i you’re stuck and stammer in static across a free to freedom words, in hard microcosm, in-on to slash it from two filth

from-from filth in words, to liberate and start to slide jarring the squeaky gate, of time to the timeless in space bosom and the i slips out repeatedly between breathy sighs like asthma out to flying, with the dot to dawning in a that to dialed high from a stuck and stammer i but to push out soft word 2 like l forcing itself into o, like asthma for atichoo into very very longed to be heard and scarred, through soft like tissue into the final scene of you ii oh honey, don’t you know that I see through all, through the ups and frowns and smiles and princess gowns but not to or I’ll watch you fall as on your head crashes down your crown, around your shoulders around your feet for I don’t or do care to watch no more, nor do I care or don’t to catch no more no more for the off guard lit-up match that I am, which is sparking in the night that I can, not-fuel much sought to stronger, as it begins to melt hot wrought-out longer the last latch, of this hot-off-the-cuff catch, to catch, to caught-out

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