adapted perfectly to your needs. the LTA reduces administrative efforts and simplifies planning. As we are the original equipment manufacturer.


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