5/0. (idle) SothlCa /oMr>I\ln, .iyothilh Manhilnd

1<10 ISh, ... n. klh, Buil d, "{II 1\<1' Sir""!. '$1 fie.'"
MCd,u", My'apo,e. .•
Ph' I 421412e9
'n. ,1 o"tl'4"''' " ,.m _ c"," I kp .. " ...... oum
URL ..... w
LOTTERY AND LLCK ... •. .. ........ ... _ •.. .... " ... .............. .. """ " .... ... 1
RUliNG PLANET5 NEVER. ERR .••••••• •••... .•••.....••.••.•..•••••••••••••••••• 5
TetE CELESTIAL STARS ""'ROUGH 1(.1> ..• ' ........ .. """ .......... ..... 9
ARE WE GOJNG ABROAD BY llIE NEXT fLlGI1T7 ..... .•.•••••••••.••• 13
THE BAOHAKA S'THANA.... ....... ..... , .... ...... _ ........ ........ . 15
K.P. A ~ A . I . ' r ' S I S REVALUATIOtl Of
.... ........ "" .... ....... """ "'" 19
K.P, ANA1.YSIS G.IIS cONNEcnOrl . "', ...... " .................... ...... .. 29
AQUIsmON OF XlB ' AS PER KP , R.P .•.. .•... •••••• ....... ..... ... ..•. ])
SHALL WE GET SUCCBS' _ .... "" ...... ...... ...... . "" ...... .... ...... ,,)7
INDUSTRIAL UNIT _ •. ", ............... ...... -. •... ..•. _ ...... ..................... 'Il
AYURVEDiC (OR) I10MECPATHIC ............... ........................... _ 51
" "".55
KRiSriNAHURn pAOtt)tI.\n PROVIOf.S CLUE. ........ ......... ...... 59
A FEW Iili'lTS_ ... ", .... "",, ..... ... ....... ,,', .... , ... , "', ... " ............. f>9
CHILD BIRTH - HeMRY ... . .... ............................. .... .... ..... 7J
FOREIGN TRAVEL - WHEN? ..................... ............................. 79
RULING PLANETS NEVER ERR ........ . . ..... .... ..... .... ..... ..... ... 83
SAFE ROlJRN ............. . ............................................... 37
5TE"LlAR ASTROLOGY RP ........................ . . ..... 91
THE REAl. APPROACH TO K.P. HORARY .......• ..• .• .
INTERVIEW ..... ... .......... . ....... ................................. 109
APPUCATION OF RULING PLANETS .................................... 113
RULING PLANETS NEVER FAll ............................................ 117
RULING PLANETS - MINOR EVENTS ................................... 121
THE HOROSCOPES· K.P Oi'iLY ANSWER ................. ............. 127
PURCHASE OF VEHIUE THROUGH BANK ............................. 139
CONSIDERATION OF RUllNG PLANETS . ..............••• ••.. . . 145
~ U M B t R SHO'WS THE DATE OF MARRIAGE .........•••..
OVERSEAS TRAVEL .......................... . ............. .. 159
WHEREAB0ur5 OF MY FATHER'S CASH ........... ............. 169
IS lOST PROPEKTY RECOVEAAEIlf1 •................................... 113
OiA.HGE Of RESIDENCE TtlROUGH K.P ................................. 179
KP OJSPAl DAS.-. SYSTEM RESEA!\CH m DY ... ............... 183
FLIGHT OF 9.V J. ........ ............................................... IS9
RUlING PLANETS REVEAl. •••••••••.. •......•••..•••••••••.•••.•..•...•.•••• 195
K. P. SYSTEM· WONOfR Of RUUtlG P\..AN£1"S ...................•• 197
TRUNK CALl ..... ....... ..... ... ...........••....•.....................•.•...•••••• 19D
COLLEGE AND K.P. ............................................ 203
11[AAQ.f Of STEI.l..AA ASTROLOGy ......... ... ....... •••..........••. •. 207
APl'£Al SUCCESSfU.. OR NOT ....••• " ............... ... .... ............. 217
ON ATTAINING PUBEfm" .............. . ...................... •.•.... 221
IS IT OR lOVE'....... ....... .. . ... 227
SUOCfSS IIj EX.\M1NATIO ... ................................................. 235
YOUNG BROTHER'S ADMISSION .......................................... 243
PlJACHAS£ ,\,,'10 ARRIVAL Of COW • WHEN? .. ............ .......••• 149
IF SO WHEN? ................................ .. ...................... .. ... .... 2SS
FQ;!f IGN ASS1GNt-lENT ......... ... ........................ ......... ........ 259
CHANGE OF JOB - 1<5 PER KP & RP """, ." .,., .. "".,,""",., .... 263
." ".,," 267
"""""""""'" ....................... 271
.... ,,"'" .. " """""""".277
AND WHAT FOLLOWS' •..••••••............................................. 285
FRlENO'S ARRNAL ......................................................... ... 289
WHEN' ................. "",, ................................. 293
Wi l EN WIl.L I GET V!ATER FROM WEl.L? " " ." """ ." ,, . " ........ 299
IN PREDlcnVE ASTROLtx>Y . ............... .. ... ""'" 303
WILL MY LOVE AFFAIR MATERIALISE) " .. " ....... ................ '" 309
WIFE'S ARRIVAL ... .. """""""""" .... ,,""""""",,., ,,"" __ ' ... 315

(node Stronger than Planets; 5ublord Confirms)
The natal horoscope of pcrson is given below:


., "'"
.. C!oIBir1l
27'SI 80'(8 E
:rre 0'12' 1ST

Guru 23"09'

[Ii U l l
Balance of Guru dasa at birth 0 Year, 11
Months, 8 days.
In tile <l00ve chart, · .... ,rs, Veous, 14efl"Ury and Kr.tu ale In
the fol.rth house, all In S(Orplo. In Uttara KalaIllJiUliI, Kc:lidas
cluddatr.s that nodes o:ter results of the planets with
I';hldl they conjoined or by whirh ttJey arc if
ilnV. O!l iy when therr. is no conj unction or rl<l aspect do the
nodes off!! r 1M results r:i thC) lords oc the signs where they

This native had Wllll a prize in the lottery. (His ticket
No.022220) . It was 011 23- 12- 1969. He was running Budha
oosa, Ketu bhukti, Semi anthra at that time. Ketu bhukti started
on 10-3-1969 aM ended on 7,]-1970.
Kctu is in the constellation of Budha lord of 12.
Budha, Dasanat:tkl, Is lord of 12.
Soltum, is in 12-''' bhava.
According to Hindu traditional astrolugy, the occupant of 11
bh<lva, the bhava lord and t he planet conjoined wiLh the lord
when all three are comrected with the 12'" house, how is It
that the native had gains wiLhout pains? Powerfully influence
that bhava. Here sani, Budha and Ketu are strongly connected
to 12'" house.
Look : sub-lord is the deciding factor.
Ketu is in the sub of Venus lord of 11. (Constellation lord is
the owner of 12.'" house means investment; gives money to
buy t he ticket. Sub-lord, lord of 11, promises gain, profit,
fulti l:ment of desire. Hcf'ICC Kctu is a b€nefic).
BJdha;s in Mars sub. is a planet to compete, and he
is lord ot 5 to speculate and also 10). 5'" house gives the mind
to specl':ate. 10'" shows S:Jccess. Hence Mercury dasa
contr:b'Jtes to in competition and gain in speculation.
Saturn is in 12. It is in Saturn's star and Sub of JUpiter.
JupiLcr is lurd of 6, Victory ovcr enemies. It is conjoined with
lord of 2, Sun. Jupiter himself is in 3 sub of lord of 11 and also
in the amstellatlon of Rahu, significalor of 10 and 11 houscs.
T,'\erefol"lC, the conjoined period of Mercury, sub-period of
Ketu and Sub-sl.' b Saturn gave him the fortune of winning a
prize in the lottery on 23-12-1969.
The am[)lJ1lL was received during Mercurydasc, Kctu 8hukti,
Mercury anthra.
Hence, one note th<lt the sub-lord deades one's fate;
the constellaUon lord R"hu is aspe<:ted by Mercury, Lord of
l zY ana a Pianel i[1 the oonst..:llatlon Of the Lon:I of the 10" I.e.
MOOll .
y-ethu Is in th..: owaed by Venus, Ketu is aspect€(! by
moon. Lord of the Iff" hmlSE! and by Satu'"n, signlflator of
3" and 12'" house,
As the sigr<ificators are milny, sigflificiltors are to
be seleo:aI, the useless ones. To select the beneficial
Slgnifiallors, there are tv>o methods and both ... e to be
(il) Note the ruling plaflel.S at the time of .lsdqement.
(bl Note the Sub lord of the signl ft cators. If the Sub Lord is
one of the Signifi cators then the pllU't deposited il'l 9Jch
a SUb Is otherwise oot
Ruling Planets
(11.3S a.m. (IST) on 7'2' 1971)
"'" Lo<'
Sign Lord
Star Lora
lUgna Lora
lagna Star Lord
(Ketu is in leo sig", owned by Sun. Rahu is in Aquari us
sign, owned by Saturn arld is asoected by Mars, ruling planet).
Ketu is posited in Sun star ar.d sub is ruled by Jupiter, who
Is l ord or 3". is posited in Moo.1 star and sub of
Rahu, who is a strong signific<rtQr as stated above.
KebJ d.lsa, bhullti between 26-)·197\ and
2)' ) ' 1972. [n thi S peritxl Ketv anthra ""i ll start fmm 6-5· 1971
and e,'1OS on 7-6-1971. Venus anthra operates
upto 6·S-1971.
Venus is in Jupiter star and SIb ofve,"IlJs, who is signlflc:ator
of J" huuse and is Lag" a Star lord at ttle time 0( Judgement.
So Venus may reflect the in her Stlb Sub·period.
Sun r.ra IlSits in Venus (The Si9n occupied bv KeN at
the time cr birJl) in Moon (Lord of the CQIlSteliaLlon In
Y,'hlch the bhukthinatha, Mercury Is posited) between 25- 5-71
anC 8·6-7\. MOOfl will be in sign - Mercury star on 8""
and 9'" June 1971, Ketu 'Nil l be in Moon - Mercury star.
So I expect that tl-,e native must be transferred by 2'" week
of June 1971, which come very correct.
(based on Krlshnamurtl padhdhatl)
Om Gurubh)'o Namah. On Ganpataya Namah.
The oorl cept prinC:pi es of Ruling Planets, to judge the
da)'-to-da'( events w,,11 as tr.e nctivity. pmpounded by our
revered GUfuji Prof. K.S. Krishnamurti,
free frem any doub15 complicat ions and are the
results clearly if they are applied propeti)·. This article is neither
testifying nor in testimony of the pri nciples, bul is Just to shew
the miraculous and marvel lous resul15.
At the outset I recall t he dio;cussions held in the First ever
All Incia Seminar en K.P. Astrology on Sub-Sub Lord -
by Sothidama:-nani Sri K, Subramanlam S/o. Late
Jyotish marthand Prof. 1(,5. Krishnamurti on 20
r-lav, 1990
at Pune, convened by Prcf. Dad" alias G.V. Hasabnis of the
Shree Phal Jyctir.lidya Bombay. Throughout the day,
the Seminar was conducted I;nder the Chairmallship of Shri K.
Suhraman!"m, Editor, K.P. & As::ralogy
On 20'" May, 1990 the was transit ing in uttara
Bhadrapada (Uttrattathi ) star by Saturn. Since Saturn
represen:ed by bei.1g in the Sign of Saturn and
Saturn being retrograde, the node Rahu strongest Ruling
Planet among J Upiler Mean sign s,'ltllm St;Jr Lord)
to show depid :he minds ef de:egates as well the
While pres;ding overthe rrst session cfthe Seminar wherein
research were prese.-Jted by Prof. Hasabnis, and others
on the Sub-Sub Lord i15 effec1.5, I found that in all the
cases studied the € ' Rahu' \'las present even on
the date of discussion.
The same'. I t<lbul .. te lor unGcr<; tan\!ing.

rl kim<1r

Sub SUl;

llY,l 'W'
Sun Ke:"llI
ft:! ,,,
'ier ys


03'"SO'17 '
12'22'1 1"

It< '1u
K.lrr{a 11"32'52"



M .. ' ..... ( Rlhu
NI:.1i7 (1 -24':1)


sat ..... "
: In ,too'l lrcm VI to X. tn,. b >}itu.Je d IIIx
scnJl ln"ed ,,; r>:e th><'.,.e tho! Hn''l 'Y only relt41$
U.e mlrwl ... "",O"'--_ ____ _
It can {'.ao;Uy seen that Rahu (Rep.-escnl ill9 5.1I:urn) hal.
appea red as the S:JOilIje51 siQll,liq;tor (R;J[ ng Pl anet) <IS Sub-
&.b l ord in 8 rases anG 0') su!)..lonJ in one' ca.c ani.! represeJnlng
Saturn in one .... hich ( lear;.,. indl(:at('5 that the
an srrul"ny at Sub-SJb lard is on the riqht path, !L 'MIS
appl auded the hous.e, \'/hcn It was to the J elegates
an;.! by me in my (on(uding Thus
we Jo R'JI!no planets al" .... ays are
presmt, If sc:nJiti :'iscd uplo Sub· Sub lor e,
Furt her en 21- May, ":onday, I ..... as 10 lea-IC I'une by
Jhclun:. Exl)rcss IOf New Dr.lhl anJ I ..... cnt to <; taoon tit 10.00
a.!l1, 011 21·05- \ 'J<)(I to kncr .... staWs of my .. aticn In
train ror bcrlh aoJ I \'l as mu(h worried whcn given to
urxl erst an\J mat my nUMber :s 3]'" in the waiti ng list, [ came
bark to t.he place ..... h€re I VI M st a\' i.1g and was worriec tlDoLl1
my lourney,
At H.S6 hums (1ST;, I Put a horel r.,. ljucstlOn with
Iluml.ler 119 l\'hi( 'l l i!ffiC :O ITIe whether I
will have a journey on 21-05-90 and thereon.
The ligna Lord for the hOfary number was with
Moon as Its star lord Venus as its sub-Locd.
The Ruling at the tin'le of Judgement Wf!fT!, lagn<!
be:r.g in Kanya 10"11:1' and Moon 23"15'28" and being Monday
- in order of the strength were Lagr1<i 5tu lord - Moon;
Lagna Slgr"! lord - Mercury Moon Star lord - Mercury; MOOr"!
Slgr"! lord - Jupiter, Day Lo:"d - is being
.epresented by Kethu being In its Sign. The 5lIb lord of Moon
Is Moon v.ilo signifies 11"' cusp (be:ng its lord) Ke'IIlu, the
.epresentative of f-100n is in the 11', then it was assured in
me that the journey 1'11 11 be a happy one, bOJt. the delay and
obstacles not be ruled out as the Serum was ilspectJng
Moon, the Lord of 11'" house, the 11" house and Kethu.
Venus, the sub lord of Horary nun1ber also associ<!tes the
Moon and herKe due to sameone's association I will get !.he
reservation and .... -ili tr<Nel holppily with blessings on.ord Gantlp<lti
WdS indial ted to me by the RuhJlg PI()IleIS.
I reached the stiltion at Pune at 4.3Op.m. as t he
t",in WilS scheduled to leave at 5.40 p.m. but it was announced
that it will depart only at 9.30 p.m. (see the results I:A the
aspe::t of Saturn on Moon. kethu and elevent h house). I was
much 2nxloU5 to know about the reservations and I just went
to one bookstal l having the books on the teachings of spir itual
Gurus <rnd being rmnaged t1y an eldert" per5on. I Just tcok
one book on day to day 2nd it was written for the
day - ' Do not worry. Do not be anlCioUS. Just 10'1e your God
and your wo:ries be over'. A smile as well as cor-t.odent
ooe, appeared on my face ..... hlt!'! was noted by the elderly
person and he enquirec.l about it to me. r narrat ed hi m my
am:iousness findings In the oook. He then directed me to
one of tJ1e Railway staff a·"l(j J could get my birth reservCQ
before I entered the t rain, out the effect of Saturn. (I.e.
delay) was -wlie'! was care of by the blessi ngs
of our Guruji and lord and I had t he most
( omforable journej! in my Hfe tin date.
T1,'h, if !t;.oplte::: prop<?riy, the '1:!s(.ll<; I-lanelS are
rrlrawlous "rd IUl:ng ,r.",:'!r t IT.
TIle Cooducted a series of matches in Cricket, last
lind people all were glued to their sets.
The whole nation was caught with Oicket feveI".
There IS 11 populilr saying is a 9'l01e of Iud;". Though
the saying is popul<! r, It is debated vociferously both ways. If
India wins, pr.1ise is WNeI"ed on the players and th(y betomc
"Heroer. and stilt'S", and If they loose fans dismiss them as
hopeless and as a f:cti on of politics in a game whicM is the
pride and prestige of the nation.
It 28'" October, 1969, my ,",eekly-off dilY, and I was
one r::I the TV spectators that day watching the Cfido;;et
match bety.,'een Indi a and Pakistan, just begun, I am
not a Cridel fan. But as an AstroIoc:;cr; I \'IiIS keen to See
whom the "Celestial stars" fiJI/our. '·1iss SIlamtJi, my sister-in-
law, an ardent Crid.t!t ran did not want to wait for hoors for
kno .... inC the OIJt(Ome, Instead \\janIe(! me to tell the result in
ten mi nu\.eS, by t!le time the Openers had ban=:y beg.Jn after
The question she a9<ed "Will India Win the Cricket Matdl
against Pakistan?" The number she gave !)ewe.eo 1 and 249
Co. p Sublord Cusp
Suo V11

Mooo VIIi Rahu

IV Mooo X
V ME"rcury XI
VI Xli
PI,met Star Lord
Sec R<lhu
Mercury Mars
SClturn Venus
Mooe Mars
Jup:\er Rdhu
Followinq is the Horar\' Chart
Xi 0-14

XII 4-14
Star Lord



Ro,.2f· 18
X 27-14
VII ,:-11
23- '8-89 Sa'udal'
nadras ".m. 1ST
WI India
',Ill tl llJ Crio::ket
ag: irls! POlkisl:n?
I! 0-' 4
r 2·1fi Ma..or.
',II , I
Mar:; ,.:;8 24·2,,·[1<
I took the lagnCl CliSP 11)(1"il <lnd th€ seventh
for thE lilgna r:J I judged the following cuspS far
r,..dia <lnd PakistZln :
India : Pakistan
Sublord Cusp Sublord
Sec I
III Jupi ter
V Kethu
Xl Kethu
KR:Sfjr,AMllfiTI f'AOO[)HATI
(a)Lagna S'JC lord Sun in V in the star of Rahu in IX
representing Satur-n in VI! and Mars in V is definitely ir,
favour of the opponents. V, IX & VI! naturally bein<;l gilin
to ttre €
(b) 3"' cusp sub,ord Jupiter in in the star of Rahu in IX
rerresentlr,g Satum in VII and in V is repetition of
the disadvantage I,' (a) aoove.
(c) V cusp sublord Mercuri in V is in the star ot in V,
on:y consoiidates (a) and (b) above.
(d)XI cusp lord Kethu in 1Il representing by
OCCupati01 of Cancer signifies N and by occupying Mercury
s".ar signifies V. Ke:hu occupying Cancer once agai n signifies
V is in the star of Mars.
Pakistan (["ease see significations, countin<) from the VII)
(a)lagna cusp sub lord Mars in the XI in its own stal" Is
stror,g:yadvantageous .
(b) 3"' cusp sl:blord Jupiter in VII Gecupl"ng Rahl: star, Rahu
in III is qJite favourable. Rahu alSG lasna and
the XI by occupying 5at-Jrrl sign; and by occupying a star
(c) V cusp sublord Kethu in Cancer in IX represents r-loon in
lile Xth and in the XI by occupying a MemJr,
star. X and XI g:ve a boost to prEstige and achie'ler:1ents.
(d)XI eus,", Mercury once again occupying X a.ld
tenanting a s"..a' 5tror,giy promotes the X th house
matters as is i1 the sarr_e Xl house. This is a
significatic-n consolidating resoundingly, the positic-n of the
c-ppanen: Cover and abo'le the al ready quite rolanlllgeous
s:g,liflCation of the " Ce:estial Slllrs" as in (a), (b) and (e)

The decision
Quite r.c.tlrdl'y I said "Plkistan wil, .... .; n ;lnd thry
won ae.::sively by a margin of 36 runs.
1 1'1',,$ quite hilp;r{ ilt the efld of the match :hat [ have
leamt "K.P" which :5 Or'l€ 5ciencll that is Sl.:re in 'the wor ld and
I repeat my pr.,nams to Lord Lkhi sta Sri
K.S.K. our Guruji and livir.g 9U1de in the umpteen doubts th<lt
crop up In us.

My • ... Ife and I, ,-" llh my daugl1\er aged 5 went
t o the Saha.- Airport i1 Bombay to the Sabella Royal
Belgian l\:r1ines' Night ttl Smgapore at 4.00 a.m. 00 16-3-90.
The Iligll\ was overbooked and since .... 'e did not have confirmed
seats on fl ight vie 'Nae dMied the dlance. NallJrally. lIIe
wa e f rustrated.
I had a standby tid<el on Air India wtl ich would leave
BOmbay fur Singapore on the same day at 7.45 a.m. We
tried for that flight and to our entire dissatisfaction, we could
not take even that flight.
We .... 'eft" qu:te unhappy wit h the of going back to
our friend's hotR where we were staying in bdre;it in Bombay.
We v.'eI'C in abso!ute darkness \..ttether we muld take the neKt
fl ight to Singapore, or a*"ueast return to '·1adras and cancel ttle
O\IerseM trip.
I rl t he above circumstances, 1 had total confidence in
astrology system). that it would guide me to
know the fut ure course of events. I asked my '-"ife who was
m;Jch against canceliati01 of the trip, to giVE me a number
be'.WeEI'l I and 2";9. She put '.he Q!)eStiOn, "Are we going to
So' ngapore by the next Air India fli ght?" and gaVE the nlftlber
100. I \YOf1.;ed out the wspal and planetary positions at
p.m. lor Bombay I atrtude, given b.:low.
Me rcuJY
:xn;: 1 X 24-21
Jupll ,7-19
AI ;:4·21
. .
M"o: .. rt
No.r:UI l 00
XII 14·11

1&.:;·90 1,-15 :.f'l

\iI U-21
Ale f.1: abI'=
i 1>.o1h\I 2t-!'5
Irf I-;tt?
. ;4-00
\"', :6·12

_ .. '
s... IV 2-Hl
For goi ng abrOad, I studied l he Xl! sub lord Rahu.
in tilt: of Moon ,n III and O .... 'I'l ing the XU
ir.d:cates joumcy arc tram. Hence the to
the horarf qu(' ry is posl:lve conr,rma:ion.
With tot al COI'Iticence and faith in t:!1c Knsnnamurti System,
J my wife dnd my ho, ts in Bombay tllat we ilre
dl:flnitcly goil"l9 to SinC;8pore bl' the next Ai r I ndia flight. The
!light "'(Ii on 18· 3- 90 and my wlft , my dilU!; htff, and ,
new happ:ly to Singapore on 18·3·90 by Air Inola.
My Lord llct1lsta I'tahaSilnapathy for gl.!h:lil"l9
me to the fut.ure, and pranam; to Puj ya Sr"j
Krlshnamwt iji f or giving us l.hlS unftli li ng c:nd system.
On 1:2"9·90 Sri my colleague my intimate
friend brought one of our col leagues for astrological advice.
Smt. Vyjayanthi wanted to know if her younger sister's
suffering from throat cancer and undergoing
treatment at Bombay would recover and live long.
At the outset I suggesled that a number betvlieen 1·249
be obtained from her younger sister. But Smt. VyJayanlhi
preferred to give the number herself as her sister could not
be cootacted on phone becausE' they were in Bombay ooly
for ttlis hospitalildtion having (ome from Ahmedabad_
"Though it would De round-aoout and cumbersome, owing
to the situaUon I agreed, a:1d she gave the number
I investi gated this QUery at 3-35 p.rn. the same day at
Madras. The cuspal ilnd pl<lnetllry positions are as tallows :-
CUD::; In


he' trnther- in law


t·1 ar5



14ar; U Saturn
RJhu Mar.

t.1 e=ry
R,w 11 ·16
" fJ-57
S.1 <: R)

'V 1-15
IX 1-51
\/ 1111 ·:'.(1
i.1.1"I :-Ci2
No 107

3,:15 p,;.!,
'N l in)'
1'4,b,.-id ","'I'W<
arid I'.- e
11 1-5!
'1 1<'0
X 1 Jj

J, >.11 23
K.'.u 11 · 16
Von 12-49
M! ' (RII7--W
I I·1.J..:>O
Thr 3,d Ml:se drnotcs thE' sister. TIle 7'" rrolll the
3" hrr husband. I took tlir IX for the
of thr person aba,Jt I'lha:n query is
The VI tells about the
The VI cusp sub b rd is Mercury. in the IV
recovery. Mercury is in of Venus. Venus in the IV
conso:icates the
It is that the IV denotes the of
life, or fi nal ret:rellent.
t·k" u'Y is in ule sub ot in denotes
apart fran, cuts and burns.
lagna contributes to But to my
Mars sublord of hils in its
constel lation, thus weakening :ts strength of occupying
Mars signifies the 7'" 12."' I)()u,>,=s there being no
in V'ischika or Mesha, <inC the 2.'" by oeo.pying a
constellatiun of .. loon.
1 \'!as too sad that the ('rde was wmplete
by significations of the makara sthanas, 2, 7 12.
i.1 :ts own sub was dlarming that the end of j;fe was
not fur away and it would be abrupt.
The V for reCO\lery if it is strung.
The V cusp sub lord is Jup;ter. Jupiter Is in the III and owns
tile XI. No planet the XI.
Will the person survive? This was a momentary satisfaction
for me. J'Jpiter and Kethu uccupy the same degree and sub
of Moon. What if there are no planets in the XI, ur nu planet
occupies Jup:ter"s sl:<irs. Ketllu bJ' conj uncUon takes away ali
the strength.
JU;Jiter un the contrary is weak by satum's star
Satum is the bac'hakathiraU fur Taurus dC5(;endant , Jupiter is
in t he sub of is in ll, marakasthana. Moon
signifies 2, 7 and 12 by occupying a star:
Judge the XI for recovery
XI cusp sub lord is Mars. signifies maraka houses as
discussed earlier.
I would not give up
I Ha\'€ read K.P. "Judge 1, 3 8 fur lungevily"
I discounted the I and III because the sub IlJrds
are and which are nlJt fruitful as already detai led
The VIII cusp was the last straw un the camel's and
m,,' fresh area fur im-estigatiun, The sub lord is Venus. Venus
is in the IV lJCcup{ng tile sub of Mercury in t ile IV again.

Mercury the sub :o-d hits the blol'l oy terk'nting
again a venus;an star.
i sadly went the RulinCl Planets at 8.35 p.m. for the
t iming. They were as follows :-
lagna sub
lagna star
lagna l ord
Moon Star
Mars Mesha

I agna sub Jupiter's oa: upatian of Moon sub indir-<ltcd
to me thal the dealh toa soon. But I would not have the
to inform the lady the next day in office t:,at the death
of her younger sister's husband was on the threshOld.
I was spared of the prediccment.
As SOOl1 as I entNed office the next day, Sri R. Gapalan
informed me that ::he person c01C€rned passed away 011 13-
9· Sl(I ear ly morning and thot Smt. wa<; on her way
to tcke Hight to Bomoi'Y.

Miss Suruchi is studying in third engineer ing degree
course. She has f<liled in four theory subjects in second year
Univel"§lty exams held in April f May '90; but University has
allowed her to keep terms in the third year provid€d she clears
at least one theory subj ect (back log) in tile first semester of
this third year. She has <lisa m<lde ,m application to Pune
University for "REVALUATION" of her marks in two subjects.
Her query to me is :-
Q: Whether she will get mrough in these two subjects in
K.P. No. - 70 (withi n 1 & 2.49)
Ddte of Judgement - 4-8-90; 10 p.m. Saturday
Place : Pune 18'31'N, 73'5S'E
Detai ls of t.he hOfdry Cllc;r1. at tlle momellt of judgement is
as foll ows
At the moment of judgement Moon was in Jupiter rasi and
transiting star lord Venus. Lagna lord also Jupiter.
Day lord was Saturn (R). Rahu in Capricom.
RUl i NG
IX 11" S·
X 8" S'
XI 10'18'
XI11': id'
Ver 69'

.!up :r25'
VII: e"8
4-8-1 '-"..<t
K.F. No YO
Sun 13'24
18';1' 'J 70"5:,' E
'ie.1JS Dasa Ba:".lre
Ri ," 13-25'
8y· 5m·13
V 11 0'11}
"1cr 14"25
5at IRI
I'll 8' IS' II I 6'18'
MI1 2" '2'
V; 1: ' 18

Das.l Balance Venus 8y-Sm- 13d.
Star Lord Sub Lord
Kethu Rahu
3 Sun Mercury
4 Rahu
Saturn (R)
6 KcthLi
Satum (R)
Moon Moo,
M<lrs Moo,
C Saturn (R)
10 Kethu )jpiter
II Moon
12 Cohe
Sa::lIm (R)
St .. r Lord
. Sub l ord
Mercury Mercury

Venus Jupiter
Venus Jup:tcr
Venus Venus
Saturn(R) Silturn
Venus Jupiter r-ierrury
5.,tum(R) Seo Sm
Mcoo Rahu
Kethu Saturn(R)
Hc. J!e f'lanet5 In
- Co,,,
Planet::; in
XCLJootian coo5!el:"tlon
of occupant
Sun Satum:R)
V"r'JIJ, Moan, M",.5,

l upit€r, kethu
I tried to solve this problem in the following manner
A. To c!leck whether her arnbition will De fulfilled or noL
B. The fulr:l lment of sllould be connected wit h 4"
house which denoles eduulion
C. To check whether she w' ll win thb litigation. I considered
this querry as !it iga\iOll. The reason islh2lshe h.:s applied
for of her mark!; in 2 which has already
been OIlce by the ex;;miner and ",t the request
of Miss Smuc'l i, University will not e mploy the services of
another examine; for the reassessment of the paper. In
other words the h<!s been challenged by the
app:icant through 2n given to the University
If afl the above points cvme in ner riJ'Jour then I must tie-
up the with "I'oooarallh""- Y(J()a. as S<.ruITI and Moon
are in ':'OflJunc;tjon In 6" hOl.l5!.
NO'N lilt for e.3dl point what are t:h€ rules
by our Guruji lare prof. K.S.K.
<l. ene's ambition wi ll fuln· led if the sub lord of the II"
cusp t he slgnificator 01 the ld house.
In th1s (;<lse lord t.:A the II'" cusp is f-100n is
-:he ICiI"G of hwsc al'(! posited in 6'h house. ThIS
guarantees fulfitlmeol: of desire.
b. sub:o:-d of II" OJ!.p l-1oon al50 signifies ,," house as
Moon 11>' in Venus and JUp4tCf 5<.,b. Venus is house
lord of 4" house. The sub lord Jupiter, though pOSiteC in
12" house it is aspr.cting 9" house i.e. house
for r"lk] h(:f educa:ion. So both Venus and Jupiter are
f<lvourablc carry.nQ some rlC9<Itlve charge with them beir.g
posited in 12'" huuse.
c. To .. lin al"l appe<'.1 or litiga:iOfl, sub lord of the ) "d cusp
should be in a cor.stellation of a pI<loer: whi.:.h is Significal.Of
of &" and 11" house.
In the cusp sub lord Hertury is '"
venus stal and Venus sub. The lord Venus is in the
constel:at lon uf Jupiter. is the ford of 6'" house Mercury
in 2'" IS favourable. Vr.nus 4"". 6'" and 11'"
Again Vrnus ilrod Jupiter are ravourable with .some
negatr.e forr.e.
Cor.l>:dui"9 all abuic poi"lS t startEd thinking Ihilt aaording
to K.P. she must w:" the Ii:igation Le. she onust get through In
r€Valuaton of Mar.(s.'ly in practice, revaluat"on is SUm
a matter tha: Juckies: unly wins. So on one si<:re K: .P. sa'{S !he
wi ·1 win the race and Oil the other·side the University has got
their standard pl"Ofoma oc m;tl ng "No dlangr. in Marks·'. What
to do! mind W<tS in dilemma. And also thele is one more
point that 5<lturn ilnd fl'lOOn are In conjunction which lTM!ans
sua:ess only few attempts. Then how to combine all
these points together. University Is not going to examine the
papers ag<lin and again. It .... i ll be only dnd only at one time
and that's dll. One may pass or may fail.
There must be 5On'le due to this puzzle. t started unfolclirlg
the whole lot once dgaln and tried to find out the answer BS
foilows :
Miss Suruchl hils fuiled in four subjects. She hcts for
re'.raluaUon In two subjects. So two slbject:s are still left for
further attempts. Then considering other negative sides of
the planets i.e. Jupiter cnd Venus OCOJp"(ing 12" house and
Saturn in relJ"09ri'de cfrtctioo I dedar<!d that she will get through
3t redst in one subject out of the two after reyaluation of
In due course of t ime she received the from the
University saying there is not change in marks after
verifICation of marks, the paper.; dre in the poxess
of reval uation and the outcome .... il l be informed shortly.
Rnal"" she recei ved another letter on 13-12·90 saying that
after revaluation her mark5 have been increased from 2<11 to
49 out of 100 maximum marks in one sub}ects and there is
00 change in marks In other subject.
In this way K.P. has come out successfully with such an
aoo.. .. cy .... tJich is beyond imagination. While wrtting this 3/Ude
a mought came to my mind tnat .... as it possible to pin-point
the in which she will get through and how many marks
she obtain In that "This is left to the stu:lents of
K.P. foilowers

The advanced stellar theory of Astrology known as K.P:
has revol utionised tI1e whole predjctive Astrology and it is a
definite Improvement over the old traditional system of
predictions. It has given a new vision to the astrologer and It 15
only after the introduction of K.P. that we call Astrology a
sdence. But the masterpiece of the whole work of ShrJ K.S.K.
is the invention of Rul ing planets. The ruling planets can better
be named as the master key which can be fitted to any
problems, which one may face in any walk. of life. May be it is
a question related to one's marriage, child birth, receipt of gas
cylinder or Restaration of power supply etc. whether it may De
a major or a minor event the Ruling planets is infallibly helpful
in cotTectly fixing the time of that event.
I am narrating here one such example out of many where
tl"£ Ruling planets have Deen correctly used to:1X up the time
of occurance of an ell€nt.
I constructed my ne\\I house and occupied the new premises
on 2.6"10-90. I gave application for the supply of domestic
power supply (electricity) to the concerned officials, well in
adl/ance I.e. during the 1"" week of oct. 1990. I was told by
the offidals that the power supply wi ll be given within a month.
But no response to me t il l the first week of November and
again I contacted the offiCial and was told that the meter has
gone to Lab for testing and wi ll be received shortly. I did not
receive the power supply li ll the 1" week of December 90. I
was vedxed by the officials of Electricity Board and finally
rulmg planets of our sub lord theory only came to my rescue.
1 wanted to know the exact date of the receipt of pawe'r
supply to my new house w:th the help of ruling planets
1 wartted to test the theory of Rulirtg planets and I took up
the matter for calculation 0 11 3-12-1990 Monday, the time of
calculation 8-47 p.m. 1ST at Madras 13,()4' N Lat f AlPl7"E
Lang. Ayanamsa used 23"37" (K.S.K.). The ruling planets arc
asunder :-
The Moan was transiting in Gemi,i in star (66°14')
The ascendatnt was rising in sign in Jupiter star
(Punar.'asu) (91uQ7'). So the Ruling planets are:
Day Lord - Moon
lord - MerD..lry (Gemini)
star lord - Mars (R) (Mrigasira)
Asc. Sign lord - Moon (Cancer)
Asc. Star lord - Jupiter (R) (Punarvasu)
Asc. Sub lord - Mars (R)
Kethu transiting t he sign of cancer ruled by Mon.
So Ruling planets arc Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter and
Kethu. .
With this Ruling Planets I war;ted to simply t he date
of power connection from E.B. At this jun.cture r reproduce
here what our Late Guruji Sri K.S.K. told about the Ruling
Planets on Page 131 of Horary Astrology.
If a matter is to be in days, and within a
month, you may tal<e the position of Moon and there-from
you calculate. But if it would take more than a month, move
the Sun from the present position of t h!O Sun. If the matter is
to fructil'i i:1 SOrle years move Jupiter from the poSiti on
occupied by Jupiter at the tirr.e of Judgement.
For exampie if one asks which· month I can celebrate the
of my daughter in that .year, sun must reach the
position goverened by. Ruling planets. But if one asks in whim
year one Wi ll bUild house, move jupiter to the sensitive points
of Rulirtg planets.
If one wants to know when tile Gas L)'linder wi ll be received
or arrlvel of a frlen';; or a relat:o,.. , receip:' of postal letter or
Restoration of power supply etc. move the If it is
expected 011 the some ('av take the lagna likewise we ilave to
judge according to the nature of Query.
In our present example the rece'pt « the Elect;i c power
supply connection to my house is alrea':v over due. Hence,
this matter has to be fruc':ified within ccpule of ';;ays, Hence
we have to move the Moon to the sensitive points governed
by the Ruling planets for fixing tile correct date of givirrg tile
power supply to my new house.
PO\\ler supply when'
On the date of j udgement on 3-12-90 was transiting
In the star of Mars. The time was <:Ilready 9-00 p.m. hence
the chance of getting connection on tllot clay was ruled out.
More over M<:I rs was in retrograde position_
4-12-90 TuesdaV & Arudro star day. RdlU not amonst
the Ru!ing planets. Hence til ls day was also rej ected.
5-12-90 Wednesday & PUr,orvasu star day ruled by Jupiter
was in retrO<,1rade motion. Hen[£' tllis dav was also rejected.
6-12-90 Thursday & Poosam day. Saturn was no:
amongst Rul ing Planets.
7-12-90 Fri';;av & Asiesha slar day. Friday ruled by Venus
and Venus was not a Rul ing
8-12-90 Saturday & star day. Saturday tliled by
Saturday and Siltum was also not a Ruli ng planet.
9-12-90 Sunday & Pooram star Both Sun ond Venus not
Rulirtg plane'"c5_
1(1-12-90 but Uthl"llm star day ruled by Sun and
Ilenee rejected.
11-12-90 Tuesday & star day. Both Mars &
are in tile R'JI:rtgplands, was a fruitful Ruling
28 IICIIN(;Pl il'lT
planet and Moon was lagna lurd at the time of judgemet\t ·
Hen;e I decided ttit the E.S. offi(lals will CIlr.Ie ,,:w;I !Jve
Elet! r1, i».'Ier supp;y connetlon on that day on 11· 12·90,
Tuesda\'. Hasth<lm sttlr day. This C2Y a!50 hilp;>ened to be
my birt h day. Hence 1 was sure my prediction will not go
Results :
As ;:.redicted b\' pe the <tfIclals of E.B. came by S.(lO p.m.
on 1 H 2-90 and gilYe electric supply from the nei9hbouring
nght ;lOSt to my new house and their power connection work
lasted fer nearly an hour So. my son $\\1tched on the light
points and my hose Wilt; full of with electric tight s <I t
6·0S p.m. on that day.
Thus the efficacy of the system of Ruling planets has been
once again testified and proved coned and tile enll re ( redit
goes to our late Guruji Prof. K.S.K. who had devi sed this
system of using Ruling ;llanets itS an Important weapon In hiS
famous K.P., sub lor d theory, which is useful In giving un-erring
With yreilt res;>eo:t s to our Gurujl, I conclude thiS article.
One of my relatives Is from Bombay. He has gat a flat in
Bombay and he and his bratl1er's family were staying together
for more than 15 years. In the course of time botl1 tl1e families
inceased in numbers and tile flat which was initial ly suffici'cnt
fur both, fell sm rt for comfortable staying. Ultimately one had
to find out another place and had to be shifted to other house.
Vl/hile vacating the brother who left the house, took away the
gas which was registered in his name. r.s there was DIlly one
gas, the family who stayed behind had no gas. We can imagine
nowadays in a place like Bombay if there is no gas, the t rouble
for a house wife for cooking specially when she is a working
lady also. So DIle day his wife sent me a message tllrough
her husband tIl find out when she C<lI1 have the gas connection
in her house. This problem was solved by K.P. system anc!
the crnnplete analysis is given as under.
K.P. No.36
Date of Judgement: 6- 12-9(), 3.00 p.m. Thursday
Place of Judgement: Pune. 18"31N, 73"5S'E
Ruling planets at the moment of judgement
Lagna Jupiter (R)
Star lord Mercury
Rasi Moon (cancer)
Dav lord Jupiter - Thursday
Cusp Star lord Sub lord
01 Mooo Venus
02 Rahu Venus
03 Saturn MOOfI
04 Kethu Jupiter (R)
Mars (R)
07 Mercury Venus

Mooo (R)
Jupiter (R)

)(II O" DI'
U IS'. T
Ke 6'5,
111 11"1"

.. --
3-OJ P,M.
Ill: 11'0:,,-
18'3\' N 13'55' E
11.' 09' 14'
\'11 • ... 112«26·
\1 11-r
V 11"57
I $(1,2(1''23'
Dasa sa,anee : Merwry 16Y - 11M - 150
PI<lnct Star lord

(fl.) Suo Venus
Mercury Kethu
Jupiter (R) Mercury Venus
Setum Mercury S.tum
Om Mercury
Kethu Satum MerC\lry
K.P. Ruling: The querry is f€g.lding house hold matters
take 4'" ho.tse. Then we hi!Ye to coosiGer ] "' and 11" oouses
also as 3'" house Is for allotmenL<;, communiCdtions and 11
for fuffillment of desire. Let us now finC! out tfle signlflcators of
these houses.

03 MoOn
Star lO:"(1 I1t1U'ie lord ,II Sldr of
11c<J$E! LOrd

Mars.. SMurll,
- moon - KethU;J(d ' '1 coojl.lnctloll
"'='"Y is In ket!lu <toll'
The 3'" Cusp sub lord is Moon is in 3" house and in
conj;.rncti\Jn Jupiter and Kethu. Jupiter is lord of 11" house.
Similarly 11" cuso su!l lord Is al9) Moon a:ld 1>1000 Signifies 3"'
hOtr"..e. ll' e .... o.:-sp sub lord Jupiter illso signifies 11" house.
ThOugil there are other factors al so 10 f'rKI oLlt the all5'Ner,
the iloove pia np.Ul ry s."tuation Itself i:s suffICient \'Itli dl guarantees
that the native should get t he GAS r. onner:tioo in his house.
Now we have to f ill(! Ollt when?
The native was runnirg Mercury dilsa. Mercury Bhuktl.
Mp. rcury indicates more than one souret'!. Kethu is stronger
thim Jupiter and "'.oon. Mer-alry is i;\ K€tnu star. Considering
the Ruling Planets of the day r-'"ffUJry is the only planet which
fulfils the So I informed the native that he me
gas connection ;n Mercury dasa, Mercury bhuktj and Kethu
inter period i.e. between March April 91.
RULING PI •• '.m
Actual Result :
Although dllE! to petroleum crises the new gas OOI1ne<tions
are stopped tem;)ol1lri:y, surprisingly his f riends came forv.·ud.
One offer\.od spare regulator, the other a spare cyti nder and
the thrrd ene gilve h ~ s p a ~ e b-JrnEr and on 10·)·91 his Wi fe
cooked the food on the g<lS. Recently he has Informed me
t/1Jt very shortly hE wi tl be getting regular gas connection also.
My friend Mr. MuraU came to me on 27-1-1987. He had
just completed the M.Tech. In fact he was not believing
astrology and he was a believer of effort.
He knew about some of my forecast hence he asked me
to give forecast regarding his job as per Horary.
Date and Time ofQuestioll : 27+1987 at lZ048'Ni 75"42'E;
at 9-41 a.m. 1ST
Question - Willi get job within one month?
Horary chart fur the date and time of question :
Cusp and Planel:clry position at the time of question:

rv ,'5(] 38"
MJr 19"2719'
Log 0'24'44'
5"10'02' V 2B"01'14"
" 28'42': 3'

K,P, Ayanar:r;a
Mer 22'57'00-
S'J 1,J"O'j:lI.r
XI 26'01'14'
IX 5'10'OT

9' 12'55'
X 1'50'38"
Rul ing planets :
Lal:jna - Jupiter;
- Jupiter, Kettlu, Jupiter
D<ly -
Planets Signifying
Sun - 5, 10, 11
Moon - 5,7, 10
- 1, 2, 9, 12
Rahu - 1, 4, 5, 7, 11
Jupiter - 1. 10, 11, 12
Saturn - 9, 4, S, 7, 11
- 4, S, 7, 6, 10, 11
Kettlu - 6, 7, 10
Venus - 3, 8, 9, 4, 5, 7, 11
11" cusp sub lord Sun.
Jupiter is the flrst w ade ruiing ilS WEll signiflcator
d HI''' 11" hOU5f'. 1'IOon C1nd Kethu <Ire slgnlficatDrs of 6'"
end 10" House. Mar .. I'> si9nifi(2tor of 1'" ilfld 9"'. As the
is tt1at the;OO will be within one mon1t1. As 11" sub
lore: S:.m in t tl e stil r 0( Moon denote; that the native should
get Jeb within OfIe MCfittJ. Hence, I Qbseved only the transit
of Moonin .. rs l<etIlu "tilr, <;ign Jupiter stilr and
Jupiter sign Kethu st<lr as these planets I.e. Mars, Ketu, Moor.
and Jupiter are the s:gnmciltOf<; of 6, 10" , 11"' <IS \WII as rul ing
I found transit of Moor. in sil:jr. Kethu staf on 4" feb
'87. Moon Sigrl JU.Jier $tar on 11'" feb. '87 aroll Jupiter sign
Kethu star or. 23'" Feb, ·S7.
I boldly prec'ictf'd 7h.:l t you wil l receive the order on 4"' Feb.
' 87and 1 p' Feb. 1987 i11'ld OiIte cI Join will be or. Z3"' Feb.
My friend reCell/ed apPOlntmerit orC:er on 4'" and 11'" Feb.
'87 end joinee on 23" Feb. 1987. He joined the company
which was received on 11'" Feb. maIS. though is ruling plaf\l!t
and sh:;niflCator of 1'" but ;:lS Sic:;niticator of 9'" mace to change
0( Job I.e. he r c c c l ~ e d appoint ment tetter on 4" Fctl . '87 I.e' .
In the transit of Moon in Mars sign Kcthu star. SO, he didn't for
the' same anc! he \'Iai1:C'<l fO<' the another appointment lC'tter
on 11" as alre' ady my Forecast came t"ue' on 4'" Feb. 'S7.
HI'! receiVed one mort!: appointment. Order from anothC'!'
wmpany on 11'· feb. 1987. And he jcined on 23" Feb. '87.
Note' Jupiter Islhc strongest slgnlficator of 11)'" and 11"' house
~ n d kctl'lu \'las tile sign:ficator of 6'" ~ n d 11 .... On 11'" Feb.
Moon transit over Moon sign Jupiter star and on 23"' Feb 87
Moon transi t over Jupiter sign Kemu star.
Mer a month rr'r'/ frirJld p<lid loo' after receiving the salary
of first month.
K. P. and R.P. Is real ly a superb method ... :hich wi ll tie very
useful in predicting any mattI'r of life .... hether the' sub)ect is of
a Job or of Dirth t ime rC':Ctirrcation or cniAj t; irth or marriage etc.
Good Luck.
The doctrine of Astrology is that our destiny written in the
stars only, closer union between the mental reflection of man
and his prototype. less dangerous are extemal
conditiOns and reincamations. TIlere must be some
ttling vital in ttle theory of rrincornatiOIlS and also some groulds
for the tl€lief in karma or self create fate and destiny. There
external and internal conditions which affects the
detffiTlination of our wil l power upon our through horary
astrology. Though, man, cannot escape his ruling destiny, he
has moke of two paths, it is in his purview to follow either or
anyone. Those who believe in karma thmry, have to
in destiny too, which prevail from birth to death. The
is governed by the voice of celestial heavenly bodies,
invisible prototype by our astral friends.
One day my two colleagues came to me for astrological
cOUllsel ling when r was busy in my routine.
were interviewed for promotion and want to know their result .
Actually both came to me before the interview for the result
through hor<l!)'. But as per 'Geeta Updesha' I suggested tllem
to get result after the oompletion of task. Because if the
r€5\llt is adverse astrologically it will affect the
whereas a!;trology is the science which gives mental strength
to go ahead materially and mentally.
Bath the Persons were judged by me one by one. The
hora!)' for given No.1 on 23-8-87 at 9-10 a.m. 'Gwalior is as
HonllrY No. 1
Given NO.1 on 23-8-87, 9.10 a.m.
Gwalior 78">10'E 26°14'N
Ayanamsa 23°34'51"
Ruling Planets
Day lord Sun
Asc. Mercury, Moon, sat\lm
Moon, Mercury, Venus
XI ,
IH7-OO !
1\ 4 .
Pl anets
I'l-::-O I II
.AI &-o7(Ii: I 11 .. !JI.IJ9 _ +_"_"5_'"_'_1
IX 27-5H)9

, !.l oon 21-OC
, Veil 5-Sl
1 S...,
1Aa- &37
Sign l ord Star lord Sub
""'" Moon
Ket h\J
Mars/Pluto Mercury
Neptune $atum
Sign lord Star lord Sublotd

Mm Satun
Mercury Jupiter Saturn
Mercury !>'.ercury
venus Mercur)'

Mereur)' saturn
venus SatU'n
Balance of Vimshottari : I IIY-'lM·50
lntervlew discussion between two persons Which
to third hou!;e, ni:"leth house .;00 elevrntn house.
tIllrd hotr.;t" is the house parakrama, o:Iceds dOf"le by one
self, t he nineth house agreement betweerJ themse!'ies,
the eleventh house is universal house of fulfill;neot of desire.
It mel!ns for the wccess, soo lord of the t!"md house should
be the strong significator of eleventh house and nlneth as
In the CO:1 cemed chart query is vivid. Tl1e third Muse sub
lord Is Satum occupant of scorpio the eighth house, wtlidll$
twel fth trom nineth, a houst" of negation. The Saturn is
5Igr.ifylr.g ninct h eleventh houses as 9" starts from 27° of
scorp;o and it Is the of house. As per
IlJle shoWs success. But house negation also pl ays an
important roil', lle;:;ause it is cne of the rnalefk house among
6, 8, 12. Hence chart shoW!. no 2,tisfactory agreement
between but Saturn Is strong of
eleventh fulfi ll ment de!;ire. Betrlg the malefic saturn
promotion will be delayed, and I boldly predicted that there is
f ulfillment of desi re, The str.JeX my brai n to cned: her
influence, I abrlJptdly asked.....r..ot is yOlJr desire, spootaroeovsly
he replied thal' , do not want to get success'. Mer
of reSlJlt he came to me and that there Is no fulfillment of
but r got fai lure 1 told him that OIl the very SiII7Ie day
you that your desire was also not. to get su-:re<"..s. He said
40 RUliNG PI..ANf
that it was fun. But pl aru:tary confll}uratillfl reflects the mind,
have no challCe of fun at all said I.
Horary No,2
No. 154 on 23·8·87, 10.'10 a.m. Gwal ior 7B"' 10'E
26' 14'N
Aynam5a : 23' 34'51"
RUI :n<J Plar.ets :
DaV Lord Sun
Ast. Venus, Rahu, Jupiter
Moon Moon, Merrury Sun
(Rl 6.(17 I
1(1.. 31
V 211-39--9 11·39-\1

18-JS 9

Nil o (R)


" ·3(1.9

t.' n ;: 1 51
\1m 5-51



Sign lord Star lord Sub
Su, Su,


Mer cury
Kctliu Jupiter
Ketliu Rilhu


Neptune Saturn

Neptune Jupiter
Kethu Mercury
Sign Lrod Star Lord Sob

Saturn Se,
II Jupiter kethu
III Saturn Moo,
IV Ura,1us
V Neptune Mercury venus
Ma rs Venus
Ma rs
VII Venus Moo,

V11I Mercury Rahu
IX Moo,
Saturn Rahu
X Se,
Venus Rahu
XII Venus Rahu Sec
Vimshottar' balance: Mercury I Sun lOY-1M-20D
Half an hour elapsed in discussion, then I took second
horary for discussion and analysed as und€r :-
In this case third sublord is benevolent Jupiter which is
retrograde and occupant of fiery and barren sign Ar;e; on 6
house (as percuspal pOSition it is in 5" ) the sixth house Is also
a malefic noose among others. Ely any means Jupiter IS not
connected to nineth and eleventh houses. Which are the houses
of agreement and fulfilment i$ desire As per K.P.
reader 6" page No.146, if the horary pianet is retrograde arnJ
deposited in direct motion pla net's star indicated after so many
obstacles matter will materialize. If it is in conslellalion of
retrograde planet never success. The principle shows that
Rahu and Kethu Should not be treated as retrograde. In this
case Jupiter is deposited in the star of Kethu ever sho ...... s
retrograde motion and not connected to nineth and eleventh
houses, hence one should not hesitate to predict the failure.
The bless:ngs of astrology comes from uni ty, every
horoscope some p:anets and tvl-e've signs in various
in cne a'ld ai!, differ from pef!;OO to person sho .... 'S
diITefent destiny, € Vie all are sons of God entilled to a
devine inheritance.
The doctr:tl€ of K.P. system Is prc;pounc'ed by our revered
Guruj; is astround;ngiy givt'5 correct results in horary.
OIn. Gam. 1Jd"·'l:sht g<!Mpathye

One of my friends, who happens to be my good critic also,
got o::!ccp interest and faith in Krishnimurtl Padhdhati . He wli
argue out for a case, if date given by Horal)' map, falls, and I
used to cany out recheck of Horary chart to locate the fault
if at all, in selection of significators. Rechecki ng significators,
ruler of time period for happening of matter, if it is delayed
hel ps Ill2 a lot to reach nearer to cufred selectioo of siglificators
of EVents, and more dose to COffect time prediction in the
First week of May, 1982., he came to my house, witl1 a persoo,
whom he introduced as Managing Di rector of one of the leacing
Pharmaceutical Units based at Bombay. That gentleman
wanted to knol'v Astrologically, whether partnership in Industrial
set up wil l continue or it will lead to separation of tile units
owned by present management? He gave no, S4 (out of
249). This qUEstion was judged by prindplEs laid down by
Prof. for Horary The de1:ilils of the
Ho,ary chart is as given below.
No. 54, 14-5-1982, 10.15 A.M. (1ST), Friday, Surat.
look at t he Moon. Moon is in the 7th house (lord of Il).
is in of SUn (SUn is lord in III in XI), and
sub of Kemu (Kcthu is in 71" ). It shows question regarding
bUsi ness, partnership (7) and about continuation of it ( 11).
KctI1u is in Sagitil rri us, rcpresCI"Its Jupiter (in 4"' and lord of
7 & 10), which also shows the problem in home, fami ly due to
status I business (10), partnership (7), Kethu also represents
Venus, Venus is lord of 5 & 12, sitting in 9. Hence it indicates
change of professioo (9), worries for separation to querist
(12) ami its releation to first chi ld (5).
Moan a sublord of i " <lnr. Cusp Rahu Is sitting
netr to Ascendant, whidl S!'KlV/5 tha, person is havln9 lot of
rne:ltal worries also.
All these th<ll has problem regarding
conti nuation of partnership in the business. This problem of
separatiO'l of p<ortnersni p is due to UK! c:!lsputc in I,ne fami:y of
11ueri5t, In.:lin'y because (j first dlild. Moon being of
as<endant <l:l1ictcd by Rahu, II shows person is In haVing sclf-
dispute, what 10 do? Moon as sublord of 2'" cuS-p <llso shuws
fami ly "inarlL"e probl ems althe extend.
Will p;utnership Break:
Sixth rCilC:er, page riO. 252, 253 if 7"" ruse sublord Is
$lgnificotor of 6 0, 12 house. partnership will break. And it is
added that If sublord of 7·' cusp is. in sub of il retrograde
planet, attcmpl.'l wil l be made to but separation will
001. be
In present .,...' t'USP sutllorrl is Rallu, is In 1" house
R..:1nu is to g:ve ttle result of the or.cupied by the lord of
252 Vl reader). Rahu is in Ule con!.ldk1tion
of JUpicr, Jupiter is signi/lrator of I, 4, 7 and 10. Jupiter is
retrogr.:dc Rahu is in sub of s"lturn, "..tllrh is signifocal.Or of 2.
4, 7, 8,9. 6oI.h, Jupiter Saturn <Ir e ret rug:adc and sitting
4'" house. N; per the ru'.e stated in para Rchu, bdng
sut/lord of t"K: 7" cusp, in sub of retrograde 5a\L:"il shows
a:tempts to bu: seporatiua shou'd root be tllCfe.
But, b€'ore cleddir.g the rr..attcr, I tried to it in
dlffererTt mari ner.
Rahu, is in ronscelk1ti(]n of Juipter a."ld afSalum. Doth
ana SiIt" .. nn arc in 4" hoose. Juplrer i!; sign;flcator of 1, 4, 7
Md 10. Now, VIe a rule that If 7'" ( uSP sublord si9nify 5
or 11 il shows more permenarlt ties, oolh houses
denote frief: dShip. Thercfo!"e, houses 12" to 5 and 11 must
bedctrimenti:ll for friendsh·p. Hence, 4 end iObeo:omes.
for fr iendship. Ral",u, being SWlord of p Cusp, is in COOSI.eiatuX"l
01 which signify 4 and 10 I'lh:{h is regij tivc permenant

i'/A\lCRTI .","'.,,:::; :-:",,,,,""::-,e,,",c',,,;'
tie i.e. illdicator of b-e(!.k:n Now (,uesti on le:1ls of
n:trograe>e S;;!l;urfl. SCirum is also In 4'" house. Satum is in the
hi:!r:ll01Y sublorG of r cusp, Ril hu to signfy the
natter, wh;.:h strl"::1gt Mr:ns the flCgaliOl1 of p€!lTlanent t ,,"s.
I (judged) Rahu, fwo its lola. Rahu is In
GEmini sign. He"lC€ Rat"1 u w:ll signify Mercur{. is In 12·
hO\JS€ (on the 11'" Cusp) Mercury, is il"l Moon tOflste' lat:on,
(I'juon In 7 is lord of 2) lond su:J of (Ketn:J in 7). Kethu
is s;gn lord Jup.ter i5 in 4 and Kethu'sroostEllation lord Venus IS
in 9 (Is ,yd of 2 &5). Hence sitting in 12 s!.rongly
Signify'" ho'-'Se and its subiord is relate(l to 4"' hous.e.
Hence MercurI, In 12'" ShO· .... 5 negative continue oartnership.
Heno:!, I that rr,ust oceak.. And sublord
of 7'" c.JSp Rahu, a sign'.rlCatOf of 12"' house. Sign
lord. in 12"'" hIJuse). Heoce cueris.t 'Hill Insist for
he I'li ll get separated. Constellation lord and
sublord of RGhu and 5<ltum) both are In 4'" hIlUS'?,
wtJidl suggests that family dispute 1'.,11 p:av irr portant role in
When ?
shoul d break in period nf Significators
of 6" and 12'1" nouse.
C;'" nouse : Neptune is irt 6" house. is lord of 6"
house, is no planet in Mars r onstcllation.
12"' house: Mercul)' is ill 12'" house, Wous Is in Mercury
Venus is lord of 12'" hoose. Ketl1u Is in Venus
Thus Venl15, Mercury ana K€;nu are signiOCators of
S and D •.
Rilhu (lUit of Mercury.
Ruling pl anets at the time of judgement.
14-5-1%2, at 10·\5 a.m. Friaay, Surat.
Ascendant: Gerrinl 28"25'

Moon : (aprirum Pl'
As::endar,t COI:5te1krtion Lord - Jup:ter Sign 100d - P.l aro.:r(.
r·1om: lord - Sun, Sigr l[}fd - Sacum, D.1y lord
- Venus
Jupi ter and bot h rel rogradr. arc c,lncelled fronl
sign:flraIOry. R\Jl ing pla'lcts 9ave Sun, ant: venus as

Mars aspe<ts >MI ll 8" aspe<t to Sun and SUn is also In sub
of Il.ahu who is dedsi\ oe for partnership QUerry. Sun (ilil be
included as s'ginficatay to represent r<1 ars.
In hor-II)' marl balanU! Sun dasa Sun dasa
Ket nu t:hukrhi Ketu <l nt ra is Now let us decide t ile
n.l lers d ti me event.
Sur. Is <lspr.ct ed by and SUn Is in sub of Rahu. Sun
dasa sho;.J\d deride tll2 matter. AI present Ktru bt"Ud; is rUlll1lng.
Kctu is In P hou5l'; its U>n5tellatlon lord Venus is in 9''' houre
and !>JliIord 5."llllm is in 4'" hou5l'. KNU is a strong siG-nificator
of SIll ho:Jse. Ketu bhukti net gil.'\! result. Sun dasa
thukt/ starts from 15-9- 1982 :0 15-11'1983. Vel"\US Is
the strongest s:qnificatt:r of 12'" house. Hence I deccl;..'(\ t hat
da5<' V('f1US t \lll kti Venus antra 15·9-19B2lo 15-11' 1982
separation place, It \'Ji ll show resu:t wl .... n Sun \·/ Iil
In Mars constcllaUon, I.e, 11-10- 1982 to 24-10-1982. I
h<ld accorc:ngly informed to the person corK:erned.
: gOt t he informilticrl that son of
\Vb the rr.ain reason for separatiOn, and the pharfTlaceutical
Unit having paltrlt'rship IX apl>. 25 year.; and halli:'l{J No. of
t.·n:ts <It d.ffcrmt p'<:ces WlI S S(!pi!r<lted jr. to three groups. The
separ;!tior of p<lrmership was observr:d on where
in mldc" le of OCtoDer, '82. But the of Un its \"las
obset\'ed only in 2tl Jeme to 10 July 1983.
It ShOW5 event hougll t ook place in October,
'82, prart ically it "'las impl;!mcnto«! after 9 mont hs. In light of
thiS e,/ent I .rled to chart in ano transit position
in October '82 Junc·J .. I}' lSi63. The points gi'l('n bo:!IO',",' ue
to el<plaln the delay ,n event.
i. .,.. cusp d('dsivc ClIsp fer partr,ershi p i<- .s sublord H.ahu 1$
also a sub;ord of house (6" Is lI 0!J5e d delay) .
i. Rahu the sublard of 7'" cUSP Is In sub of Saturn
Is on'y sublord nf 12<" CliSIJ Sat'Jm by nature
very slo .... plar.!'t. Ar.d Saturn strongest and only signiflcator
« 6'"
i. - gives fl"1.lit 01 Mercur'( in 12" hOUse
strongest to sigrifY sepc.r "tion. t-'ercul)' is also suDlOn:i d only
G' house (separa(on). Is !iitting over 12'" cusp arid is
In 180> to 6'" cusp. TIle slgnificater nf 12'" Venus Is in sexcl le
aspect to to cxpidillte matter; but 8" lord Saturn
Is in Trine to Mercury which delays ttlc matter.
!y, VcnU5 (s:gnilkator of 12'") is sublord of X and XI cusp, is
sittir,g oyer X cusp. X LUSP and Wnus ilre in 16(1) to
(sl9nificalor of 2, 4, 7, 8 a:l(l ano in square to Rahu and
Ketu. Whh.h shows family, finance and p"rt r. er shlps
dissatisfaction. Delayed bhag\·odaya. The separation can
seri ously affect name and statuscf eEch partner ,,00 c1Xl1Pany
as .. l'.tlOle.
v. Kctu · 51j:lng in ]" , house, wh:ch si gnify partnersh!p and
bEing stronl}eSt nf 5" W'i P, is subln; d of 5" ano 4"
CJSp, It suggesLs partr,er$l'lip (7;; NegatM! for permanent
[($ (4) rue to Son (5).
vi. JlJI)iter is sub-!ord 01 3 (11C\'l and 9
0( field is sig;"lificatnr 0( I, 4, 7 and 10. Jupiter is in square:o
f'.'klon (signifk ator 0( 2, 3, 7 and 11). It sh:/,.'l5 that the matt!!r
nf dispule must be about nnanclal in partnership and
starting of ne' .... adventurc.
,;:.Mars of 6 (Sl!paration) and 11 (gain') 15 in
square to Neptune si!ti ng ir 6"', which disputes and
dissatl5taction during separatiOn •

Transit: B
In OCtober, 1982, of the partnersl'ip took pl ace.
Oils.< perioo of norary chart ca...,., Ve'lLS b/)ukti. Ve'lu;
ant!<l operi\tes from 15·9-1982 to 15·11-81. In (jIst wrek. of
AuguSl, 1982. Transil Rill'll.: passe:! CM';f" Asce'lliilnl of Ho'<ll)'
chart t.ransit of Is 12" and Ketu in 6"
In the laSt week of Or.tODcr, 1982, the pl'I'lrtd"i tr<lnsil is
f;WOUilblr: for Sl'pilratiOll, Jupiter (lupiter-MrrC\lry), S<otl.ln
(M,l "S-VenUS)v Rilhu (R..:!hu-MC'ru.ry), Kel:u (V€f1US - Wnus),
Ur.J 'II. S (Satur,,-V(' nus). Nrptunc - Veni.lS). 5t,'1 - R<;hu
co%\rllilt:on; VC' 'I dS Rilhu constrl lation Mer!.""I), - Mars
cO!l5te'l;lbo'l .
The si9flltiCd\ifOf 11 and 6 r-t ilrScoojoined Nep;.Jne In
6" house at 241' (II' Ket L cooswl'a:lon). ThLS all the pl ,lnets
transit in w nstellilti on and St; b which sign ify 4 .... (' for 5
friendshi p) u (sepa-ation) 10 (negat ·ve of 11) ano 12. The
n;lrr!> of thi,<; €'lent are- s.m <lnd Venus. S.lo (s gnifiGltor
of 11) is semi squilre to \k:fIus of 12, 4 anG 5).
is very dose to X cusp. II gives reSult of lX and
X. is appasition to (Signi(;cator of 4, 7 a""ld ai,
shows de . .!y. The pj anrt<; In 7'" houS(' - hocse nf p<)rtfcr5hip
also gives due', Mooo is neiller 10 8" C:lSp sno.r," delay in U-.e
rn.1tter. Moon is $(Juall! ttl Jt ipter (in 4) . Krtu (sfynil iciltor of
5, 7, 9 ilno 121, In 7 is in !i>Quarr to S<lturn signl1!cator of 4, 7
aM 8.
5r'pa:aI'On of diliision o·,as pr o:! ctiC"dlly obscl'Ved du·ing 20th
J:me to 10 July '83. Frol"l 15·9·1982 Sun dilS.l venus bhtkti of
Ho' ary ('hart was operating. and u·5· 1983 to 3-7- 1983 was
under control of rn ':lIlt,,,. At tIl iS l"me (last wt'rk uf Jul't e)
S<l t Cl rrJ !"<lnsi t in motion ( Li br a·4) m !';ars
constell<lbon; rNrogr<ldr JUpitff conjoi ned WIth retrograde!
( 2.19'·222') In Safun NepLunr (R)
4' ) in in 6t h hou.<;e of Horary
chait is i1 opposi':ion to con;unct:OIl of Rahu, and Mrrcsy
j" 12th huusc. Rah;J, "',II S and Mrrf.ury trans:' in l·larS
conste!loCon. All tho" lra'lSit in MalS or
Klb$ltIIoI.-"U/U1 P!WHOHATI 49
r:or&ellation. Sun dl!;o trano;lt in Ra'lU (onstellil1lOll from 12th
nouse. Hence I<!st week of '83 Is t hf' tlme for
bet\Yeer'I 29-6-8310 5-7-84 Saturn to; and tllE'n comes
in di rect motion, and on 3-;'-83 Mercury S! arlS. HE'!'ICe
planet.lry effect is almost similar in fir!it week of July ' 83 and
antra of Mercury <;tarts. DaS<! Sun is signiticator of 3 and
11; Shukt; lord is sub Lord of 10 and 11 and signir,eator
of 4, 5 and 12. Antra lord M€'I"DJry 15 sublorn of 6th cusp and
signlficator of 2, 7 and 12, but not related .... i th 5th or IlIh
house which shows that Mercury antra IS rig'll tirr.e for break
in relation 3:ld division of li fts. Thus t irst week of July 1983
agrees froM trafl<;i\ as weI: as wise for SEparation.
! Io.i!d"1 that learned of stellar Astrology o;hauld keep
open mind to accept and veO',' t hf fail ures. This only lead
us t o reach the ceal goal for which Prof. has laid a
founc!Jt kln
, xr 16"59 n '



"'" ,,-

22".>" 41"


. b"

\'JI ; 1Ilaj.. Sml
21'N ' 2: ' !iE !iZ


" 0."00'
-- --
I<" tl22-:l
'4T UrJ I.R)
M ...
VI' 1600'40' ,
[. 11"31;"
Ie' \1\:,
N 19"'47t o

n2·tB ;:2 55'50'

M _ __
luoitet; SiltunJ, Uranus, Npetune RetroglGde
CUSp Sign lord Star lord
Sub lord
Rahu Moon
IV MereuI)'
V Venus Rohu
VI Mars
MereuI)' MereuI)'
VII Jupiter Venus Rahu
Silturn MDon Rahu
Silturn R<l hu Jupiter
Jupiter MereuI)' Venus
Mars Venus Venus
Venus Moon Saturn
Signlord Stilrlord Sublord
SU1 Ketu

Moo, Kl'tu
Venus Rahu Jupiter
Verus Jupiter
MerGll)' Mercliry
Silt (R) MereuI)'
JupJe' sat'Jrn
Ket u Jupiter
Ura (R) Mars
Saturn Venus
Nep (R)
Jupiter Ketu S'Jn

Healt" Is Mdoubt, wetllt h and such wealth which stilOdson
Job of money we<IIth. The proverb is tlUl' that I'1'lOfle'( is lost
nothing Is lost. Heolth is lost-something is lost. Character Is
lost everything is lost. Sickness Of' diseases are IIlways to be
allQ/ded at <illy <:Ost. There are some diSletl5eS w1lich can be
pulle1:l on, But there Me some type of diseases wI1k:t1 arc to
be cured at any cost. Sel(ual debility Is sudl worst thing. The
frustrat ion cause is both mentc'J11I5 wel l as body. And thi s Is
not limited to the patientanly, but Mis life partner 15 also worrfed.
BectlU5e In thIS matter 00 other can do anything. My friend
was worried due to!.U:h sexual oompiextions. Due 10 frieodshlp
J too. He also is sufferer of money like me. Times of Dearness
is also a factoi'. He h<Jd tried himself by using AdvertiSed
medldne but of no use. He deaded to go fOf' proper tre.ltmeflt,
but question WilS whether AYlINedic tredOnento( Ho/'rle(lP/lthic
t reatment. Homeopathi C treatment was chealJer. AY\Jrvedlc
t reat ment was not only costly but about five t o six times than
homeopathy. I asked to give two numbers for two treatments.
He gave number 172 for AyurvediC medicine and 210 for
HomeolXlthic medicine. It was 8·40 hrs. morning on 15·3·90
and at Ratl am. rts Horilf)' horoseope will be as under :.
fifth house srands for qetting CUte and eleven stands for
fulfillment of Desire hence for getting rure sub lord of fifth
!tto\.Ild not be Retrograde and should be tile significatOf of
fifth house or house. For no. 172. here no plMlet is
Retrograde rrtIOans sub lords of flftt1 and elevent h lire not
Ret rograde now in the star of Retrograde planet. Sub lotd of
fi fth house is Moon, Moon is Irl eleyenth house i.e. House of
d;csire and fifth meZrlS of 5" house.
r. f rure and ele-,enth i.e. of fulfillment of
desi res. riJrther Mom is in the star of Juipter, JiJpiter is occup<lnt
of 7" and own er d lagna and fOiJrth .
.... ;

III ::rw
R:i; 'j



I '1 1 5'":)3'21)'
XI 11'1(' ..Iuj:iIer
I '1111 0'1'
• ....
S,NQ. m i: 21"50;"
s. 1 \'c·r'.J5" Moor,
11. ',,",rm 1 Rahu"
11, 1>1"".' 8<10011 Mas I
IX 1,'14'
X '7'14'
Jupiter is siyhted by Mars, Mars is cr.njoineu with Venus owner
of eleventh house. Al l lhi5 th.,t Ayurvedic medici ne
wre. SWJ lord of eleverl is VeniJS filst plilnet. OcciJpant
of eleven is fastest p!arlet, not sighted by slO"",
plarlet mC'ans getti.1g rure wil l be c<lrl i"st possible meilns
say 15-20 d2ys through critical.
Whereas No_ 217 its SJb IOlu cf m.M house of Kethu, kethu
is in sixth house in HOl:se of disease. no question
of riJrc. kethu represe<lts MOt;n orcuparlt
of worst. Kethu is in star of Mercury who is owner of 5"'
& 8'1> arid r.f first, A'I 'j"ti s indi cate, that homeopathic
wi ll :lOt the contrar{ it will create some

So i told hi m not tc wc.ste money in 110meop<:thlc medlci l1e
<>nd t ake only i.yulYEdir medirbe though costly. My friend did
not close the m.Jt:er then i.nd there. But further when
PA:: f'Drl ATl
he wil l get cure when he shol;l d go for 'SCl<lyya SJkha'7

s· ... ,

l" ).l' 5r
_ .. ----'--

\'1 1, '1'

',t,0 2!1

,i . MerlKn J.'
11 , • u I v,·"", i ••
XlI It"!'

---- ------ -
& 1..-,
H1 5'56"
X,' '"
XI 2("!r

VI'! 13V
OJr rev. Guruj l said t l'at of Oed is to bE j udged
by t he twelftll Ilouse, For this sub 'ord of 12'" Il0USE should
not be n;lrograde or in sldr of Ret rograde planet and be
signilkator uf twelve house of 11th i.e. house of desired
sleeve Mars is sub lord of IP Mars is d'vid and Indirect
star planet. is in second m use. House of f<1mily and
conjoi ned \>vith who :s of elevEnth mJSe. This
indi ca:rs thaI. Shayaa sukha is promising.
For Ddt dilY. Ru! ing plilnets were OJt. It
WilS at 8-25 haws on 19'" '90 risi ng.
rasi was Vr1chlka and s":ar lord was Merury d<lY lord
Moon. Being Monc<l'{, here Milrs is conjoined with k,
nodes are stro'1ger planet treated strongesl
ruli ng plnet. Then comes ilS n-"<ltter Is frdctified wi thin
mont h, transit from :-uing was found out. It
on 1 Apri l '90 r<!oon will be in (marag sign) and in
Arudra star so I told him on 1" Apri l '90 his shaYiln
prom;slng. He can go on with confident.
RIJUNc. Fl "' •. f
0'1$ th(' grilCC o· God, he d:ed m<.:st.
on 'Ie· y 1 Apnll-OO 'Xlt too
This lo; the of <">n Il K.P.
C ..... _S_O_N_ A_L_ IV_E_O_R_D_E_A_D_)
A middle aged woman entered my room at about 8 p.m.
on 28-11·91 and asked me to predict the condition of his son,
whether he is alive or dead. She further narrated that sne had
been hearing about the d e ~ t h of her son from the neighbours
and others. A column has been also pul:llished in the daily
news paper on the same day that police has discovered a
headless deadbody and is suspecting that the deild body is of
her son. The dead body was not in 11 position to be recognized
full y.
When she stopped tel ling, J asked her to give 11 number
between 1 t o 249 and the number was given 99. Then I
asked her to meet me at aoout 9 to 10 a.m. next morning.
She left the room but again entered after few seconds to ask
the consultation fee. I clearly told her that whenever any
question is related '>'lith the longevity of anybody, the pro!)em
Is solved free of cost, no change is needed there. At this she
smiled and left the room.
The number was taken at 6-30 a.m. 1ST on 29-11-91 for
judgemnet. The (usPS and planets were set as following . In
the fourth issue this son was born. So XI house indicates the
lagna of the 500.
Our Gurujee h ~ s adlJised in K.P. Redaer VI Page NO.160,
take that house which represents the relationship. For father
and for strangers take only the 9'" house.
XI Cusp Sublord is Saturn.
III Cusp sublord is Jupiter.
Planet Detail
Star lord 5ublord
Rahu Sun
Venus Mars

Jupiter Venus rahu
Venus Mars

Satur:1 MereuI)'
Mercury Kethu
Sco Venus
Venus Mars
'" . !

19'<8" 0' :
2;-28" 0"


2;'"28" 0'
nn (1 •
6.lJl .m.
t.Itloo 11'48'
ClaIe29·11.g· FriJay
Z' 28' 010"
Si,ert lil'i

1 21'!'.:;'2O"
Mo,.:R) or,r
R:>t.1r,S' 5tm '2-J9"

':' ,':::
,." ,'1'01
'''W'2\;' I
____ ._ .•• .....J
Find out where the cusp falis. If the sub lord of the cusp is
in the constellation of the planet who Is Significator of Badhaka
ilnd bo:diy declare he is dead. It will prove
to be very correct.
Here, the sub lord uf the lagni:l of the son is Saturn
is in the star of Sun.
For the son, 7" house isthe marak well lxldhakasthalkl
i.e. the 5" hOllse from this chart. Soturn is the occupant here
and in the star of Satum Sun- is posited. So Sun is strung
significator of the mi:lrak i:lnd Bi:ldhak house for Son.
No doubt, Sun is the owner of 3" and occupi:lnt of 5'" from
son, but [t is strongly signifying the 7'" house from son. SO the
________________________ -'C "
son is dead, without any doubts. No.,.:, for rumoor, according
to in the same book an page 171, find out the Sub
lord of the 3"' cusp, note in which constel lation the sub lord is
deposited, If the lord of the constellation in which the sub lord
Is deposited happen to De Saturn, the report is false. But if it is
Mars, t hen it is miSChievous i:lnd false otherwise t rue.
Here the t hird cusp sub lord is Jupiter having no planet in its
star and Jupiter is posited in the star of Venus, the report
is true.
She again came at 9.00 a.m.on 29-11-91, I replied that
thEre is little chance belno;) alive but go on searching,
as the son was nearly 20 years old and it was beyond coorage
to declare that the son is dead before the mother. So I advised
in such form. But after three or foor days of searrning, she
was confirmed about the immature dealh of her son. It is
K. P ...... hich can 9ive always correct result and to help the
astrologer the so'JI of our Gurujee is al ..... ays ready.

My cider sister who lives in Kancheepuram, Tamil Nadu,
had come to Bangalorc with her dlildrell to spend tI1eir summer
vacation. One eVCfling, as we were conversing with each other,
th€ subject of astrology somehow came in. Since, at tl1at
time, her husband w ~ s interested In buying a plot of land in
Kal1chi, she asked me to find out the astrological indications
for th€ 5ilme. Her husband (my brother-ill-I aw) had not come
with her, I had to proceed with my analysis 011 the basis of tne
number she gave. The number was '117' between 1 and
249. kcording to the Krishnamurti Padhdhati horary scheme,
the querent is asked to speak out a number as above, and
with the help of the number a harary figure is cast for the
moment ,md place of j udgcmnet and prediction arrived at.
The four£lation of hocary atrology rests on the belief that a
quercnt will put a qur{ only when there is a serious urge in his
mind and the planets in the heavens have complete reiatioo
to the matter enquired about. The traditiOllal way is to erect
the horary figure for the time and place of judgement, but"
the law prof. Krishnamurti found some pitfalls in this mcthod
and recommended the fixing up of the lagna for the querry
OIl the basis of a number between 1 and 2.'19, the number
itself meaning by itself nothing except referring to a certain
part of the Niraryana Zodioc. In the scheme of Krishnamurtl
Padhdhati, the number 117 carrcspgnds to the Nirayana sign
Kanya (virgo) 17' 46'40" governed by Mercury (Sudha) as the
rasHard, Moon (Chandra) as the nakshatra lord and Mercury
as the sub lo-d (lord of the sub-di>f.sion the star). His defence
in favour of this number scheme was that if the que rent is
disposcd to make a querry o'-lly ac particular tillle he is ec;ua:ly
disposed to give orly s'Jch a number which wi ll have absolute
relevance to the query in queslion. He taught his method to
others only after had put it to ri9Ql"OUs test himself and
found it anS'o'lering exlreillely ' .... ell. In one instance, he was
reported to have asked for a numlJer from a querent and
gave his prediction in short a time as three minutes which
caused a bit of doubt in the querenl's Illind ' .... hether tI1e late
professor had really applied his mind. In the words if the
qucrent h!mself, prediction proved right to the last letter
both the events prcdiCKd, viz., tI1e date of bctrotl1al and
tI1e date of marriage coming exact ly true to tI1e date and
time. What is in all that has been said here is that
tI1e prediction was based on tI1e same principl es as enunciated
in Prof. Krishnamurti's famous ' ... ·ork "Horary and
was given by him with clear conviction.
Since the number is given by my sister and not her husband,
astrolog!cal reading will have to be done assuming that the
7'" house, which her husband, wi ll form the basis
for prediclion. In other, ';I'C>f"d, the houses will have to be re-
arranged takirlo;J the 7"ic house as t he lagna, t he Bth house as
the 2", the gt € as the 3"' and so on for our purpose.
On tl'is basis, the number given in bRckets indicates the
with respect to her husband.
Fa; b'Jying land or house, we are told in Krishnamurti
padhdhali, the houses Lo be considered are 4, 11 and 12. In
ast rological symbology, one's residence, house, property
(immovable property as distingu;shcd from movable assets or
cash) are placed under the control of lhe 4' " house. The 11'"
house has reference ,0 desi re arK! its real izalion, and tI1e 12.'h
has relation to lass, expenses including u,ose connected with
invest'llents. If the is to buy a house al ready
constructed and readi ly available, then in such a in addiUon
to the houses, 4, 11, and 12. spoken of lhose of the 6"'
and the 9
will also have lo be perused. Why? The 7' starlds

far the sei ler or lhe person from whom YOll are going to buy.
TI'.e 6"" becomes twelfth counted from the 7"; and the 9"
stands as the twelfth to the 4th In:.,,,:) t he 7'" house, and so his
parting away with his house, logically, il ' .... ould appear that the
(which Is the 11'" assuming the to be the lagna) as well
as the 8
(the 2"" or finandal gain from the; 7"') should also be
associated, standing as it does for the gain of the person
descrit>ed by the /"'.
Now, what is the conditiOl'1, astrologically, for one
to lard or house? According to the Krishnamurti Padhdhati
theory, the sub-lord of the cusp of the 4'" house should not
be retrograde and placed in lhe nakshillra a rebn]rooe planet
and further, the sub-lord should be sig nlfi Ciltor of houses, 4,
11 12 and hav:ng some corlilection with Mars, the 'grlh

2T 4ll'
';' W" [ "
\,.,, 21)"09
Sun 1!!'S'(2). _.'.i'5\r(:;)
·,' 1T46".O"l f,
Kethu21' "4'
"p ,52'
\'. "7'59'
t,Lmlier ,1/

Da,: Flid8y
V j,'59'
Sal(R: 13' 56'

X] 17'59'
Rat! 21 ' 14' :61
11 r46"'0'
16'59' 11,,',
Balance Mercury Dasa (8y-11m 3d) MoOl'1 bhuklhi (Sm-
3d) untiI7·10·1979.

In like fashion, if a vehicle (personal is to be
bought, such sub-lord should have connection 'Nith Venus, the
'Vahana karaka'"
l1'Ie Ho",ry CharI rOlTfling :he basis for DU' }OOgemen1 of
the query, f r<lmed fO<" the kllilucle of at 4-43 p.m.
(1ST) on Friday the 4'· May 1979 is reproduced below. AS
mentioned earlier, t-.e numb<!rs in bri!ckel!. by the side of the
house f.USPS refer to the house assuming the 7" (hU'"
te be the lagn2l.
star positi ons of all the pl;mets and that of t he
relevant (USPS are i!S given below:
Planet of cusp
Star l ord Sub lord
t·l ars JUpjtff
Mercury Jupjter
Venus Mercury venus
Sat\lm (R) VenUS
VenuS Juptl:er
!(el:hu JU:)iter
Rl'St House
Fourth House
Eleventh House Moon SlIturn (R)
Twelfth Hous.e
Rahu S'J n
'rhe c,uestion is if the IlUstx.nd can buy a land or not; and If
yes, when.
Ail of our learned readers are well aware that the
renector of the mi nd and the sublord of the querent's
ASCetICI<Hlt indicates that nature of the QUestion.
Here the !-loon is lord of 3 in the star of Mercury CInd In
her own sub. MerclZ)' is lord of 4 in 1, in his own star and
aspected :,y the benero:: Jupiter, il SignifiColtor of houses 4, 11
& 12. Again, Moon is With such a Jup:ter and iilSpects
the 11'" house.
TI-.e sublord of tac querent's Asc:end,rt is MereuI)' In his
0 .... '0 st.,r. l-1ercury's star position hi'S been abo'Ye.
Th€ sub occupied by it is ruloo by Jupitei" I'lhich is in 4 in
stJr c( S,1turn, lord of 11 12. Mercury is cOfljuoct
the flence the r.ature of th€ q:Jerry is very clearly
revealed by the of and the of l<3gna .
For the purchase of land, as already slated earlier, the
sublord of 4 (1) should not be (2) sublord not be
posited in the star, t he lord of which is retrograde, (3) should
be a of house 4 or 11 or 12 and (4) must
some connection with Mars
In the present case, the sublord of the 4"' cusp (to the
husb<:md) is Venus which is not retrogrilde. VeollS is in the star
of Mercury, which is lord of 4 and not retrograde is
conjunct (only 1"25' away) Mars, th€ Karaka . Also, VEnus
itself is coojoined with Mars and is also in the star of
Mercury, lord of 4.
Ther"EfOrE, we find that the sublord of 4.
(a) is not rEtrograde;
(b) is Cleposited in a star, the lord of which is not retrograde
(c) is a signifKat or of 4
(d) has connection to Mars, the for land (and houses)
Hence, he will be to buy a house.
T!")e sign:ficators r:J th€ houses connected with matter are:
Fourth : is Ju piter; Kcthu is in its s'.:llr; Mercury is
t he O\ .... ner
Moon, Venus and Mercury are ;n its 5lars. Therefore
the sigl1iflCatoC'i of the foulth ,xe Mars, Mercury, Jupiter,
Venus and Kelhu.
El€venth .I Twelfth: Kethu is i;"1 12"';. Saturn is lord ri both
houses; Rahu is conjoined with Saturn. No planets in st<3[s
of Rahu or Kethu;
Jupiter is the ooly planet in Saturn star. Therefore, the
significalor of these two houses are Rahu, Kethu, Jupiter and
As J nlmber of Ilave connection, we need to fil"ld
out .... ho. among tile many, are more frui'Jul. This takes us to
the consideration of Ruling PI<l nets.
They are ;
Daylord - Venus: lagna lord - r>l crcul)' (Virgo) l<lgna star
- lagna sub lord 1'10011; sign lord - Moon;
star lord - Jupiter.
Jupi ler is in Moonsign.
Mercury and Venus aspect the ascendant sign.
Hence the ruling planels are Moon, Mars, MercUry, Venus
and J upiter.
Moon is in her own sub lord of 5 in 5 and in the star of
Mercury lord of 4 (property) and 7 (seller) in 1 (SUCcess).
Actually. lord of 5 in 5 is also r,lVourable because the 5 is 11"
to the selier indicating gain to mm. Now, when <l I,md or a
house is bougllt from the other party, ",:e give him a cheque
or cash eqJivalent to the price 01 the said land or house. In
tllis not again to him? This point is delicate and needs to be
well. TIlerefore, the t·1oon is favo:.lrable.
Mars and are in Jupiter sub and Jupiter is in 4 in
the scar of Sat'Jrn, lord of 11 and 12 in 5.
Venu5 is in her O'Nn s'Jb in 1, in the star of Mercury, lord of
4 in 1.
Jupiter is in Kcthu 5ub in 12, signifyi ng 5 and 12.
Therefore we f:nd that all the rul ing planets are favourable
even by their sub-p:lsitions.
In Mercury dasa, bhuHlli is already on, Both are
planets. However, bh'Jkthi cannot be fruitful
because is lord of 11 to the hu5band ,md is an occupant
of 11 to the querent. Also, it is the sublord of 11 to him and is
in a fixed sign, ir;dicating sufficierlt delay,
Next bhukthi is that of Mars and it is a strong ruling planet
it is me lagna star lord and aspects the l<lgna sign.
He'-'::8 Mars bhukthi is in Mercury dasa will be wnduLt.iv8.
We are fIOI\f left wim Moon, Jupiter and Venus. Moon is
only Mooo sign lord, while Jupiter is <In ocLupant of the Moon
sign. Occupant be;ng th<ln ownership, Jupiter is
stronger than Moon. Then, Venus is only daylord and mis
makes it wea;:, BJt it should be noticed that it aspects the
lagna sign, making it strong as a ruling plant.
Furlher, Jupiter aspects Venus by the 9'" aspect. (A rul ing
pI<lnet aspecUng araher rUing planet considering my the spedal
aspeLts of Mars Jupier and Silturn) makes the latter stronger.
Thus, Venus beL'Omes a very strong ruling planet; therefore,
its anthra can be rightly chosen.
Mercury dasa, Mars bhukthi, Venus anthra runs from 17-6-
80 to 16-8-80.
Venus (anthra lord) is retrograde from 25-5-80 t o 7-7{\0.
Th€refcn! it has to be betI>.'ee!l 23-7-80 and 16-8-80. During
th:s period, we have the sookshama period of (i) Jupiter (until
25-7-80) (ii) Saturn (25-7-80 to +8·80) (iii) Mercury (4-8-80
to 12-8-80) {iv} Ketll'J (12.-8-80 to 16-8-80)
Since Saturn and Kethu are both not ruling planets, their
sookshama periods will not cause the event. Hence, it has to
be Jupit8r or Mercury 5ookshama.
Sun, t he luminar)', is in Satu,n star (not a ruling planet)
through out Jupiter SOO'o(Sh<lma. The:efore its period
be fr[;itfvl. This leaves JS with only Mercury sookshama (4-8-
80 to 12-8-80) during I':hidl period, Sun is transiting in the
favourab'e star of r-lercury, the dasa lord.
To find a correct date, the transit if the dasa a KJrd or
bhukthi lord should be considered, whicllever is slower. Here
Mars (bhukthi lord) is slower m<ln Mercury (dasa lord) and
tht!refore WE 'llust consider fts t ransit.
is in Venus sub (in r>10Df1 stcr in Virgo) until 1:2-50
p.m. on 7-8-80; after whkh it enters Sun sub in
Sun sub throughout Mercury sooksha:na.
Mercury ·:dasa lord) enters Moon sub (in Jupiter star in
Gemini) ct 10-18 a.m. on 4-8-80 and stays (next) in
sub (in star in Cancer) unti l 9-:24 p.:n. on 5-8-80.
is in Venus st3r (JriEs) unti l 8-42 a.m. OIl 4-8-80
whirh befOre 10-18 J.m. the same d2Y. Then Moon enters
own stcr (TJurus) at 7-45 a.m. on 5-8-80.
Sun enters Venus sub (in Mercury st3r of Jt 7-59
<l.m. on 5-8-30.
Venus (anthra lord enters Moon sub (I MJrs of GEmini) at
1-30 p.m. on 5-8-80.
Hence the tme has to be between 1-30 p.m. Jnd 5-30
p.m. <lS the sub register office clOSES by that time on 5 8·80.
At 1-30 p.rn Moon is 13"27' (Taurus) i.1' . Moon star,
Rahu Sub.
At 5-30 p.m. Muun is at 15°33' (Taurus) i.e. Moon
Jupiter sub.
Railu is nol il ruling planet 2nd Moon enters Jupiter sub
onty at :2-34 p.m.
Since 2-34 p.m. is lunch t ime, 3·00 p.m. ran be t<lken, as
the offire then after the lunch break.
Henre the registratiun Ms to bebeween 3-(10 p.m. and
5.30 p.m. on 5-8'80.
At 3-00 p.m. the Kanrheepur<lm (12<NSO';
7go[45,) wi ll be Sayana 21"45' or' Nira','<lna 27'S6' of Scorpio,
(S:dereal Tim e 11-45· :20) i .e. sign, star, 5<lhJrn
At 5-30 p.m. the ascendant at will be sayan<l 26"52'
of Capoicom or Nir<l}'<I!lil 3<'23' of Cllpricorn (Sidereal time 14-
IS-4))!.e. Saturn sKIn, Sun star, SdllJm sub.
Sloc.eS.'ltkn is root a ruling p:anet, Capricom r:a rnot
be the S:g1, Further, Sat1Jn1 sub in star also ( /In
be neglected .
This leaves us only wilt1 Saglttl!riLJs. a Jupiter contai ni ng
st.llrs of Kethu, VenLlS and 5iJn. Venus the ooly ruling planet
.lind therefore, its star be V£1)' rightly chosen.
Venus star ;n Jupiter sign rises ilt 1&-07 hrs
(sidereal time 12·52·28) C!nd Ia!;ts until 17-03 hrs (slderr.il1
time ( l 3-48-33).
Thus the linal conclusi on is :
a. Her husband will buy tt1e land
b. It will be bet .... een 16-07 hrs and 17·03 hrs on 5-8-80.
This was duly cooveyed [0 my sister and the matter stood
at rest.
Whell I been to her piece (In KClrachi) in the month of
November 1980 fo..- Oil'leli. it was f.()l'1 firmed that my bramer-
in-law did buy the land exact1y on 5·8·80 <IS prec!l cted.
511e however could root recoll ect the exact time. though she
added that it must have been .lifter 4-00 p.m. and
before 5-00 p.m. because he had (ome back home .IIrOllne:
5-15 p.m.
lhe above iostante very dearty confirms the undoubted
<tCturacy of the hor<IIY meUlod PIOp!:lUndeG by the Inte Prot.
K.S. Krtshnamurti <lW long .. rs of toil anI:! expertmenl i1/:iOn .

C ____ A __ FE_W __ H_IN_T_S ____ )
A few hints on the fructfication of an event, mostly in
horary preditlons In K.P. Systems
1. If the II"" ( uspal sub lord Is a fast moving planet and in a
a. MOVABLE SIGN : f ructifies t:I1e matter within a very
short period, and here move the lilgna
b. in a fixed sign, the matter fructi fies within Cl feY\' days
and here move t he Moon.
c. in a common sign, the matter is very complicated
and throws much doubt in judgement. However move
Sun to find out the cor rect period.
2. Ifthe 11'" (uspal sub lord is a slow moving planet,
il . and in a movable sign move the mOCJr1 to find out
the period of fructification. Here forget aOout t he lagna.
b. in a fixed sign, move the Sun to fi nd out me per10d
of fructi flcatiDll.
c. in a common sign it is very difficult to come to a
j udgement. Here move Jupiter t o fl nd out the period of
fructification. The lagna, Moon, Sun, and Jupiter playve!Y
vital role in judging the period offructification. It depends
upon t he nature of query and the impact of t he urge of
the querist. The of the lagna, Moon, Sun
and Jupiter over the Signltlcators, is a decisive factor, and
all t hese four (Iagna, Moon, Sun, Jupiter) or of
them should transit in the star of SUB of the signi ficators
and the [)<lsa bhukttli anthara should also agree.
for example :

Slngiflcators of marriage : Mars - Rahu - Venus - Mern l ry
If it is long short predict;on Jupiter should transit in the
st£r or sub of tile If tile Dao;a bhukthi projects the
rEsul-::s in Sun should transit in the star or s:.Ib of tho;
If tile resu'ts to be in a month of Moon
SllOU:d transit in the Star and not in sub of the above

If results arc expected in a few days lagna and Moon
shoJld transit in both the Star and sub of the signifieators.
In a·. 1 you must follow the VimsllOttari Dasa system fo r all
type of prediction.
2. Till the new publ ication of Tcble of Hwses,
students advised to follllVl Raphaels TJble of Houses.
3. From the Ruling select the in the ;
fo ll O\"ling of strength.
Ascendant - StarLord
b. - lord
Co Moon - Star lord
d. r-t,oon - Sign lord
e. D,11 lord
4. If tenth (to'") and 6'" cuspal sub lords are not
connected to 2, 6 or 7'" and if the person is in
bus' ness or In it r.1cc ns that thc horoscope if wrongly
cast. Please rectify tile birth tirr.o; accordin£ to the principles
laid down in K.P. judge the This will never
5. A plilnet that is d;red while making will
res:J:t only dur:ng its direct motion mt during its retrogration.
6. Ruling plilnets be out at the
commencement time of the prediction and not at the time of
the judgement ilfter chilrt.
7. There lire no fllst rule for t ransfers within the same
building, Inside the city, or outsloe the city. If the 9'" or 12'"
house a.rso>al sob lord ¥e connecttd al50 to " •. and 8" houses,
the transfer wiTJ be in the same compound and same city
respectively. If otherwise, it is II d i s t ~ n t place If well connected
to 9" or 12'" h005e.

A relati ve of mine who was in the family way, wanted me to
predict t ne date of oonfil1ement with the help of Krishnamurti
She gave number 150, on the 14'" of July 1973.
At that time I did not have \he ephemeris and K.P. tables
and therefore I promised hef to make the analysis later and
coovey the message within II week. I tool her birth deUJils
also ... /ith me to vaity my resvlt with her d'
istarted my analysis with tf1e number given by the querent
according to the rules laid :n the Krishnamurti Padhdhatl .
The Herary chart for the aboVe QUery for number 150 and
the Planet positions at the tirr.e of judgement, i.e. at 5.25
p.m. 0 the 22'" July 1973 in Colombo Sri Lanka in given

boo", ,

VIII :i-(j;
K.e\hu 13.Q9

II' 3·33
2-3 i
5-25 CST
IX 2-52
S.., f- D6

SI.rIda! II

, ... st!' E
K : ... Jl

Ne.,tLl li! l:.'l.1
" -27
XII 6· 55
lh 25-5(1
r ;;-2,-.40

- --
Planetary Positions
House's House Star
owned deposit Lord
Soc 10
Sorum Mercury
5 r>lexury
5 Mercury

8&11 8 Juptter
Jupiter 2&5 3
Venus 7 & 12 9
Satum 3&4 8
Rahu 2 Keth u
8 Rahu Kethu
Bhava Positions
BhaviJ Sign lord Star lord Sub lord
Jup:ter Ket hu Mooc
Saturn r-tercury
Mercury Sun r-tercliry
Dasa period in operation
Dasa Bukthi Antara Period
Mercury Jupiter
1971.05.28 -
&!LUr;'l 1973.10.04 -
Mercury Jupiler Ri'hu
1973.06. 02 -
Jupiter Saturn
1973.10.04 -
Position of Moon.
According Lo the position of MOOIl, we verify whether
the d'art l he mind oftl1e querent or to say whet her
me querent has given thenumber when he or she is having
ttle urge.
Inthis ch<irt, Moon is posited in 5 OWIIS 9. It is in the si:ilr of
MerclllY, who is t ile owner of 11 & 8. I n the sub of Jupiter,
owner of 2. & 5.
Therefore tile postion of Moon Indicate the mge or It Is
about chi ld birth.
As the lordo f the cons;:ellat ion of Mercury is a
sisnificator for 8 shows surgical aid during connnement.
Conjunction of with indicate sickness during this
period Mars Is tile lord of 1 & 6.
Sub Lord of 5"" Cusp.
Sllb Lord of the 5" cusp if the indicator for child birth. 5'"
Cl.Sp fal ls in the of Jupiter, Pisces Star of Saturn and Sub
of Mercury.
Mercllry is in the constellation of Jupiter, lord of 2. & 5 and is
the lord of 11. Therefore chi:d birth is promised. Sub Lord
Mercury is i:1 retrograde rootion at tlle time of Judgement.
Due to the expectation will ClOt be fulfi lled till Mercury
comes in direct motion. As Mercury is deposited in st<lr of
satmn, ....... '10 is in di rect motion, he is in a position to give
positive results.
The period of confinement will be when the significators for
2., 5 & 11 are in agreelToellt with the dasa and bukthi lords in
opcration. The date wil l be when the signifJC<ltors and
are transiting in sensitive points.
SigniflCtors :
For 2.0; : (house showing the increase of f<lmily members
or gilin) Ketllu is jXIsited in t'le Sta- of Rahu, wm rs in ouupation
of 2"" bhQva. is in the star of Jupiter, ' .... ho is the lord
on 2.
f"Or 5'" (indicQting Progeny) Jupiter and Satum are the
constel lQtions of Moon and mars who MC in
occupation of 5'" bhQva. b in the star of Jupiter who
owns the 5°' too.
Hl! Ir,1; PI ANT
For 1P (Fulfilmenl of expectction end 5" from partner) No
pusiled in this Moon 2nd Mars arr in thC'
constC' lI at ions of Mereu!)', who is ttw ol'lnC'r of 11'''.
So the (utal fur 2, 5 & 11 are;
Jup"ter, S<ilurn, Moon, Mars & Mercury, As
the ' Iurnber of Sigll ifiwtors come to seven, I appl ied the t heory
of Ruling Planets to the fruitful ones.
At the t ime of the rul;ng planets are:
Dily Lord - Sun
R2si lord - Jupi tC'r
Star Lord - Venus
Ascendent Lord - Jupiter &
k-c. Star Lord - mel"l:ui)'
So t'Je (ammon 2mong t'Jr significators and ruling
pi2rK'ts arc, the fruitful s arC'; JupitC'f & Mercury.
Rahu represents Jupiter and Kethu by being posited in their
signs. ThereforC' the frw;tful pla:wts ae : Jupiter, Mercury,
Rilh\.l & Ktehu.
TIle perioo running tu the Horary Chart I'laS the
Mahadasa of Mr'fcJry and its 8hukt: of Jupiter ti ll the 4"' October
1973. I srlC'cted this period as thr lords arr very pm'iwful
and ttwrefore the expectN datr of wnfi nrment
should fall with is ':his period. In thi5 Jup'ler bukthi, Ran antaril
<I'so runs t il l 4" 1973. As mercuiY
<lISO starts i"s di rrct motion by t his t in1C', I estimated that the
confillernC'nt should come til x>ugli before this day,
LUrnil121Y Sun tra ll sits in the of Mercury, from
17'" Sep:ernber to 17" October 1973. In its OWII st.:r t ill 27"
Septernber 1973.
So the r xpec'".ed date should lie between;
17''' to 27'" September 1973.
is :" MercUI)' si gn, Gemini on 19"', 20" &
Is in Rahu star fram 3.'18 a,m. on 20'" to 2.27 iI.m. on
21" .
Day is ruled by Jupiter.
Accordingly I dedat ed that the expedation will be fulfilled
on the 20'" SeptemDer 1973 before 7.12 a.m. as Moon is
transltln9 in the Sub of Rahu from 3.4B a.m. to 7.12. a.m.
As predicted, she has giver. birtfl to a girl on the 20'" at
4.45 a,m.ln Kaoo¥ Hospital with little surgical aill .

"When wi ll I go abrOildr W<lS the question propounded by
a consultant. The problem was sol ved itlrough h<irary system
of advanced stellar The: number givet1 by ·the
consul tant between I and 249 was
.. , ..
M.lfJ u.·sa
"' ,..,;
XI 24·23
)( 22_23
. " "
Sat 2-45
» n

11 20-23
VI 24·23
II :14-23
Ranu 2G.J5 20·23
Balance of Mercury [);jsa . 14 V-2M - 25 Days
The procedure of mentioning a number within 249 and
casting a horary dlart b.1sed on the lagoa OXfe5pOndlng 10
such number has been o}dvoc,)\ed by Late professor K.S.
Krtshnarruti. Practic:aly it is not numerology but a pure sdentific
astrOlogy. The: Zodiac of 360' Is divided into 12 signs each of
Thee are 27 constellations (nakshatrils) in the ZfIdlac
with area 13<20' each. Late Prof. Kristmamurtl divides the
zodiac 0: 27 constatel lc.tions into 249 parts as per vimshottari
system. Each PMt bEing ruled by three planels as sig n,
constellation and sub lords :-especti'lely. The numb€!" "81"
rlentiOOEd by the qU('.rent con espoods to 24"6'40" j:1 C<lncer
in thE Taking this J5 IJQm, the cusps of the
other houses for the latitude of Calcutta (22"34'N
& 8S'24'E). The query was judged on 9-4-75 at 7.40 p.m.
(1ST). The Horal)' NiraYJna ChiHt prep<lred by me is given
Cuspal Positions
Cusp Sign
Moon Kethu
Mercury Venus
XII Mercury
Planetary Positions
Planet 5'9 1

5co Jupiter Hercury lJpiter
Hercury Kethu
Rzhu Venus
Venus Juipt€r Saturn
Rahu Venus Jupiter Jul-'iter
Kethu :-1ars Venus J.Jpiter
Natu:e of the qUer)' : t-1oon reveals mind of the querent.
Here :':001'1 is posited in the 12'" house in the star of Mercur)'
<lnd sub of Kethu. Mercury, lord 073 and 12 occupies 9'"
houSE. Kettlu is <llso in the 9" house. house for
short journey and perrr.anent residence. <)'" house
denotes :oog joumey, 12" house shows SEparation from f<lmily
members and life in foreign ThU5 the n<ltllre of the
(uery is dearly i:1dkated by the position of
Is Overseas Travel Promised?
According to K.P. we have to j udge the 12" sub lord.
If the of the J.2'" cusp is d€posited in lhe star of
retrograde 3" , 9" or 12'" house,
t ravel ab,oad is ce:tain. In this case sublord of the 12'" cusp is
The sublord MerclIIY, :ord of 3 12 ;5 the 9 '
house in tJle star of Ketl u 9. So oversea5 travel is
When win I go abroad?
For overseas travel, ·,," .. e Mve to consider the 3"', 9" and
12" 110use5 and find out t he
3" hou5e : Only Rahu occupies this hose. is Rahu's
slar. owns U',is house. Moon are in
slae. So Mars, Rahu, Sun, and MerLUry are signir.calor.;.
9'" house: S .. m, Mercury, Jupiter, and Kelhu are the 9'"
house. and Moon are Mercury's stra, and Rahu
are in Jupiler's slar, Mercury and occupy Kelhu's star.
Owner ofUle 9" is Jupiter. So the are SU:1,
Satum, Rabu, Jupiter and Kelhu.
1Z ' hous.: : Moon Saturn are Venus is in
Saturn's star, Mercury owns :h's house. So
si gnify thishouse, Hence al l planets are
t he of houses 3, 9 12.
Now we hcve to seled the fru:tru: from the
above. Th:s is done by using the ruling al the l ime of

Ruling Planets:
Daylord Ven',IS
Rasi r·1oon
Mon Star r·1ercury
Lagna Venus
Lagna J.Jpiter
Kcthu is with and Jupiter.
Mercury and Jupter 1::\' 10" aspect aM jons Moon. Therefore
the are Venus, r·1ercury, Jupite,: Kelhu
and S<lturn. tne t'uttul signitkators (common among
t he signifcators ruling planets) are Venus, Mooll, Kercury,
Jupiter, KEthu and saturn.
At the t ime of t he querent was running Mercury
dasa and K('thu BI1u<ti upto :m- l1- J5. Tn Kethu Bhukti I elected
Jupiter A:1thra . Mercury Dasa, Kethu Bhukti and Jupier Antara
' ..... as i:l operatiOil from :n-5-J6 to 11-8-75.ll1en I considered
t he transit of Sun the SU1 transited the Moon's sign
and Sat urn's star f rom 197-76 to 28 76, f·1 oon and Saturn
are strong significators o· 12th house. 50 I decided tMt the
consultant must go abro?d within this period. The consultant
act:kllty left L[}f New York (USA) on the 3P July
1976. The day was ruled by Saturn, of [louse
and a stronq rul ing On this day, Moon was transiting
the sign of Mercury, the dasa lord and the star of it!; m ... n.
Dasa lord Mercury transited in the star of Kethu, the bhukti
lord. The Bhukti lord Ketu transited in the st:lr of Venus
st rong significator of 12" house. The ant hrax lord Jupiter
transited in the star of Sun, occupant of 9"' house and in the
sub of Saturn. So the trilrlsits uf lurr:indies dnd dasa I bhukti
I anthrax perrect;y corroborated the event.
Good Luck.
Mr. Samp3tn, a K.P. Student, cal led on me In the moming
hours 0( tI1is, the 13" Instant.
In the course 0( our t;tlk, the N.G.O. strike also fig\.J'ed wr
The other hiend .... ilo acromp.:!niecl Sampath suddenly posed
the Question tiS to oo." 'or.g will the strike continue anti when
will it end, in a testing tone.
As an ardent student of I<,P. SJmpath took up the Issue
and worked out the Ruling Planets at 9.46 a. m. on 13.3.78
Place: madr""
But unfortuniltl.':Y, h .. l'><IIi;ed out the 1i!!J0<I dc9ree wrongly.
So I took up the issue; and by now it WiIS 9.55 a.m. J
worked out the ruling Planet and the particulclrs are tIS under.
Time 9.55 a.m. on 13.].76
Piace Madras
AyanamSil 23"27' (KSK)
Lagna Degree 30"6'13" (Rul ed by Sun as starlord and
Venus as Rasllord)
Mooo 16'47'1- (Ruled by Venus ilS startord
dild Mars as Rasilord)
It was Monday Ruled by
Summing up, the Rul ing planets are :
Sun kagna Stilr Lord
Vllnus lagna Rilsi Lord
Vllnus Moon Star Lor d
Mars Moon Rasi Lord
MOOr! Day Lord

Mo.ln tx>ing lard, I rejected, it being a weak
plalet. As Venus W<lS lwice as Ruling planrl, I gave
creaence to Venus fixc-O Venus Raskia,,', with MOO:l irl SJn
slar irl VenJs with i:l SJb 5I:ar, cC>lTespondi19
to Mars oay <lnd tolo lho:>m that fh<ll5C'ttlement wi:! be br-ought
about in the above timr whr:l MOD:] t"nsits the above VenJS
sub a:ld strike will be by that t;me.
The above WTJS fa lls betl'lee:l 10-42-10 P.m. of
14.3.78 a:ld3-3-1 a.m. of 15.3.78 i.e. thr of Tuesda',
I' JIe>1:i by Mars (night of 14.3.78)
As indicated and as see, in papers the NGO's
representatives met the Minister Mil:inight of 14.3.78
(TJesda)' night) a:ld conveyed to hi m thr ir decision ':0 w:thcraw
thr strike (at 1.46 <l .m. of 15.3.48)
1l1o..lSh the 'XlrTl€ planets gi,,.r the
ot the strike can tGke place as fa r a<; on 26.3.78, Sllnday,
with Moo, I:l Chithira (Mars star) a"1<i sub i, Chithira in
the L'b:<l pCl"Sition of Ve>,us i.e . ceNmen 1-38-54 to 3-54-30
P.m. of 26.3.78 which is a far fetchrd l:ia:e>; and I rejected
the same since the sub:ord of the degree (30'5'13")
Q<lve c.ue as it was rJl ed by Rahu, Who in tun is c01tralle>a by
Hoon as star lord; tells to move very fast and
the same at t'w woment \"las beposiled i:l Ar;es, a
Cardinal s:gn (chara rasi) which trl ls ot matters that move
very is tile reas(n why I took the> :1('ar('l d<lte
(i .e. light of 14 .3.78 itself) wlle:l the Ruli:l<J pia:wts are cmtrolli1g
the Da,{, Star and Rasi (Day Tuesday ,uled b'{
rll'ed by Sun, RlShbam :l:.ed by Venus a:ld Venus
s ub in Sun's Star).
FJrther I may bring hnme to the that as the Lagna
degree 006'13" (Taurus) is well asprC':eb by Silturn by Ill'"
hou<;e aspect (Hi,au method), fmm LeD 1"45: th:s tel ls the
query l(l be purely :abo:.Jr praclrrr., carresponbing to the
"lCture ofthc: pla,et Satun represe:lts laboUr,
matters con,e>cted to labour bisputes.
IIj;lSHfII,>Io' lIflT; P.wtCti.'Il &5
Now back to the worldllg of t he K.P. st .Jdeut Sri
SlImpath, he erro"leOUSly a nived at lagna as 0''30'
in Aries and noted dowr KeTu as star lotd and Mars as Rasj
lord 01 He :leVel' did such mi st;akes hitherto aM it
WilS u:1usual,
As I'le all know that t./'ie 13' instil nt was the last
date r:I Taen; 1 n101lth Mas:, under rough woridng r arri'l!! nt the
lagna degree for that mO"ent (i,e. 9-46 ;a,m, ) to be JIISI
be9inrJng 01 Rishdba l;:,goa (Tauf'JS) (by addi .'\g in Sun rise 6-
22, the durartioll of Ihr. 42 J!115 ilnd Ihr
So I took up to the ... ,oQ.'\(ing at 9.55 a.m. iIIld a'Ti\oed at the
matter as e)(p:.aioed 3tx:M!,
Hence coming to the point thilt, it I have not chened up
and tMir dl y took up the Ruling p' anets 01 my friefld we could
not ha'/e arnved at the COffeet indicaton and ..... o·Jld have
landl!d somewhere. so I .'1ay be aIlO .... ed to advice the K.P,
follo .... ers to please <:.hak up and recheck before they vel"tut €
predictions umler !CP-
T need not rt!.ter.lte thi) fad. t hat K.P. alo:'l€ is pl ed"lr...e
a:1d Rul i'l9 plarets arMso:d by Sri I<.S.K. al O:'l€ guKIe one
properry. 50 Prof. K:ishnamurt i ... ill gel the whale credit fur his
I tee r am obliged to rep-odute the followi ng wordS
rightl v told by Sri .'rrmillil:1di of West Beogall n
end of hiS article K.P, Is more pll"did.i\'e
on p.lge 5
01 SEp.1969 issue or Astrology & At.' rishla :
It be the old age The age of or Brigu allCl
..... ere KriShnamurti lived t hen, he woul d have beM crowned
'Nith A Rishi or M;aharishi"
Om Tal St.

, __ - - - - ' - ~ ~ - . . ... - ' O W _ _ ___ _ •
Our ICIte Guruji Sothida MaMan, Jyothish Marthand Prof.
K.S. Krishnamurti seJYed the noble cause of the sick, the
down trodden and the cornmon man by enlightening us with
the various asp;cts of life, through his meticulous astrrnogical
work famed as Krishnamurti PadhdhatL The Astrology ~ n d
Athrishta was al so founded by him. I say befits the occasion,
because I managed to help an agooized parent in solving the
whereabouts of his son, in a humble way of my own, and
thus keepirg with the noble traits of our Gurujl, whose Sale
aim of life was to serve the distressed.
On 17- 1-78, a fine morning, a respectable gentleman, with
terrible anxieties on his face, called on me and reported that
his child aged 11 was missing from home since the previous
day 5-30 p.m. The gentleman had, reported the matter to the
poli ce as well.
Having padfl€d my friend with soothing words, I requested
him to furnish me a number within 1 to 249 and soon the
reply came as 155. It was exactly 7-20 a.m. and J took up
the matter immediately and prepared the following horarychart
as per K.P. USing the "Horary Tables of Houses" by R.E. Manu
for the given number.
Date considered
: 17'1-78
: 7.20 a.m.
: Madras 13·; 80-17 E long

\ "" 1, 11.J1
V !';'T,
\' 1E-31
Kth.I 1 t>- 1 a
M .. ",. ':;'$1

• Jup(H)
IX 12·31
IV 14-Jl

, ....
17·;·iS TIleSd.rI

Sal (RJ
X 14·11
A-c ! LJran II 11 ·:; 1
Rfol., ' 6-"0
"·"·,D i 2',2{i

tJ....,23-JO i XI :,s..:;1
Planetary Position
Anuradha in the suI:! otRahu


Mars (R) Pushya

JtJpiter Mrigaslrisha


(R) Makha


of Vem:s Dasa at birth 18 years 8 months 21
NO'." let us the dlarlln a crystal dear term. let me
illso first parti(ularty OlJt that the missi ng boy is U1e
fir.;!: So lhe S' house from Scorpio I.e. Pijsces
is the lagna of the son fOf aU practical purposes.
The refled_, the mind. Like the x ray
flesh in the body, the ray of the Moon, penetrates the mind
ar.d reveals us ti':e truth. TIle Moon is posited in the 5" house
wild,: shows querist is terri bly worried aoout Ils son.
Further, U':e I"oon is poised in the constellation of VerlUs t i':e
lard of 3"' hOl .. se, which as sigrliflCar1Le to 3, 9, 12
from the boy's lagna, denoting the boy running away from
home. So it is extremely dear ti':at the father is terribly worried
aoout his son's sudden absence fram home.
Now the walki:lg out of the house should be judged as per
K.P. Vide houses 3, 9, 12 from tne son's !agna th<lt is Pisces.
As per Vimshotta,,'i dasa, the period running on the da', the
body left nome was Venus dasa (3"' house), Venus b/1ukti,
Rahu anthra, Jupiter sookshma was from 15-1-78 to 9-
2-78. So it is confirmed that the boy ran awa', during
period. Well, if:hat is t il e case lel us lind out i':is return. K.P.
vide Horary Astrology page 260 reads thus. "For every action
done by one; the 12th house there from is to undo it,
Separation came because the significance of 3, 9, 12 counted
from ti':e related So the i':ouses to be judged are 2, 8,
11. Here ti':e 2' J :10l1se fa' ls in Arie, the lord of which is Mars.
The ;Jlanets posited in tile constel lation of Mars is Jupiter. The
8' house whiti': falls is Li bra is vacant dnd the lord of which is
Venus. is ;:lQsited in star. Further Kethu is in 11"'
house. Saturn and are posited in Kethu stJr. So
summing u;J, the sJgnifK.ant planets arc Juptier, Moan, Kcti':u,
Saturn and Mercury. Now here lies t[;e most intrigueing and
interesting aspect pia', oftne signilicant planets. Jupiter
despite the fact, is in ret rograde motion and pOSited in the
star of Mars whici': is also retrograde. It moy be observed
t[;at it is in t[;e sub of 8 ' Il ouse. Guruji has vehemently pointed
out his writings to study partiLularly the ·SUB" as
t[;e Sub is the nnal deciding fClctor, no matter how and in what
way t[;e related planet itself is in retrogression. Here despite
Jupiter's retrogression te.1anted in tile constellation of Mars
it is in the sub of Venus, t[;e 8" lod. This defmitely denote' the
safe return of the bo', within the Jupiter sookshma, whkh was
from 15-1-78 to 9-2.-78. Butour frierrd wants <I clearculanS\ .. er.
Alas my de5perale endeavour, leG me eaer to the truth.
Guruj i hall taught us that the Sun ane: Moon are fructifying
plwets. Here Hoon is a potenticil 5i gnifi cator of 8'" house by
being posited in Venus sub. The lucky Hoon on t hGlday was
transmitti ng tr.e lucky star of Venus, the lorr:l of 8 2nd I.he
duration of which was exactly 24 hours.
So, I boldly predicted to my esteemed fri end not t o worry
and his son Vlou:d definitely return within 24 hours. My friend
wit h a great sigh of relief re:urned home. OIl the same dey in
the evening at about 5.30 p.m. I paid a sur:klen viSit to my
friend's house and I was tremendousl y surprisecl to gather
that the boy ret urnee: home lhro\.lgh tile ~ i n d courtesy of a
Taxi driver. My friend showered on me all sorts of praise. Wel l
I told him thatth€ rreditshould go to none butto the wonderful
leaching of K.P.
With profound reverence to Guruji.

could fol lowing the age old lrldliln
trilditlonal system have replied to the a msuttant when the
following the position of the heavens at question time'
The plilc@ment of Jupi ter, lord of the 12'" in the lagM ; the
oco..opatioo of the 6
' by the I.lcy\iI lord, 5.lrum, ilssoclated
with the Sun, the 8'" IOfd, ilnd Ketu, natural malefIC; arid the
positioning of the marakasthar .. adhipilthi, the Moon, in the
lag"a have left him c.onfounded and he Vias bound
to err. Tho:;e who fol loVi the stel lar system, otherwise known
as I<rl sh.1amurti Padhdhati, hO .... 'eYer do not eocounter CiI1y
difficulty as the method 0( predttloo Is simple, easy iIIld cle .. r-
It WiIS 7-n p.m. (1ST) on 15·] -13 when Mr. Six1hyil. my
colleague, who had rffenUy arrived on trilOSI'et: appr1XlChed
me for cOfIsultation. His son had appeared in the Higher
Secol1dilty 51..1'1001 EKamlllatlon that year, and, as kno·..., \ to
ever)'Or,e, he was one of those 'One lilk!1' students whose
name did not find a place irl the list of 5uccessfui candldiltes
whi ch appeared on the ne'Nsp<lpers. He 1tterlleft for his O<ltive
p:ace for Securing h;5 Transfer CertinC.lte but
did not return so far nor informed the reason fur his overst4y
to his parents. This r.aused ilrwety tn Mr. Sadhya as to when
his son \\Iou1d come bock. He tried to make a taephonic contact
to tis I"IilUVe place but due to the tele:.ommU"llc.atlon
system was completely disf\4II.ed nod nothing coul t1 be known
abOut the boy. SInn: I was IXldly oosy, there was no time for
me til deal wlm his problem on IXlsis, and he so
muc.h vexed that I had perforce to say something to him by
way of I therefore noted the planetary sltuatlon
tried to reply to him ruling planets. The map of
92 RULlr,G P'_""H
:he at 7.2.3 p.m lSI Oil 15-7-12. (Sunday) at Bhop?1
was as :

Lagm. 4'22
JIJ;iler 'J,]
f.'c oo :nr
The Ruli ng pla:tets were fol lows:
SiCJIl Lord
cl,;b lord

ruled by Sun
ruled by Satum
ruled by Sun

T1e posicion of t he lagna rising at tile time of
coincided with that of the Sat urn and Sun were t he only
rlll:ng TIl e lagna sub lord, Saturn, was in tne COIlste: latin
of Mars lord of houses 4 <1M 11 of the consultant
placed il1l'l e 3" house (11"' tn 5''', son). TI1US S<ltum, t hough
despi ted as a and en evil l delay,
deject ion and disappointments, showed a very hopeful
for the boys' return. Hence llooked for the transit
of Mc.:Jn, allhe t ime of judgement, was t r? nsiting in
makar-a siq ruled by Sdturn, in the COI1sl el l<ltion of Utl""rashada
govcmeo 'Jy Suo and in the sub of So ....neo she
mO\'3 to Saturo's sub and S_6--40
the boy must
ret-Jrn. The ITlOOO would re.:lch point just ;;bout sunriSe on
1&7' 1973. SO I predicted the bOy must :he hoUSE
next mcrninq. i.e. on 16·7·1 913 and the parents need not
worry on any account.
hirther, as the 5Ub lord. satwll. sigroifi cator of
3" and 11'" houses, i was lhat the OOy's return
would be intim<lted on trunk Telephone aod it did happen. AS
::.oon tIS Mr. Sadhya was comlll!l dovlll, the telephotle bell
began to ring and I was told 10 CCrl.'t!"1 to Saodhya that
his son · ... 1IS the same night by l tarsi
Bhop.:ll at abcut 7,15 a. m. morning. Sildhva was
te the informat ion and thanked me fOl' t he
answer. The boy camr. on 16-7-73 momir19 as
predicted. 'This is how Stellar waks.
Good luck.
The most important discovery of the late Shri
was his difference with the traditional astrology in respect of
the horoscopes of the I:wjns. The twins bom at an interval of
the some minutes may have almost the same horoscopes as
they may have the planets in the same house, in the same
star and in the same sub so they will all signify the Sdme
'house' but slil l we see a great liirrercnce in the destinies of
t he twins .• Vhy? Where the difference? And here comes
the greatness of out Guruji. He di,mvered that ti1e difference
is in sublord of the different houses as the sub Lords wi ll all be
different even though me difference in the birth time is of only
a rew minutes; the Great Astrologer soouleu this thing is in his
e.cry reader but even to-day \/Cry fev... pay ho:x:I to this while
allotti ng the signiflCators.
The horoscope should De prepareu acwnJing to the K,P.
The planets should be given the diilerent star arK.I sub lord.
But for al:otting the di:ferent houses wh,rn they signify divide
each house in lord, star and sub lord and then according to
these star and sub lord.s assigr the signif"icatms. Suppose
Jupiter is at 13. 40 in AriCS7h<' n:t is i:1 the star ofV['nus is the
star lord of 2 and 3 houses and sub lord of first muse then
Jupiter wl:1 give the results, v,"I0, six, ten am first muse and
as tile sub is more Impartant It wlil give mostly the results of
the f"irst of tile first house.
r have found this tt1eory of our late Guru]1 quite successful
In th€ judgement. Recently r received a letter from my brother-
In-law Dr.P.K.R Verma who Is a class one officer in U.P.Health
Servlce;lt Allahabad. A great Tantrlk and astrologer told him
after reading t he horoscope of my sister that the time after
_____ _ _ _ ,-_ _ ;v.NT
13" Fc:b78 Is very b"d 3nc 10 ward err t he calamity t"'le
t-l aharmr'tungaya R I''' of One Lak/1 i;'Nenr.y
be perlo·me<!. Ever)' one became worried and U,ey called me
to Allahabar::.
1 Allahabad on So- Feb 78 and asked my si$t er to
take a number bct' .... ecn one anr, S.'1e after bowing her
'lead to thC'l ;J lmighty, took number 189 . 1 started t he work a:
11. 6 p.m. nn Sunday 5.2.78. sisler took the number fo r
coming (i'llamity and also for genera; of her life.
The chart is as fol lows along with the planetary pOSition.
III Il 38 5
Su( 2'·/
Aj'I'IOO'lSa n-.6·55

Me a- 17·1j

IX 13-:1.'\.;
'" ,'" I

_ «,..v< .

P' ..

Star So,
,\1i'MC 23.1


,= :::.I1d"J' • loJj>l:e< Sc'n

r-!erCIJry MJkd." a.I'-11 $;Jtu,n

Gemini 1.$7:'19 :.t ... cury


""' .... 0(1
I.e:> -1.3 L2:

Vi,!!" :5.12.19
r-1P.rfllf'l JIri*
JlI(: ite.
Cell ' «
lord St • •
M!I<.& 0.0.00
SJturn Su"

(,.-1/.05 5.lturr. filII" Ran"
13.3\1. 5]
)up.!« SaI ,lnl
Ari<':s 14. 48.35



Gl'milli'l.16.05 M."",

C1r.-.f'r O.O.DO
r·1 or.r.

"" "'"

VI'!.!" 1.1.l{·.53

"'" ,

'len;,.; Il..lnu KeW
Sat" m


according to the i:lbo'J(! tr,Ii.(' &I n is the starlord ntfirsl
ho.JSoa, Rahu is or 2 " 00 10, saturn is of 3 and 11 and so 00.
In the si:lme RanI! is the sub lord or 1,2,3, 8 ano 9'"
ftouS<:!S 4:ld 50 on. We c<i n allot thE' signif! Ci:llors in the r oll owing
Planets Lord Star
Saturn 1'1000
5.7.12 11 sub lora
1 stilr lord

1 ·co·
l-1ars J:Jpilcr

Mertul)' Saturn
4, 5
, 00-
Jupiter Mercury Mars Venus
4, 6
6 4
Ve\1US Sat um Mm Jupiter
5 7
10 5,7,12
8,12 5,9
Rahu Mercury Mooo Jupiter
Ketu Jupiter
Saturn Jupiter
3, 11 7
Rahu will give the result of Mercury and Ketu of Jupiter
The Dasa
Mel"C1..lry Dasa - 27-12-33 to 27- 12- 50
27.4.2 Bhukti
Ketu Bhukti
.10,2 Venus Bhukti
5.10 ,-
Sun Bhukti
5.1 Moon Bhukti
Mars Bhuktl1i
18.6.2 Rahu Bhukthi
6.3.2 Jupiter Bhukti
9.8.2 saturn BhuktJ
Total - 17 Years
Ketu Dasa - 27- 12- 50 to 27-12-57
27. 4.- Ketu Bhukti
Venus Bhukti
Sun Bhukti
30. 11.52
Moon Btlukti
~ l a r s Bhuktl
18.0.1 Rahu Bhukti
Jupiter Bhukti
saturn Bhukti
MeralrY Bhukti
Total - 7 Years
Venus Dasil - 27-12-57 to 27-12- 77
'1.3 Venus Bhukti
.1 Sun el"lJkti
t·loon 6hukti
Mars Bhukti
.3 Rahu Shukti
.8.2 Jupiter Bhukti
.2.3 Sdturn Bhukti
27. 12.73
.10.2 ~ l e r t u r y Bhukti
.2. 1
Kelu I3hukti
Total - 20 Yr.ars
Sun Ool sa - 27.12.77· to :1.7. 12.83
18.3.- Sun Bhukt i
Moon Shu\ct1
IS. 1O.7a
6.4. 11ars Shuktl
24. 10 Rahu 6hukti
Jupiter Bhuktl
l . I l. AD
12. 11 Saturn Bhuktl
15. 10.81
6.10 Mcr(l: ry Bhukll
6.4. Ket hu 6huktl
27. 12.82
1 6hukl l
Total - 6 Years
I 11m 001: dil/idi"lg the Casa periods into Antilta and
Sookshama as it .... iIl need mUfti space. The reilders can divide
them easily by r:on5Ultirog astcologlral tille; all by R. Eashar
M .. nu.
Major Events :
Burning - S:le was burnt baclly on 13-11-47. The burnll1g
was snrious and was confined to bed for a 1M9 periOd.
She was running Mcrru.-y Oasa Jupiter Blll.:kti Antara
and Saturn Sookshma.
T'(\.IhOld - 4.8.49
She was Itnning Mercury dilsa, Satu-n bhukti, Venus Antara
and 5<llum Swkshma.
May 75 to 27-10-76; At the t:mc she was running Venus
Oasa, Mercury Bhukti, Saturn Antara. She had to f;lee many
troublc:s. Her yo:.m<]ef" brother was € III at Allahabad,
her grand mother-In-l aw died OIl 17·6·76, she had an acddcnt
()!'I 1 NI·76 and uruJerA'eflt II mdjor operation for femerbonc
on 6-9-76. All during Siltl$n Antara.
17-}-77 - she fell ill and had ttmper(lturc. She
running Venus DaSil Ketu Shukti Venus Antara and saturn
Ali t.hE:sc show that during ail her il!ness and and
other troubles saturn was the chief planet, then I>,<lrS, Venus
"1crcvry. If we lo0Io: at the wble Wil ..... ilI see th.:It Satum Is in
the sub of Moon whicn is the sub lord of five, seven and 12
housC'S, 12'" stands il lness, trouble, loss, hospitalization,
etc. 7 stand" for house'. Venus is :n the sub of Jupiter
which is -:he St:b of 7th house. Mars signifies 1, 2, 3, 8
9. 'I 6 houses. Ail bad causing illness.
But Saturn signifies 5, 7, 9, 10, 8 and 12 houses. So her
husbane, Saturn wi ll si<;nify 11, 1, 6, 3, 4, 2 and 6 houses. All
are gClOli ;or service promotion.
12-4-73 Transfer home town Ailahabad. After much
efforts :le could manage to came to his home town. The
order was known to him on 12-4-73 when sIle was running
Venus DaS<!, Saturn Bhukti, Rahu Antara end Saturn Sookshmil.
Promotion on 1-5-74; She was rurning Venus DaSil.
Bhukti, Antara and Saturn Sookshmil.
25·8-77 - Transfer to Alla1abad. Slw was runninq Venus
Ketu Bhukti, Saturn An-:ara and Satum Sookshma.
Now we SEe that besides Saturn which signmes her 11, 1
6 houses, Mercury, i<etu are also good, Venus is
for his signiftes his 10, 12, Ve:lus 1,
Ketu (Jupi:er) 10, 12, 6 hooses.
IN way wife's chart we know the major
events of husband life.
Marriage - the n1ilrriase took in the last wee;': of May.
She was .unning Venus Venus Bhukti, Rahu Antara.
Venus ilm; Rahu are in the sub of Jupi:er which is the sub lore
of 7'h house - t he house of marr'iage and union.
t loose constrllction, sale of P"operty - She sold many of
her property of more than 50 rupees r-etween
284-75 to She was running Mercury Bhukti ane r-':oon
Antara. r-':ercury signifies 4, 6, H, 4 ane 1 house. r-':oon
signifirs 1-1-1 houses. We know 4" housr signifies property.
Hoose 6'" bendit from oitler, 11 g,,;n ilnd 1 shol'.'S self. On
10-10-75 entered her n€'Nly construdeC house ilnd got
Rs. on that d<lY dS the arrears of long due rent. She
was running Mercury Shuklhi and Mercury
SOOkshma. Rahu represents Mercury al'd Mercury signifies 4,
6, ! I, 4 and 1 house matters. All peltl lnlng 1.0 the issue.
Therefor!! we sce K.P. Astrology throws light
not only Ofl the partic:ular problem or question but on almost
<iN the mil tters. Thtl actual bIrth time is atfkult to know in
almost al l the cases and cvcn a differem:e of '" few seconds
may change l"he S\Jb lords d many houses and then it wil l be
Impossible to predict. So whv to bother ;b:)ut the birth time
and bi rth chart wncn by applying the herary system of Shri
we can easily judge the chart and the events
sllOWS ttle mind. In the mart is ch!! lord of.,."
house whi ch Is a house and Is in 12" wt1ich shows
danger and trouble. So the question taken by the Sister was
corrm. but as Sun Dasa 5tilrted from 27· 12·77 and Sun signilles
11 and 1 house matters; a:though 11" will be a maraka hous!!
for her but I will give her prctecti oo and me entire period of
Sun Dilsa v.i ll be gOod for her.
But one must have In me almighty as per late Shri
K'ishnamurti's teachings should have 11 right life alK!
avoid coing ..... OO9 acts then ony one can have success. Once
again 1 pay my tribute t o honour able late Shri
who by Introduci ng the Stellar and sub lord theory
did the mi r<tde.
'1-' •
1. There many innumerable systems of Astrology but
no system is accurate and perfect 'KRISHNAMURTI
PADHDHATHl' in the of blri:l1-Ume, and fixing the
position of lagna or Moon. This marvel was discovered by
Guruji Sir K.5K by taking Ruling planets. Ruling are
planets ruling or governing the moment when a query is taken
for judgement. He proved that the ruling planets at moment
of judgement anot those at the time of fructification of an
event are the same. This too WIlS confirmed by K.P. followers
in many practical cases.
Guruj i has said that one can consult an astrologer only at
such a t ime so thM the rul ing planets at that moment agree
with the ruling planets his or her birth time or his or her
running Dasa, 8hukthi.
Below I have discussed the problem of fixing the lagna
sign, its position witll the ruling and hence find the
correct bi rth time. In some which are feN, the Moon's
position get with the very same ruling planets; but this is
not the case at all ti mes. Ruling Pl anets provide the answer
only to what you want to know. So when Moon's position does
not coincide with the same Ruling planets, there is no reason
to get perturbed; as it can be arrived with the help of ruling
planets at the next sitting.
II. On 2-7-1978 (Sunday) at 3.05 P.M. 1.5.T. a friend of
mine cameto me to know in which lagna he was bom, whether
Sun Si91, lEO or Mercury sign, VIRGO. He wanted to know
the exact position of his hence his birth-time. So he
said me to find it using K.P. He mentioned No.43 a number
between 1 to 249.
100 RlJlI\Q P\.JINT
Bo .... ing to Guruji, I took. 0., the immedliltely at 3.06
I.S.T on the same day 2·7-1978. Sunday. Tho:! ruling
planets then, were:
Hence t he ruling planets at the moments rI Judgement
are Sun, Venus, Jupiter, MOon. Here it l<; 10 be noted that Son
is in exalt conjunction with (diSlJnce of 5' Jupiter, the
Lagna St<lr lord. Son i!; 00 a f;J!'ter planer than )Jplter. AS such
Sun is stronger ruli ng 111,," Jup:ter, <l nd J'-fjitef is redered
111. The person firstly wanted to know his Dirth-sign - if it
was Sun sign, LEO or SIgn, VIRGO. Taking a look at
the ruling planets. we. find that Mercury doe!; not appt!<jr as
one at all where Son is a ruling planet. So W€ can boidlv say
that his l3g'la is not VIRGO but Sun Sign, LEO. Foong the star
in the lagna l<; tile next step. In LEO, we hOJ\'e!:t;Jrs 0( KETl-IU,
VENUS and SU"l. Kethu is not rUing planet ;:Ind It can be
drowed. Venus alld stln are the: I\IlIng I--loY-..- to choose?
AI: 1'>.1'. foll owers are awnre lhat in Ruling planets, Lord of
Lagni! &1gn Is stronger than lord of I(lgna stilr; Lord of Moon
Star Is stronger thar. Lmd ofr-loon Sign; which is in tum stronger
than the I)ay-Lo;-d. 'Ioie find that In Ru'lng Planets Venl$ appears
twice as Lord of Moon and Lagna signs; there by gains
s'..-ength. t'le l;:QIIiJ hilS to be In Venus star aOO Venus
Sub. Vent!S Sub is choosed because no:4J was given bctween
1 and 249 whdl fall!; in Venus Slllr. Another re<lSOn as lO WIT(
J rejeCted Mooo and Ju!Jiter Is be<ause if they would have
been governing the flO!;itlon of the I<lgna, the querist wOOJl d
have asked on a Mond.:;y • .... lttI Jwplter star. In Venus Suo. Sun
Sub sue is to be taken It is next in strength cmd Moon Sub
sue sub. In Sun $lI b sub. Hence, the la9f\a position Venus
Star, Venus Sub, Sun Sub Suo and MOOII Sub Sub I.e. of (LEO)
13' -43'. The posi Uoo uf his lagna is therefore LEO 13'-43'.
According to him Il i s birth dale is 23- 11}-1965. The find out
his birtll t ime tile Nlrayana position of the I<. .. ;;na cusp is
converted to Sayan a , slderal Time is calculated and birth-
time is worked out.
The procedure is as fol lows:
Nirayana PositiOf1 of Lagna
Cusp -
Add Ayanamsa
For year 1965-
Sayana poo;ition of Lagna
Cusp -
13"-43' of LEO
6°-59' VIRGO
The Sayana position of l..:lgna Cusp is therefore VIRGO 6' -
Sidereal time at place of birth of Lat:
13' (N) 04' for tile above
Sayana lagna cusp to arise
:n the East
DedUct Sideral time at 5.30 P.M.
of preivious day l.e.22-1O-1965
as birth was before 5.30 PM
on 23- 10-1965
DedL'Ct (orrcctirnl at
10 seconds 1 hour
Deduct d rde of 24 hrs,
8irth on Local Mean time
Add correction for 81Y (E) 17'
to arri ve at Indian standard
Hrs .Ml s.Secs
4 26 28
109 32
53 39
1 29
8 52 10
8 52
Birth Time in I.S.T.
Hemce his birth-time is Zhrs 31 mins on F;i .Sat .2.2/23-10-
IV. 50 J said him he was born in LEO Sign, VENUS, STAR
and VENUS sub, the posJtion of the Cusp being 13"-43'.
He s<'.id his as he had gOl il by
another K.P. foll ower. s:mply wanted ttl tesl t he corredneSS
of K.P. As is seen, in hundreds of praL1:ical cases. K.P. is
Infalliabie, very and the same result is arrived all
time. Ills simple and crysti", 1 clear in its approach to problems.
The efficiency of system of Ruling planets is once
teslified and proved to bE correct.
My friend W;;!5 impressed by It and not to mention
it. I was l oo proud of had done with Guruji's Lord
To-day (ather of Sri K"lSoro Chandra Piltnai k asked me about
the SUCC(!SS of his s.ofI in Interview to be held in fut ure.
When I asked iI number in between 1 to 249 as per SottIida
Mannan Jyot/'1i5h MaMan K. S.KrisMilmurtl Theofy, he gave
the numt)er 2-46 00 10-9-77 at 10-30 A.M. Judgment was
laket'l up then and t here.
, ..

XI 1),59 ...
-- -

D.nod • II).H1

• l!i.-3Q
lme lD-30AJ.!.
S ..
II 1:1-59 1Y26-33
• '23-20
The 3"', house incflcates Interview. The rule is, houses
2,6,3,10 and 11 are to be jUdged.
k, per number the Lagna is Mccna. Hoose lord Guru, Star
Lord Budha and sub-lord is Ma!O' 23· 20
Position of t he Cusps:-

Star Lord
Sub Lord
5i:nha R.avi Sl.:kra
III Kanya Buaha t>loon
V Vr ishchik


Mars Sukra Kt:tu
XI Rishaba
As. t he father's lagn3 is Meenil, ttle san's Lagna 15 5"
rhel1Ofrom, i.e,Karkata 14·28. The lord of the house Is t>loon,
star lord is sani and sublord is
3'"', housoa is Kanya ruled Iyy eudla is In sr.cond in
the star of Sukra and sub of Sukra. Sukra is lord of 4 and
II .Budha is Nltrograde. The ocrupant of 3" house is Rahu.
Rahu is in t he star of Mooll al'ld sub 01 Sukra Sukra 1510:0 of';
al'ld 11 in the star of Sal'll and sW of GtJru. "loon Is lo<d of
5a::ond Hoose- The second house is Simha, Ravl , $<lni and
IlUdlla ere the Q((Upilnts. The !;ub Lord of cusp Is Ravi,
l.o:d of 2. sani is lurd of 7 and 8. san; ;s in Of Btdla
and sub of Ravi, R.';vi is lord of 2 in the SUI! of Sukaril and su!l
of Sani.
5'" Bhava - The cusp sub-Iurd of 5'" Bhava is Rahu,
oa:upying 3'" bhava.
6"' 8h<lv,:?· 6'" House belongs to Guru. Guru is lord of 6 and
9, Guru is ill the of Rahu and sue of Guru.
I I'>"' Bhava - The t:ouse OOIongs to t<1ars (Mesa) the house
Is Va[;ilnt. Mars is tne ocr.upant of 0"' 6hava. is in the
star llf and Sub of Moon. .
11" Bhava - The II" house is RiShaba. The lord is Sukra.
Sukra is in t he star of Sani .
Position of Planets
PI ...
$t.)r lord So,h·LCrl
Ka, kal;i

15· ) (;
Q. ,
IUJt .. R

ZH3 Sani
GL .. "
Sirr.l1 a Ravi
n-29 Sukra SJni
S<!ni 0-24
"" ..

P.<IlU 2l-45
..... ,
' L
Rrshllblo II -58
_ .
... ,
ilnd sub of Guru. Gurus in the star d Rahu.
1. TI1us the signifles al l the houses. The 5"' house
cusp sub-lord is also Rahu.
2. Moon Is transiting the $lar of the planet signifying the 11"'
hoUSE. Moon is in the star of and sub of Guru.
3. I he S'go1itlGl tor of XI house is S"kra. It is in the sub of
Budl\a, lhi! l ord d J.
All these, signifles suC(:ess to lIim ut the native.
TIll! COIllIllOfl ruli rlg are sukra and Sani.
Horilry Is Sill1i havi ng a balance of Y 1' 11 - 16
days. i.e. sanl Gurtl antar.
As sanl it oommon ruling planet succcss will be ootlced
durill9 san' Mahilda5a. guru bh"ktl, Siool amra Rahu 500khrna
between 15·9·]] ro 16-10-77.
The native was informed accordifl9lY.
Informiltlon came to me on 7·10· 77 that tt1t native has
succeeded in his interview.
Krls/'lnamutlii Padhdnati Is the unique scientifIC metMod of
Astrology by whid'! ttle Astrologer c;,n arrive at the right
condusion with out mum difficulty. I disaJss thecase offrieod
of mine who owes me some mooey. Tllis has been left out
for some time !lOW. I am convinced his basic honesty and
believe that the default is not intentional. Though I dkl not
want to remind him about the default, I had to do so due to
my urgent neressitj'.
I viSited him at his house thrice during a fortnight. I CQuid
no! ~ him. Following is the harary c h ~ r t of the query as to
when I will be able to meet ~ m and OIlS() as to when I willi
realize the money. I tried to SOlve the problem uSing the
Ruling Planet Theory.
Detail s·
1. Oate of analysis - 20-8· 1981
2. Tltne - 7-44 PM 1ST
3. Place - Trivandrurn
<l. Latltude - 8" 30' N
S. Longitude - no 10' E
6, Krishnarnurti AyanamSii - 23' 29'
Rull"9 Planet at 70 4'1' p.m. 1ST on 2(}8-1981
Planet Star lord S!ltI Lord
Sun Kethu Moon
Moon Kethu Rahu
Mars Jupiter Venus
Mercury Venus 'o'cnus
Jupiter Moon Saturn
Venus Sun Venus

Z4';' 1'


.. !
Jupi ter

7·4' p.m.
8"30". 77' IO'E
Fo ri' .....
Day Io.-d : JupltN'
Mooo Sign lord:
star lord: Ket hu } Aries 7'Z4'
lord: Satl:m
M;w'" 7fI":",(l'
S.., )'57'
Mer 1. ',-
SfII 13'55'
Lagn<: Star lord: Jupiter} Aquarius 24<01'
Rahu represent<; I'loon Kethu repfescnt: s.,tum.
11th lord is Jupi ter coojoincd with lord of Lagna. 3rd lord
is aSpCLti ng ti1cm. Therefore meeting is promi<;l;d. Now
..... 1": will select tht: powerful ruling plil:lrts affiOf\!I Ihe above.
Ru!ing planets, which are in l:'1! Star or Sub of ilnother Ruling
planets sOOuld be (ol'1sldcred .::as 'wonge>t Ruling planets. So
S.3tum Is powerful. Jupiter is Ule Lagna st ar lord occupies the
sub of So Jupiter is also Powerful. Mercury Is Lagn8
Sub lord. He is poSited il1 the star and sub d Venus, whiCh Is
not a ruling plant!!:. So Men:ury is verywcak. Mars Is poI'>'erlul,
_ _ _ '"""
beoluse is posited in the constell ation of
represents Salum. So Kelhu IS pov..erfullhao Satum.
Be;ilies il oc(Upies the sub portkm of Mm::ury. Rahu Is 10 the
Star of saturn lInd sub of Merwry. Sa t he power1l.J1 Ruli ng
acwrdiog 10 Ifleir order of Sl rength are Kethu, Mars,
Sawrn and Rahu. Mars an(! Sawm are ilspeaing eCl( h
Besi des t·1 MS !tIrows his aspect to and Jupiter.
Jupiw' forms trine aspect to Kethu.
hall(! to fix a sensitive point in ,·..tlich is
governed by the above ruling matter win
matcrialire when tile luminaries wi ll pass through this poinL
Since Saru-o a delaving (s!o'. ... Il)()"o,1ng) planet aspectJng Xllh
house, some drlay 15 indkated. Among the I\lling Kcthu
was ilS one. So Ihe event ShOUld take place
in a Kethu Star day. date of analysis was on i\.'l Aswini
Star day. Next comes Makham star in Leo. ruled by Sun.
Since sun is not a st ro:Jg ruli ng planet we can confidently avoi d
fts sign. Next comes Mooiam Star In Silgittarlus. It is by
Jupiter (I ruling Plan!'t:. Sloee a delay is Indicated as Stated
earlier, 'hl' event ( an not happen on this Star day. On
Septe'llber 16, ]981, i:l In Aries
ruled bv 50 I d!'dded lhat I eM my friend only on
To my surpri se My friel"J(\ came to me on 16-9-1981 itself
at 7-05 p.m. I.S.T. Being an cnmuSiastic admirror of K.P. 1
worked out !tie r Jling plal1€ts to the above time for study
purpose. The rising 12"35' pisces, Jupiter sign,
SaLum's Star and Mars Sub. Moon ,·,as posited in ArI es ruled
bV Mars In Aswini Star lord of l"otlich is Kelhu.
A gentleman had given the following birth particulars of his
wife for the erection d her horoscope as per Krishnamurti

Born on 7-12-1943, Tuesday at 10-28 a.m.
Place of Birth - SRlRANGAM(Near Trichy)
No other particulars were supplied.
Here, a doubt arose as to the birth t ime. During 1942-1945
Indian Standard Time was advanced by one hour for war
purposes. Any recorded time should tI1erefore be redLlCed by
one hour to get the (orrect Indian Standard Time. f>s no
information, about this was given to me, I wanted La fIX the
correct time of the preson by the K.P.Method of Ruling Planets
Defore the erection of the horosoope.
Now 10-28 a.'l1. must be either-war time or present Indian
Standard Time. These are the only two possibilities.
Taking lO-28a.m. as war Lime we have to find lhe
Ascendant. Reducing the t ime by one hour and after subtracting
the correction time for Sri Rangam as per Longitude, '/Ole get
one local Mean Time. When the k:,c. is worked out it comes
to 4"6' in Makara Rasi(Capticorn). It is in sat sign, sun star
and sat sub. Let this be marked as l.
Taking 10"28 a.m. as Stdndard Time and applying
the correction for Sti Rangam, we get: the Local Mean Time.
When Asc. is worked out, it comes to 19032' in Makara
Rasi. Its position as per K.P. is, Sat Signs, Moon Star and
Mercury sub. This can be marked as II.
1. The I ~ g n a combini:luOfl for I
Mi:l rs - JupltEr-Mercury-Saturn-Sun
2. The I ~ g n a combination tor II
The birth particular<; were taken up for Judgment at 8-
31i:1.m. on 25-5- 1980 (Sunday) at Trlvandrum.
Ruling Planets for the moment
Ascendant 14024' in Mithunam Rasi l ord.
Ascendant Star
Moor. Rasi
Moon Star
Day lord
lagni:l Sub lord
Rasl chart of the moment.
Ke th-J
R4S1 crwrr
w d
Asc U'24·
V&rJJ8 (R)
t,r: Satur
, , ~
- Agent of KUla, Guru Sun and Sam.
~ Sanl mostly.
As Moon is powerful as the star lord at the time ofjuc\gemeot,
It Is conctucled that the t ime given is l.S.T. arKI not war-time.
So Saturn can be substituted f04' Rahu Met'WfY and Moon
are powerful In the Ruling Planets. As Ascendant agrees very
well with the Ruling Planets. we h&ve to condude th<l t the time
of birth given is 1.s.T. OfIly, and not war timt. After this fixation
a letter was sent to the per.>on concerned for the darificatiOIl
of birth time. In reply oolltirmed that Olle hour correction had
been given to the recorded t ime at the time of birth Hundreds
of Pra( tical example like this have prtWed the utility of K.P.
system irI Astrology. In the No.1I case, Sun is weak, being
date lord only. So No.1I must be the c o r r ~ birth time.
Every K.P. roIlower knows very well about the Ruling Planets
and their utility at every stage in the predictive part Of stellar
Astrology. SO, it is needless to write an additional paragraph
OIl the theory of Ruling Planets. Already a number of Articles
of various K.P. follOW'ers on the subject of prediction with the
help of Ruling Planets have been pLblished in various issues of
this Esteemed Magazine. I wish to add a few examples on
Ruling Planets.
I.My eldest son is a teacher in the S.E.Rly. High School,
Bandamunda near Rourkcla. He wrote to me in a letter that
his 5c:hool would be dosed for summer vacation from 23-5-85
and that he would corne to Khurda Road with his family on 25-
5-85. He wrote in such an ambigllOUS manner that I could not
understand whether they would start on 24'" evening to ream
Khurda Road on 25'" Morning or they would start on 25"
to arrive Khurda Road OIl 26"' . There are only two
trains from Rourkela to Khurda Raod. One train Kalinga
arrives Road in the night and the other Utkal
Express <lrrives in the moming. son <liw<lYS prefers night
journey so that heCiin arrive in the morning hours. The morning
train arrives Khurda Road by 6-30a.m
I wanted to know with the help of Rul ing Planets, whether
they would come on 25'" or 26'" May, 85 and at what t ime
they would reach home on that date. So, I worked out the
Ruling at 8-07 a.m. on Friday 24-5-85 at Khurda Road.
At that t ime MOOIl was at 27-11 in Gemini Lagna was at
20-33 in Gemini. SO, t he Ruling Planets were
Lagna St<lr - Jll-'iter
Lagna Lord - Mercury
MOOIl Star Jupiter
Sign Lord - Mercury
Day Lord - Venus
Therefore the Ruling Planets were Jupiter, Mercury arid
Here the question consists of two parts. The first part is
whether they would come on 25' " or 26'" May, 85. The second
part is at what time tIley would reach home on tIlat date.
Regarding date of arrival:
25'" is and Pushyami Star day. Saturn Is not a
Ruling Planet. 26" is Sunday and Aslesha Star day. Mercury is
a strorll:l Ruling Planet. So, they should come on Aslesha Star
- day on Sunday, Asl"sha Is In cancer ruled by Moon who is in
the Ruling Lagna. Sun Is aspected by the strong Ruling Planet
Jupiter. So, it was finallY decided thattlleywould arrive Khurda
Raod on 26-5-85 only but not on 25-5-85.
Regarding time of reaching home:-
The train arrival t ime is 6.30 a.m. which corresponds to
Venus sign, Taurus, Mars Saturn Sub. Venus is a Ruli ng
Planet but Mars and Satum not Ruling Planets. So, the
train should come late. Here I am not concerned with tile
train time but I want to know the time of their reaching
home. From the Ruling Planets Jupiter and Mercury are very
strong. So, my son should reach home when the lagna transits
Merurry sign, Gemini, Jupiter Star from 7-57 a.m. to 8-42
a.m. a long range of 45 minutes. So, the sub position should
be determi ned. Now Jupiter is the star lord or Moon and lagna
and also me l<II;lna sub lord. Mercury is the lord of the Moon
sign and lagna. Thus Jupiter is stronger than Mercury.
Therefore the jXlsitlon should be Jupiter sub and Mercury
sub-sub. But Mercury Is conjoi n'ed with Rahu. Therefore it
should be Jupiter sub and Rahu sub-sub. That means tile
lagna should be at Mercury sil)1, Jupiter Star, Jupiter sub and
Rahu sub-sub, from 21-30-40 to 21-46-40 in Gemini. This
position correspom:Js to a.m. to 8--4-37 a.m At that
tlme Moon V<.'OUld be in its O'oI.TI sub in t>-\ercury star, Aslesha.
WMt I\<ld actuill!y happened Is slated below. My d1iTdren
could nOl understil nd the ambiglt.ty of (.he informat ion In the
letter. So they were very p1lrticular Lo attend the on
Saturday 25-S-8S. In order to then I took t hem to
statiorl on 25" by &-15 il.mWe to know that there Os no
trilin at on Silturdays but there Is the morning train on
Sundays. r did not this fad till that dirt. Thus fi rst
part of my predict ion I\'as partly correct. We went to the
station on 2&" by 6 a.m. and got the inforlTlation that dlc
train was running late by 2 hours. SO, it has to come around
8.30 a.m. This mntradicts my predlctioo. We retumed horne
and immediately I checked up my ilnd found no
As per Rly. Informatlon we can start from hOme at
about 6-00 iI.m but if my prediction \vere to u llne true, we
must go to S\iltlon eil,1ier. AlSO there was the pre5SlJ"e of my
children. So we started again by 7.30 iI.m. It is only a rew
minutes walk about Hlmts. Just iSS Vie reached the station,
the train arrived. got down • ... 1th his ramily and we &11
reached home just by 8-01 a.m. Thus predction entirely prO'led
to be COITect.
II. Restoration of Electricity
Dl:rlng summer vilCation when we in our native pl.:lce.
electric current was off at zbout 10 p.m. or so (right) on
satlXday 15-6-85. Therewasno re:s toration oflXlV>er til everjng
on Sunday 16-6-85. It is remote village and no information
could be gathered about the approximate time of restoration
of po:mef. Everyllody was vexed with the situation and was
very anxiGUS to get the power agai n. Ali as! I had to resort to
the method of Ruling Planets to find out when the power
would be restored.
1 l \II)rked out the Ruling Planets aL 4-12 p.m. on Sunday
16-6-65. was at 80-27' In Sun 5t;1r Krittika in venus sign
Taurus. The Lagna was at 1"13' In Jupiter star VlSilka In Mars
sign scorpio. lience the Runng Planets were as stated below.
l<ogr'li! Star - Juplocr
Utgr. .. lnrd - rv'oars
p.k.>on SUor Lord - Sun
Moon Lord - Ver,us
Day Lord - Sun
From the Ruling Planets how ta arrive at the correct
decision? At the momtl't or ':I'IalY515 scorpio L .. gna
camme"ced. The next lagna is Sagittiorius ruleC' by Jupiter
..... ilo Is 1'1 srroog Runng Plaret. So, puwer should be restored
during Dhanut laglla. Saglnarius contains the stars of Kahu,
Ven\lS and Sun. Even though Kethu is In Venus sign I1bra, it is
conjoined .... ,tf1 Satum. Therefore Kethu mainly represe:lts
Saturn who is not a RuliTY,j Planet. SO Kethu star is
Among It1e Ruling PI,lnets Venus Is the rasi lord while
Sun is me Moon star Lord and the day lord. So, Sun is StrOfl!Jer
than Venus. So, Venus cannot claim the star lord-ship.
Therefore Sun attains the star lordship. Now among the Ruling
r..amety Jupiter, ,.lars, Sur., aodVen\lS, the sign lordship
lIild S[<!Or lordship claimed by remillning are Ual'S .. nd Venus
wtlo are lagnCl sign lord and MOM sign !oed respecli\-efy. Sa
Mars ht'lS to oa:ufIY the st" tus of sub lortl. The last pl<ortet is
Venus who IS conjoined with Ra'lu. Therefore Ri:Ih<J sh()J1d be
taken fCT \Icf1us. HeflCe Rahu should go t o sub-sub. 111 short,
the rower should he restored when the L<lgna transits Jupiter
sign Sun stilr $1.10. This position occurs from
8-20 p.m. to 8-24 p.rn on the SCl meday. among
the Ruling Planets Jupiter, Mars and Sun are Stronger than
Venus. Hence leavi ng Venus aSIde, the comnation of Jupiter,
Mars, Sun oa:urs once in the entire Zodiac and that is
sign Stm slllr Mars sub. Actually the pov..-er re;urned
exactly at S-U p.m. the s.lIme day. This moment is ruled by
R"hu SlJb-sub in Mars sub.
111_ Reading Home
3) OUt school reopened 00 Friday 28-6-85 after Summer
We te1'lChed ChipyrujXllle Rly. St<ltion by 7 on
Thursday 27-6-85. We had to make our journey "bdrllS.
Howr ah Janata Expre.!o whi<h IeGves Ch;pUrupalle StatiOI'! by
'-39 a.m •• I came to kno.., tm.1 the train .... ,ould arrive a few
minutes late but there no trace of the t rain ti118- I S a. m. I
had the idEa in my minO, The next day (28-6-85)
being IhI! day of Return car Festiva l of Lord Jaganath of Purl,
the RIy, Authorities may convert the train as passenger
Berhampur and Khurda Road. Even if there would be no such
arrangement, Chain Is common from just about 10
stauor.s b!fore Khurda Road. SO, ordlll3rily i t is difficult to say the would reach Khulda Road. With these ideas In
mhd I wisheo:l to know from Ruling Planets when we would
re<Kh home.
I worked w i the Ruling Planets at 8-20 a.m. Atthat mDmeI\l
Moon WilS 29-25 in Virgo in Star. Lagna was at :ZO- 17
In Cancer in Mercury star. Hence the Ruling Planets were:-
Star - Merrul)'
lit,"a - />\000
Moon Star -
"10M RaSi - I>k!rcury
Day Lord - Jl4Jite1
SiJ, the Ruling Planets are Mercury. Moon, Mars, Jupiter.
Journey generally tilkes 1I 00ut 7 hours. SO Moon star or
Mars star in sign Virgo Is ruled out. The next Lagna is
Utva rtJled oy Venus loIIho is not a Ruling P1anet. Then follows
5cof"p!0 Lagnil rul ed by Mars, Who is Ruli ng Planet . So Wf!I:
have to reach home in Scorpio liIgna. We ffiily t<lke Ohan.ur
t ogn .. as l upita- is a Ru1ittg Planet but this sign h .. s no s tar of
Hoon or '·lars or Mer-CU"(. SO, it 15 deeded that we should
reiICh home during SCorpio only. This siS" has the stars
of JlJI,Iiter. Saturn and Mer-WI)'. Now Jupiter and are
Ruling is Lagna star Lord arK! sign lord
and Jupiter is the day lord. The star should be taken.
Tr.e remnining Ruling Planets ale Moon and Jupiter. Moon is
Lagna lord and is day lord but Jupiter is aspecting the
Ruling Lagr\iI and til e (-loon, and Is aspectOO by the Ruling
;Uld f-len::ury aM is in the star of Moon. So
Jupiter is also a suffot' iently strOl"lg Rul ing Planet. Therefore we
reach horne "'11en lhe lagi'la transits Moon sub. Jupiter
or Jupiter sub, Moon sulrsub. t40w at the bme rX
analysis, lagna (an(l!( and Satum was in libra. So, tt.c
Lagna Vias ilSperted by Saturn. So, the earl ier chance should
be omittC!d. sub, sub-sub is earlier than Jupiter
w b, MoOf'l sub-sub in "".e«ury star. Hence [ decided that we
rt!ad1 \Iotlef1 the Lagna transits Mars sign, Mercury
star, Jl.Piter sub, MOOn sub-sub from 27"- 22'-14" to 27°.31'-
07" in SCOrpiO. This position corrcspOl''.\1s to 5-21 p.m. to 5-22
at Khurada Road.
The train arrived Chipurupal1e at 'l.a.rn. GeI1eflllly the trains
halt for a minute or lWo at that 5t<ltion but konark express
was runnll'lg late by about (, hours on that day. So, to give
precedence to it. out was detained at Chipurupalle. Hence
our train left the station at 9-15 a.m. The train Wi;. not
converted as passenger form 8ernampur butthere .... -e re Chain
Pulling$, tne train arrived KhoJrclil Road Station just
by 5 p.m. wt: lch falls in I-loon sun. It was raining at that t'ime.
So we stave<! for some time In the staion li nd tnen reamed
hOlne at p.m. when lagna trMsitfrlg sign
"ten:ury S:3r. Jupiter sub arid Hoon sub-SlJb.
I condude tnis article witn pranams to lord Uchishta
Gilnapathy and with due respects to our beloved Guru]i who
invented l.MIs unique metho.1.

Some family friends very dose to us have my Muse
on the evening of 1-5-85 for astrological consultantions. One
of them Is a doctor and anotller is a wife of an Inc.ome Tax
During the course of discussions, the doctor told that though
astrology is a divine science, people are root much believing as
a sdene, as the predictions do not come true and every thing
becomes commercialized as business. But my husband
disagreeing stated that science is a science for eyer and the
results can be verified at any and at any place Without
reference to the reservatiOlls if the principles are followed as
propounded by Gwruji rate Prof. Krishoamurti,whose unrelcntcd
search for the lacunae and missing links of traditional astrology
for correct predictions and offer ilCcurate predictions, which
can be verified cent per cent very very corrcctry without fall.
As already told by the latc Prof. tI1at it because of this
science being hil!1dled by quacks to their IMng tI1at it lost:
all its grandeur.
My husband wanted to convince the doctor in a natural
way and explained tI1at how many doctors who have obtained
their and gold medals from ttle Universities have
become popular and famoUf in their fields. Really speaking all
are not successful In fields due to many reasons. Due to
this, we cannot conclude and say that the medicine is not a
Simi larly people know and speak astrology, can Vie
call all of them astrologers? No Certainly not!
Ano:her hend observed that now dill'S I am not telling
com:diy. I cuuld !lot kC!'p quite at this remark and questioned
her that what I have not told correctly regarding the marriage
of her four back. S1(, was, perhaps, !lot
sat;sfied with the prediction in this regard, rather she consulted
quite a nLmber of great I'lho predicted the date of
marriage 1'1llich has not so far. One thino I can
appredate her when ever ,he rnnsults any body, the next
da,,'shc comes to my hotl$(' and infOffilS whatever the,,' told
about the marriage of her daughter and the period they have
given and asks me whether it is correct.
I aWid'fS advice the' lady let us wait p<lticntly and see and
hope for the good, When the said period is pasSo:'Q on without
any sign of marriage matters, it becomes routine for me to
cow;oIe her. I have already told th<it the marriage is not going
to be before whereas other told her something
which docs not turn true. Is ml' pleeiction not correct?
Finally both of them accepted and agreed that · ..... hat I have
predicted has come true, wher eas the predictions offero:! by
fail ed.
Allast the 12dy fr imd asked me to predict whether fixin{J of
r:lMriage w;1I be scttled vvith the boy whose horoscope she
brought with hcr. She narrated t hat everythinc is OK and
only they h2ve to give green signal for t:lis. Some astrologers
also her that the surely will take place this
t ime. She wanted to 'IcilY my prediction in K.P. her
m:nd. I have not viewed the malLer very scriously. I do not
wa nt to c:ash witli and their knovdedge and thereb
getting into troubles. r do not myself consider great
and I still feel a learner.
Even if I say something shc wi ll not keep quite and used to
consult quacks spend a lot on this
p!.Jrpose and observe whate'!cr they for the remedy.
SO i coolly advised her, if that is the case, please give green
signal and see whdt will Destiny is Destiny, Fate cannot
be dodged as we like.
KAl$HNII."Ilffll I'Nl'-IOHAll
I rJ...."'Vff denied request at any time ane! impress them
now alS{) to that K.P. alone can stand the test of
and rorreW1ess of its re!>IJlts. OI.I r GLKuji has told already In
bo:IoI<5 the ruling planets of the (aglla of the boy ocgirl
ref!ect the houses 2,7,1 1 of others then only they become life
partners other wise not . I do not t o proceed st raight
away Indivi dual horoscopes and the
problem with another it promises the
sernement.. then only the det ai led wor):; (<In be taken up form
the individual hOfOscopes. I hoWe obtained a hxary number
77 from her as a consultant for matching the I'\or(y,cope i!nd
the time of judgment was 8- 10 p.m on 1-5-86. The r h1!rt Is
as follows
V"" 12-1&-37
1G. U"3
Soo 17·21-27 X :<I-Ot":2
ill l H: . ... 2
x 2Q.(U-42

13-04IJ 5(HS E
. 111 17·:4-42 ;
19 :.'>XI:
2().(l5.2a s. 1.

23-31 43
. , ...

I\' ,:1)·(1( ..... 2 .
S:l1 (R)
VI n·:-42
14-'- •• JJ
5.-62· '0
18·: 4042
Lagna SW Lord Moon in Mars star and Mars !Ul.
The position of hou= and plMe\!; are not fuml$hed as the
same <Ire not conSidered netessary here.
Rule: If the Moon occupies 1,3,5,7,10 and 11 and t hE
fo' gon in good aspect with JupM[ (3P,6O,120)
that d1e marriaQe wiI) take place. If Is retrograde or
the- 1>1001'1 the marriage be:w('('fI A an B win
not I<!k.e place. If "'oon O((u.oics 2:4,6,8 ilnd 12 CW!fl ]nS£llte
ofgood aspect the marri<>se will not take
the abDve rule to tie properly and correctly
applied and seen in the above char, t nc j udgment is given not
in favour of € The r('!ason it, though the Moen Is In
house, It is i.-. thc star of in 6" which negates the
The theory of GU:l:a:'Qa obsavatioos if the St.tI of 101'(1 of
t he numt:er gi'len hapiJens to thc star lord of Moon
A.scendent in the ruling planets the reply is yes oth«wiSf: No.
The rU:1n9 Planets at 1:I'l€' time of j ud;ment of this mart
Daylord Mcrrury (Wedncsoay) 2.Rasi lord-S<l tum 3.Star lord-
"' ars 4.Lagna lord-Venus and stilr lord-Rahu. t-I ere in
the the suD·lord of tt'rC given No. is venus. Venus Is not
either star lord of Moan or Ascendent representing the ruli ng
planets. As such is not in d settlement.
I evu/oJed 11 techniQ,Je, which is very very simple wilnout
many cumbersome calcul ations, whether the giveo query will
materialize or not, can be krlllwn and tested many occasions
and prC/Vl!d .... 1m very sat isfJ!ctory results. Tho:> mett10d 15 t o
t ake a preferably from 1 to 249 or any number as
lhey like and divide the number by 12. If the remainder Is
0, 2,5 and 11 the result is f2'/O:.Irable. 1,3,7 and 9 the result is
late. 'I,S,Sand 10 t'Je result is I n th,s case, 1M
77 wi"K!n divided t y 1:£, the rcmi ndC'r is five. The
result indicated for S is unfavorsable for the qut'ry.
Taking 11 11 the abO'Je factors Into considerat ion, It W,)$
condulkd that t he setdemenr. l>.iU not materialize.
The seems to be to a great extent,
as t he conclusion is not ilnticipatc:-d by them. 1 requested my
fri end nor to be upset fur thi s and do whetever we have to do
to maximum extent and leave tnc le5ult to got iii per the
teachings of l ord Sri KrishN In Gcethol. We have to 00 our
karma ;!<::<;Qrding to our fate, which cannot be altered. The
time nearing 9-30, tt"K-y left depresSl'd.
After this incident, J forgot everthing. My friend also had
not visited my house nearly for t",'O weeks. She s'Jddently
appearm on one day at about 11.00 a.m. and narratt'd the
things happened during these days. The boy and his relatives
have set'n tht' girl and communicated by post due to some
domt'stic prob!ems, the idea of marriagt' has t;.c,:-n dropped.
In the mean while, she has verilk'd the antecendt'nts of the
boy and came to know that t he boy's character is not good
and he is working as a dass rv in some private COn(t'rn and
education is also not an par with tht' girls. They have furnished
all false information. The girl being a first c!ass science graduate
did not like this match. Thank proposal feH through
and it is good for us. Man proposes but goo disposes is a true
Astrology bt'ing divine seiena', in all cases any method
wil l give the samt' ,mswer. It is a wonderful SCience. Simple
and straightforward mt'thod produdng the same results even
though the astrologers are different.
The aim and intention of thiS Dilper is not to hurt any body
in the fiNd of and their predictions, whim may vary
and give different results and the consultant will be confused
fu·:thcr. My only si ... cere request and suggestion to bdovd co-
astrologers is to put their heart into the depth of tht' problem
in a lucid way, minirrizing tht' contradictory opinion and to
enhance the prt'stige or astrology as a divine sdence as
dreamed by OlIr revered Guruji.
On 25-2- S7 at 11.00 a party of three gentl eman from
Coimbature came to my roqmk seeki ng advice. I
understand tt.<lt they knew astrolC>gy also to some extent . I
studied their dl<Irts.nd narrat<ld the prosperity of the business
and the course of life with rde-enre to K.P. 'MlilegMng
my prediction they imenupted roo .... and then requeo;ting further
explanation al every stage. I feveal them how K.P. Is saentifi£
and unfailing to pick up the time of event .
Raru 19' !<l' '/11'24'
,j.. p_ §' 11'
Mars 9'49
"111 28"19
IX 2r:l6'
. .
Mer If;.:

X ;:8'19'

r>J 28'29'
l' '00' 71WE
AYIIil'TlSa: n,3SI(,P.
8' 49
'len ;&.r 112("1"
t l 21'36
SilI. 2;;'Ji"

I(eIoJ 19'58'
XII 1'24'
Among the three one gentleman named lanart harllln is
roo obsti nate to accept the K.P. method and the of
prediction. Inspite of my adllOC<ltlng the K.P. their face disposed
me that were reluctant to accept this method whole
heartedly. getting 500)(! r.larificatll)n they were about to
, -,
depart me. At that time one genlieman asked me" si r, we
war.t to meet you again. We have got tighl for
15 days t ram now an. If time perm;ts we will come and meet
you. Sir, please can you predict the date of our meeti ng you
again as you are a staunch advocate of K.P.
I said, "Oh, yes I can predi ct the date and time of your
arrival . I I'lill keep it in cover mentioning the time and date of
arrival. Thank you we will see again" they went out with a
smile. I worked out tI1ls chart the chart earnestly
to pick up the t ime and delte of arrival, since I took it as a
Cuspal SUh!ord Planetary
Stilr Lord Sublord Signi fi -
Positions catots

Men:lII)' Sl.01
Keth'J Sa:urn
Ma,s 11-9-2·Hi
Saturn RaIl'J Venus M",ulry 5-3+;.[1

l'Jpi:er s:tl.Oll
Sa:ll rn Jupiter


S:tLm MNcury
Jupiter 5a:oxn
9· 1-4-1
Sat'Jrn Ve1C'i Ra1u
5 'lenus
'·k.-, Kelhll
Ke:oll 10·3·1)-;
H R!hu
Ruling Planets
Day Lord Mercury
Rasi Lord Saturn
Star Lord
Lagna Lard ,"0
Star Lord Venus
Sub lord
As per K. P. theory the fallowi ng guidelines are indiCilted to
know whether the party will come or not, and if the arrival is
promised whether it is sooner or later etc.
1. Jfthe 7' Mp sub lurd IS dcpos:ted In the 01
a planet Slgniry:ng J, 9, 5, 7, 4" hOU5€s along with 11"
house the party clime and it Is imrr.inent.
2. [f the sub lord is cepositcd In the constellatloo (If a
plane!. signifying, 8, 12 .. long with l Q1' Muse the party will
not come.
3. If the 7'" sub lord is dClXISited In the constellation of a
planet signifying 3, 4, S, 7, 9 11'" along with 10,
8, and 6'" houses the party will ( me and it denotes late
to for 6, 8,10 and 12th houses.
Now Ie'; us al'lalyse the chart taken for the purpose. In thiS
Chart th<! 7'" s.b lord RaI1u Is depa;i"..e<I In star of
which sigrufies 3, 4. S, 9 al'1d II'" houS($. the Mercury
is In retrograde it is in:he star of R<lllU whiCh never retr'O<l riide.
So the illTiva' of pill't)' is promr.ed. f.5 the -,.. sub Si glifies
positively the arrival of the party indicates sooner. Though
they expressed that there was no possibility of coming here
fer 15 tI1err. rrom. 1 do not believe t.hat it will sud1 a
101"19 time to occur the happening. Since the 7'" sub 15 in the
star of MertlJry whidl 3, 'I, S, 9 and 1l0"
brlllia1tly Wt! ;;<;SlJre that it will take pla<e with In iI few
days, 5c"ring this in our mind should move the Moon's
trano;it urnl it toudles the C\Js.pa1 point In whKh me combinil:ion
of significatocs fil ii in line.
we should find out the significat0f5 fur the houses
taken for ana"'1;[s.
3t<1 houses - Meeting
Venus, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Ket hu. AmOllg these
Venus and Moon are ;x.Siled in the star of whO is the
SignifiGlto( of to', hou'ies they are not favourable, So we
ch005e Saturn, Jupiter, and Kethu. Sa1.urn whkh is In Mercury
SUr signifIeS 9, 11, 1 alld 4'" Jl.lpiter whiCh Is in saturn
stc.r SignifIes 1, 'I, 3 and 5'" ho:JSe$ Ktlthu is in the of
Moon signllles 3, 9, 10 MId 11'" houses. 1"
house - Party' s departure
Rahu, Mercury arid Kethu.
4"' house - MV House
Satur:1, <Ire tile s ignitiCiitors of the " .. house. Moon
and Venus 3rt also significators of 4" house. Among lt1ese
Stlt um and Jupiter are good .
SI/\ house - ful fi llment of the party
Mere-Jr{, Jupiter, Sun, and Rahu ,lie the of thiS
house. Of all these, aM Jur)ter are more favourable,
be,ause of Mercury is in the star of Rahu in su, and owner of
<) end 11th house aOO Jup:ter is owner of 5" house and signifi es
1" house.
1111\ house - ful fillment of Ambit ion
Saturn, Rilhu, rs, Mercury and Kethu are ltie sig nifi cators
of tt"Jis house
Amoo<;: these we choose the Signlficators for the houses
3" Satum Jupiter
4'" Jt.piter
5'" Mercury lJp:ter
1" Silt urn Jupiter
9"'Rahu, salurn, Kethu, "lars, Hercury and Jupiter(because
of Jupiter aspects of Kethu)
11111 - fulfi llment of Ambition
R.:Ihu, Mars, Sarurn, Mercury, and Kethu are 11th houses,
So v:e may an.Jn!;e the ac:cording to the ruspal
S<lturn Si9'l
Jupiter Star
""'" ""
n. ,.
we may take this position to the moon's transit.
The remaining significalars are Mercury, Rahu and Kethu.
we lake the Moon's transit to the cuspal position of the
significators refEred formerly, we should wait unti l th<! Lagna
on that day the cuspal posit ion of Mercury, Rahu and
Kethu. At last we have found out the two sensitive points.
50 we shOUld arrive tlle date anu time when the two points
coincide with the Mon and transit. The Moon at the
time of Judgement is in uthara dam slar. The Moon should
move to the Jupiter star (i.e. Poorattathi). On 28·2·87 at 2-15
p.m. the transits in the sig n Saturn Star Jupiter
(Poarattathi) and the sub Jupiter at that time. The Lagna
transits in the sign Mercury, star Rahu, and the sub Kethu at
2-15 p.m on thilt day on 28-2-87 at 2-15 p.m. both the Moon
and, Lagna lr<lnsit in the respective (Uspal position where the
favourable signifir.<:tors becomethe rulers ofthe cuspal positions
that will cause the expeded result.
After having myself the date and time (i.e. on 28-
2-87) at 2-15 p.n.) I noted the time with analysed chart in a
paper and put it in a senled cover.
Exactly that d<:y (28-2-87) at 2-10 p.m. party that put
test before me entered my room. Dlring that time, I was
engaged in giving astrological advice to another party. They
came and seated themselves in my dra"";ng roam. After a
few minutes they looked at me with an interrogat ive mark in
th<!i r face. I silently handed over the cover that I
to one Mr. Janarthanan. The cover opened by Mr. N.
Rajagopal Naidu, B.Com, 7/44 Press colony P.O. ,Coimbatore
and natic!'d the time that I arrived. No sooner did they see
the time than they were struck with dump. lifter that they
wanted to know the analysis step by step. I helped th<!m with
the explanation as detailed in this article. I remain with the
thanks to Jo!hida Mannan, Jothish Marthand, Prof. Sri K.5.
Good Luc:X
In the present time the strength of J upiter is waning where
as lhat af Venus is waxi ng . This decreases the interest in
Vaidheek Ceremonies, Siltya Karma etc., essentlal far Para-
loka-SUka aoo more and more indulgence in Iha-Loka-Suka.
Venus is the Karak af mUSiC, fi ne arts, Bharatha Natya,
Vehicle, conveyllrlCe W'ealll'1, Ornaments, ladies etc. But here
I am interested in vehide only, tile KaliJk of which Is Venus.
Now a days it has become the matter of prestige for people
to have atleast one vel1ide allhe door ol.heNilse according to
them there is no regard, no hOliOur In the SOCiety.
It Is east'{ to buy the vehicle at present as there is no need
of spending money in total from their pockets rather to tilke
the' help of bank whois ever ready to give financial support to
the purchaser of the vehides.
Here I am going to diSCUSS the same type of case where a
man who was not capable to purchase the vehide p.3ying ful l
amount from his pocket, takes the help of the bank, a ftnandng
body to fulfill his desire.
A young entered my room on 26-5-85 nearly at 1
p.m. and requested me to predict the date at which a truck
chassis be handed over to him for which he was trying
and seeking the help from the bank. He further said that the
manager of the Bank had promised to give the draft within a
week. But it is not possible for me to even one week so
please predict the date at which t he draft will be handed ovt!r
and the chasis will come in my hand.
Ustening his story I asked him to give a number betw"eenl
Rlur/G PlANT
to 249 and !he num!l<>r !;ivcn was 3. nU!n I told him to meet
In lhe evening a!tcr I) p,m. as he Vias to leave 5erghatl
ilt g p.rn Ihc dily.
The calculaUon \"las made al 2-55 p. m. on 26-5-85 at
Sherghati. The Horilry fer KP, NO. 3 and the Planetary
posl Uons for \t1e li me 2-55 p.m. are given bel ow:
\\:'tAZ; :1 IMr l1 ... '5
!io.Io " , .;Q FCC<. !S-11
<ah. ;?3.S4


K,F l>Iv,l
t.!o l\l .. n
T ....
. ...,
XI 2{ ,l'

X 24·5(..j)
.... 11

IX [ S;-{
<-61: 0

. , .---
6alan<:e dJsiI of at U1C time of Judgemenl 4-2- 7
Cuspal Detail:
cusp Sign l ord
Star Lord
Sub Lord
Mcn:ury Mef cury
I I "
Planetary Positions:
Planet s Star Lord ' Sub Lord
Mercury >co Moon
Moo. Mm

Ke7hu Jupiter
Satum (R) Juj::iter
)"pitcr Moor
Venus Mercury
Forttlne Rahu

Whether d IlOroscoiX' proml5eS or not is judged oy
the 4"' and Venus, If the sub lord of the 4'" cusp 01 the
star lord in sub lord Is posited Is of 4" wsp
ane anyway connected with Venus, promises vahan Joga.
Here tM 4" [ asp 5ub lord is Mercury which is the lord
of the 4" (liSP 2nd Venus is in til<! star of Mercury, Menee
vehlde Is promised.
For type of vehide \'Ie S«I that Venus and Moon ue
slgnlficators of the 4" hoJ$C ane /o1ars Is posited III the
sign of V,,;'IUS, Taurus. This incEcatcs that there will be engine
aoo Pe"lol or any fu2,1 will be requite(! to drive the vcl11C1c.
the! sib lord of the 4"' CUSP is vbich is deposited
In a mo .... able sign as ... :el: ilS a bestial Sigll Aries which Indicates
4 wheeled vehicle.
Here it Is clear th2t the native will have 4 wheel ed Vehi cle
accorclng t o horarr' chart. No',': the thing [eft is to calculate
the :lme only, · ... 11.e1 he wi :1 have the same.
It Is the 11" cusp ",mid : clearly indicates that wheth« the
desire of the native wi'J De fultliled or not in hordry. The II "'
cusp sub lord IsVcnus 1"\Ihid1 is IndirM motion and Ve:"lUS Is
;1) tile of t'-'erc,rry wh:ch is al50 Indirect mnl;lOIl
hence tile desire wi'l be Her!! sub lord venus is In tile!
house some del ay, disa ppoi ntment and

Mor(!()YC!" the sigI1 lord of 11" cusp retrograde Saturn Is
,aspoct;n.9 \lie 0lSp, 50 until OI nd unless it becomes d'rcct
there is no Ch.iOCe of fulfilling the of native.
,,,:; RU.ING I'\.ANT
To have a vehicle t.. 'ie slgnlficctors of :.n-.rses 4, 9, 10 Md
11 <Ire considered. The purcilaser h<!s to pay the cost, t.ence
12" house .. long "lith 2'" v{11 be laken. And in the ccw where
the hlp fro.." bank ·s taken the 6'" ilouse is dSQ considered !IS
Lhe 77 represent and 5 Is ':he 12'" to 7
• 1terefore the
slgnl:icators of t1e hOlJses 2, 4, 6, 9, 10 11 in d 12 are to be
AI. tile nine pli nets are the singificators.
lis Slgnr'icators are ali the n'ne planets so to decide the
date of lJ:e rul:ng pI .. net Is the only aid which will
give the due.
Ruling Planets are :
Da)" L<Jrd Sunday Sun
sign lord Ml100
Moon star lord MerCUry
Moon sub :ord Jupiter
lag:'la sign l[)fd Mercury
l ag:'la star lord Mars
5Ub lord Rollu
SaDJm Is asplrting Juplcr 2nd Is in murual aspect with Sun
and Mzrs. All these Inree arc tile rulin') planets, he\1(C Stturn
will alS\) as il ruling planet.
AL time of dasa Jupiter Ghukti and
t·1ercury Anthra was running.
Jupiter and "uHng P1ane'"..s, he.Ke will give
ve.'llcle In this pe:icd Saturn be direct 011 27·7·85 hence
there Is no d"ance of glrt::ing the vehicle 27'" July '85.
The Arlthra of ",ill be enc'lag on 12·8-85. 51.1, I
prediCLed r.h .. t you ..... ould get. lite 'le1lide before U-8-aS and
af'".er 27·7·85. Therefore nu ('Moee at getting tlledlaSis within
a week (rom tile l1f
Time of fructification
1. Barlk Manger il-arnJed aVe! Inc draft to hi m on 23·7-85
on Tuesday lord of wnlet, '1M appearEd as IQgna stilr
2. He submitted tile draft to the company from he
to get the chasis 00 27-7-85 on 5<ltwday, day when
Saturn came in direct motioo.
3. The (hasi'; wa'; h.onced over to him on 28-7-85 OIl Sunday
OIl the same day went in retrograde motiOll in
Shookshama period of Satum.
Transit on
a. SUn inSaturn star <I-.d r·loon sub in sign.
b. Moon In Vrlschika and Mercury Star.
c. Mercury-Sun sign Leo Kethu star Venus sub.
d. Ras: Moon star and Mercury 51..0.
e. Saturn in Ubra sign-Jup:ter star and Venus sub.
Conclusi on
Here this case study it is celar that any ruling planet
which is in motion at the t ime of judgement but in
the star and sub of direct: motion Planet will give the result only
after gelti ng the direct motion.
But ,my planet ... 'hich is appearing as the ruling Planet in
dired ITKJtilln in scar a:KI sub 0: in direct motion
I'.'ill not deny togive result even whe"l they oome in retrograde
motion the time of fructifying the event.
Here at the Ime of Judgement both Juptier .!nd Mercury
are in direct motion Jnd posited in the star and sub 0:' di rect
planets. And Jl :he time of both Jupiter
and Mercury are In r-etrugr<lde ITKJt ion but no not deny tf1e
Now I think ttmt lhls ls the at the article with
Pranams to our beloved Guruji.
Good Luck
Every stuOOlt of a5\rolo9Y knows that pilrticular
on any day, a certain plar'let gOlo"elTls the si!J1 (rasi) teoanted
by t he Hocn (Chandra), anot her pl<!nct the nakstiatra
(asterism) O(cupiee l>j the MUl)f), it third the nakshta
sub division (cal led \.he sub) where t1le Moon was il l the
moment, <II1d soon. TIle day again, is ru'.ed by a certain
planet. These planets uewhal we refer IQ as planet3t.
The po5ltiun or the Moon being the same for all places on the
the rasl, Nakshatra and Slib lords will tJ.e the
5.'I me fur all places, but the lord of t ilE! week day mOlY not be.
The Se"Jf'JI days of tile ....eel<: are ruled as follows;
Sum!ay is ruled by ttle Sun;
Monday the r<loon;
Tuesday by
Wednesday by Jupiter
Thursday by Jupiter;
Friday by Venus and
Saturnday by Saturn.
In \n these, and more irT'.portan\ tI1an lhese,
are the planets whidl co- rule the point of the ZOOiac whiCh
ri!;eS at th1lt mQment in Ihe locality. Obviously, these will be
di fferent for different place;. The lords of the si9n (rilsi),
aslerism (nakst1atril) and the sub-div:sion of the rll!kshatra of
the A;.cendanl (I agna) rising ilt the ilre the 5!Toogest
RulillQ Planets.
ThU'> the Ruli ng Planets will be
1. The lord of \.he sign rising in the
, 2. Jhe lOrd of t he star in the ascencJant then rising:
3. The lord of sab in nakSI'k1tTa riSing in t he lagna:
4. The lord of the 51!; n in which "'oon is plact!d at the
S. The 'ord of ttl!! asterism transited by the Hoon;
6. Tnt! 10m afthe sub division In tht: nakshatrll then occupic:d
by the
7. The lord of the week day
If Rahu or Kclhu ',\:ere conjoined .... 1th, or OIXUpy, a sign
1T ... ·nr:(! by ilny of the Rull:19 Planets, the noOCs R<lhu or Kethu
arc said b:) be stronger than ev1:!f1 Stlch planets. For example,
if Rahu is conjoined with V<!!'lUS or is hl TalXUS or
Ubr" (Tula) ruled by Vt!nus, then Ri'lhu should be tak.en as a
rul in!l planet if Venus happens to rule the week day in quest ion
or when Taurus or Libra rises on troc lagna at mornenl or
holppen t o be the signs where the depootcd, or
when the asterism rising in the lagna or the asterism occupied
by the Moon lMongs to Venus.
AI' Kri::tlnamurti (ollowc."'S knO\\I very well the
importance and relevance of the ruling plal'lCtS ... mile making
fXOO1cMn, whether it a horal)' m.:lIt or nabl They
sJ gniflc<mce, of v!hl:ther the event under
consideration is <l rn<ljor or minor one.
The Ruilng the gUide; and in selec:ting
the signlflCiltors and the time when the pro)cctcd
event will rulmlf'liltc..
WIlt!n i!pplied m the rota! chaIt, the RuhllQ I'tInets will ag-ee
fu:ly with the dasa, Rhukthi ilnd anthr.!)( periods in operat»ns.
In my humble cl(perie!1(e the R .. I;ng Planets should be p.:!\d
due attention the signifh::ators of any house cusp fo r
particu:ar Gm easily be obtaintld while the modt! of
ofth€ strtmgltl and the choosi ng of Rul:ng planets
cao be 1'f:!fV weU undtlr5tood Oilly by an expcrienceG follower
of Krishnamurti Padhd'tatl. This. however, does not mean that
one ned t o an exper ienced foll ower of Krishnamurti
Padhdhati In order tounderstand the rU; in<;j planets well. Any
average student can be suffkient ly good in the delineation of
t he rui in<;j and fixing the f rui:ful periods, if he is quite
conversant with the fundamentals of Krishnamurti Padhdhatl.
The Rul:no] Planets COIlsititute key to successful pre-dlction.
A wrnn<;j or r;Jisjudgement of the ruling planets can
very easily affee: a prediction
Based on my own pe;-SOrJal experience as an earnest follower
of Krishnamurti Padhdhati I wish to make few observaUons.
1. Tll e ruling planets, as mentioned earlier, the day lord,
lagna - s: gn lord, lagna star lord, lagna sub lord Moon -
sign lord, Ule Moon star lord and the Moon sub lord.
2. Rahu or KeUlu in tile sign if ruling planet s or asperted by
them orconj oined wiUl them oo;:omestrong ruli ng plarJets.
3. Tlle lagna sub lord should also be taken as a ruling planet
in every case. Moon s·Jblord can be conSidered as a
ruling planet only when the matter Is expected to fruc'"jfy
soon; oUlerwise, it need not be considered. In some cases,
however, the Moon sub-sub lord was found to have some
connecton with tile event and it may also be taken as a
ruling bt..t onl\' when the mat':er under judgement
frUl::"jfy very early and also if such a sub-sub lord (of
Moon) appeal s as a fruitful signiticator of the matter Wng
j udgd.
4. Planets occuWing the lagna sign and Moon sign are a1 rso
ruling planets.
5. A ruling planet aspected b)' ruling planet makes
t he former stronger than the latter. Here, I would advocate
the consideration of aspects t o the Hi ndu
systeml,the aspects of t he all planets on all tho:5e in the
7th f rom them, the special aspects of Ju pi ter on th
and 9
from its position, and similarly of Mars on t he
8'" and of·Saturn on the 3'" and 1(1h. uI
148 RUliNC I'i.J,NT
6. Art'( other planet can .also be taken as il ruling planet If,
alld 0II 1y ir. it is aspwed by a strong ruling plallet Here,
the 7'" house dSpect can a.'so be aJIlsidered in adcition to
thE! special aspects.
7. P:anets In close cOIljuocton wit:', or in close proximity
(upto 5") to,the ruling plMets may also b€ assumed as
fL' llng planets. If the former is 11 faster-mong plarJet as
c, omp.ved to the it beoome5 a strong rullr.g plDnet.
Amorg these, those .... f Hch are retrograde 1'.;11 cause oela'{
<IS 10I"Ig as tacy are so a:1o wlil be fruitful only aner they_
become Cilea: in motion.
The Rulillg planets placed In the sub of those detrimental to
the Il\!llter under may be gi\lell up and only those
which <Ire in the sub or prornls:ng planets to be considered.
Edrl>er; it used to be thougM th"t a ru: illg pli!net deposited
ill a relTogrnde nakshatra woulo not be t:K.illt
has rcH COlT'e to light that such a plancl is not ent irely
Ineffective, espaia:ly if It be a strong slgnificator 01 the houses
hailing a bearing on the matter ullder consideration.
I would plaLe the strellgth of the ruliog In the
fallo ... desccflding order :
1. Lagn" sub lord
2. Lagn" star lord
3. Lagl"la sign lord
4. Moon sub lord
S. MOOfI StDr lord
6. Moon sign 10m
7. lord
Here, I should like to offer " few commeots on the manfle/"
or chosI n; the Bhuktni and "nlhrax lords after weighing the
strer"lg:.h c( me ruling I have observed that some
p'actltloners give up those which are in the 12'" (slgo)
to that occupied by the dasa lord or Bhuk1;ni lord i.e . ..... hen the
8huk1;hi klrd Is io the 12'" to the lord Of when the
KRlSliNAMURll P-'Dtf";JtW! 149
anthra lord is stationed In the 12'" (sign) redmned from the
sign oocupled by the Bhukthl101t1. This plindple, I must say, Is
faulty. WhWler the Bhuicthl lord or lord is in the 12'"
S!gn to dasa lord or BhtJ:.thllord respativcly has no direct
bearing on the hor<lI), chart and the fruLtificatiOl1 of the s<lld
matter. I f Bhukthl lord or anthra lord is fruitful bv the
mstell ar rr.armcr of reckoning Clnd if it be reasorlably strong <IS
a plilnet, then there IS not reason why we st10uld reject
the Bhukthi or anthra of sue+-! " I .. net as of no rnnscqucnces.
Simll arfy the Bhukthi or anthr .. of any planet occupvlng a
sign which is fi" or 8"' to the sign (OO,<lini:"lg the das<l or
respccively shoUd nO' be Id t out of tonsl de:ration,
merr.1y on the b.1sis that thr. placement in 6" or 8'" consit ltutes
11 detriment. Such a planet no doubt wiil be ineffet.iJvc If ft also,
be placed in the sti:lr/ ush of planets detrimental to t he m ..
In Question, but not .. Ihen they are f;l vouablv pl<lced by star /
sub etc. I would In t1is cooncct.ion, rely on a few artldes which
appeared in the earliel"" Issues of mi s esteemed magazine;
t . Page 15 of November 78 issue.
Job was secured during Kethu I Jupiter I ,-loon pef led.
Kethu, is In 6 1n the sign of lord of 2. It is In Its own st<I r
and the sub Mer-cUly, tord of 11 in 11 of desire).
Jupiter, t he Bhukthi lord, is In the star of Sun lord of 10 In 10
Imd In me sub of Kethu. Moon, tlic lord, is in 6 In the
star of Kethu and the sub of 1\11 the 3 pI;:snet5 are
therefore fl1Jltful and are also rulingplanas. lt will
be seen that the Moon (the .. nthra lord) is in the 12"" sign
from Jupiter (the bhukti lord), but this did not prevent the
Moon from giViag the person a job in its a., tttra In Jupiter
6hukthl .
2. page 10 of March ' 79 issue
Birt h of chil d occurred during Sun f saturn / Saturn. Whether
these planets <lJ1' fruitful slgnlnCiltors and promising ruling
plaer"lt5, Cilll be wor'Ked out by the C!rltnuslastlc readers. How
did Saturn casue child birth in its 8hukthi and anltlra If It had
not been a sb"ong planet' for such an eventl Hm
Saturn anthra lord is in the 12" Sign to SUIl (the dasa lord).
Does th:s not reveal the absurdity the assemon
that planet in the 12'" to me dMa lord acts dWimentally to
t he affairs influenced by the latter?
3. Page 43 of Annual Number, 1979
Transfer was effected during Son/Saturn Jupiter period.
saturn (tl"!c Bhuktlli lord) is in the 12" sign to Sun (the dasa
lord) and Jupiter (the anthra lord) IS in 12"' sign to satvrn (thE
Bhukthi) lord. But their (;oojoined period did give transfer to
the coosultar,t .
4 . Page 161 of K.P. Reader VI
The Que' ent bought a refrigerate.- during Venu$ / Saturn
period and Satum is in 12" to \lef1US, but this did nol. dt!l1y ti'l@
Instal'lCes can tie multipl ied to show anthra
and Bhukthl lords pj<ICed in tile &" .lnd 8'" f rom Btlukthl ane!
dasa lorels fespi:'(t ivt!ly hdve caused desirable results In t heir
conjoint periOd.
After we- king tU the singmror'S and ruling p!.aoets it would
do good to bear in mind the foIIOl',;ng hints :
I. P1i1nets that are retrograoe will cause delay so long
they retrogt<lde and Vlil l give the desired results once
they assume direct motion.
2. A Ruling planet in the sub of a planet thilt is to
the matter ur.def j UOgemr\t should be rejl'l:ted.
3. A ruling planet POSl\'ed in the nakshatra of a pl/lnetwhlch Is
should not be rejected. It be /lssesed
whether sum a planet is favou!/lble by its f sub f
poSition to the matter under COMideratioo.
4. The Bhukthl of it plemel whldi is In the 12.'" (sign) to the
dasa lord, or ttle anthra of a planet in the 12" sign from
tile bl>ukthi lord (or dasa lord) should nut b€ mlstakentlv
rej ected. likewise, a planet's platement in 6'" Of" 8'"
counted from the one ocCUPIed by the ttlukthl I dasa
lord should not be c.onstructe<l .tS unfruitful, especially if
the former was favourable to the mattef by Its star I sub
5. Lord of 11, or me 5Ubjon:j or 11 In the Horary Lagna,
denotes success.
6. Sublord of 11 in a movable sign, or in the star of a planet
posited In a movable sign, OellOteS eilrty frur:tiflCallon.
7. saturn owning or asped:lng 11 or any of the relevant
house cusp (depending von the matter lI"tdet Judgement)
portends delay.
The above are the results of my humble elq)ef\erlce <IS an
eamest follower of Krishnmurti Padhdhatl.
A lady consut\:<!nt from Madurai, wanted to know her exact
date of marriage, mrougll OUt Padhahati system
she also 9lIWl a number betWeen 1 to 249 and also details are
as follows :
A. Details
Number 99 (l to 2.49)
Date of Judgement 25-2-1981
Time of Judgement 10 p.m. 1ST at Madras
130()4'N / 80"17'E
Aynamsa 23· 30' (K 5 Krishnilml.rti)
IX 21"S6'34'
X 21'Sii'"

""' ..
VII 21'53'20' I
tdars 21':-9'
ltwJu 16'04'
SJn 1"2<;'
1(1 120'56'34'
\len 3" 9'
Nirayana Hrrol)' C/iart

;'1 2)'56'34'
21 '53'20"
: 6'04
- .
:.ton, l8'36'


n n'56"l4'
Balance In "JopIter dasa at th time of Judgement" 5 years 8
months 05 dl'o'S
C. Planetary Posi t ions
Planets Star lord Sublord
Moon Jupiter Venus
Mars Jupiter Juipter
Mercury (R) Hars Jupiter
Jupiter (R)
Venus Mars
Saturn (R) Moon JUr)ter
Rallu saturn Jupiter
Kethu Mmm Saturn
D. Cuspal Position:
Cusp Signlo!"d Stariord
2 Mooc
7 saturn Jupiter
11 r"ercury Jupiter
E. Ruling Planets:
Day Lard
Lagna Lord
Lagna Stra Lord
Moon Rasi Lord
Moon st<lr lord
Lagna sub
Moon sub
Mercury (Wednesday)
VeIlUS (Thulam)
Rahu (Swathy)
Venus (Thulam)
Saturn is also taken as ruling planet as he is rapt conjunction
in the Jupiter in tlie same d€gree Keth:J also represents Saturn
Ana:ysis : The lagna indicates tlie querellt. The lagna sub
lord indicates the mind of the querent. In this horary the
lagna sublord of 7" (marriage). Saturn is also in the star of
in the 3" house (Negotiatiom). So the sublord is
clearly indicate tllat tile querent has put tile question when
she was having the urge abouf marriage.
For marriage we lIave to judge hoose 2 (Kutumbastnanam
and adding one more to the family) 7"'. (Marriage, life partner)
and 11"' (fulfillment of desire and happy married life). 'Mlether
KnISH.'J .... PA""""" _ _ ___ _ _ ____ ,",,,- 5
the querent is to marry or not Is Ind:cated by the 7"
cusp. If tlle sublord d t he 7'" cusp a signiflcator IX heuses 2
or 7 or 11. tlle marriage is p;omised acrording to Krishnamurti
Here the sublord Saturn. Saturn is al50 k.>rd of 7". Saturn
Is in the star r;J in 3 Saturn is also posited
In Kar ya !<lsi, I.e. the 2'"' house and having cDrl71ections to 2'"
cusp by 5" orb. Hence, the sublord of the 7" is 11 strong
signiflcators of 7' house and the marriage is promised to the
Marriage when? The marriage wil l be celebrated during the
conjoill'Od periods of the significators of houses, 2, 7 and 11;
and their dasa periods in operati ng with the agreement of
transit of luminaries over sensitive points, for marriage OIl tile
horary mart.
Sigr.ificators fram 2!" : No in this bhava. No € in
the stars of lore of 2.
from 7'" : Mars is Ir. the cusp of 7". Venus In in Saturn star lord of 7"'. Jupiter <1150 signify
their house as he is LOnjoined in the Sat urn in the same degree.
Signiticators from 11 : Rahu is posited in the bhava. No
planets in Rclhu's stars. r,o in Mercury's stiJr lord of
11'" house.
Kethu represents Satum. Therfore the significators of 2, 7
and 11 are Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, venus, Saturn, Rahu and
To eliminate the unfr UitfUl sigllificators, out of these planets,
tlle theory of ruling planets is
Hence the common signiflcators of 2, 7 and 11 and the
frUitful signiticators for marr;age are Jupiter, Venus, Kethu and
At the time of Judgement,. the Mahadasa of Jupiter was ill
operation. Hence the period Is 'very fayourable for marriage.
, .j
Venus bhukthl uplo 12.-5-1981. a strong significator,
and ruling planet and signi:'icator (Karaka planet) for
and her,ce. i selected the Venus bhukthi and decided
t hat the marriage must take pl(!ce during the bhukthi itself. In
ruling Kethu and Rahu (nodes) has come as strong
significators. SO I selected Ket hu ant hra. Kelhu anthra runs
for 16-3-1981 to 12-5-1981. SO I pitches upon the Rahu
sooksh<lma another node in the anlh r<l of Kethu.
from 18-4-81 to 26-4-81. So I decided
that the marriage should be taken between 18-4-91 to
18-4-31 Saturday - Moon will transit in her own star In
bhava not fruitrul.
19-4-81 Sunday - Sun is not a ruling planet and hence no
2.0-4-81 is .also rKlt ruling planets ard hence
no good .
21-4-81 Mars is not ruling planet and hence
22-4-81 Wednesday Moon will be in the stilr of
Saturn, a signifi cator hence nat fruitful
23-4-81 Thursday - Moon wi!1 be transiting in the of
Mereui)' significator of 615 and of Moon in the
sign of is also no good as Mars is not a ruling planet
the time of judgement
So, I predicted that the marriage will be celebrated in 24-4-
81 Friday ruled by Venus. Moan transiting in Dhanur rasi ruled
by Jupiter in the star of ruled by Kethu .
On 20-'1-81 I got a letter from the querent along with her
wedding invitation. She praised me a lot for my
predictions. The marriage was actually celebrated on 2++
1981 itself at the ruling plijnets at the time of marr1age are
also as those on the day of query,
Day Lord venus
Rasi Lord Jupiter
Star lord Kdhu
The que rent the ilccurilS€ness of this system.
has w,ittm to me, to clarify whether this is il magic or are
you a 1T.<!gidan? I repl ied that this is not magic or I am not a
magician, but it ;s Krishnilmurti Padhdhati, Krishnamurti
Padhdhati, Krishllilmurti Padhdhati.
This 5cientific analysis and the predictions done with the
rules [ilid in the infal li ble Krishnamur':i Pildhdhati profounded by
LJte prof. K.S. Krishnamurti.
With great to his lotus feet.
Good Luck
C_. __ O_V_E_R_S_EA_STR_A_V_E_L __ )
An admi"er of Kristmamurtj Padhdhati, who Wds;;n
Executive in the Neyvel i Lignite Corporalion wrote to
me saying thal he was desirous of a jub in of the
Gulf countri es <lnd ' ..... <lnled lo know his prospects
a5l:rolog:cal'y. According to his hirth chart Venus Dasa, Rahu
Bhukti, Sat urn Antara \\IOllid commence on 22-12-76. As the
sublurd oflhe 12th cusp promised foreigh t ravel and tyhese
pla1ets were dccording to K.P. I tnat
he would in the matter early in this period. The
gentleman had an offer a littel earlier than period but had
to give it up, at the nutice given was too sho't_ He ' .... rote to
me In JarlUary 1977 that he had resigned his at Ne'fIeli on
20-12-76 and joined a f irm in INe.t Bengal on 25-12-76. The
IJeglnnlng of Satwn Antara ga'!e the nati\le a change of job
in\lolving a long distance joornety but he co uld not cross the
borders of our Motherlard. Life in the new place ws Hell for
him and hw saw no hopes of escape. He w<lnted lo know
whether he wou ld at all ha\le redemption from
lhis Hell <lrld be lLl find a suitable job in some fireign
COllntry. The nllmber mentioned by him for the horary
of the 16,. f\len in\leler<lte of Kri'>llnamu·tj
are forced to adm:t K.P. Hordri Astorlogy (Reader
VI) as a hora:y nl€thlod par excellence gi\ling \lery accu r<lte

Tll€ matter was taken up for analysis on Sunday. 13-2-77
at Madras (13u4'N; 80017'F) ill 10.00 A.m. i st.
P"of.Krishnamurit likens the time of query to the t ime of
conception (Adhana lagna) the differenl of
of the query to the Astrolog€r to the vdrillu.!i sli:l\Oe:i.Df
pregr1Cncy Acwrding to h:r':l the lirne d whim the Astrologer
commences judqeJn€nt wnesponds tc the tinle of birLh of
the dlild (,.iz. the tin",e 2t the chi ld is cornpletely ro:rn
the mother- and starts ind/Opendenl life on carch, This is
by tile entri of the nth el<=n"ent air into the lungs, ',,;hich
ooincide5 ',,;i':h the tirst cry 0< the child. The laqni' rdsinq dt this
Is the liqna) E'.'en dS unc wou!d
predictions ;:m the l'fe "c'f the child onl\, on 3hupdtana la<;na,
hora)' problelll should be j udged unl\, rmll the planetary
posiliuns at lirne of of j udsement ,,-,hen
only the problenl is actually delivered dnd the (orren: t"uths
conc/Orning the problem would dawn en the mind of the
Astrokger. "The hoU5('5 ru!ing planets should be worked
oLtftH the pic(e of judgement ind the time of wmmenc/Oment
c.f judgement resp&tively.
The f;]r 13-2-1977 tlle date of it!dgement wuuld
b<o 23032'32" to the Tdbles of Hou5es.
Nu.165 ttl 2606'10"' in the sign 50xp'o, i.e.
2J06'10" . Frorr: the point of li irayina Adding the
AYcna11a, the (uSP tlf the laqna a': (13c"4'N
lat) on day ',,;ould be 259039'12". In Krishncn1urti
Padhdhiti, the subs of cusps of sup:erne inlporli' nLe d5
un<ai linq indicctc'rs or the nldl/Ors rep:/Osenled by the re:e'!ant
cusp. In ra5e5 or doublful bi rlh"tinle "ectifiult:on, which i5 at
("rnes r:sky. In the hurar'l methc-ds, hm'."ever, the subs c,t the
cusps of and remaining houses are automatically
fixex by the nurr:b<or and the iC(Uracy of the subs does nc,t
depend on the t ime r"ctor. :t beinq so, one can aim at hiqh
accuracy n the horery method. of houses
give the noningu!ar cusps (Drroct to the o<=£r'=€ c,nly, TI:e
use tJf Raphael's TaDles, therefore, implies the pos5:b;l ity of
erxor in the subs of nun angular ClJ5;J5. Tu ob .... idte this
it Is advisable to use the Universal Tdbles or houses for preparing
Chdrts. The UTOH, in dddition to giving the non angular
(crrect :0 the minu:e a 'eauy reckoner for
cuspal roovemel1t, ma<:il1g inter al1 easy task. As :;ler
the UTOH, the Sa.,311a cusp of the of "Lat 130\J am
f()/" sidEreal ti:ne 11 36 mts are 259018' and 253054'
By i:lte-polaticl1, the SClyna cus;) of lagM at
Lor sidcreal timc llhrs 36 mts is 259016'
24", The ra:e uf 11l0joo of thc suep at the stage of 36
mls (sitiereal rme) fur EoN La! (nearer·tu is 55' per
-1 sees. The Vmc i1ter,.al fur the CUS;) tu mu.,e tu
259039'12" (the value corresponti ing to No.165) is 1 minute
30 sec (correct to the seconri). is to the SaY<lna
point of Sp<lce corresponding to the nt.;mber 165 would be
the horiwn at 1301'N) 11 37mts 39 soX
of sidereal tlmc. The 11 Say'ana cusps ha'Jc to be
worked out accurat"cy for ;;ilicreal til1le anti cun'Jertcd to
t he Nirayal1a cups by dcducting thc Ayal1amsa of 23032'32".
The N' rayala horary chal"7 'Norkeri out WOlJ'U ba as I:x:!low:
v ' <5(\'
ri 0""22
;:9' 1'
V 126'6"1,0' <5'41 '
'Jo 105
'0,00 a, IT. On
IX 27' 19'
II: ,,'lil'
Surtday 13'J4' N
Ayarumsa used
M:r, \iJ3'
23'32' 32"
Moon 1'13 I
I\ahu 4','
Lag 26'1l'4ij" i


.. "
Bal2nc.t"' 0( Mera, ry D.,sa OIt the of 3Ye-"ls-
6Mon:hs - III t:C!,{S
The houses thilt govern fOleign <Ire 3,9 and 12. The
permanorr. resicknu> and the third which
Is at 12 to it deoo:es joJ tnel' <lVI<SJ 'torr permareot
1l1e 9th ho'Jse indicates 10n'l d:su,llce v.rangers aM
€ ard OOI1tarKt w"th them.The 12th ho' l$e de-nets life
ina fO,Bgh pla(e (entirely newetWiro1mroenl.$) and 5eparalion
from fam:ly. Let us 'I'lhether the t·\oorl, the represent.3tive
r:I the nu)(f be mind of the ql.erlst t'OHectly. Moon
OI'.'n$ 9 anc: also the 51..:' 00 , he of 12 ane is in the
rorlstell2.tion of "tho own5 :he on the
CIISP of 9 cH1d Is aspe<:ting 9. Mereuy is in I"pt conjunction
with Mars, ovmet' of 12 alld the wnstell,,:ion lore of the
3m cusp. TIle ct th;JS Lhe proport on the quefey
(viz foreign travel) cotTeetll'. in of
Me-cury, the lord of 10 and the $ubk>rd the cusp of 2 in :2
Ir'l(fjctes of jourl'!eY ( .. job Clnd of
woeillth as weli.
!CP. teilChef5 that for 04"0e to abrod, the lord of the
0' 12 a sigl"lificat,,," of 3,9 or 12. Jr the subl,,,.n
lroe of 12 15 Oil 9, and , the
suolmo of the of 9 is a s'gnlfi ca:m of J2. lhilt is to sa}', if
the c.j';r-s of r; aM 12 alt' inter connected thro:Jgh their Slobs,
one I:<lnl"lOt 'J:ft 90 "brood. In t'le chait the of the
(U$P of 12. is '''1oon, who h<l s been c'lscLssed. f he
OI the 9 IS who owns the constrllation
C'/"I the c:.JS[) of 12, withoat a,..., planet in hIS con"tdLatioos.
The c:ueri51. is sure ill go ilJload.
The pe"iw the , Ime ,{ judgement is Mera..ty
Dasa, J:.Jpiter [Jhukti, Venus Ar>talCl 13-) -77).
0".'115 the constell\lon 00 the (usp of 9 aod is in the constellation

of Sun In 3 and the of the lord of 7, The 7th
opposes thr which represents nat i ve SLrrourJdings. As
su(h,the 7th den ctes jouney away from nati ve
Venus owning 7 :5, therefore,
auspicious. V0nus is alos in excellaent trediale with the
lord of 9 : he of the 12th cl,sp,Ler us
here clarify moceptof in padhdhati .
A of a house S?I',' 9, net a i'l
the constellatioll to the occupant or onwer of ,), A planet in ')
or the of 9 b itsel f a signifi cator of 9, a planet in
t he constelati ol1 or the occupan: of 9 is regarded as the
strongest of 9, the planet in 9 the next in strength,
t heplanet in the constellation of the onwer of 9 the next, and
owner of 9 last in strength. Eveo1 in
with or aspected by a significatnr. f'or a significator
to be f uritful it is thal it should occupy the
of a planet which not dell',' resl, lt and sub, the lord of
which Is a significator of It is ha .... ever,
not necessary t he sua\ord is a significdtor ay contel latioml l
position. It is svfficient that the s,ubiord is a
l hat is oy ownership or OWllership ot t he
cnnstellation on sub on relevenal and aspect or
conj unction also auspicious. This aspect has been da:ified
the coiOLmns this esteemed magar ine
by learned editor other writers. In as much as
occl ,pyil1g such subs are fOl,nd to give results in
actual practice their pronouncement shdd be r·egar\kd as a
valid ruli ng in the sub of Vell us in the context is
a fruitfu: significatol, though Vem, s the subiord Is
not a significator as sh.:il shortly. is
also in close conjuKtion wit h MMs,the lord of 12and the
constellation iord of the 3rd cusp. Jupiter· owns the consl eUation
on cusp of 12 ant the on ':he cusps of 9 and 3.
JUpiter is in tlle constellation of Sun in 3 and tlle sub of Mars.
the 121.h krd conjunct f'\creu!)' the Casartatha. Dasa
J ... piter Bhui<.tj is, there'OfC, auspiciol,.s, \kOu;, thcAl1tuanatha,
tllOU!)h a si!]<1ificiltor as above is in U:c
uf SatU:Tl in e. Here a£ai., some darificatlon IS
necessary. A occupying the or of
planet ooes .'IOt nC'CcSSClr ily deny fe!>ul ts in Horary
Astorlo9'/'. Such a significat r;r Is founCi to offer rcs.ults in actual
pratt'ce I,JIlc!er ceffill n If pl anoet is a fairly
strong significatDl" o' a maner by occupation or OI'lllCrship by
virtue o'its corlStIJlatio.l bei:'lg untenanld. it gives results even
if Its constellcltioo lord Of sub lord IS rctroqae, provided the
lard docs nat h<J\.lSeS and the
sliblord Is conrK" .:t {Xl with t'le houscs(s) in question. This will
be partlcularly true wh€n the planet wi th whose we are
ror'Io.:er nrd OIWIS :he C[l.1stcl lati on or sub em the rel evant cusp(s).
This obse:vatlon applies to transit 1'.'<:11 as afe 9Oil"l9 ttl
see event-Jal.y. Further reseal"( h shoul d confirm this. In the
p' esent case, apart from the retrogres!;ion of Venus
COasJ.elIaL"'On lord SatU"Tl, \otnus is:tot a strong signifiCCitor
of rnat"ct'I" and is not tep-cscntod on the co.15tdlafiOl'I or
>ou of znv of the cusps. (oastell aboo lord SaWrn
is In 8 (ttl<! hOl.loe that denies 9t h house matters.) Venus
',,"oold not, t her efore, uffer : 1"1<= resul:, Instead, Venus In 4 in
sub period should t he querisl: down t o the native
soil and 9:'>'e him enoo.:gh mental ago'''y as signilic<ltDr of e.
In act :t happened so, ilS la:cr cur'rsporlOerKe l' he
next Nltara, which is of the Sun runs from !J-3-n to 24·
'\ -n. SU:l ls:n ] in the cQl'lSle:laliOn of the 12th lord and
the 5ub ofMcrcury, tl-c Oa>¥latha both of whom have already
bce1l di scussed.
As regards the ruling planets at t he time [)f Judgement,
Sun t he Antmmatha is tile day lord. 1upiter, the BhuktlMti"1 a,
fr om being the sublord or the Moon at the Ume of
jud\jement, is In the cons:ellatiOil ofSl:n, the day lord is in
;:;ssociation with Ketu, the of the lagn;:; rising
Qt the time of :lIdgement (A:ies) Jupiter is also aspeded my
MQls. thE OQSQnathQ is the constellation lord of the
at thE time of judgement. All the lhree are thLs rLI;ng
planets. One may, therefore, s"v that the maller ',,"'OLld frLtify
in Mercury Das<!, Jupiter Bhukti, Sun Antar" ( belween 13-3-
77 ;:;nd 24-4-77).
:-Jaw let LS trun La the wspal perioc for confirm"t inn. The
great importcnce of the cuspal period especially in HeraI)'
Aslorlogy has been discLsser;' in detoii by the learned Prof.
K.P, Singh in the ser;es of alticles under the t itle '"Deeper
implications of thE sublord :heury" published in the earlier issues
of this esteemed mQS"line. The cusp wiLh which wer are
concerned inthe 9th whir.h indic"tes the journey wl-.'ch wou:d
land the in foreign soil amidst str;mger" sna :oreigners.
The 9th cusp in the chart is at 27019'7" in the sign (;:;nce;,in
Hercury's consteliation, Jupiter sub Qnd SLn's sub sub. The
Sun's sL;b sub extends upto no)2"1 4" which rr,eQns lhat the
CLSP has yet to traverse 37" to cover Sun's sLb 5IJb. The are
3'7" to 24 d;:;ys in Mercury' s period. r hat ;s to
bay, Qccorcing to :he perioc indicated by the constej'ation on
thE 9th CLlSp MercLIY D"sa, Jupiter BhI.;kti Sun's Antara would
last t ill 7-3-77 Qnd "'coon's AntorQ would run from 7-3-77 to 15-
5-77. Moon owning <J "nd occupying the constellation of
Mercury, the constellation lord of the 9th cusp is mare dir&tly
relatEd to tile 9th cusp with "'!hich we are LOncerned than the
Sun. Moon also owns the sub on the 12th cusp. We mal',
therefore, SciI' th;:;t, the point of ,.:ew 0: the cusp.:;1 period the
matler wOLld fructify dLring OaS<!, Jupiter Bhukti,
Moon's Antara.
Sun, the IUmLnary and a significctor would be tr"nsiting
Jupiter's sign, (Pisces), MerculY's constellation from 31-3-77
to 17.-4-77. It concluded that the would fnJCtlfy
' ..... h<:'n t re Sun reaches his own sub on of the Moon
tre othEr significalors would be in transit.
i, wrote to the gent'eman he wwld by GOO's
be surely out pre!;{'nt Ilell in the ht week of Apri l
1977. I i t' wrote to rr.e on the 8,h of April 77 intimatint that he
was saft'l)' at Abu Dhabi 5-4-77 and thanking me
for t he ·'pcs held ouL to him on the basis of Iloral)' Astrology.
He 1e4: our- r,lotherland on Tuesooy, 1977 by the BoInbay
Abu Dhabi night ror 20 hr, 30 [T,ts. t:ight wa5
iKtually delayed by 10 If. "flutes. The traflsit position at the
t ir.le 0$ de::Jar"..LIrt' os Tht' day is ruled by Mars, the
lord of tht' 0$ 3. Mars :s lonjLJLtion \"lith t'i€rlUI)',
the and in consteliation of Sl1n in J. SLJn, the
lurr.inaray and tre Anlararatha W2S t ran5itng of
Jupiter, the Bhuktinatha (Pisces), the con5tell2tion of
the D<ls<m<ltha, and his own sub. the luminary and
sigriHcator wa5 tranWing the sign Libra in oppositon
\"l ith Jup"ter, the 5huktin<itha on the chart, int he cunstellation
of M<I"" tI"Ie lod 0"' 12, who has been above. Mer-cuI)'
, wa5 t rar15i'·ng Arh in of Ketu
and the SLJn ofr Saturn, the' lord of 3. l"Ia5 transiting
in \·I i:h Jupiter, the was transiting the
Tal1rus in the of Sun, Antaranalha and
the sub Merrury:. the Dasanatha. The cusps rising
Borr.:J<l)' (18055'N; 72054·E) at the time fiight '.'la5ln the
libra, the wnstellatin of RahLJ ard the of Sun in 3.
Tran5it of the and the Irr.portant
confirm<ition tt1<lt triO r5it inthe SLJbs of retrogr<lde pia nets does
not den)' resLJlts. SatLJrn, the sublorc retrograde both <it
the time 0' j ucgemrnt and tI-1.€ time of fr·JLtiti catioll of the
It may be mentioned that in Horary Chart and the
SagitLarius Ascdt. Nativity or the gentleman the SUn and the
PMlIUlliAli 167
Moon (who are also were I rarJ5lfing the 4th Bha\·a
the Illh Bha\-a resoer.tively. The 4&1 represents
stav In residello(e. One mdY the 11th
house de;1ote5 ful fi lment of des;re. But the 11th house stil nds
for return (Agamarkl ), reun:on with f amilv and 50 on. How
could tr"dnsi t In t hese houses bring journey away fr om
pe""mc!nent resider U! <'nd scparaTl on frOm family' A ward on
transit may nQt be out of place he-:"e. in traditional Astrology,
tranSit its sysreal of Vedha Is reckoned in terms or the
signs 'rom (Moon sign .)1 bir th).
Prof.Krlmr amurti in K.P. Redder V on ( an
glide In f' )(ill£ 1M time at of evertts).
..... ittl LaGs figures th2t UI€ system
of transit is not a cependable one. Honour and fulfilment of
dr.s·re come to Otle the 5O·called Imusp·Wus
Ir.l llsitiT"19 the 6th S19" from the .l<l nmarasi).
gains a(Cure to one during the n"U..I(h rreaded 2ri
.lind so 0:1. Only the rnnsteIlaUon in cases. The sign
trdnis:ed, oi WI.:rse, has signlflcance;,s the zone owned by a
of t '1e matte! but not is l:.e t h sign counted
form the j<lnmarasi . On page l36 at K. P. Reader V (Sep.197J
ecltio!1) Prof. gives the X>i"OSL"Clpe of
with Sun and Saturn in t he 12.1:11 dnd MUS In the 8th
(even if in the Srlpatipattem of
trilditional flsIO:1ogy) . Bot the lJentleman hitd gain, fortune
dnd success in the sub periods of these for the simple
feason Ihdt these plal"1€t5 v;ere in favourzble (Onstellalions
and subs. Our Guruji 5i:I'tS such th;ngs opened his e;.@s
:.el him lo......ret the rEal basis of prediction
shoutd be. His intense urge !lie resp:! 1lSC from GciiJd bnd
t he astro:Clgical .... ,orld hds been 1.11 eS5ed with d scienMc and
accurate system of prediCUOO Ylz.i<r1stmmurti P&lhdhati.
III 6 can give if he :s in ttl!:! coostell aliono1nd sub 0(
planets the ha.5es goo.'eIl' q manage. This
applies to l rdnis. as we!!. A planet t ranisti;lg 12 un give gains
and one transiting 4 foreign travel provided the constellation
and sub tranisted ue favourable to the matter in quest ion.
That is to say the "Jrima ry conslseration" in reading the results
of planetary perioos 01 fix' ng the fme of fructification of events
by transit should be t he constel lation and sub and not even
the Bhava (Munddn€ House) T11al 15 the very bdsis of S t e l l ~ r
Astrology dS propounded by our late revered of tc. e basic
principies of Krishnamurl i Piidhdhati has already been
established beyond doubt.
Good lUCk,
In the hOllr$ of 7- 10-81, my fr iend, from
Pur;:rsaivakiGIm, enter<!d my-room with d very disturbed stdte
of mind and the query.
At the first instance, I could not catch the real gnwity of
the Qucry ;,Ind so I him to explain me un(jer what
circumstar0te5 and I0:k ground, he was forted to put such a
He presented the rTIiltter <I S follows :
It seems 1'11:0; filther hiKI a bank balance to the tune of
60,000. ArOUnd 2'" Septeml:ler his father <tSked him to look
for a house for plXChilse wrtl1 t he above amoont.
On S-IO-at, tle re(eived 3 phone cai l thilt his father htld
passed ",way. ARer performing the last rites to his father; I1e
mother regading the above amount. She expressed
oomplete InlYXence of such <In amoont. Hcrxc, wrtl1 no other
source, he apprO<lChed the Bank and fouod, to his surpri se,
th .. t the amount withdrawn by his fath('f himself, dulV
CloSing tM Bank account, just d dily before t1ls demise.
Telling thiS, he uttered the NIl. 248 between 1 and 249
1he Horary chart prepared and is as uncler :
Date 7.10.81
Time 9.43 a.m. 1ST
PlClce lo1ixJr-dS 1»4' / 80' 17'
AYi:lnimsa of K.S. Kri!flnCl murti 23"30'

Cusp Sublord
I Jupiter

III Rahu

VI Jupiter
Vii Jupijter
Degree Star lord Sublord
posit ion
,"0 170'18' Mooo Ket hu
Mooo 2692' l r

Milrs 118"15'
Mercury(R) 190'21'
175''44' MH S
" h,
169' 28'
Mooo />lelcu!),
Rahu 94'15' Silt\Jrn Saturn
Kethu 274°15'
, ;;'11«"
j 11!'S':l2"II' WlTl1"8'
a..o... · .. u'
• =

. .


...... n,.
- -

$&: ' 1'"

... z. ....

Query is rather indicated and how to proceed?
At tllis junL.:llre, let me re!terate the follolving information
to the reae'ers and the stud€nts of Krishnamurti Padhdhati
When a person had queried regarding his finilncial matter,
the 2,d cusp house tells ilbout his financiill matter (i.e.
money of the querent).
4" cusp and house tells about the money of lhe
younger brother or sister.
Simi larly, the S" cusp anc' house, tells about the money
matters of hismother.
6'1> cusp house tells the money matters of his children.
7'h cusp and house tells about ttle money matters of his
servant, maternal uncle etc.
8'h cusp nae' house tells ,")bout the money matters of his
wife or his business partner.
And the Hl'" cusp and house tells aboutthe money
matters of his father; and 50 on.
VJith this background, I proceeded with this case.
As t.tre query is pertaining to the money matter of hb
f?tner, 9i" cusp is as Lagna of his filther, and so,
tlw 10'h cusp is to be ta<en as the house of money of the
father (i.r. tile 2"" Cllsp (house) for his father) and thus find
out his firld.1cial dealings and matters connected to finance.
So lhe 2'" cusp from g'I> (i.e. 10
cusp) sub lord is looked
into. It is Jupiter. The position and signifi cators of Jupiter wi ll
clearly portray the status position 01 his father's money
dealings, under reference.
Here Jupiter is on the 7"' cusp from the querent's lagna. So
it can be initial ly vi'>Ualized that money has gone out of his
hand!; finally; since Jupiter on the 7th cusp, posited without
any plimet in its stars and t/1LiS getting full signification of 7" .
172 R<JU!l.GP'..NfT
And furthl-r the s.ame JU';lllef {oS the sOOlord of the 2'"
(USO (from 9"') is situated in ,he Slal d MQrs, dt:pos;tor d 5"
from the l'iuerent5 kr:.jflC". 5'" is the Dhilnilbhavilm of Ihe " "',
which stand!: fur MothCl d:he quertc'flt. SO J dedarf:d, Ihat
t he money in is in tile cuslooy of mother only.
Yl:sa:rday (2.8-10-81), h\! (nly again came to me
ilnd inforrnL-d that he could 91:1: aut hentic information, in t he
lII earIU;nl:, that the ><lid ilmount hild handed over by
h;s i:rto the hand of his mO':.hllr soo:l after he withdraw
the s.a'T1C frum l'le 8<rnk; and the s.lme amount had 00en
safel y dcpa::itt'd in ht:r acCOUllt in some Bilnk ill Madurai.
\\Il l h deep to our revered Guruji srI K.S.
Krishnamurti, .... +w Ili!d gi\lt:1 US a Pa(lldhati, thus improving
the prcdicrivE: tcchCliGUE, w:th the reS\.Jlt the stuaws of Astrology
is being regained.
we know t hat horary ast rology IS the best methO<l to pin
point t he time and of any event. There are a large
number of methods IIsed by Eastern and westem Clstrologers
for norary as:rologi QlI analysis. Horary sectiOn developed by
Prof. Late Krishnamurtl, popularly k,no.."11'1 as K.P. is the best
and accurate modified sOentific method to give the exact and
only correct answer ttl any que'Stion.
_ ..•..
1,1:1 1
7"03'00' X22'G3',22"
VI I 23',0'00' IX , 3'03'22"
VI Z"'0372'
Jl-pQf ;'<J

Ott!! 2).9-&6

13'04' 'l E
'i 22"03'27
23'34'-:6' Ay.
XI I <:2'onX'
... ...
, ....
II: 2<0212" 122"QJ'1:r
s .... c'3l'6"

I.e :10'211)1'
1&'l S'l)l'

IW 2a"IHl"
I narrate IncidCflt that happened in my house 011 23-9-
86 for Tne benefit of readers. My husband lost his cycle locked
and kept Inside the compound, between 1, 15 and 1.45 p.rn.on
23-<) ' 56. We notiCed that the cycle was found missl ng at about
1.45 p. 'fl. t>:y husbiond was depressed so much for the loss
Of his c.yde. The efforts (oJld not bear frull even after
thorough se.m.h all round t;,e are<!.
Wtltlll a is comrr l ttcd. It tt1at the ;)ffocted
perSOIl an I too got tilt: urge to
know iOnd veri fy how K.P. reveals t>te trut h of
lost ankle and whether the is
As usuiil ;:; number for this purpcr.;e was o!Jtained from my
husband iOtld t;!kell for Jl.ldgemo! flt at 4.00 p.m. 00 &e same
day at ' ·Iadras. Art all<! lysis done strictly according to the
of K. P. is furnished belo ......
Position of Houses :
5111 St"r
Sub sub
1 Mec Mot Mot
2 Vee

3 Moe Moe Mooo
J", 50<
7 J",
Moe Mot
8 Mot
9 Vee Mooo Soo
10 Mec
Maan Moe Soo
Planetary Position
' 000
ven Soo Ketti
Met JlJP

'·' er

Ket l,l Mot
Veo Ra:, u Sol
Mar. lop
Me. Jep
) up (R)
Jep Moe

Ruling Planets
Day 10rdTuesday
Moon Rasl Lore
Moon StJr Lord
Lagna Lord
Lagna Star Lord


at of Judgerr.ent : Sun Dasa Bhukti
Venus Antara) upto 21-1-88.
The lagna indicates the querist, whose property has been
stolen and whichever matter thE sub- lord of the cscendant
slgniffes Is what he wO;Jld I:ke to kJ"iCM'. One who deprives you
of your is a t hief. seventh house indicates the thelf
or the criminal at large.
The matter lost 15 shown by the lord of 2'" cusp.
Is Indicated by t he 11 cusp and the t ime of recovery by the
slgnlflcators of 2, 6, IP houses.
The house shov.s the jXJsscsslon of the thief I criminal.
The 4'" house his proTession and the 5'" his gains owing to
the crime
Find OJt til<' OT 11'" for the time of
weovery r:f the lost proper:y.
Froperty :ost w:1I be Judged {rom the houses 2, 6, 11 Trom
the house indicating criminal.
I; tht' signiflcators of houses, 2. 6, 11 counted from the
hOJse hdicaling the person, ' .... hose property is lost with t he
rJl'ng planets of thl' of the property lost
will bt If the same rul:ng are col)l)et.ted
with 5, 8 allO 12&, houses, it is lost once for
Similarly, if the Dasa lord is nul conneded with 2, 6, 11
houses, in that the property cannot be recovered, as it
would be siqnifiUltors of 5, 8 or 12" houses, which are 2, 6,
11 in terms of houses representing the
The sub- lord uf 7" s'luws the zge of the crilT.inal and its
connection to other hoUSE indicates the relation of the criminal.
The aoove are some of the important reguding theft
/ cr:me and the criminal.
Now come to examine :lle The ascencant
fa ll s in Virgo 23'20' house - Mars star -
Mus s"b Mars sub sub. The s"b/s.D Lord Mars OI'I!1S 3, 8"
houses in 4" star. Sun owns 12 ane dep:!sited 12'" in its own
star. The sub-lore aspects 7'" houses. So Mars is the
significator of 3, '1, 7, R ane 12" houses. Seventh house
indicates the thief. The 8" house indicates possessiun of
movable property by the thief. The 4'" ineicates his possessiun
The eescliption of the t:1ief is known from the sub·lord uf
7" cusp and the sub-lord shows ·,Nhether the thief is young or
Did. Here in the chart, the sub- lore is Mars shows him to be
aged ard of f"" stature ane s"b· lord in the star of S'1n
lord of 17'", who is a strung 5ign'ticatur uf 12". Here the
slgnificator uf 12", indicates a stranger, begger, ve""{ poor in
clrc"ms:<!nces, one in misel"ab:e plight, who is a professional
Whether the artide lost will be recovered or not depends on
tile sub-lore of the 11th CliSp. The 11'1> cusp fa: ls at 22"03'22"
in rulee by as sign star.
re5p€ctivEty. The sub sub lord Mercury owns
10'" in 12" in tile star or uwns 11" in 8"'. The sub sub
has to caL5e the of the Lore of the conste: l<!tion
accord,ng to the constellatiun Lords occupation. is situatee
In fl" and he Sun is in the 1 P house. being
owner of 11 and dep:!s.trod in fl" anc Sun owns 12" and
deposited in 12" is to give t:w: results of 8'" ane 12'"
house. Therefore, thE lord anc.s"b lorc and Sun
of 11""· cusp does not promise recovery of the lust: property.
The r"anets Mars, Sat, Sun, Venus were also connected
with t he houses 5, 8, 12 indicating that the property is lost
()'1ce for all. Further i' the Lord is not wnilected with 2.
6, I t In t hat the property CMnot be recovaed, It
woul d be Sign'ficators oc S, 8 and 12"' whidl are 2. 6, 11 in
terms of houses thE- criminal . II' the present
case, the running Dasa Lord 15 sun strong slgnificatOr <112"'.
Net result is that t he property lost Is los! for all.
A poiice Cll mplaint was lodgo:d w:th the influence d higher
officer$ for tracing out the (ulprit and reco .... er, of cycle. Even
af".er three monttts. r.othing is oetetted to recover the article
or hook t hecul;"lnnt. Further, frieflds 01 my inf!veoCed
to SuCh an extent to get an alternative cyde unclaimed by
anybody from the police ",hidl also did not materialize.
The pol/ce are still hunting to eaten the thief as many cycles
were lost in my area during mat pcf lod.
Finally I \"Iould say that K.P. system is like a gold mine and
it al l depends upIln hm ... deep YOlI go Into SUdl a mine and get
ttl!"' desired golden result.
The );.P. is therefore ()fle of the wandel'> cI this
20"' century to the wand ci
After from ser."ce, wi ll I settle down in Salem or
mtl'lC to some other piKe? questi on put hV my
co1lcagl ie to " s retirement.. TIle question WilS put on 2-5-78
liJt:sd<ly al 7·t:;6 p.m. J.5.T. The number given by him Within
249 Is8.
1l'.e tt\zrt prep;1rcd ba!>ing fIkl. 9 as is as fol lOW!>:
... -

! seZ(' . .. :.

N 1-2.

J( Vii,. ! . '119M ; '.1.·;1
House Signlo rd Star lord
Sub lord
I Mars
' ",u
Venus Suo
IV Moon Jupiter

V Suo Ket u Venus
VI Mercury Suo
VIll Mars Saturn
IX Jupiter
<' W
XI Saturn Mitrs
' ''tmury
lupites- 5.lobJm Saturn
The (h ' rt prepare f or the t'me of question Is as follows:-
, ,
Vl2·t l
... 112·16

S,1tcm l 1j 9"N
7B' 12' E

.'It8I\11Ma 7121'
118- 18 r9-2l>
XI 12,11
Sign lord Star lord Sublord
SOrum Venus
Jupiter Kethu
IV Saturn Rahu Jupiter

VI Mars Kcim Mercury
VI!! MerOJry
Saturn Venus
Sat .... n
XI Mercury
XII VelltJs
The pOSit ion of at time of Question is as fcNlows>
I ''' .. ::0...,'
I 23·30
Kclh.o 10)..1
S" 1&-<2
...", 12-57
----,. -
Ba:an:e of Jup:ter

DasJ 12-1·2S
--r --
Ur. [R>

- ----

Planet Signlord
Sub lord
Moon Saturn Jupite Saturn
Mefcury Jup.tcr i>\ef'Cuf)'
Venus Venus
Sat u;n
Mer(Uri Mooo Mooo
Saturn SOo
Lagna lord Mars ls debilitaed in 4th house. Moon, ttl<! 4th
lord is in the 11th in the star of hpiter. jupiter istne lord ot9th
and 12th hollSe'S. Jupiter is p>aced in 3rd bhava. Jupiter is also
the star lord 01 4th house.
Jupiter is tOnnecled wl(h houses 3,9 and 12. Jupiter is the
sublord of hOuses IV II as per Chart -6. As he is connected
with houses 3,9 and 12. I p.-edicted that there is a change in
the place of residence. /os Jupiter rs in 3rd house I also in<Ik:ted
that he may settle down nearer to Salemm instead of going
to his nat ille place which is about 180 miles from Salem.
Rahu is the sub-lord of rv houses as per Chart-A. Rahu is in
the sign of Mercury and inthe star of Moon. So Rahu replaces
Mercury and Moon.
As lord of 3 placed in 17th house, also indicates
change. Is the lord of 4th placed in the sub of Jupiter
who is the lord of 9 and 12 placed In 3rd . 50 Mercury and
Moon also indicate change. SilKe Rahu replaces Mercury and
Moon, as sub-lord of 4th house, Rahu gilles chal1ge il1 t he
place of residence. It is also signifICant to note that Rahuis
also the sub-lord of 9th house. Mars is situat ed in IV house in
the star of Saturn and sub of Jupiter in 3rd bhava. Saturn is in
4th house. As our guruj i t old in his readers that if a piartet
signifies IVth house and also its detrimental house, 3rd then
during that period native wi ll !lava a chage of residence (place
and also travel. There are no pianets posited in Mars star.
Hence I anticipate mars anthara must do him his change of
In the fi rst week of June 1978 he shifted his place of
residence aoout 25 mil es away froln Salem. Jupiter dasa,
Saturn 8hukti, Mars Ant hra was operati ng at that time.
Dasa lord Jupiter as lord of 9 and 12 placed In 3 (as per
chart A) indicates dlange. BIlukti lord, Saturn is planed inV
house. Saturn is in the star and sub of Kethu. Kethu is placed
in 12th house. He is associated with Mercury, lord of 3rd
house, and he is in the house of Jupiter, lord of g and 12
houses. So Bhukthi lord, Saturn also indicated change. Anthra
lord, Moon (lord of 4th house) is in the star of Jupiter about
VItrom we have discussed above. So in the conjOint period of
Jupiter Dasa, Saturn Bhukti Moon Anthra, there was a change
in his residence.
Thus K.P. unfOldS the secrets of nature in a mysterioUS

,-_ _ __ J.
Imagination was running a riot ...m; le I Wa5 scanning the
leavEs d my diary to select an interesting c.!ISoe for the New
Year issue of this esteemed M<Iogaline. My wife arrived
unexpectfdly and requested me to find out astrologically
whethe1 we Me l>Iessed with fore19n assignmet1t. She quoted
No.I 66.
Momentarily I became speechless since there are certai n
deli cades Involved in the matter under COIlsi dt'riltion. Firstly,
my personal kllOWledge that for til well-settled prilditioner d
15 years' fl(perience, foreign asSignment is neither tempting
nor advislble. Tempermentally too I dislike it. The s.ecood
delic1lCy Is that 1 have to present the finding to my own life-
partner, who will readily smil e iY.vay at my p<"dictions in rurture
and for life If tl1e present one falls. HOWever, the k>ng hours
spent by me In Astrological worido not escape her appreciation,
VOdcterred by these delicacies I stilrted woridng out the
problem by preferring Horary to Natal Chart Since a minor
rrisQke in birttl.tJmea)ljd alter \tie enti'e p!ecictiort bychang!oc;l
the sublord of Xl i cusp who exerts e)(d\.lSiVe influence. ill the
matter. 1 nave IIttempted to corrabOr'ate by arlalysing ttle the
, __ ____ __ .".-_cc-__
1) from as \',''011 VII house (Iagna of:he husbdnk
of the Q'-I€rient).
2) Warking 0LIt: the cuspa! cas.. system of XlI cusp VI
Cusp (XII from VII Cusp)
Impressive enoUoJh, , .... hich indicates the mine of the
Querie1t is ' n conjunction with ard is in the star of Sun,
lifd of 9 in 10, foreign t ravels with an assignment
(Proressiond). In addition, is conju:lct Witll, Rahu, sub-
of Xli Cusp, in 9 in the' star of Sun, lord of 9 10. Thus
foreign lssignmrnt is promis:ng from A review from VII
is equdly promising. Th€ s'Jb-lord of VI cusp which Is
12 from 7, is satu'n ' .... ho is lord of:J in 3 aspect ing the IX and
Xli bha,·as. Summing up, the sub-lords, of XII Cusp and VI
cusp,Saturn and Rahu both are connected with Foreign
assignmenl, inc:i vicu2lly or col:ectively, either from or
from VII house. aSide my prersona: fa(':ors and
on ana:ysis, 1 venture to say thilt this
prediction .... '11 nei.. fuil.
The nexl issue, a and rnore difficult that, it
timing the evem. Once again the signiticalors are se'ected
both from lagna VII house.
SlgnIflcators f 3,9,12:-
From bot1 lagna VI[ :,ouse S;9Tlificators are sderted
by the 4 step method advocated by SrLK. S.Krishna Murthi.
Jupiter, saturn, Ketti, Rahu are the most (XIII':erlul signiftctors.
SU, the Dasanatha Is a weak sig1iftcatorr as lord of IX from
Lagna and III from 7th However he is inthe sub of
Jupiter who is the most pol' .. significator: A doubt has ar<lisen
whether Su,", would promise the assignment during his period.
A review of sigrlificators is attempted with the help of Ruling
Date and Time of the Review:-
11-50 p. m. on 12-11-78,83'17' East 18<17' Norttl .

lagnd Star lord
lagna lord
Star of Moon
Rasi lord of Moon
Merrury (Rahu)

Ketu (Jupiter)
' c,
Once ;;9i1in, Sun is the INst powerflA among ruling planets.
However Since Sun is a s'9nlrl(ator as well as a ruling planet, I
decided thal Sun is capable of blcssing the Queerient with
foretgn traVEls. According to Vrmsho/:Nri system Sun
Dasa-SatU'11 Boktf1i fUllS from 28-9-78 to 10-8-79 during whkh
period othe deSIre wil l fructifY. Saturn DecOCle ret rograde from
25-12-78 to Hr5-79 whid pOl1ends hurdles and post-
ponement!; due to ore redson or other. R..!hu, a Shadow
who has become a poVKfuI SigOifiGrtor. whose Inter period
sorm 9-6-79 t o 30-7-79 is to cause
fructi:'lcation of the event.
Cuspal Dasa Sysl.em: is worked OI..t on the 5a'Tle lines oilS
Moun's PWr.ssioo in a ;>.Ytic:ular SIilr iI!XCnling lo Vimshotthari
D<1sa Sl-ostec"ll . Thc Cuspai po:n! dispi!:t:es Moon and
othe- are identicl a. The XII Cusp is In Scorpio at
30 01' in the star of Jupiter_ The llaIance of Jupiter dasa In"
months and 17 days, likewise VI Cusp i .e. 12 from 7 is in
Taurus 3001' In the sti!: r of sun, It has traversed 6021' in t he
star of Sun in 3 yE2rs t month 21 dyas. It is Interestiog to
note that the V( Cusp<ll ddSil ,"lnd Vimshotharl dasa systems
are running almost Identically. Sun and Saturn operat es,
according to both sysle"l'ls in June, 1979. "The relevant period
according to XII Cuspal ddsa system (in June 78) in Saturn
Da!;." Siltum Satum inter-period.
Transits:- Dasanatha, Sun wi ll be transiting In the star Moon
who 15 a pol',-erful 5ignificator and is also ruling planet, In the
XII bhava from lagna and antt1ilr1l lord Saturn, tranists ilf9th


... 21·5· 7')

fl. ahu is in the of Sun, 50 Rahu is stil l st ronger than
Sun. Thus Rahu is the strongest significator of the 2'" llouse.
SO I (onduded tl'Mt the QVereflt's marriage shOllld take olace
only in the Rahu shookshma period. The marriage taking place
In tile Dasa and Bhukt i of Jupiter and Satum anthra needs to
The lad of the Dasa, 6hulct:i et<, arc (ooneted wilh the
houses 5, 8, "\2. Jupitf"r himself is lord d 5 ar.d 8 and siglficiltor
of 12 being in the star of Saturn in 12. Saturn is Iprd Df 6 also
wt1Kt1 is the 12" house for the life partner Indicatirg bed Cllmforts
fot her. Saturn is in the star of Venus, lord d 3 and Oliet
9Ovemor of marriilge. Saturn is Mars lord of 9. So is an agent of houses 3 and 9 and app-cr.'ai
of oot h sides). Satum Ar'i thra is apt to bring about the event.
Thus [predicted that the Ciuerent's mar:i age should take place
in Jupiterdasa and BIluktl, Saturn Anlhta and R.1hu shookSlma
bet .. 't!€II 27-5-1979 anti 15,6·1979.
Regarding the bri de, whether the qucrent will his
niece or not canbe decided at ooce. The sub-lord of ttle cusp
is Ketu. II represents Jupitef' by siqn and star. Jupiter is lord of
5 and t>as no relation with the 3"' oouse. So it is clear that the
Querent has no dlance to marry his niece. Uranus is in the
star and sub or lJpiter. Uranus is ror suddenrless.
Seeing the bnde, ne<)Otiation, fi Kation <M1d celebration of
marriage a!! were over, all·of a sudden within a fortnight whiCh
generalty take some !1"IOrIths in our community. The marriage
actual ly took place at 12-35 a. m. on Wedrlesday 13-6'79/
14' 6-79 with 5OIl1C other girl, At thoJt time Sun was
in Veous sign, TaUfUi, Mars star and Sal urn Slb. Moon was in
SalUm 9gn Cilplicom, I" her O\'1In star Snlvanam and IW1IJ
sub. Dasa Hnd Bhukti Lord Jupiter was in the star of the
AIlltlra l or(l sarurn alld in the sub of Sookshma lord Rahu.
AIlthra LOll:! sarum VIas in me star and sub of Venus, me
O1lef p:anet for marriage alld significamr of 11' hOUse. The
sookstu"a lord Rahu was in the star of Ve'1US and in Its own
sub. Venus was in its own s;gn Taurus In Sun and In Its
own sub. was celebrated In Meena Lagnam rtllt!d by
Jupiter. Thus transit agrees In tull . After was over
when I went to my native again he congratulaled me for my
accurate predictiOn
1_ XU C\rW<II D.Y..II
sat..." Ca2,
S! t\Xn Ilhul:.lhi
S!tvtn Antrora
18-2-1'179 to
2. Vlmshol:r,a:i Ca2 05· 06· 1919 to
SYn MerC<,rf 23-7- 1979
GN.!kthl - Sal\;m

3 VI 21-ti -1919 to
Sun &sa s..w-n 10-8-1979
Bh1Jk.JII ).)pter
.... ,

1)8-06-1979 to
C _ _ F_L_IG_H_T_O_F_S_L_V_3 _ __ )
The followers 0( the o<.:J Dr me traditiOnal mettJod in AslroIogy
will look aSKclnce but tile students and admirers of Krishnamurtl
Padhdhatl \ • .'ould be to read this and appredatc
the exacti tude of t he princi ples enunciated by the
lamented scge Krishnamurtiji, om revered GJ rJ and master
mind of pr edictIVe st ellar astrology
I)( lj':t:r
XI 1'"33'


'III 1!n3'
II 13"33"

1\1 15"33' S.I,J rn

On 30-5-81, in the morning. I had an urgt! for 35Certainlng
astrolOgkally the time when Stv 3 Vias to tate off 0<1 its tistDric
night By that t ime it had beEn announced that it would be
blasted on Sunday the 31- ."1ay '81 but II was in the evet1ing
neYlS only that I 11eard it becir.g ar1r'1Ounced tIlat the SLY J
would t ake off any t ime between 7 a. m. and 10 a.m. on 31-
S-S1. Anyway, at the time of analySiS, I was not aware of the
probat)le time of tile blast.
The following chart was prepared at 10 06 a.m. 0!1 30-5-
81, when the was taken up for astrological <l.nalysis,
and Krishnamurt i Padhdhati Ayanamsil 25' 29'40" was
consic!ered. The latituc!e of the place of judgelTlent is 26°5"1' N
Cuspal position;
Cusp Sign Lord Star Lord sub lord
Ascendant Moon Mercury Venus
II Sun Venus VenlJs
III Mercury MODll Rahu
IV Mars Rahi.! Venus
V Mercury m<!r.i Kethu
VI .J4:litcr Venus Kethu
V II saturn
Moon Mercury
VlII S<ltum R<lhu
IX Jupiter saturn
X Mars Venus
XI Venus
Xli Mercury

Planetary Positions:
Planet Sign lord Star Lord Sub Lrd
Venus Jupiter
Mercury saturn
Mercury Mercury
Mars saturn
Rahu Saturn Moon
Kethu Silturn
Ruling Planets ;
Day Lord Saturn
Moon sign lord
Jupiter .
Moon star lord Mercury
sub lord Saturn
Lagna sign lord
KRl$H"!'>':.ll Rn "Al)HDI;.(Jj 191
l.iJgna stu
sub lord Venus
Sun is in the star who the lord, so Sun 4:50
becomes iI signlf lCator. Dily Lord. is in the star of Sun.
Thus Sun becomes en important significator. Milrs Is conjoined
with Sun and both slgnifitatDl'S, and I-li1rs is in the star
of Sun and sub of Jupiter wilD Is Itle sign lord. Thus also
Sun 1x>comes a slgnificator. So Saturn, Jupiter, Moon,
VenlJS, Sun and Mus become ruing Kethu represents
Saturn being all in ilnd Rahu represents t400n
being the onlf planet in Klt<'kil.
Tl1C' flight to a plzce, In abso:utel)l new enviroomcn1
we have to consider the 3'" house (twelftll or negation to the
4"', 9'" (long j ourney), 7'" (change in geflCral), 12'" (new
environment) th€ 11" (sua:essful mission),
Cusp !'o;" s .... , S"b P·ane'.S •• =&::c-,;.,,::--
of Icrd lord kl rrl SIal of or -.;:<J5e Iofll
Ilo'J9l star brd t;a,se

." "
S<It\r, 1'100II
Slt\. m
XII fkcyry Rah\J Me'wry
Mars is conj oi ned wit' sun and ,s a:so i:'l the Sldr of Sun. SO
Mars Jlso bec.omes " signifiCiltor.
Let us f;rst check up if the 11" sub lord, Mercury, promises
fulf. llment of desire. Mcrt lry owns houses 3 and 12 and is
placed in 11. Ir is in the of Rahu in 12. Rahu represeflts
Moon who is '" 9. Rahu is in the star of saturn. OVIflef of the
7'" and IJl the s.utl of in 9. Thus r·'k!fcury is wonderfull y
Cl>nnC'd:ed wittl all the required llouses, i. e.]. 12, 11,7 znd 1.
So succEssfu l f light is assure.d. Let us no'",," f inalise the
Rtlll \GPI <.NT
I<ethu : Kettlu is :n tt.... st;r of f·loon L19 <Inc 9.1b of Mars In
10. I'il ls is '1'1 nit! or Sun ..... ho is again in Iilo= star of r·toon.
Moon is til(': 3S(t':Wnt Ion:! anc: Is the star of 3, 7 and
11. Rilhu, the of I'toon, star Ioro of 12"'
and sub lord of g' anc CUSPli. Kethu's sub lord
gone to sub of Jupiter >'I'ho owns the 9'" house anc
with O'.\lner of tM 7 th house. Ketth.1
rep-eentative ofS<itum also the 7" hOU5€. TI1US
strongly hoo.JSe; 3, 7, 9, II, 12 anc the iSSCefldant.
Sun : Sun is the star of l''Ioon. Moon's importance hlb
be<"11 Its <\lib lord Is JU;litef; owner of the 9"
hoL'Se, anc: i:; (OnJOlned ... ;th Saturn, lord of U\e 7"'. Thus, SlII'I
b€coole; a very strong signif icator,
Mercury : 0' ... 'flS hOllse; 3 and 1:1. and Is In 11'
in the star and sub of Rahu 12. Rahu not only represents
' ·loon but is also In tne <;tar of Saturl\ Q' ..... ner of 7 and of
In 9. The nl<;pal of r-1oon ,md Rahu helve
already been discussed earl ier. Thus also a very
';gnfic<Jtor of all the required hou<;eS.
Moon : It placEd ;n 9 and il; ,n the star of I"'.ercurv, owner
of 3 /:1M 12, In 9, Moon is Irl the wb of Saturn, lord of 7, Its
(\Jsp/:II s igr,ifia;nU' has iltead'( been disctMed. Moon Is a
Jupiter: ONns 9, It is in the of Sun. It is
Saturn, O'Nr"Ier of the 7'" 110Ibe. Its sub Men:ury, Is /:I
vert strong of the Its stili'
lord, Sun, also i .. e vel)' strong sI9n1f(aIOr. Thus Jupiter too is
a good signlfie<:tor of the rec:uired
Mars : O;o.lIS 10 and 5 and IS pierced In 9. It il; in the of
Sun and sub of Ju:!iler. Ilom the Io"d aM sub lord of
are good slgnlr:cators.
Rahu : Rahu rEil resents 15 In the st:r of Saturn, lord
of 7 2nd S is plaled in 2. S .. twn retrograde also. It is in
the sub of Moon b 9. Not very st:'OI'lg.
Io\RlSl lNf M , RTl c-..,-,...,...,-,.-,- - -"","c:--:-""",'
Satur n: o...'nEr of 7 and 8. It Is if I the 5tJr of Sun in 10
and of venus ill 11. Sun itself Is very strong. It i!. also
the 9'" and Moon and the 12" hoUSE; and
Mercury. It Is "l ute to lllwc results as it is conjoined with
,t.ho is the OWner of 9\'.
Venus : Owns 11 and is plac€<! In 11. It is :n me of
ruler uf 5 10 in 10, and Sllb of sat urn. I t is
of 11 OfIly.
Since the €'o'eIlt is tD fructify in a day, Noon to be
moved. Kethl.i's star is in ruled by who is aiw
signiticillor. Scl j)e Moon be in the Z!Jdj exal :seqment
go\'ffTlcc' by Mars - Kew - SOn or and Jupiter. Mar.;,
Ketl1u and Sun sub is from 3"0'00" tu )'40'\1' Aries. At thiS
poSition Moon be on Saturday i tself. So, $;Jn sub caMot
results. Mors - Kethu Mercury - Jupiter govern from
2"1({5S" to 13'202- of Aries sign. On Sunday at 5-30 a.m
Moon's poslt:on is 10'45'. It will reacf112' 46'5S" around 8-44
a.m. and sl'ioil leave 13'2'02" at 9-08 a.m. So SlV 3 shoud be
blasted between &44 a.m.ane 9-08 a.m. To fill. up the exact
time the lagJlil h;"15 abo to be When it the
<:f t he zodiit<: governed by the sign'tk.aton; Cif t/l e required
nOI..l<;es, that would be the ITIOment of SLV-J'5 Oigtlt.
At this n:olllent, ( had to ;eave the anal)'!OiS due I.D certain
extremely urgent prob:em r"f'<: ui ring my immediate
On Monday 1-6-1981 it was qlJite kMNn that ti M; SLY] ViOlS
Iked at 9·)·46 a.m. I WilS h<'IPP'! th;:!t it Vias fired wrthin the
of time fixed by me bI.It th<lt I had not moved
the laqna at the t ime of ana lysis to till' \.he exact time 01 blast.
I therefore, hed the pusitiotl of IiJgna 1-6-1981.
t..agna reacf1e; 6"4B'0' in Cancer governed by Moon, Salurn,
Jupiter exactly 9-3 Hrs when the SLY 3 was fi red.
In fact, the amount uf 46 secmus is neqliglble tor sucn
a:;trologi",1 caku:atiuns and must have been taken by the
PI ucess of L>last a nd night .
it Vl iU bE cbser.-ed thilt ruling planets had the tinal say in
fiKing 1:tle time oc the blast.
On 8-1-1981 6 p.m. I engrossed in an important
and urgent worl<. 'o':hen the suddenly went off. I
waited upto 6.25 :l.m. tor the restoration fo electrldty but
without any consequence. Because I was atteJlding to an
impor .. clnt malter I was rather perturted and grew impatient,
I immeeiately thought of finding out through KrishrJamurti
Padhdhati Horary r.lethod and with the of Ruling Planets
whether the restoratioo of clec.tricily was promised quickly and
if so, when?
For the nrst part of the query I resorted to the Gulbarga
Theory. N. per 'Gulbacga Theory' if the sub lord of tile Haraty
Number furnished La be either the Moon sl,u k>rd or
the lagna 5t3r.l ord among t he ruling planets also, then the
query is to be answered in the affirmative; otherwise, not.
On C>fX!ning a from the right-hand side page, J oottl ill('d
the No.24S (1 249). According to the Krishl13murti Padhdhatl
theory, this corresponds to the part co· ruled by Jupiter, Mercury
and as sign lord, stJr lord and sub lord respectively. The
sub lord, the Moon, also happened to be the Moon star lord
of the day and hence the requirement of the theory is
fulfilled. Thus I concluded that the restoration of electricity
was promised.
The next of the query is For this I sought the
aid of the Ruling planets. The at the t ime of
analysis were as tallows: Day Lord - JupIter (Thursday);
Moon sign lord - Saturn (Captircom); Moon stcIr lord - Moon
196 Rt .... 'NG Pl.ANT
(Sravanam); Lagn!! lord - Mercury (Gemini 27'50'); Lagn!!
Stilr lorQ- Jupiter.
As I exPCLted the restoration within a short time, I decided
to move the t o fix the time.
Jupiter is the star lord and also appear.; twice and zs
such he is a strong Ruling planet. Rahu is deposited in the star
of Mcrcul)I another st-ong luling planet and represents the
larter and he is in Cancer siqn and also ;:;spccted by Moon and
thus Icprelentmg mOOn also. Hence I decided thal when the
Langa would star (Puna:vasu). Rahu sub (1"20'
to 3' 20' Cancer ) the ek!ctricity woold be restored. At that
time, Imn (another saong Ruling planet who Is In itsown star
in Capricorn (Makara) and in conJUl1I.tion with Kcthu who is
also in the Moon's star and being In C<iprlcorn represe-nting
5.aturn also, WOJld be aspcct\ng cancer (Kataka). Thus I fi xed
the time of rest oration bct ... een 6.39 and GA7 p.m. As fiKed,
the electricity was restored at 6.40 p.m.
Jot11lda Sit K.S. Kr1shnamuru, our Gun.JJI,
b<!r.n one In a mi ll ion, who !jilve out ms discoveries to t i1e
Mdt'nt public, ';'/ithout any l etUrrI. He
to 00 Independent research, in il ll his le<tures. 1 am
one of tho: multitudes who 91'11 Inspiration from him tn do
research In l uling pli:lnl5 and thCl1 appliGatbns. His ruling
has been found unfailingly (?'/r't l o be of immeasurablr.
valJe. Sir K.S.K. was only mail 1'.110 ha;:l contributed hi$
ti.'T1e and €OCrgy to dt::velopment nf Astrology in c:enrury.
One exampl e of th is unique, short and si mple, method Is
sufficient to proYic hnw divinity gu"des im anxious mind thro
tile Great Ruling planets.
On 9-2-81. at about II -3D a.l"I'I. my frienOs were
the disaslerous perfonmmcc of OlW (rick.::ters In Australia. All
of us (needless ro say all Indians) "'.'ere aruOOli5 ilt the way
our dlilmpiors "'.rae los:ng :hci, gilmes and names this season.
On!! of the frit:nd5 wantEd me til prEdict the out-come of the
Test March being plal'cd at Me:boume now. But, it offi ce
tl mc and I die not have t he re:ferrn:e books with me, per nor
was th.:re tme et'mugh to , .... ork out th'" Sub Lord of stars for
t he number. books. Sa I pr.Iyed til LC'Pf.:j Shr!
IJchchista GiJnapathi ana our GJruj:, for a moman, and
a9<e<I my f riend to give me a number between 1 and 27, II
vcry V€ry short method which I have found effective in such
('xigencifls. HC' instarttfy gav(: me the No. 13 Star fO!" t ile No. 13
is 'Hilstha' (ttl elJth and the ascendant was 10 de(Jree
0( Kllnya. On 9-2-81, Moon t."Ie alxlve Ascendant star lord
was in the star Revathi and this sl a:- IDrd Mercury in
Kumb;J, In 6" house from Kan'fa, Further Moon is lord of 11'"
to Ka nlls t he A5cendant: As '>Uel!, I boldly predict ed that
Indi<1 will win, to evt'I)'bOOv's disbelief, bec:ause <1t 11·30
a.m. on that day, India's position was pitiably low, iIg<1lnst a
massive I" if'lnings 5C.Of1:' of " 19 by the Aossies. MirOClJloosly,
on 11·2-81 at 8.31 I ..... as O\.' trjoyed to hear on the Radio
that India hils won the match. Tne ruli ng planets amply
confirmed the t ime of victory hs can be seen t>elow. The R.F'.
at 11·30 a.m. on 9·2-81 at 11-39N & 78-12E.
Weekday Monday Mooo


The RF' at 8.31 a.m. on 11·2-61
Mesha Mars
Lagnll Meella
UStllr P. BhilO'"o/I
Us. lord
The name of Shri K.5. Kristmamurti will live as 101"19 as
mankind cldsts on this Earth, and his padhdhilti adored as
best one In predIctiVe side.
Good luck
A) A Trunkcall was booked by me to Kilncheepuram at 8-
15 p.m. I.ST. here at Bangalore on 18-4-1978. Along with
me to speak on the phone witJl her husbank was my elder
si:;ter. To know whether the call Vlould mCiteriaiize or not. 500rler
or later, I resorted to the world known K.P. Method.
1. For the material isation of trunk call houses 3,9 and 11 are
examined. Consider the sub-lord of the 11th cusp and find out
if the lord of t he coostellCilion in which the sub-lord is positioned
is direct or ret rograde. If the loed of the stllr is retrograde, no
purpose wil l be served by that mil. If the lord rJ the constellCitlon
in which the sub lord rXthe 3rd cusp is deposited is retrograde,
then the cal l wil l not materia lize. Next, if ttle lord of the
constellation of the 9th cusp sublord is retrograde, the called
party cannot be contacted. But if they are in direct motion,
the call would materiali ze <It the ruled conjoint1y by the
significators of 3,9and- ll.
II. Beforf' stcirting, I invite the attentiOll of the readers to
page 104 if HoratY Astrology - K. P. reader VI. wherf' In it has
clearly been stated by Our Guruji thClt if the &Ublord of the 3rd
cusp situated in th€ star of CI retrograde planet, the telephone
Office wi ll say that line in out of order. If the 3rd cusp sub-lord
is himself retrograde, (with its stilr lord direct) the call wi ll
materialize later.
If the starlord of the SLIbiord of the 9th cusp is retrograde
the called party wi ll be absent. But If the sublord himself is
retrograde, he will be asked to keep the call pendill9 Clnd later
givcn connection . If the sublord oftl11lth cusp is in the star,
t he lord ofwhidl its retrograde then in spite of the connection
bei ng given, neigtller party will be abl e to hcClr _each-other
proper ly. But if the sublord is himself retrograde, t he t alk wi ll
be had after complaining to the Telf'phcne Office.
Ill. Reproduced below 15 the chart of the heavens for tne
time of booking the Trunk.o:lI :
Books used 3fE': Raphael's Table of IiolI5E5 and Mahabala's
Aclvanc:e Ephemerts.
I VI 2'27' i !
.J 14 S .. m 4'46". • ,1up ,'12'
j\'ca .','111 2' 2J IX 28' 2,'
V ;' 27' :\ ' 11 '
20 h, •. m
11-4- 1973
X 2,' '''
- -

1 ' (10 )' 5'
u'eJ :
IV 2', ' n '
. ,' 2)'
S' ..
III 28' 2 ... 1 1125'2;'
' ,
T 44' ' XI ]'27' j
XII 2' 2, '
' j 1l"2"


"" "'"


Saturn (RJ ....
1'32' Gem,,\!
"'" "'"
s.v..m (lI:l



t l'lS' PISCe5 let Sao:um
Ju p-Ier

"" c."
11th CUsp 1"21" Vir'O'l)
." .
IV. For the realiSCltion of a deSire, the sul>-!otd 01 the t Uh
cusp shoUld not be retrograde. And fur the of
a trunkcall the <;UbiOfd of the I Uh cusp must not only be
Cirect bl;talso the of this sublord must be d1re<:t; (Of, if
the starlord were to be retrograde, no purpose wil l be served
by the call. 5e(ondty Jrd a.1SI) is 5refI after which the 9th
cusp stlouis be exami'led. If the lrd cusp pcom;ses the calle,
then proceed to exami" the 9th I;Usp for it the former does
I'lOl: promiSE' t he calle, there is roO poil'lt in $oCrutmling the later.
The Jro CU'5p is said to promise the cali, If the lord of t he
In whi ch the sutMord is Situated 15 direo;;t.
Analys is:
I took the 11th cusp and exami ned it. It Is In Meroxy
Sign (Vl RGO), SU'l star and Jupiter Sub. The sublord Jupile!' Is
im:he star of Ranu- a r.ode. And Nodes fi.-stiy represent the
plilnet ... which they arc COfI)oined then the p/ar,eI: they afE'
aspected Uy. then the lore of the slg" I" whim they ilre, and
they lore of the ( Ollstellattoq 11"1 which they are positklned .
Hf' re Ranu vry represerts because it i$ In
the house (Vil'<JOl owned Mercury and ilIlso asj)ected by it,
SIJ, Jlipiter t he rJ the 11th Cusp is ill the star of
whldl stroIl9lv rej:resents Mtorony. Mem uy is Retrograde.
Heri(:e flO purpose Will be setYed call.
I began. to !>O'\ltinize the 3rd Cusp which is in Jupiter Sign
(Sat ittarius), Sun Star, "'ars Sub. As al readdy stressec before,
the 3rd cusp Is the aile of the p'imc importarlCe for \.he
fructification of tile trunkcall. Here Milrs the Sub lord of the
31d CUSp is poWOfIed in the star of retrograde Saturn. Hence
I expected the line to tie out of order.
Having analysed and all this, I to my !.ist£r
and ..aid that we will not be able to talk ih the is out of
order afld said her to cancel the call. She just ignored ;t and
waited for the call. I just kept mum, lind too, waited. In
anot her couuple of minutes, the Telephone Department
informed us that we cannot speak /IS the line is out of order.
My sister smiled al me and canCel led the call.
on coming out of the Department, she said,
" Man, You're great. You predicted so precisely". To thi s r Just
sa'td , " No, I' am not great. Its may Guruj; who is great for
having ptorounded this infaliable science of I only
followed the orindples laid down by him.
___ '"
It was a sunny day 0/1 the 24" July 1979. I had just then
had my lunch with my frtend In Indian trom l.rnbla. He had
cClmeback. txIlidays only the day before and wanted tel
know from me when he woul cl get registered for the courses
and start i!ltteodlng dasses. He was worried because he was
a lready a vteelc. lltte. I told him not to worry because K.P. can
show the W<¥/. He also Informecl me thilt the clerk nad asked
him to come me next dill)' and he gave i:I number 114 between
1 and 249. It was taken up for judgement as soon as we
reacl'led Our room.
II. The Horary chart
";.,, I """"
pt 12..08
X " .2!>
l1;llS <£.15
..... ,.,.,

1,',11·37 "'0.

1:1·52 p,", 01\
.lop. 21-11
80.1 r E .. .:I
"" , ....

U'lI (R:-
24·37 :0-21 I
li llz-:·a
Sooks used:
l.Ast:'\.llugy & Athrlshta July issue.
2. Ta':lles of Houses by S.Bala.uooaram and Bala.
III. Positions of r elevant c usp5:
IV. Jupiter Kethu Saturn
IX. Venus l-1oon Rahu
XI. ,·mn Sarum Muon
J.f·: ercury-R ,·t orm Rahu
tv. Positkl n of Planets:
Sign-lord Star- lord SUb-l or(!

Saturn Venus
Mars Venus Juplln
Merc.·R Vetl US

Mer(.-R 50,
Venus Merc-R

V<'nllS Rahu

Fcurlh hoLsc: Fourth ho.JSe I::; \'<Icant. Its Io.d is Jupiter.
Venus alore is in Jupiter and StM.
Ninelh house: Mars is in 9" no.J5<'. He IS In his 1.11'11) s"tlr.
"The lord is Venus. Saturn and Rahu aft' in Ve.,us's stir.
Eleventh hous<!: t-1 erCJry and Jupiter arr. in the Xl house.
Other tMn these two, Ve,1us Is also :n their Stal'S. The lord is
Moon <:IrK! no une is in her Star. The four,h holY..e Indicates
educatior.C'1 aclivities and hs SU((eS!; in gelling acmiS5Ion is
de:loted by tJ'e elel·eoth house. Hence the corresponding
signiflCatOrs are selected. As t he quesUol1 i!l in regard with
higher education. 9' is also
VI . Whether his w ill be-fulfilled or not?
K.r. reader II Page 217 - th¢ subiai'd of 11"' is relrograde
only whc1tever hI' C'"'Sires I'/iII [J(It be Md
• Thf: 5IIb1ord uf
XI ru5p is "loon. He IS lord ot I t" VC'r'( (io<;E ttl XI
cusp and Is In ' .'Ie Star of Saturn who is in dir«t motion.
Hence soccess is assurEd.
to tilE method founded by the Gulcarg<:l
Mtrolug;cal (r ol re, if thr. subl ord of the number
given :r. be eill1€r the st,.ylord d \h€ or
the Mr.on, the answer is YES otherwise No.
The ruhng planet<;crt t'1e moment WEn;- Rahu, Vet1us, Sal.urn,
t·lnon and P.Urs.
I'\enee the :.Ub!ord of number, Rahu Is the star 10;-(1 d
ascendant The answer is YES. He ",;,1 definitely get admlssio.n.
t>1 oon tne mind. in Saturn's star who is a
strong signifiCator of 9''' house and in the sub of Venus a significator of IV, IX, XIth houses. Further he Is a
signiflCator of XI house also. SQ. "lor.n cleraMy reveals the
The slgnificators .kIpiter, Venus, ,.lars, Saturn, RahU,
Mero.:ry, Moen. Jupiter is in t he sub of Sun a non signiflCator.
50 he is deleted.
Tlie cO'l1nwn are Rahu, Venus, t>locll and
M :t was .-natter tl: be Judged In a days, I took the
mr.t"tln of a s.trong sigrllficarioll . The same could happen
on a t·1ondar, Tuesda).·, Friday or Salurday. But Saturday Is a
ooi:day aNI henre Sawrday is deoleted. Venus is very strong.
So, I the 27'" July and on !hI' day, Moon IS in
Star. So I decided t:t1at he would get rf'gi5ter!'d on
Friday. st;.¥ begins at S' HI a.m. \I'.hen Venus wM in
ven us ascendants posSi ble arc Leo, Virgo whi Ch are
oot i"1ted by stro;"!g 011 further calrul atiollS I found
out that at 11-55 a.m. Muon is in VellUS star Venus sub
$atum and the lagna as the moo'Tle'nt in '·tadras
was 7"- 59-' in ubrn ruled by Venus-kailu-Rahu 11$ W:ln, Star
and I procr.rxJed With ca:culations to find
out ifany other t im" is al so At 2-20 p.rn the a:;:cerdant
r.; co- ruled b'/ sig1. Star and
and Moon is In Sun·Vml,.r;·'·lcon·Moon (sub-sub). The' time
betNel'n 2·25 p.m and 2-40 p.m was also fea sible this
It is jO:nUy rulNJ by the
So, I told hi11, in vw.A: of t'le th.--re poss!ble tiITIf:s that I )
Hr. .. 1111 pay the fees. at 11-55 a. M. and gr.t himseJ admit:ed.
2) At 2- 20 p.rn hr. will go to l/"1 e cf:'icl' to meet!lw. concem/'d
person regardi r.g registrat ion ane 3) l:Ierore 2-40 p.rn IH' will
get the' r<'qlstraUon tDrd. I also told him t hat IV' 'will start
attending from Monday onwardS.
t.s predicted, he paid the' f(ft. at 11-55 a.m. only f'VCI"I
though he wr.nt t o pay at 10.30 a •. ll. Itsr.lf. He me'l the
concerned person at 2-20 and got his registration card at 2·30
We !lave \0 thank aad pray Lord Uchh,tamaha Ganapathy
to initiate' oyr late GUM.lj i, tor having pro-
a new thl'Ory II, pl"NJ:(U'.'r. astrology, "...;th hi s ne,,'
ideas of lUling planets and Thb K.P. method give's the
as:rclo9'!r5 more (Q,1fidence in giving predktions. Thr.; a
first fotep to .... remeving the 'g:lOmy on mai , I'/
of out ralst> j"I-cdrtO:1S and wJI sorely help
astrology in re<)ilinin9 it lost glory and e(fClCtS are seen
no',,··a-d.ays, of the popular,ty of K.P.
Now-a-days, is hat chdnnci is fim'i ing among
the youths, if they pass through any critical of life or
get dis-appointment relating to any of the li fe such as
fai lure in examinations, love affairs or thcy to
abscond without nmice to their beloved family members.
Being practitioners of Astrology, we have several
case; relating to t he iswc during pccvious months. At this
critical moment, survivi ng fumi:y members u=1 to the
Glmp of
Here in t he article we are reproducing few remarkable
il lustrations I-elati ng to Sllch matter. in which we find the rel iance
and exactness of stella r astrn'ogy ar.d its approoch. We hope,
that the readers of our Woved r.lagazinc, :nay find their
selves benefitted.
First, we reproducing he'€ case relat ing to a \'Olmg
bay, who is stJdent of Intermediate and his father is a
head masK". in a reputed primary school.
On 3-1-1979, he visited and expressed gl"iefiy th<i t his IV
issue (living 3'" child) is nc( lraceable lil st He h<is
visited to purchase some books at neighbouri ng plance
Anin<lbad, he has nOl t urned back to his place til l the
We took hi<; problern atonce, and asked him to mention il
208 RIli!«;. PLANT
number in between 1 to 249. lie, uttered a number
25 at 9 h. 37m I.S.T. l!t lucknow.
we casted and erect ed the horarv chart at the Slime
moment the Xl house as Ascendant for the
IV issue (Because we take V house for I issue, VII house for
2"" ant! so on .... .. , ..... .. )
The is as under:
" 23"59'
v "7.'!>9'00"
. .,
2T"39' flo ,\
IJoor W1O" '


1)' 17
v; 17-59'0(l'

\' _, 17"59 ocr
2;;r;r", R.1t J AU
't1m- ,X'
SJr j R/20"2L'
rD'l!h,ld. . lTD

)(j 22"W'o-"'
L\,)"$ 22'S.'i N<op

5, n 1S'42'

'" ."
5) Planets and condit ions;
Pl anet s
Star lord Sublord OCCU pied Owned
10 7

Mm Venus
10 9,10

9 S, B
Saturn Rahu
Jupiter Rahu
8 3,4
Jupiter 7
1, 12
C) Cusps and thei r conditions;
Cusps Sign lord St,'Ir lord
Sub lord
Ascen Saturn
Z" Jupiter MercJty
Nadir Mars SGturn

Jupi'); r Saturn

Mercury Mars Mars
Zen:L'l M.!rs Mercury Silturn
11" Jupiter Silturn
12." Saturn

In the chart, we considered whetrnor the missing
young boy is al ive or First, considered thl'
Ascendant. Su'J Lord SJn (itself Hylcg-Ul€ Giver) and S12r
Lord for 3'" cusp and for 3 tnd 8 cusps
life span and Iungevily) Sun is in sti.r who is
significalor for 3 dnd 8"' C'JSps. lladhak lord Mars (the IX
CL:SP, for sign) is al'iO s'gn ifying 3 and 8 cusps. Hence,
came to (orJClusion that he is Alive.
At t;me of t:Je of Rahu, S.P.Moon and
I. F. of Sun is (om lll'rYi ng s; nee to 30·1-1979. on 3-
1·1<J7g elt the tille of was in the
of and Sun is Asc:endant s<.lb lord and the
5tar iOrd for 3" cusp. SUn is in the star of Ven<.ls, and Venus is
VI! and Xl star lord. So we at orxe uttered v.i thin few l"K.lurs
you wi ll caille to know hi>; ·",here abouts. you wi ll come to
know aboJt any in"ormation on the day, he v.i ll join the family
on 4-1- 1979 t;:.e(:ause as soon iSS Moon will transit in the star
of] Jpiter, ;s signifying the 2,5 and 11 huuses.
v.ith the blessings of Lo'd Ganapathy and Our Guruji, ·",ithin a
hour, querenl (the father of missing p('rsun) received a
________________ -"""'"""N'Gf'lANT
telephonic c<,11 [TeHll i\gril , that his son has reached t here and
j oir.ed his fal\l il y on 4-1-1g79 as predicted.
Now, we are reprodudng Fetal mart oflhe same per!;un,
'Nho 'Nas again absro'lded II ti me f TOIll 11is house without
01'1 19-4 1979. Again, his fa ther visited us on 21-4-1979
and provided LIS his correct birt h part iculars. We casted and
natal chart, which is reprodudng here for the
of our readers
------ ---- ----
J JP 2, '22
\, 11 4'37 VII I 4' 35 :0"
VI 10',no:)"
Raoo 2718
',' 12',,:·'
15" "'.0"
Fer ;:9' 58"
!<.v.; iC-it,RHKE

'J.:lOOaj 1-1CIW I 'tL')m un
IX 6'55'

A!'f..,... ,Il>f!d
lilYW:: 26'55'NJ

U.l.l 5Ido;""" 1C', 2", 2'l,
, 11';; 5'
' :.I.r·:c ,'McSf- "'" :in< 0'
III 6", , '

"1 ' iii 'oi
WlfS ,3':;9-
Mer 2'10'
KelJ 2; ':19'
h o. ':3T
N: p '-0' 09'

11 1'35'00'
' 0'40'
su- 19' , 5'

B) Position <lnd condition of Planets:
Planets Star Lord Sub Lord Owned
Moon Ketu
Moe Jup"ter
9 7
Ma rs
JU;liter Saturr.
1,6 12
&m Jup:ter
8,11 10
Jupiter MeccUly
2,5 5
Venus Mars
Mercury 7, 12 11
sorum Mars
f-I ars 3, 4 3
Rahu Jupiter
Saturn B
Ket u Venus
KRlSlr-IA. ... l/RTl
C) Position of Cusps:
Cus ps
Sign lord Star lord Sub lord
M(JI'S S<lturn Si!turn

Ketu 1-1001"1

Jupiter s.aturn Mars

Venus Suo
8" r"crtury

11 "
Mercury Moon Rahu
IV. the tlme of evellt M.P. imd 5.1'. of Rilhu 1.1'. of
Moon SSSP of Saturn (OI'I'lme'Kir19 from 18'<l- 1979 to 1-
5· 1979. Saturn l aM 12" and alw Sub lord
for 1 and 12 o.r;.ps. Sdturn is in the and of Mars, who
is also <;ignifyir.g I lind 12" cusps. So, we came IJJ a OOlldusion,
dlle to rdatJon of I dnd UISPS, .... i t h the planas, he
NO· ... ·, "gai n we p:fd uur <lttention to me.;:k the longevity.
We lind that the for 3" oJ'>\) (denotes longevity)
are re'ated with 8" cusp, there i." no Questl(jl'l of eil rly death
a';<;es. After it, we think rtfl! r the SSSP of Ketu in M.P. and
5.1'. of Ra'lu, J.P. of ' '1l,'On whlch ..... as 11"5- 1979 to 15-5- 1979
betause Ketu is Itselt 2, 7 and I I MP!l arK! is still"
lord of 7!" cusp. Kel'J is Jupiter by sign v..tlo b also
signifiGltor for 2, 5.6,10 and 11
As .... <ell a." on 12·5-79, the tralbit of Sun i." in its ovm :.tal
in the of the ' '1oun Is 2"" W5P sub/Old and Xl ( uSP
star lord. At til€! tlme of hlrt.h Sen in the sub of Ketu and
Moon in Ule Sub 01 Jupiter wtlo is signifying 2,5 and 11

'" ....,..,..,..._.,,-

with ItIe blesSing ci GOD, he tunwd bad. to
his home on 12-5-1979 <I t late hours.
Now, we <l fe feprUdudng tin ill ustration, <Ibout a young girl,
she was from her home without uttering a Singje
.... 'QId to her filrrily membets. Thio<; event was so enlarged, if!
lucknQ .... tl1i'1t t he questions relating to this isr. up. was also
raised before il'i!'.el'll bly of U.P.
TIle abscoMee girl is fifth younger to the querent. We
asked hirr. i) in bet\.o.'een 1 to 2'19. He ilt once, uttered
a m;m!>er 33 at 7hr '151n on 2-6- 1979 at We
consi ceree XI house as for her house for l SI
youngster, V for 2'" , 111 for IlI,IX for IV and so 011 ... • ) the
hor,,!)'. Chart wNeh was obtained by us, producing here as
ul'lder:-T .. kiog house of the lI: ulnber as 1..."'191<1 of the gi rl .
A) Horary Chart:
IQ 1!'0'

\' n 19' 2ff SIr. Ii 5g' ,,'3"53'
.': ... 7118'
- --
I-: 33
'! y, l

.-e-' g7!l

(1('$5' t. , ;'J:, E\
BoIaoor,. Ii . ..... 0.-
lAm" 1"12"
Xli 2il'S3'
$'$1 Al" .",.,. ...
R.thi, ' !r6 r
-- ----
xn .l"

Il) Pl anl!ts and thl!ir condlt}ons:
Planets Sti'lrlord Sublord Owned Occupi(ld
, Sun
Moon MereuI)'
Moon Vef1US 5,6
Mercury Mooo
4, 7 3
Jupiter Saturn
1, 10 5
Venus Venus MerQJry 3,8
Venus Venus 11,12 6
Venus Rahu 6
Rahu 12
C) BhO)ltils ilnd thei r conditions:
Sig n Lord St<lr Lord SubLOf"d
Ascendant Jupiter

Mooo Saturn
N.xIir Mercury
Jupit er
M= Satur n
sat run
Mooo Mercury Satum
Oescen Mercury

Mars S.wm
Soo s.m.n
In the case, the time of j udgerr,ent the M.P. and S.P. of
venus and 1.P. R<1hu ahd shook$hma period of Jupiter was
op(!rnLing upto 5-6-79. It is Known t""t Jupiter and venus are
inirniCal t o each other. Jupiter Is signifying 1 12 QI$pS and
the sub lord for 2'" 8"'. So, ..... e determined in out mind that
she .... ili not be WI ned in the J.P. of Jupiter i. e. upto 23·6-1979.
We obs4!Ned that the 3" sub lord Saturn is sio;l1ifying J and
11'" cusp and saturn is In the star of Venus who also
s.ignlfIcalor far 3 and cusps so we observed due to the
reason there is no danger to her $Pan of the life.
Now, we boldly predicted that she wi ll come back In the
of Saturn i.e. in betY.oeen S-6-1979 to 3-7- 1979,
because Saturn is signifying 2 and 11:0 cusp and in the sub
and STat of venus, who also signifying 2,3 aod 8 cusps and
,' ""'-________ -c-c __ c-______________ -cc""C'·C!NGPLANT
Venus is stroog Rl:ling Planet at the time ot judgement as
MOO/l's star and sub lord. Now, we have considered the transit
of S'Jn, '-"e nnd the transit of the Sun is over the exact position
of IV cusp Is going to take place on 25/2.6-6-1979, just after
the day of the New f-I oon. With the b:essings of GOD, based
on the above 35trolog'(al facts, '.'Ie predicted that she \"Iii l turn
to her home on 26-6-1979. Scrprisingly, on 25-6-1979 at 7h
30m the ql'erent received a message by phone from Kanpul;
about her arrival to one of her close celative's place. On 26-6-
1979 t'ley br ing her at home . It certainly reflects, the
rr: iracu1ous exactness of K. P. system,
Now, ' .. Ie are producing one more il lJstration IBating to a
)'oung boy who W3S absconded with a yotlng unmarried girl on
Tile horar), dlart, ' .... hich Is obtained for tile piJrpose on 22-
3-1979 at 811451'1. ;J.m. I.S.T. at L\Jckno' .... , based on eastem
Is reproducing here, about his return.
3J chart ( Horary)
VI! 1"1 6'
IX \ ',' 13
, 1'3Z'
Sun 7";':'

Ketru ,:;-;;.
a; [.,Iem Ho-i,"",
X 13"24'
, n:?-18F
- -
dl8h p_" (IS":
- - -- -- -
Ayonamsa =d
z,r,6' Sci (R:'
'-'"n n ' 4R'
B" """" dVerlJ'
5Y 41>1 XI1S'J2'
: Rehoj
M,><'1 ::'3'06
tlw 2/"02'
2n5' XII h 2O'
i i .,.:3
As{' 11'15'
Star Lord Sub Lord
owned Occupied
SCiturn Ketu
11 5
Saturn 10
Mars Jupter Mercury
Mere (!!
Saturn Moon
Jupiter Saturn Mercury
saturn 1,8
Saturn Venus
Venus 4,5
Ketu Jupiter Saturn
Bhavas Sign lord
Star lord Sub lord
venus Rahu Saturn
saturn Seo
3" Jupiler Ketu Mercury
Nadir Saturn

Saturn Rohe Venus
6"' Jupiter Saturn Jupiter
Desc. Mm Ketu Saturn
Rahu Saturn
Zenith Mooo Saturn
11' Seo Venus
12" Mercury
Moon Jupiter
In the ch'Ht we mile observed t'"le sub lord of V and Xl
cusp is Venus, Ruling Planet as Moon star lord we confirmed,
they are e!toylng Venusian pursuits. Now, question which
came before us, when they will turn back.
We assumed the sub lord of the N cusp Rahu is signmcator
for 4 and 11'" cups also, so they wi ll assure turn up.
At the time or judgement the J.P. of Sun is operating for
one day i.e. upto 23-3-1979. Allhaugil Sun was signifying 4
and 11'" cusps but posited in the sub of Ketu, who is signifying
3,6 and 9'" cusps. So, we rejected the I.P. of Sun, that there
Is no possibi lity for their return in the J.P. of Sun.
Now, we considered the I. P. d Moon, which more 5tJ"Onger
in COIII1)3ri:;on to Sun, bec40JSe IV sub lord Rahu (I k:iU5C
cenotes p";JruJlts) and MOQrI both arc ;n U\e of
'1enJS, VClIUS dlSo.1 XI CU!'.p 5Ub dod star lord and Rahu 15
itsel' signiflCar:or for 4 arid 11'" cusp.
SO, we think over the of in nN r future, un 1/
.. 197') ..... e find lht: tr"M:t of Monn in Sign Gemini, lord
In :he st.:tr L'f Rahu (signlfic"ttt for 4 11 CUWS).
So, on ti.e bas.;s we £3vt! a milrgirol prei1icliuJl, that he will
tum eocccml);mied .... lth the !lin 1>'( 1- wcek uf April I S79.
\\':lll the blessing of l ord Gilna!)<lUl'{, he turned up nn 4-4-
79 .. t early t-..1111'S with hlsloveI(by I".m m he duly f'II3T1i ed
duri ng the period).
After it, ..... e pJ;d o ur c.ttcnt iun why he turned upon t he
nl Ofni ng Mil l'S of on 4-4-79. we (allle to conctusi on, tMt at
that time moon is in tle of Rahu and in the s ub of Venus
(another combined signiflCab.>r for 4 and 11'" CUSp.)
These cause-s of evt'''Its reflects abuut the m;racle of steller
i.Slroioge- ",!hich was enlightened by our latc Guru)i with the
af I ord Uc.'lista
Aq<Jl'rist, who hacl lost the case lit lower COOrt and filed the
su:t in high court witt1 hopr of success against the deciSion of
lOwer court. wan:ed to know 3strologk:il liy whEther he wi ll win
In High COurt or not arod his desi!e o! winning the high
court 1'1111 be fulfilled or not. HI' gave number l OS between I to
249 for that.
Horary chart for NoJmbet 108 'Mil be as under:-
VI. allO'
VII I <"01' IX 2'01

14'9' Il:ra"I NQ,:08 Mill'S 0"34'
VI 4'1'11 ' Sat,,:!!, XI 01 '·:;1'
T ....
:2J"31N 75'7'.[
V 4'01'
It!hJ I.('g'
Bah.,," R;tJu
5.lI. 28' 1 Q"
IY 4U 22 dlf.i
UoI 29"1'
r, nil ' III HI
Cuspal PoSItion
Cusp Sign lord Star lord Sub LOrd
I Men; ury Sun Salum
11 VenU$ Ketu
III Ma rs j upiter Rahu
IV Jupiter KetL! S<m
VI Saturn Mars Venus
VII Jupiter Jupiter Rahu
Vili Mars Kow Venus
IX Venus Soo Jupiter
X Mercury
Saturn Saturn
Our Rev.Guruji has given guidance for knowing whether
one \'1111 be successful for winning in appeal or not on page 168
rlorary Astrology. Under t itle ~ A p p e a l SuccessfJI or not
s"is that jf the sub lord of the third cusp is deposited in the
constellation of the planet which is significator of (1' and 11'"
house then one wil l have success. But if the sub lord of the
third cusp is deposited the constellation of a planet wllo is
significator of 5" and 12" house one cannot have success.
So for this we will have to find out significators of 6
11" house and also of S" and 12'" houses.
For Sixtll hou5e"Sixth house is occupied by Ketu. Jupiter Is
in KetlJ's star. Owner is Saturn and noOOdy is in Saturn star.
Hence Jupiter, Ketu Saturn are the significator of e" hoose.
Eleventh house is owned by Moon. Nobody is in Moon's
star. Hence Moon is the only significator of Eleverrttl house.
Jupiter is the occupant of Xlth house. Jupiter is conjoining with
Rahu and aspecting Kethu. There Is no planet in the stars of
Jupiter In the chart.
5'" house is vacant owned by Saturn. Nobody is in Saturn's
star. Hence star is the only slgnificator of 5"'" house.
12" house is owned by Sun. Planets Sun, MereuI)' and
venus are in Sun's star. Sun, Mercury, Jupiter, Satum and
Rahu arc the occupants of the 12" house Sun, Merrury, Venus
are in Sun's sttlr, Moon and Mars are in Jupiter's sI:ilr Ketu is in
Rahu's star. Nobody is in star's Mercury and Saturn.
KR SliN.'MUAU P_'£lHY1"11
Sign l ord Stat Lord Sub Lord
" h,
Mercury Simhil
Rall u
I(etn u
Kami Mercury Som Saturn
Rah\! Simha

Ku:nbha S,M"

HC:'I(e all the nine planets <Ire the signifiator.; of the 12"
CUSf'j Is co ruled by Jupiter and Rahu as sign Icrd,
star lord Sub'lord. Sub lord Rahu Is deposited in star, lore!
of ..... hlch Is VCnus. Venus is nollhe s1gnificator of 6
and 11'" ,
But Venus is very strung sign!fi cator of 12" house. 50 It Is
very dear that querist \"Iill no! be successful in winning the
appeal il"l High Court.
If we s<rutln:ze 11"' (uSP ror IhC possibilities regarding
futfillm('t ,l d desire. We am flild I t .. cusp is 00 ruled by Moon
il S lord a:-x! star lord s/iip aM SIb lord ship is owned by
Sat urn fortunatety no plil net is I'€trograde. $;Ilum IS d!!posIt.ed
in of venus occuparlt of fi rst house which promises t he
fulfl ll l'loif1t or cl esirc . Saturn is slgniflcat or of 6
hollse also.
So \·,ha:. s'lould be {l ur conclusion?
Aslhis is geatcause fOf conl uslon and I3Jntrove"Sy thinking
of S/YI.M. N. Sinha was tlled ..... hich gave coned: picture as uOOer.
As per hiS theory sub lord is H.anu. Rahu i<; in star and sub
of Venus ·,.,.ho is the significatr.r 016,8 and 10 house and not In
5 <;l1d 12'" 110use success In is prOmi5il1g •
sub lord of 11" cusp Is saturn is in star of Venus and sub
of Mercury which are of 6.8 and 10 tllisalso indic.1tcs
for fulfil lrnecl1 of desi re.
Fo' fruCLfication auspiciousness of the periods Is also
A!. the time of judgeme."l1: Rahu dilsa Moon Bhukthi operate!;
upta 19-1-1930. is Rahu s:gnify l or 17, 1,2
Il nd 9. But 't'lhcl is conjoined with iagna, Rahu node is In
conjunct Jupiter, $U1, Mercury Saturn, IDld of SilCth
house, kr.eps the fl ' house In its sway. So we com treat Rilhu
as neut ral oott .. ad'lCf5e nor
Bhukthlnatha is . Moon <l lso sign"!)' 12, 11 and posited
in Xth. further Hoon is lenated In her own sub <lnd thus <IS
Ion! of XI, signifies fulfillment at desire.
Anthra lord is Kethu upto 22-9- 1980 and it is star of Rahu
...,0 sub Merr ury. Kcthu Is In 6'" I.lhava and i'o\ercury Is lord of
I and 10 In 12. 10'" stands for name .lIld fame.
Hef1ce I boldly tord the frustratec mirld of querist tI1at he
will be defi nitely successful, winning his in high tourt.
Puberly sexual m.:l\ urity. l)urlng t'Jelr t eens, people
attain tnis mil turity
In the case of they puberty mosUy as they
ttl\"; age of thi:teeo even. 50:'1, in the l ase of a qlrl, II
Is iI delay in <lttlining p'Jberty even i1t the ilge ('( 18, trr.
parents naturally get perturbed and ilre li<lDle 10 run LO a
Doctor or Astrologer tor consultat:on.
In Slmil". l"1armer, one consul"..ant from Ad'«lr, approitC.1'oed
me on the evt!rJlng of HH-80 wi",n a query under:
Is my elcest daU9ilter, Oom in Janwl)' 1962, likely
to attain puberty."
No.1 S2 was given by the filther for analysis.
VI' 8'(;"40"
v lO':J
VIII !nJ3'
M.:r: (1"45"
rl f ;!'
thyana flcti)"1
R.o"lQI :;I1ko:Itl ;er«l

at II'.¢ 1IOI'IIef'f. :

(II' • 11.1 0ai'S


II 6'53'

It was 5-00 p.m. J.S.T. on 10-4-80, when I took it fur
wurking. PICKe MJdr;lS 13'-4' 80"-17'. AyanamSil used 23''-29
of K.S.KriShnamuthi.
Cusp rl Houses .... -ere worked out by uSiI19 Ra pheal's Tilble
of Houses a nd worked out from Mall abala Eptlemerfs.
Cusp Sub lord
V Suo
VI Siltlrn
X Jl.piter
XU S<lturn
Pl anets Star lord Sub lord
Mercury Jupfter
M. ffi
Mercury ..Illpitcr
Jupiter Kethu Rahu
50, Moo,
Kethu Venus
Ruli ng Planets:-
F<x 5.(10 p.m. 00 10-4-80 was arrived at as 157°-
55'10" anel Moon was In 292'-29'. It was Thursday.
Oily l ord : Jupller
Moon Rasi l ord: Saturn (KetU deposited in Saturn sign)
MOOn Star lord: Moon
lagna Rasi Lord:
II f'l<;I1NAMUll'TI ____ ,, ,,,- 3
Langa Still" Lord: Sun (Rahu is SUI"I sign)
' ·I00n Sub Lord: Venus
Lagna Sub lord : Venus
For puberty, I the 5'" house. He'e the NO. 152-
," .. as given by the of the girl and sa all Matt(!rs ale
discusr.ed nere undertc:king the Cusp as d Girl;
and tne Padlldhati Students are required to
recoostruct the chart ,·,jln Vt h a."ld so 00.
Coming .. 0 the maller, for I'UBI:R1Y I consider tile 5"
€ and its Suu lord, k"9Cfher Wlt l the Bm house. Why?
5'" tells, apart from other mattErS, the lnerrtal sphere of
&.e I"'tive. Menu.1 pleasure, al"ld sodal indinatlc(]. SlcItus
is society. More connected to Love af"f<1 rfs.
UCenticu$ness, Legitimate <lnd attraction. Social
intercourse betvyeen sexes prior to wf'jro. Attraction between
the opposite sex, sexual expr€o;sk)n aI"\d the outlook tcw,'ards
the same. Getti ng the underst,ll"ldlng of sexual € end
that po-Ucn of life.
Soor;.rio (the 8" house in t he ni\tura1l odiac), tells aUOut
one' s secret pi'lrts utcl sex organs: ilnG ..,150 regarding tile
Ii.Jnct.ior1 of these organs and these ""'(liking condition, thereof.
In N,, \<l l or florary charts, t he 8" bh..,va and i:s cusp
l he reeli POsrti ons of these (II'gans and .., 1[ matters
coonecrt!d to (he S<lme, togetllef "'Iit!r sexual purtiOil d life,
In the c.'S€ of the 5'" $Ub IU'"d lie the
signif.atu of 5" Cf" 8"' Of boItt; ilnd Mars a lso should be
connected to Of 8"' 1:1 an',. 'T1al"lner, sl;)Ce represel"ltS
blood in the bcdy.
t1ere tM sub kYd of tile 5" ;s Mt!rwry is in tI1e 12th
in tI1 e star of Jupi ter in 5'" and so the 5Ub lord of the 5" ,
signifies tne 5'1> on:y, and tilis combinatIOn itself promises t he
and til'S lell s sile wrl l ct!rtllnly att.,l n puberty and It Is
not at ail rJe9il ted.
Further the <;uh lord Mercury (s III Ute sub of 1:1 5" anri
.... ""I1S 2"" house and :tit., forti fies the matter.
Then [ turred to the sub Inu: of the 8" cusp. It Is Saturn.
It :5 11 (.elayinq planet, and Its char;K'''''- is only to del ay but
not to deny. if otller siqdicat ions are f ruitful. Further Sa1\Jm
has a dual rol", :01" rructit)."inq t hr matter as it owns 1\ r', cusp.
As WI'; a:1 kna .... , here that is a<; the girl in ':;Uestioll has
ne ...... attzhed he- 19'" year cJ ag.!. on cate.
Tne same Saturn is in tt:e Slar of SJn a deposit!:! of Lagna,
prttmises ole fructrtiCGoon of the matter under analysis; and
t:lis Saturn is in the sub of f-!U(ln, the 0'_ of the S'" aJSr:.
TI,'IS also promises the fn.:ctliication c( ti l" matter C; ll eried.
WllCIl ls tt le f ructifICat ion?
For til's we have to consider the conjoined period of t he
significators of 2,5, and II, tc.gether vvith Ma rs, whi<:h should
have some connections in some rnaMel'".
2"" hOuse:- qc".:ting stotus ' n the as an
5"' house:- getting mental status and und\:'rst<l ndi ng sexual
E' xpresslon a1d full matters C01n""too to sexual organs and
it s f unctions.
11'" 11I)1.I:i/:': - D€-sire fulfillment.
perioc is f".oon, 30-11- 1980. is i;l its
own Star In t I " and owns thE sm CUSP is in the sub of Venus
signlMng 11 " and S" also. is a .-u;ing plan€'t.
511lko of Venus ur- to 30·S·80. Venus is in the star of Moon
in 11'" , 5" cusp, and is :n the sub of sun of
Ral lu in the 5' in t hE' nearer pXlxim:ty to 111110 owns the
2'" cusp. (Mars 2"'-30· Leo and I\ahu 3"- 5' Leo). Venus Is a
Rul ir.q being the sub lOre! of Moon and l.lgna.
The mil:l:cr shall f:'U(f fy in the anl.hra Kethu whien rules
from 25-1\- 1980 10 30-5--1980. Ke .... u is in TC 11'" In the- star
of Mars depo!';itcr of 5'" ovming 2 and is In the sub of
Venus sigr.ifyirog 11'< and 6'" . Kcthu is l a::ten as Rulifl9 P: anet,
it deputJses Satum being il1 Aquar"us. Satum is rulil'lg
The consultant was int imated that t he matter fr...:lify
before :30-S-80 anG <;en! away.
One of my CUl5u!t.ants from West B.lngal had asked to
predict the exact di!te or his marl'iage. He hild also i'umls.'led
me a number and the narure of query as detailed be!q. ... :
( iI ) Deta Us:
Horary Numb€r : 137 ( t to 2.49)
Nature of query- When I shall have marital Bliss? Is it
arranged or Love? me the description of n1Y Partner,
including her acada11ic fami ly status aM future
D.lte of judgement: 1-8-1979
Time of judgement : 9.40 p.m. 1ST (Night)
Place of judgemEnt : '·t.ldras (lJtrO'l/800-17')
Ayanamsa u5ed : 230 - 28' (KS.Krlst1l'larnurti)
Balance in "Jupiter"
Dasa allime of } Y 15 6 D 26
( b) Ruli ng Planets
Day lord - Mercury (Wednesday)
/.\00I'I "lsi lord - Venus (Ubra)
Moon star lord - Jupiter (Visakam)
Lagna I ord - Jupiter (Pisces 90-22')
la!Jna st<lf lord - Sat\lrn
Lagna sub lord - Ve!1\JS
Ket u represellt Saturn
Rahu represenl for Satum and Sun.
\': 19'.11{ 'Il11S'640' VII, Ill4$"
"'on i'56"
IX '6'($'
.. --
\ion t'4!

X 16'.\3"

RolIN 16"30'
.;." (1!08I
I.blr, ;2-:"211

As<:. 11!'6'(0"
(d) Planetary Positlon
Pl ilnets
s." "'"
SUb lord
S<iturn .\Jpite


Ket u
Mercury ® Saturn Rahu
Jupiter Mereuii'
Venus Saturn Venus
Rahu Venus

Ketu Ril hu Venus
(e) Cuspal PoSition
Sign lord Star lord
ASc . Venus Rahu
M" "
I! Mm
VI! Mars Venus
(f) DasiI, Bhukthi and Anthra Periods.
Jupiter caS<l, Jupiter, Bh'Jkthi - upu.! 15-4-1981
Jupiter, Jupiter, Anthra - from 11,10-79 to 30-1-
JU;liter, )lip'ter, R<lhu Sookshma - from 16- 12-79
to 20-12-79
for we have to judge the houses 2,7 and 11. 2""
house tells the "KutumbaSlhna'; fami ly li fe. 7

atJaut the op;x>site sex, i.e. Wife 0' husb"nd . The IF-
tdls about the tie (F,.iendiness) over e<ICh other.
The 7" cusp sub lard is the deciding factor as to how one Is
destined to have the iil h's life or r ot. The sub lord
of the 7" cusp must also sh;;n:fy either of these houses, 2,7 or
11. Then only the marrii'ge is ;lromised. The ;l l(lret -Venus"
shou:d be ICKl ked into as this p:anet Is d chief <jovernor
(KARAKA Planet) for the
The 5'" house about one's success or- fail ure in " Love
Affili:-s". The love aff<lit-s, :he degree of success of
in love or attractions etc.
comes under tile ;Jur.';ew of this 5'" cusp. It may be said to
rep,esent tile of tile p/lys:cal € be;ween
tile op;Josile sexes. lis ·Ver-us'· is a Karilka planet for
and l(lve dfairs, sho· .... s loI'hether one wi:1 be faithful in
[(lve ar,d all o· .... the ;JMtner to enjoy li fe or one ..... ill be
Accorcing to our Guruj i, if the sub lord of the 7'" cus;J is
connected or 'l, the1 it '·Love
I f the sublorc of the 5'" cus;J is o:kposited in the constellation
of a planet who is a of 7 anc 11, the mat erialilatiol1
of Love affairs is prol7lisec. But of the sub lord of the 5" cusp
happens to be in the constell at:on, the lord in which is the
significato; houses 6 or 12 then .twill not end in marriage.
If it is the oonsteliation of a fJlanet signifying 6, the other
tJarty falls out. But if the sublord of the 5" cusp is in the
constellation of a signifying the 12'" house, then the
consullant hi·llself wil l drojJ the Hence for materializat ion
of the love marriage, we have to judge the hrruses,
2,5,7 and 11.
In the chart urder discuss;on the sub lord of the 7"
(marriage) cusp is "Rahu". Rahu, Node in Simha in
with Saturn in the star of Venus and MODl1 sub. XI house falls
in and Saturn is placed in XI as lord of 4 and s. Venus
with Sun, and Jupitl'r are fJlaced in Kataka,
IX house, Hence IllClrriage is pmmised. VII house sub lord
R,ailU is the strong of V and also Venus indicates
about love affai rs and significanLe of XI the success of
love affairs.
Marriage When?
The love Illan-iage will be celebrated during the conjoined
perOOs of the houses 2,5,7 and 11.
2'" house:- No Planet this house. Mars is the lord of this
house. No planet in Mars's stars. But JU;Jiter in Mars's sub.
5'" house:- Kelu is in co'ljunction with V OJsp house Kurnbh<l.
No ;Jlanets in his stars. Saturn is the lord of this house. Sun,
Venus and Mercul"¥ are in Saturn's stars. Rahu Nrxie is also
associated with Saturn in Simha.
7" house:- No planet is there. Mars is lord of this oouse.
No jJlanct in his str,rs. But JupJer 15 in his sub.
11" hO;Jse:- Salur1 is posited in t his house. Sun, MercUly,
Venus are In his Sm Is the lord of this house. No
planets i1 his stars. Ketu (as nodes) and Rahu also represents
this house and in cDI1junction with XI OJsfJ of the oouse In
Hence the 51gnl'itators of the houses 2,5,7 and 11
are Sun, Mars, Mercul"¥, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and
Ketu. As many as all the planets except Moon has come as
KAISHNilMIiRr. PAntCl-'..oJ I 231
the of hlll..lSC;, 2,!;.7 and 11, we may scie<:t the
IrudiJl sigo:tiC<ltors by using the Planets" method a
speciality of our bdovcd
lhe Rur."'19 planets are Sat.urn, Jupi ter, and Men:u!y.
But Ketu a node i5 transiting ;n the ruled by
Saturn. Henr.e, we may ti1ke R.ahu instead of Saturn as the
very powerful ;n giving the results they have
con;Oooned. Hen(c ltie commOJ'l of houses 2,.5,7
and I I are:-
and Rahu.
At the of Jud:::;emmt, dasa of Jupiter arld
BI1ul--thi Oof wdsrunning. The t-lero..ry anthra opI!'r
from 11' 10-79 to 30- 1-80. As IS a strong significator
and a Rul ing Planet, I decided that the marr iage must be
(e:ebrated before the Mer(ury anthra. ! pitched upon the
Rahu the remaining Ruling Planet and also a stroog
signf"lcator of 5 and 11. Thr. Rallo Sookshma
from 16- 12-79 to 3G-12- 1979. So 1 Informed the querent that
he I'oill be gettirog mallied duting ttoe last wedc. of "December
1979", espce,ally 0.' 28- 12·79 or 29- 12-79 and also it will be a
Iov(! marriage.
27-12-7'):- The star Is Revathlluled by who in
Retrograde and hence t his 900(1.
28-12-79: - Aswini s"tlr <lil y, fIJlro by Ketu is very goo(] for
29-12-19:- The sun dir{ is ruled by, is also
lieIY good c!ay rur cclcbrnllng the marriilge.
:;.1)- 12-19:- The stilr is KJ"ith,ka by Sun is not good as
Sun is not Ruling Planet.
Hence, 1 came to a that the querent will be
cel(!brating hi s either on 28-12-79 or on 29-
12-79 positively. But, 29- 12-79 is most and favourable
dasa as the "Moon"wi!l be tn the 7'" whi(h
brings o;Jt the marriage to ttw:> quel"Cflt.
DescripjOll of the Partner: - The 7" house tel ls about the
life of The sub lord of the 7"' cusp is Rahu. Rahu is in
Simha. It ;rtdicztes the qual ity of ;Jersons such as, vel)' till!,
t<l ir compexion, weI! proportionl'd body, always active,
m;schieveous, cleve r, brnad facr ctc. (vi2 page 88 of
radhdhati Reader IV, marriage, Married life and
Is she employed:- The 1(1" house indicates one's professian.
The 10" cusp f rom 7" is 4"" house. Its sub lord is Saturn,
Saturn is ';he lord of the 10" house (from 7
). Saturn is
star ofVe1us in 6'" service (from 7th). I added that his
life partner will be an employed (in servke) one,
In his rrply letter dated 19-11-1979 b\, the Querent the
following ·.vo;TIS are there in his ietter, l'Ihich is as follows: -
"8y this opportunity, I may inform you that \,our prediction
m,! ·'Love-maniage
has come absolutely correct. I
suddenl,! met one girl, employed, fair, broad face,
well-build body, and we settled to rr.arl)' during the last of
December 19/9 by \lie have alr·eady served
notices to the marriage ctficcr on 3· 11-79
But I have him to the exact date and time of
the in response to the above letter.
In his repl,! letter dated 19-12.-79, the querent has stated
that, I have settled the marriage by Registration on 2.9-12.-79
<md I thank \'OU for your "Un-c<!nn\," predictiOil regarding my

TIle aoove prediction OIlCe again confirms the soundness
and of Krishnamurli Padhdhati system which alone
cc: n pinpoint exad periods and to t he correct date and t hat
olJr pra\,ers go OIlCe again in praise of the greatest Astrologer
and our beloved guruj i late Shri. K.S.Krishnamurti who brought
forth this advanced science (system) for knowing in
in any type of future event Wilh exad preasion. But who

does not know t his sySl:ern and those who does not wilnt to
unde'stand t his S'(S"::em mil'{ call this as !nstill1t Astrology. L€t
continue the S<l me (lild we do not care IQr such of
those phrases and our milln obJ!:!ct is to (m"rove tilis sJ!;tf'm more and brino;1 Q g'vious name to our beloved GL'rUJi
and t11 1s stci lnr ar,d KrI $h;Jamurtl P<ldhdhati System
and <l15O useful human kind of Modem days..
I may request to pie(lse t!1 is Ktishnitffi urti
P3d'"K1hati System tlJeir ( rit :,isma It :5
otten told by elders I it is an hrolthy one. Coly w'ten the
(ritil masters t!1 at particular M Ject.
"One C<ln t<l ke t o bOOl, but not hundred
m<lke it drink" as yoes the SOlying a:"ld 50 I once <tg(lin (III
loose cnUcs to learn Krishn<l'l1urti Padh<tl(lti system and J 11m
sure if once t hey learn system they will ilt ont:e stop t he
C.S,N. a studEnt of our school fai led in the "i gl'J
exam' natlon ronducted by Board of
5e<.ondttry Examhation, Orissa ,:\ Apil 1979. He paid the
ree:; fO' Seplemb€r uarrination and Vias getting
n:aay :Of" il. Hi!> fa:.hc'r S,'.D.B.R.lO app;-oad1w me to know
In ad...ance the prOSpNt d his son's SlK.CeSS in
the ensun9 t Xllmi "MitJOn. Tne examhation Wi!J':> to commence
on and from 11-9-1979to 10·9-1979. Sri D.B.Rao gaV€ No.228
for Horal)' Anaty.; IS that tN., SOIl is thE first born.
J attempted to work out the charL at 7·30 p,m. On
Thurstlay 23-8-1979 uut 1 had to stop the w()I'"k .... 'Ittli n a
mJnutes dill" to the <lrti val of a cOnsul anl. [ cou'.d not spare
t:me this work that .. ilihL I toCil( up the work next day at8-
20 A,t<1. a thorou!;h sCI'U:iny of the Ch2rt I the
queretlt lhiIt hs Sal woUd P2SS ill the e:x,arr.immon with mln'mum
mark!>. The bo'( pa'>s.(d in the said eXilr.1in" tilTl .... ; I h <In
aggregate of 2')] marks while :he minimulT. aggregate for a
pass is 7.64 marks aut of BOU mar!<:;.
The de':"il s Jns gill(1 for the of t he readers. r"Jrary
No.22fl. Judged at i:I 20 A.M.(JST) on on 20'-11' North
L<'ltitude and 85'--40' East longitude. A;lrology & AlthnShta
magaZIne Ephe:l1€fb tot Augusl 1979, Raph€<ll's Tables 01
Houses and Krishnamurti A)' anilmsa 23"-28' are
to case the char:..
The number 228 given by the father indicates 29"-2&-40·
in This is the Ascendant for f2thff. Sinc!.: the quo:r£T1ts'
is f rist Own,S" cusp trom thE: rnthl.:r's Ascend<lnt become:;
thE: Ascendant for the 1Joy. Sun's Ascendant is 26"-3O' in GeminI.
ThiS chart is drawn with reference to the Son's Asc!.:ndanl.

X 5':;0'
Xi Y3Q'
Mars 16' 4"
I ?,j':JoJ
IX ""'?€'4(r

-,"p_ll (.C



' ;,1?lJ
VI I <'6'30'
V 5"::<0'
r,' ;")J'
III ' "JO'
Ketu Rahu
Moon Venus
Mars Rahu Venus
Jupiter Mercury
Venus Ketu
Sdturn VendS
Rahu Venus
Rahu Venus
II MerCury
V Satllrn
VI Ketu Venus
Venus Ketu
VIII Mars Rahu
I X l-1oon
X Ketu Mars
XI S.m Mercury
XI! Merwry
/>loon well as the sub lord or the Ascendant as per me
Herary NLmber the nature of the qUef)', The qlX'ft'nt
is the l ilthr:.-. The SU<l lord for nUl'I"bec 218 givEn by the
fat her is I>lOcn ilst'lf. MoOf, Is closely ConjUKt ..... Im Saturn. lord
of 8 (inC \) for the buy. l-1oon Is the star of Venus, rerd of 4
il nd 11 fOf the hey. Moon Is in the sub of Silturn "9<lin. 4'"
house inciCilted education. 9'" house ni gher eduLatiOn
ano rcseilrdi. 11" ileuSI' fulfil lrn€nt of d<.->sJrc. Thus it
is clear t he query Is about tile SOn's education Me his
success In it.
In thr. present case, t"le boy is appearing for the
/<l artJculation e>l<1mlnatJOn only. Henle the house '* and 11 are
eno.,lgh for (oosiderajcn and thcosc two houses sho.JIo be
,dated to each other. Also Da..." Bhukti ell. OUrlng:he perioo
d (>.l<amtnation shoulo be fiWO\lfilble 'or iI suu.ess.
Sun, tl'e sub k.>rd of the 4" CUSP Is in dose tcn]un(tion .... ltl1
Venus, lor" of 4 and 11 In 2. S,m is In t he stM of Kctu
lord of 9 In 2 and at Rahu in 2.
Mel'tury. t'le sub lard af tile 11 '" Is C<':pOSitea Its Olol'fl !>tar
in 1 ana sub <L Venl.:s loro of 4 and 11. ana illso sub of
the 6'" cusp In 2. Thus t"-le sub 10r05 of " and 11 ore favourable
to the boy to get through the examination. t-lorcow' Jupiter
who Is the generat signml"iltllr for e<lucajon, Is lord of 6 in 2 1n
the star of r·lercwy loro of 1 an(! sub lerd of 11" clI'iP in 1 lind
:n the sub of $iltum lord d 9 in 2. As. we have to Inter
tllat tile lXIy wil l pa5S witn 11 fairly good number at Marks In a
better ranK. But there a'-e defects here. Generally speaking,
Jupiter and t-1<'Jcuty are gl\le educatlor! to
anybody. Unfortun<ltely beth ot them are as<lectinlj the evil
8'" heuse. Jo.4>iter owns t'lc .,... house a'so .n addition to 6"' .
Similarly Mercury owns 12' house als.o in ilddition to thi:>
Ascendant. rules be sub of the LUSPS 5 end 12
besides its lord sh:p over star of the 2'"' lUSP end sub cl the
11'" cusp, Mercury is in Its own star. Jupiter is in the s:ar of
Me rcury, Jupiter is in th€ sub of Si'turn who rules the evi l 8"
house as wei! the unfavourilbk": 5
ClJSpc;1 star, Silturn is
ilspectinr; 4,9 il nc 11. EV€rthough Saturn is lord of the
9'"' hou5€, it is the lord of 3'" also. On aCCOlint of
€ c€fects or €vils the bey s:lould as a [ratter of fect be
des:inEd to fail in the Examir at; c'l. But € (lr€ C€rtain vit al
factors to Lontribute to the € of the boy. Mercury as
the sLb lord of the 11"' is deciding planet whEther
the boy · ... ,il l be crowned with success or not. Mercury is in the
sub ofVen:Js, the greatest benefic being lord of4 and 11
als.o thE sub lord of the 6" cusp which is an essential hou'i€ for
winning over the opponents. Jupiter as lord of 6 is in the star
of such il Jupiter is in the sub of Silturn who is in the
st ar of Venus. Thus they to offer thE boy SUCCESS
only. the lords of 4,9,11 and 6 are in the favourable
2'"' house. Yet 0fI a.:'count of the Evil Elements inherited by
Jupiter and Mercury, they wi: 1 nat allow thE boy to s€cure
good numbEr- of Marks and better rank. This sort of observation
f rom he chart m2de mE to the cuerent that his san
would ,;u-ely get through t he examination but \'llth minimum
marks only.
BeforE coming t o SUUl il corn. lusion ... I€ hilVC to check up
the validity of Bhuk:i, Arthra running
duri:lg thO' days of Examiration to give thE same verdict.
According to the Horary th€ boy was to run lhi": Dasa of
Venus, Bhukti Anthre of Satun and Sookshma of Moon
from 5-9-1979 to 20-9,1979 Dasa lord Venus is lord of 4 and
11 in 2 in the star of KO'tu and sub of Rahu. These Nodes
in the sub of Venus. Also represent Venus, Sun,
Sat um and Moon ai l in 2. Bhukti and Anthra lord Silturn is in
ttle st<lr of Venus and sub of JupitEr lard of 6 and star lord of
ttle cusps 1 and 9 in 2 Sookshma :ord is in the star of
Venus end sub at Saturn . [ Yen though KEtU, the star lord of

Venus, is tile star lord of fevoulable cusps 6 and 10 end sub
lord of Ascendant, it is also the sub lord at 7"' cusp and it is 8"
house. Rahu is the sub lord of the 8" ocside".. I hus
lordS ot Dasa, etc are no doubt to thr boy,
but not wholiy.
The significate'S nfthe houses and elsa of 6 (wi nning)
are fol';(I'Ns. All houses vacant. Venus owns 4
and 11. Moon, and Sal:Jrn in thr star of Vrnus.
Jupter rules the fP hoose. No planel is i:l any r:i the star.; of
Jupiter. Thus the signi'icators on the .. .,.hoIc are Saturn,
Rahu, Ju;jter and VC')1US. The lords of Dasa, Bhukti, AnlN"a
and Sookshma during lhe period of examination belong to this
group. The Ruling planets at the time of Analysis are as follows.
Venus is lord of Day and 1'1001 star. Su n is the sign lord.
Mr'rDJry is the lagna lord. Moon is tile Lagna. Slar lord. Saturn
is thr sub lord of lagna and Moon. Even the Sookshmil LcnJ
Moon isfound to be lhe lagna stel r lord alfong the ruling
Thus all the ind:catilJns of the planetary up revedl success
oot lo a limited exlml. Also as pee thr Gulbcrga system if the
sub lord of the Horary Number is the stallard of Moon o"lagna
then succcss is indicated. Here Moon, t he sub lord for the
number 228, istile star lord of la<}Oa. T'l is also confrms success
to the bo)' thereby of desire for father.
rxam:nation results will br cnnounced on Saturday 27-
10-1979. fl)' that thr bo)' was lhe Horary Dd5aS
end Anthril of SatJrn and Sookshma of Rahu
28·10 1979. Si1ce Rahu represents Vrnus, Saturn, Moon
and Sun and since is in tl'e star end of Venus, '.ord
of and sub lord of t5'" cusp, it fulfl led dmbit:on
boy. As Salum is aspecting both and 11 the resuil was aptly
released on SaWrdcy. 011 ar.count of Saturn's aspect on 4,11
and 5cturn being a de:laying the rcsu lt was up
to the end of Rahu Sookshmil.
The transit on t he day of of result was as
following:- The first luminary Sun was in Libra rul ed by the
Dasa lord in the star of Rahu, a of the
241J fi.ut:/./G, PLANT
nf llhuktJ, Anthra ifld Sook.shma fot the period d
alld Slgnifteil tur of -1 11 ; Iso the Soukltlma
!o:'d at t'le time of arnouncement ($ results. Sun VI.eS In the
sub uf Jupiter lore of 6.
T11Ei secund lun-,in"ry who alsu the Sool(s11m"
'Old rur the per:od r( e;.:ami nation in ruled by
Jupiter, kJrd d 6, in the or the DilS<! Lore Venus. Dasa
:ord 'Vents in its own Sign Ubra In .lupirer !>tar Ketu
H. b. Bhuk.rl ilJ1d :ord Sat urn was ;n l eo, Sun star zne!
Rahu sub. Sookstor:la R.ehu zt the t ime of announcement
of result VIiS in Leo, Ket u SIar. t·tereu!)' sub, jupiter. lore d 6
and a t;/enefal s-gnifrcatur of education was in leo, Ketu star,
I·len.ury r4errury, the sub lord of the II"' cusp and
anotller of the edur.atlnn was in SCorpio, JupH;er
star, Rahu sub befor€ noun and in the star and sub of Sat urn
Now doubts ariSE her e 1) On 'the day of
announo:ment of result MereuI)'. the sub lord nof the I I'"
cusp ane! gernral si!;nfficator of ec:ucation was ill Scorpio ruled
by t-l<lrswho is nC"_thel a silPiflCDtOo 014 or 6 or 11110r a ruling
p:ante·. at the tirr.e or AnalVsiS of the Que:-y. 2) Jupiter is
of 6'" hUllS(' but not a !U'i flg planet. 3) t-1ercury
and Son are ruling planels but flOt -4) Ketu Is
neither a rli i r19 pia r1€t n or a signific"tor.
Oarifi catlon at doub:5: A gei"leral rule :n this connection Is
the t of on ttle day of eIIent may be in the
sign or stal at sub 0/ either par.:icular slgnif lCdtors or gene!at
Slgnitlcators or ru:irog plane:!>. This rule darifies the 2'" and J"I
doubts. The 4-' doubt i .. simple. Here ketll is in the sigfl ot
5.:itum and aSo ispected by Venus, Mooll and SC;turll who
are .15 , .... ell as Ruling Planets. Su Ketu {I
signifr<:ator dnd ruled planet . Lastly the fi rst douut is
abnut Mars. At the t i'l1e of Anar,rsiS of t he Querry ..,as in
the star nr Rahu arid sub or Vertus. Vem'5 is a significalor as
well as rull;,g planet. Rahu 15 a and by ion
wit h the rulir'9 planets JJame!y 'Venus, Saturn, Sufi alld Moon
a rul ing plann Hars b€inc; in
the star and sub of and lul ing planrts can cr
as a rui n.;; and a a150. Thus be
l ransil in f ull.
E,'en though transit t"kes placc in the above manner
event has tn lake during the conjoinnJ Jrriod of the
who art:' Lomnon and r- Ian<:'ts. Hrre
:Il€ evrnl the announce.1wnt af r,"sull.
DaS3, BhJkti and Anthra nJl ed by the samr planets
Venus and Sat urn for t he prrod if rxamination and the t im,"
of r('sult. 60!l1 Venus and Saturn are significato:s and ruling
0/ rxaminaton falls in Soo!<.shma
and "nnouncement of result fa: ls in Rahu Sookshma. Rahu is
also a significator as wrl l ruiing planet.
In the inslance, I thought that lhe r,"sull should be
announrEd on Friday 610-1979 wClen transits Ketu star
in Dhanus sinLe Ketu is in thr sub oc Venus. But imme(.ratrly I
changed in my mind due to the asr-rct of Saturn on 4 and 11
and Saturn's conjun<..Uon y..i th So tllr resull must be
delayed t ill Salurday :>1-10-1979 that day I' ioon transls V,"nus
star in Dhanus, Ven,!,; being in the 5tar and sub of I\odcs
mu5t 'Je stron<;;er than "W l housht became correcl.
I th"s arti(e with Pranams to Lord Uchishta Maha
Ganapahty and our rale Gwuji.
A padhdMati admi rer call€d 0I'l me 011 t he night
N<r(79. He wanted to kncr .... ntxlut the .:ldmiss.ion if his
YQIJIger brother :n in Engir'\e('ring Co:lege. He hild in his mind
an Engi ne.!ring Co,lege and had approoched t he
Ola'rm.. , n of Goverl111'19 CounCil of col',ege, il nd was
said to rneethlrn an/'lOUncement of the resul ts,
in a-.e month of July. As it wao; Quite Iilte In nIght. J (O\Jd not
take up the matter immediately. He gilve me a number: (240)
<lnd I told him to meet me aRer a COuple of days.
The judgemen: on the s., id rl'Iil tt er was done ot 8·06 a.m.
3-5-1979, Tl1llrsday. "The Horary CI"I.., rt for t he given number
and the time of jJdgement is given beIOl".
'om 2fi'3!
M. , 2"':;'
1 (!>B'
III lC-so:r Iv 1 l'!i6'


o..lII .l-s-m!J n ..... I(\,J,

Fta· li<r.rzlattt
11'511'N lr3f,'E

- ,
r ...... 3i)3;)r1 (ISTI
Salln :.'"
V1 !roo

SJlptt 1:r:Jr
'.4en.Iy 8h}<1I'1 (ell'M
JJPiI;l r I3rnSod I
R:it!WJ :11'18'
X 1150'"
""" I." n<

. ,
8) The IJgna for the querist ill Jupiter Sigrl, Siltum star,
Jupi ter sub for a-.e 9 "/Cn number :2<10. the question
relalC5 abo:rt hiS younger brother, the 3'"' Cusp therefrom has
to lie Judged, oocause til " 3'" dffioles younger brother. The
mOlY tY.! for the Gucrist or for hlmsdf, <III
calculation ....... 11 h<lve to IJe rr:ode trom lagna, according w
the number given by t,i!:1, If it is to; his yDUnger brothL'r or
sister, we must take U, e th.rd cusp from !tIat lagna as the
aSl£ndant for that younger brother or sister. If it is for his
yoonger bI-othcr or Sistc!r, 1'I'e must take the third (uSP 'rum
lagna as the ascendant for lhat younger brother or Sister.
If it is for the mOTher, tak.e the 4" CUSp, for SOil or daughtEr
(child, in general) t<lke the S"', fOl" wife (lr partner in
business, the 7'" Fm father take the 9'" and for
c 'der bmther 0" sl sCC( take the 1 P . For a (I'iend ([IKe the
I P . Thus unc is to j udge and filld out the according
to VI'hith lind the query is meant fO/".
In \llt;! present (;il SC, Si nce the queSUan is aoout hiS younger
broijy-!r, take t he 3'" ,.-usp from We find that Pisces
Is hiS I"gna. So the .:JS<endont fur hiS brother will be
Taurus. Hence all must oe Inace fmm l Jurus. TI1e
nUlllber in brilcl<ets denotes tt1e cusp w:Jh r['Spat 10 the
younger brother.
pranctand Cusp Sign Lord Star Lord Sub l ord
Ven .. s Rahu
,.-la rs
.ll. pi\er MereuI)'

r-'lercury Rahu

saturn Kt'tu
Venus JoJp:\er Mercury
Ketu ScJ tuln
VI( 4)
Ketu Saturn
XI (9) Saturn
I ell)
:lupiter s", ... Jupiter
II!. r-toon, indicating ::he milld, Ievl:31s tile nature of the
query, v:to at ttoe qUEnst to ilS In thos h<!r mind, ilm: aL-;o shO\vs
if SUCCC!;!; ,s 0< can :,e achieved.
1·100n is lOre 0( 5 in 4 i.e. lore of 3 in 2 for t he vovnger
brot'l er, il' cOl1jLnction with lord of A and 11, also in 2.
II Is in , t; e conslcllatinof Sal t:rn ane sub of Sllturn is
In t he 4'" C\;<;p and is lord at 9, Mercury is ',n tile \1'
Moon dear!}' illdicales that tnc pert a:ns to
thE yo:mger bwtner's admlss'on i-lto an Engir cering Col.ege.
'VEnus, lIlC 10«1 of lagn<', in lte 11' promISe"
IV. A) Will He Get Adminion?
Venl,lS, lord 0( lagna, in II, TIle lord ot tt-,e lion CUSp,
Jupiter Sub lord of t rle <I" Salwil . Saturn Is lord of 4
in 9 in constellation of Ve nus, an occupant of t 1. Hence
we can oe surE t 11<2- get admi Ssion.
B) Another feature · ... notH'lg is lhE of tt1e 9'"
cu:p. The '1" stanGs fo: hlgner anc lte st:b lord is
Venus. \lenus ,t is seen, Is in a cual sign and (Onjoined "";th
M!:.'fc", ry a cl.:al planet, d'.so in tht! same cual sign. Venl:s Is In
11. Hence it is dedr oS
a':tempts. So I dearl y :ole him : r,ough admission is
promised, it will not got in too college \<\'hEre they are at
present trying a scat lurtMr atdEC that the seat can be
gOl only in ar other € Pllrall !:j' i51ncicated dlle to
associatIOn wilh a dlJil[ and c<,Jal iJlanet a;)d th\! eleventh
Reace:-s VIII' notE thllt in my article o n pane J of tne
Febru!lf\t79 also t oo sulJ lad of the 9" ( uSP Is Mercury,
it dual but ' $ n01 conne(tW wit n t he 1 r " i.e. thE
sub Iota Of t oc 9" cusp, tr.ough a cual pl anet, no
connettor witt. the it" Th<,J s \.he qUErist got admitted
in the sa m\! college where he p' eferrcc a SEat, with Ollt .. 1
as <;Udl. In the :;arne b"e ath, I kil'dly invite the. reac:ers'
attention to p<'.gc 304-30G of KJishnam ... rti Padi1dhati Reader
VI. Th\!Ie.'n, it was s'"cilted that "as the 5'.Jb lord (of the J"
is f.1eru::y, YO<l \'Iill go to one first; not fi(-cling it
good, vou will further more", TIl is Mercury is in t he star of Sun
positioned in t he 11'" cusp, ha\f,ng connection with
lhe 11" cusp, I personall\, fed that he had this in his mind,
while he made lhat prcCic1ion. What I want to make cl ear to
lhe readers by re:ating al l this, is thilt pluraliti can Oe predicted
OIl ly if lhe sub lord of the relevant cusp has any connection
with the e leventh cusp. If it d<X':S not have any connection,
then pluralilv cannot and must not tx:, predi cted.
V) Singificators:-
The significators of 4 and 11 are:
Fourth House:
Occupants <Ire Saturn and Rahu. Jupiter and Moon are in
Saturn's stal: No planet In the stars of Rahu.
Lord is Sun.
No in its star or sub.
There fore the significators of the fourth house are Sun,
Moon, Jupiter, Saturn and Rahu.
Eleventh House:
OcC'Jpants are Mercury.
Venus and Mars.
Mercury 15 O'Nn star. Venus and Mus in star of Mercury.
Sun, Scturn and Rahu in star of Venus.
Lord is .llipiter.
Ketu is in star of Jupiter.
Therefore the significalors of the ninth cusp are Sun, Mars,
Jupiter; VeJlUS, SiJtum, Ratlu and Ketu.
the significators are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury,
Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Railu and Ketu. Since all the nine planets
occur as significators, it is best to eliminate a few by noting
the Ruling Planets of the moment of j udgement.
The Day lord 1$ - Jopiter- (Thursday)
Lagna lord - Venus (Taurus)
Lagna star - Moon (Rohini)
Muon ford - Moon (Cancer)
Moon star - SalLirn (Pushya)
MernJry dnd afe conjOi ned with Venu;, the i"'lna
Iof'd. Rahu conjoined with Saturn. Ketu in Sign of Salum.
Thus the Ruling Planets Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter,
$.aturll, Venus, Rahu and Ketu.Slnce thi: Ruling Planets arc
also mafIV in number, the Bhuktl and Anlara lords .viiI t'oiIve to
be chosen carel'ully.
VI. Timing of Evc nt :-
Ao:ading to tne Horary Chart. the querist's younger brother
is ulKfer-gJing the period 0( SallSTl DaSil, € 6huI<tJ, Juplter
Antara till 8,8·79. is in the star d Saturn.
SO!t is dmpped. Next is Saturn Antara St.:lrullg from 8-8-79 to
11-1-1980. As in the Engineering Col lege cannot
be later than the 9" month i.e. september, we can ana!ysc
the planets for the mDllths W AU9ust and Se:;lternber. Mercul)'
is Rct l'O!lr<KIe t ill H1' aod turns direct Of) the II'" AI.J9U5l.
Transit of the Dasa or the lord is taken, whichever" is
slC/wer. Saturn is slower thai''! Nercury. SO take the transit r:l
SMUf". the DaM and Amara lord. Saturn is In the stllr of throughout the mllilths of Al.'gU"St and September. It is
in Jupiter sub from t 1·8-7910 26·1)· ]9. Jupiter being in star of
retrograde Saturn, this period can be omittat. Then Salum is
in OI.YfI sub frum to 12·9-79. Henre admlSsi!yt is.rfinlte
dJring dis period.
Therefore ( told him that his younger brot:her will gel
admitted ooly betwe(!fl 31)-5-]9 arid 12-9-79 in a college other
Ihat ... :heff! the seat was being sought He VIaS rather surprtsed
at the period I mclltiooed oocause aCCOf"dlng to him the
admissions will be ovef by the end of August . Since 1 gave
him a date u"tiI12" september, he wasdoubtfullft:he prediction
rnay (ome out correct or oot. But I, on my part, Vias confident
that it will be only during the month of September, before the
12.'". With that he left.
VII. J accidently met him on the 6'" of September and he
told me that as predicted his younger brother got admitted
(tJctwccn 30/8 and 12./9) on 5-9-79 (Wednesday). He further
added that tile scat was got in another college and not in the
college were he was tryi ng for it. He praised and thanked me
for the exact prediction and said that he would trouble me
with many more questions in the future. from time to timell
With great respects to the Guruji, I COnclude this article
My wife wanted to Jersey or Horstein cow for domestic
sne had her father to nnd out good cow.
After few days she lece;ved a teleDllMe GI ll that they are
sending one cow immooiately. She was eClger to know
lhe type of (Ow and its arrival. She € to me and asked
me to find out astrologically about thls ( OW Of may be she
wanted to test my Krlshn..:nurti Pahdhdati
After bowi ng my to our revered Guruji I have st/lrted
my ..... orks to calculate to know the results.
She ga'll! No.99 betYtee"I 1 to 249 (Kr lsMamurti Padhdhil tl)
on 2'" Septemtler 79 at 9-12 a.m. (1ST)
V1 '12"',M OJ Z1"4.'
IobIs 1(l"!iQ'
VI· 21"5370"

.. , .
_ ... -
IrE 7'(1.:1'

KP.Ata.....,;a , mr
Rat .. ,j,..
VI 21'4-1'
Sol lE';,'B'

\' 2TK .v 21'44'
IoIu 28'48'
Astrol ogical detailS are under: -
Date: 2-10-1979 Tuesday
n me : 9-12 a_m I .S.T_
Place: Hubli l se-20' N Lat and 75>" 12' E long
The heavenly chilrt to given movement is appendea
below in Nirayana Symem.
I Sun
II Mercury
III \Icflus
IV Mars
VI Satum
vn SallSn
VIII Jupiter
IX Mars




According to Horaf)' Olart, there Is a balance In Mars Dasa
of Uy-&n-l9d.
Mars, Mars Kcthu Anthra ends on 4-10- 1979.
Sun Jupiter
Moon Mars
Mars Saturn Sun
n crcury Mars Saturn
Jup;tcr Ketu Rahu
Venus Mars Rahu
Saturn Venus Ketu
Rahu Kctu f.l crcury
Kctu Rahu Mercury
Ruling Pl anets: -
a) lagna Star Lord - Jupitef
b) Lagna Lord - Venus
c) f.loon Star Lord - r-lars
KRlt;t-.N.u.lilR"1 f'AOHDHA'l
d) Moon Sign lord 5at'Jrrl
e) Ddy Lon:I - Mars
I"'oon (1'tI! reveiller of mind)
Moo;, \!i poSited In 6 PC! anlm<tls and catt!!!. Sne is
tile occupant of moveable sign moving rMng
Is placed in constel lation and S1.J b. Mars is in 11'1'
houS'!! denoting realsisaton of ambition and aspects 5" hotJse
and 01'l'flS 4" hoose deoo:ing cattl e for OOml'stic It is
100:A;o COlrOO that her query >'las (.ort lcding with purc:hase 01
domeo.Uc animal . The "'00ll in Lhe 6' house indk.ates milk;og
animal and Moon, placet's in the star of Mars, in
t:: ataka, w<ltl!r( sign of the 7odlac:.
Confirmation through the 6'" house;
6'" house is Olmed by Saturn, star and Venus sub.
Monn milking animal and soo Venus inditat€s, Cow.
Moon and venus reveals That II 1'.'111 gove plenty of milk Lookl
How the Almighty guide us,
Is it Jersey or Hoisein:
Sub Lor(! of the Asce;w:ianl Siluml ls pooted in
.... ith Sun. SO I toIG her caN is tn D:ack culourwith ... :!lite palches
arxl henL't' it must be HoJscin. Lord of 10" hoose (i.e. from
6" is Venus. Venus Is the S:gnirK.ator of 1(1' (5'" from
6") and '1" (11" from 6" hoose). ThiS indi cates good
Lord of lagna Sun is in tile S1.Jb 01 Jupiter, il'rdkdte5 the animal
is pregnant.
Astrol ogical Analysis:
The fI" ho;.l* is. rnnnected with pel animals and
The 11' house shmo.os a.:qoisition and gains. The 7'" house
the wllh · ... 'hom the dei lillgln connection wlt h the to;o;
r; mide-the seHer or the The 1:2'" house being the 6'"
reckoned from the 7" or t he r.el ler, € his goods. The
11'" which Is rK'gation from t ile 1:2'" shows dlsposill
mtlle animal. The 1:2'" hOlJ!;e tn do with expenditure in al l
manner ro.4es investm!nt, sprondlng, issue of cneqoo
et(.. TIle 8"' house being the 2" from the 7" financial
gilins 10 the seller. So conslclcr houses 6, 11,12 "Jld 8.
6'" arsp: Occu?<lrr.: is ' ·1000
Son Is the Star of
Owner is Saturn.
is in the Star of Saturn.
KeN represents for S<i t\Jrn.
TI1erefore signifi cators Sun, Mars
Saturn, Ketu.
II'" cusp: is
Mercury iIIld Venus are in Mar.; Star.
Owner Is "1en:u-y.
No Planet in its star.
€ siglificators are Mars, 1-1ertury and
12'" cusp: Occupants are Jupit er and Rahu.
No Planet in Jupiler st<lr, Ketu is in Rahu star.
OWr'ICr is Mom.
Sun is in the Mooo star.
Therefore .<;i gofiicatOfs al e Sul, 1·1000, Jupiter, Rahu
;md Kctu.
The 8"' house stlrnds n t he 2'· counted from thc 7"
holJSC. The 2'" shows gains. The 8'" t heref'ore. Is the
holJSC of receipts to the seller. Jupiter is lord of 8
posited In 12" house. No Planet In it s star. This reveals
<:L and g<lin of
Thus the significators arc - Sun, Moon, "tars, ,.ierCU!"i,
Jupiter, Venus, S<lluro, Rahu and Kcw.
When the sigrlfkirtors arc many In n\M11bcr; Ruling Planets
will help us to choose the fruitful one. The fruitful signlft cators
Venus, Jupiter and
Fr om the Horary Chart the q'lXrent is running Mars Oasa,
Mars Bilektl, KMhu Anthra uplc 4-10..1979. I told her she will
reteive \.he COl'l 2'" eveni ng or 3" morning as Mars
Mars Bhukti, Kcthu Anthra ends on 3-10- 1979.
I'I RISH"I.o.:.lI, IHi 253
Progeny When:
ConsidlY 2,5 and 11 houses from 6"' 1\005(' i.e. 7,10
4" housf!,
'laJ cusp: 5igr1ificators are Jupiter, Salurn, Rahu and
10'" cvsp: WnllS and Saturn.
Cusp: Slgnificators are Moon, Mar5, Mercury "rod VenUS.
Hence the signif.(1lt<n are Moon, Mars, Mercury, .hJpit<Y,
VCOIIS, saturn. Rahu and Ketu.
Eliminating the ... eak the remaining Strong
signiflcatOfS are Venu5, Jupito" Cl nd 5<l tum.
Sun transit in Venus sign Jupiter and Saturn sub 011 9-
Planetary SC' x of the sign, star, sub of 10" house (I.e. 5'"
from 6'" hOUSC').
Cusp SIgn Inrd is VeoJs - Femalr.
Cusp star locd is t·1oon -
Cu;p sub lord is - Male
So I predictr'd that cow will have Female calF in the
second lliU\!k of NOYl'mber mostly on 9-11-79,
Lagna LOld SIXl is in the c0n5tellJtion of Moon \:hi' olXupant
of the 6" house (""nich IS the house of Vyaya to tllose with
whom the transaction is dane,) WMe purchasing !he ( OW you
get at dle<lp price. 'I/hen y(lu sell you ma!c.e profit.
Actually the- co\'/ arrived \.0) our nouse 0f1 2'" 0ct0bef79
and I paid its cost October?9 !'VeI1ing. Th!"! r.ow Is
Holstr. ln black in colour with whit !;: palChes. A5 predicted the
calf was born on 9'" November79 night.
This .,;vnplr. clearly provt'S the usefulness of Krishn.amurti
P-'CIMhati to pinpoint the CYel\ts, nanlts to Guruji who Invented
this correct rnet:hcld.
A Lecturer from Salem, called on me on 15-4-80 and
requested me to predict his professional prospects. He asked
me to Sily whether his present post of Lecture will be confirmed
or rtOt, as he is one of the junior most in the list.
As per Our Guruj i Krishnamurti Padhdhati I asked him to
give a number DetwfOCn 1 to 2.49. He deposed the number
2.6. The particulars are as fol lows:-
A) Details,
Number given - 26(1 to 249)
Date of Judgement- 15-4-80 Tuesday.
Time of Judgl'ment - 7-50 p.m ( Ni ght) IST
Place of Judgement - Madras
AyanamSil - 23'-29' (K.5.Krlshnamurti)
Billance in Kethu dasa. at me t ime of judgement 2y-6m-23d.
C} Planetary Position:
Stlr lard
Sub Lord
5ec Kethu
Moon Ket hu
Kethu Rahu
Mooc Saturn
Salurn@ Srn
J(r, '':\9'
&in rlr

II 2:!s'
y"."l1'.,. 111T'l9'

',111 :[39'
'/1 1"39
0) CuSpai Position:-
Sign Lord
10 Satum
11 S<1tum
E) Ruling Planets:
(Oil y lord)
M:lrs (Moon Sign lord' Aries)
Kethu (t-100n Star Iord·As'l'/lnl)
Venus (lagna lord - Thulam)
J upiter (Lag"'" Star Lord) ,
Stilr Lord

'"" "'"'

Rahu Is il lso Ruling Planet CIS he is impact conjunction with
The queryls ilbout the professIon, Hence we hiwe to :\nalyse
the house 2,6, 10 ilnd 11. If the sttl lord of the l CP' (profession)
cusp is I'.'ell cornected to houses 2,6,10 and 11, one will be
employed. In the chart under discussion, the sub lord of the
2'4 cusp r"ercdl)'. Mercury lord of2 ard 3 1n 11 with oUl any
p!anel!: In his star. He is also in the corstellatJOIl of Saturn lord
of 10 11 IS Sood. The sub lord of the 6'1> cusp (Service) is
<:Iso Mercul)'. The sub Lord of the 10" cusp is Rahu. Rahu is
posited in Leo, in the 4" but Rahu is In the sun uf
Kethu in the 10" house is good. Saturr, Retrograde at Lhe
time of judgement ;s in Leo urder the incluence of Vth bhava.
1·lence, 1 come Lo Ule corciusior thal the Querel1l must be
in service, even though there is sorr.e di<;\,urbances due to
Saturn ocC"Jpancy of Vth and no indication for j<Jbless is
Indicating in the chart, But, 1 found some adverse aspects
also the placement of the sub lord of the 10;1" cusp Rahu is in
4 is rather a posit ion, to hi m, dS the 4" house is opposillOl1
to 10'" house (profession).
The dasa lord Kethu and Bhukthi lord Jupiter are
connected to houses 10 ard 4 and llold him Lhere is a of
opposltior is including and you will ha\l€ lo face tough fight
also, against the management as the of 10 and 11
are as well, connected to 4" (4" is oppositKJIl house to 10"
At the Lime of ;udgemel1l, lhe Querent \"las running Kethu
dasa, Jupiter b1uklhi up to 2-10-80.
Venus operates til l 7-6-1980.
Kethu the dasa lord is in 10" As Kethu a
"Olayagraha", he re.Jresents Saturn and Kethu signifies 10
and 11 and promises professional prospects.
The Bhukthi lord Jupiter. Jupiter is lord of 8 and 9 and
occupied IVth conjoini ng wi th Rahu and Mars in Leo.
rurther it is posited in the star of Kethu and sub of Rahu.
The anthra lord is Venus. Venus is lord of 1 and 6 inThula,
in the sLar of f·1oon, occup;;nt of 12'" and
is lord of IV. Venus is tenanted in the sub of Saturn. Retrograde,
lord of 10 and 11 in house. 1 had come to the
conc!usion that he will face so many lighls as earlier said. But
dasa lord Kethu, certainly c;enote success after a gallant light
with the management as Kethu is in the sub of Venus, lord of
1 and 6 in lagna bhal,'a. find herlre I told he will be conlirmed
in his post. It is assured in the map of Hea .... ens.
So I informed the Querent that he will be in service and will
be mnfirmed to the present post around 18-5-80.
But the Querent has told me that he h"s already given
ousting orders, terminating his temporary sel'lice. He also
showed me the orders. I was shocked about this. But
with the great help a:Jd guidance at Our belo .... ed Guruji in my
mind, I told him that you can make an appeallo the heads of
department concerned and you will be successful in your
attempt also. The Querent told me that he will delinitely make
an appeal to the concerned or file a writ petition against the
management, as he was given notice and terminating for
service is unjustlce.
The Querent come to me in the 2" week of May 1980 and
told me that he has appealed to his department heads in the
5ecretar:at and the orders already issueu for terminating his
ser/ices suspended. He has also told me that he was
a;lowed to work on the last working day of the calender year
i.e. on 30-4-80 to get the vacation pay also. He thanked very
much for my accurate and bold predictions e .... en though he
was in receipt of the ousting order well in ad .... ance.
Such as accurate predictions can possible only thorugh this
mar.lellous Krishnamurli Padhdhati system only.
Son',e Organls.ations in India hi.lve branches and operations
abroad. Postings an countrIeS fetch lotof morey apart
from a lot of f riF'lge benefIts ilnd paquisjtl!S. CWle enjoys rare
faci lities which ato a not a',ai lable in India, or even if they are
avai lable they a:-e and prohibitive. Apart from
monetary value, certilin parings abroad ( ommand a high
status nearly eQual to AmbaS!;ildors, as mostly they l'eprC'Sef1t
India and L'lci ian culture overseas.
If iI Choice were given to an offICer, one of a posting abroad
and the other a promotion with in India, naturally one would
long for a foreign assignment.
One in an Dr9anisalion ha'ling a base in
MaldIVes Islands a pproached me on 28·5-90, MOrlda., with
the question " My name Is tipped flit Maldives, Out there is
competition (or the assignement, • V.'11! I be He also
enlightened me that being the seniur m(6\. ln the category of
OffiCe's, 1'1<35 expecting the assignment" but one another
Office d seo.-.'here in Calo.rtta was trying hard for 1M same
whil;h could ofcourre be in his favour only if the established
WIlventians for such would be ber.t in his favour.
The querent gave rre number 101 between 1 and 2.49.
I t ook up the delir.eatlon the same day 4t Madr.!s at 1]-05
p.rn 1ST. The cuspal and fllanetary positi(>M were as follows:
Cusp Sub lord
I Kethu
II RaI1u
III Venus
IV Jupiter
V Kethu
VI Rahu
VU Kethu
' 60 RlILlNG PlA NT
Xl K,,",.
Sub lord
Mooo Satum
Keto\! Mercury

t: .. l8-i;(

X. 26-.17 XI
VI' 25,<;'1-20 '
I.:::r 5-11
' KilhJ 17·0J
0'1 Z5 43
RaOO 17..(0;;
SaI(fIl l- 18
, ,-,
- ,
', .5·50 IV ltJ-37
11 26-11

For posting ilbroad ! Jud'l cd the X cusp Sub lord t o see if it
ndo any w !medion wong'tv the same. In other
words X cusp Sub Lord should s ignify III, IX &. XII which
me"n r.;.hange I:f re5idence, long journey, and life abroad with
total change in living Circumstances, re;pectillely.
Here the X cusp SJb Lord is Jupiter is in the X. This
suggests that the Officer ,s well and commands a lot of
there being no in tlle stars of Jupiter. JJpiter
i5 in the constellation of Ri:lhu. Rahu is in V. This is not desirable
as V suggests, and lass, loss especidlly when you
have a competit or. Jupiter is in the Sub of in Xl, , .... hich
affairs of XII. XI! is essential in this Query. Moon is a
feeble Signif;catar of the XII we h.!ve planels tenanti ng Moon's
conste'lations. Further to deny the prestigious at lucrative foreign
assignment tt1e X cusp st.:b lord occupied t''Ie Sub of Moon
which in turn signi:ies the V occupying a star. SatclrrJ is
retrograde. 1l1U<; the X cusp SJb Lord denies fore ign posting.
Let us now see result of competion. For this 'Ne have
to judge the VI.
VI cusp SJb Lord is Ra hu. To state with Rahu is in V negating
the affairs of the query in ha.'ld, i.e. the VI. Rahu represents
Saturn as it is posted in Capricorn. Added to the negation it
fu rther worsens tile situation being conjoi ned \'lith Saturn in
the V. Saturn is retrograde. To it clear that there
is rKlt going to be success t'le i5sue, Rahu occupies the SUb of
Saturn. To cap it all the Sub Lord Sat urn occupied the
of Sun in the IX which certdinly goes in favo ur of
one's opponent competitor.
I had no heSitation to tell Omcer that he wou ld not be
favo ured with the foreign now.
The officer hCls since been promoted and within
India. Officer in the lower grade or in the
Querent"s whi le grade o,11y are posted abroad, esreaally for
the Maldives Islands.
K.P. & R.P
My friend was working in a factor)' as an engineer 'Nho
"";shed for change of job in a prosperous company. As he had
appl ied for the same company he was very much anxious to
kilO'. ... about the same. So, he asi<ed me to give the prediction
reg.Jrdi ng the S<lme. I had analysed the chart of his and said
that there will be possibility of (mnge of job after 19'" Jan.89.
as Jupiter das.J Venus Bhukti and Moon antal<! will run from
19'" Jao:89 as is the signlficator of 4" & Hl'" in the 4th In
the star of Mars the lord of Z,." 7".
As Moon Is Indicating the 2'" 4th 7"' and 10'" house denotes
acquisition of job but my friend's question was whether there
was aoy change of job. So, I took him to Mr.Pundareesh who
in fact is having ten years experiel'l(e In K.P.System. We met
Mr.Pundareesh and explained him regarding the change of
job. So, he took a number within 249. My friend gave 100 for
the same. Mr. Pundareesh told that he would write the answers
in short period.
At that time I was nat h<lvi ng the experience of
the chart as per Horary number but I took the war;'; as a trial
/ expcrimerlt.
Date, Place & Time of Judgement: 6'" Nov'88 at Mysore
12 N 18: 76 E 42. at 12.28 P.M. 1ST.
Ruling Planets:
Lag - Sun, Venus & Mercury
Moon - rJ[ ercury, MOOIl & Rahu
DClY Lord - Sun in Venus Sign and Jupiter star.
VII: 2552·00
""" 6-4"; -02
IX 23-4&-53 ,-40·58
X 23-4&-34
VII ;:4-00-00:
RJr.17-09-08 !<ASI CHART
m 61h f.Io.,- 88
.1 M1SoJ'e
IV2,'· Hl-26
at ',.28 1ST
Sn 20-30-25 '
S8t 5-49-44
Planets signifying:
Sun - 1,2,5,8 & 9
Moon-l& 12
Mars - 4,6,7,9
Rall u - 6
Jupiter - 1,2,5, 8 & 9
Saturn - 4,6,7 &12
Mercury - 2,1l ,4, 7 &9
Ketu - 1,3,10 &12
Venus - 1,3,10 &12
Mer 05-54-1!
11 12:>-48-53
Xi 2:;'50-55
XI1 24-10-26
Kel 17-'1,.:.8

Ve!l15· 15-11

of Moon at the tlme of judgement - 7 years. 6
months 9days.
The sign lord & day lord is Sun who is the significator of
1,2,5,8 &9. And for the change of job 5'" & 9'" should be
considered. So, I fixed that he wHl get change of job in Moon
who is signilYing t ile 12.'" , Bhukti who is signifying
6'" and Sun who is signifying t he 1,2,5,8 &9'" house.
At Vie ti me of ju6gemcnt Jupiter WM In retrograde mOl: Kln
so, I consider change of job .... i ll be after the €l<piry of
rctro!<rade motion of Jupiter ..,ho is in Sun r.tar and signif,ting
the 1,2,5,8 &9'" house, Moon d.1Sa Rahu 8hukti and Sun
Antara opcrCltcd between + 1-89 & \ -2- 1989,
So, I boldly predicted that he will get cflimge 01 job belween
4-1-89 lind 1-2-89 after 19"' Jan'S9 on whi(;h
Jupiter will l ake II di rect motion,
To my Surprise he joined the new- company on 19'" Jan'89,
sent the predicti on through mail after SOI1'I€
days with dct<'liis of his 3I'IiIlysis, He also predicted that My
friend will get char'lge of job after 6"' Jan'89.
His made on the same question and I'iorary number
Date, "lace and Time of Judgement: 6"' Nav 'S8 at Mysore
12N18, 761:42 at 1-09 pm. 1ST,
, !
.)( 24-41.11
Xl 23-t7-1!

X1<\...:l· 11
RA.'>I i':H}oRT
Nc 11)';
OIl (oIh N",_ '1\.3
..... ,'SOffI11I1'lC .. 9
It. p-"" . IS·
1!lf3II1:8 d "'CC,
KeI 11-09-03
ri 23-47-11
7 )U1S :; moolhs
LBg" 8
Sn 2C·32·(l7

1\1;:0\-47_ 11

\.oiiIo, 1S-13-1ti
DI '4·47. 1I
Planets Star lord Sub Lord
,,,,'" Mooo
Suo Jupiter
K"u "hu
Mercury Mars
Analysis made by Mr,Pundaree5h:
Sub LOrd of the 10'" CUSp IS Rallu. is in own star and
in the sub of Venus.
Venus is the slgnificator of 1,3,10, 11 & 12. Rilhu Is tile
signlfocator for 5, 5,&'1.
NClI'\e of these two planets Rahu &. Venus is the slgfflficat.or
of S'" or 7' house whim are the houses for the chaJlIJe of job
Should be considered. Hence, he may not get m ange of job
at present.
Coosldering the sub IQrd of the 11'" cusp to know whether
his bcfulfilled or not. 11"' cusp sub lord is Saturn
who is signiticator of 4,5,7 &12. 50 it is against hi s desire.
Hence, his ambition will not be milterialized.
Be<ause Saturn is not signil)1ng either 5'" or 9"'. Hence, in
tttis belter he forget the change of job.
Consldefing the dilsah, Shuktl . f"o.,., Moon dasa is I'1.Inning.
Is strong slgnilicatorof I &12. 1upiter Bhukti is f<M>Urable.
Because Jupiter sig:1lfles 9'" & 5"'. So, he will get opportunity
or of job from 5-1-1989.
AS per Pundaraeesn also the mange of Job period
starts from 5'" Jan'89 In my analysis also the change of
Job period came bet;o:een 4-1·89 &. I-HI9 i.e.; in both analysis
nom 4/ 6'" )an'98 onwards only change job was
Mr.Suraj Phan Sharma, of J"nata Tr(!n5port, Lakhim Pur
Kheri c.?l lied me end enquired whether he will go abroad? If
The questilJn was judged at 5-30 P.M. 011 31-3-68 with t he
Number 96.
The horoscope is as below:-
s,,' 17-31
MJ .21-28
Rot, 25-53
Mar> 9-11
V" 2b-2Il
. 6'40'
kl 2lr
5.30 p,m.
Balance of Venus" 16-6-9
Analysis of the chart:
indicates the mind 0( l:le querist. is posited in
the constellc.tion of Venus, who is lord of 9'''. Ninth house
long joumeys, sea voyage, air travel etc. This
c:onnection of Moon .... ' t n the go ' Sha';'a, Justifies the querist
rr; lnd.
TIle houses to be judged are :;,9 and 12.
Houses 3,9 and 12 are V<lcant.
Mars 11J\es]" hoUl>e. 'rlle constell ations ui'1d1:!l'" the sway 01
Mal"$ are Mrigasira, and Only Ket:l1u is In
50 Kethu IS signifjcator.
Venus rules 9"'. Bhar.lni, I'oorva phaigunl and PoorvashiJda
are the three stars of Venus. Moon is in E\tl3r.lni and
the othel" stars of Venus remain unoccopied.
12'" house Is ruled by Saturn. Pushyilm, and
Uttrcphadl"il are the tl'iple of Satum. No planet is posited
In of ttoese So saturn is strong.
Tllus Kemu, Moon and saturn are strong signincators. Mars
and come next.
Will he go abroad?
For this we look to t he 12'" cusp. ]Id cusp shows
that one .... :iII tit! from his permanent place of residence.
g' rusp indicated duration of tile long journey. 12'" cusp shows
arrival and life in forei<;n TIle 12'" OJS!) falls in si gn of
Saturn (Capricorn), of Moon subs of Saturn, MerOJry
and Kethu. and Mercury are rot retrograde. Ketll u
l houg. C Ilil tural ret 'ograde Is a strong signifltator for abroad.
Ket hu, beinQ in t he sign of Mercury, represent s
Merr.ury. nlUS UII:! 12"" rusp i!; strongly COOnected with the
p:ancts, represt!nti ng his journey abroad. SO it Is cll!{:lared with
confidence the querisl wi ll delinitely go "broad.
Sut When?
At the time of jud{;c ment balance of Vl:lnus OaSil is 16
6 months and <J daj.<S. Sun Bhukthi in Venus OaS<! started
on 10-2-1%8 will expire on 10-2-1969. Sun Is posited in
the star of Mercury, lord of $. Further Sun is not ill
so upto 10-2-1969, the question of your goi rog abrood does
not arise.
From 10-2-1969, DhL'l<.ti of MoOtl S(,lrts. t-1001l is C01joir«
wIth 3" 1101JSC lo;d iHId ilS;JettS the ,,,. house. also is a
strong sIg.'\ificator. So dunng the Shukl!ll of Noon lasting for
10 mCl1ms you will definitely go abroad.
In whiCh Anthra?
The sub of the 12'1> cusp is SlrOl'lgly cannected with s.,tum
.md Either it (euld Dc Anthri'l Kethu st-ookshl'!'l.1
Of Kcthu Anthri'l Silturn ShooksiliM. When he 1'0;11 go s.,turrl
Anthril Ket hu .... -:11 be (rom 23· 11 ' 1969 to 29- 11-
1969 and Kethu Arlthra, $atum Shoolc.stvna will be from 19·5·
1970 to 25-S-1970.
Durin; the first perot! (23-11- 1%9 to 29-11-1969), the
luminary Sun will be tran5ittin; In ttl!:! sign SCorpio, rulctl by
and constellation of 5<l t urn, Mil f5 and Saturn are
5i;nir >aotors. So this is the fl1Jitful periOd.
Agal fl during the allern.1tlve ( 19-5-70 to 25-5-70)
the SUfi will be p.'lSSing in the sign l<!urus, rull!d by venus <llld
in t he (O'lsu.natioll of Moon. Both Venus ilnd r.100fl are
sIg'lificators. This rs also the periOd ",hal he can go.
Of 1110 to'N alter.l ati'le period!; which to choose1
At tile time of j ucgement IS Si llJilted In the sign Aries,
ruled by Venus ard Moon h.wE l'IOthil'lg to w with the
ruling planets ilt the t;me or judgement day SurItlay, Moon
sign AriC$, stilr lord Klrt hu, 1ag1\2 Virgo, t hough both of them
are strong Signi:iCiltors. 50 it Is dccidocl t1'1ilt when Sun will
t rilnsit in the sign Scorvio (ruled bv Mars, the ruling planet at
t he time of judgCI11C.1t), he will go i'lbroad. This periOd will be
rrom 23-11· 1969 to 29-11-1969,

Shri Dtvi Ram Sharmil; Nail Nazlr; Prucess a<Fl"lCY;
$craj-Tehsil; (H,P.) a on 21-7-68;
at 5-30 1ST at 31'35' ar.J 77" LnngitJde -
of the l;uetY - 'transfer' - It is unkno .... n- When?
nentioncd by the c:.uC(i!,t ....nihin (249) - 77.
Note: -
Any figure within 108 would m , to be more pretlsc in
tI'>e dctcrmi:liltion of the various cusp!> of 12 hou!:ot!s in the
Hcr(l ry and in order to avo'd various planet II:Iin9 the
same cusp of t he Rising as sub-lords figl:lC within 249
was preferred s.o that tilere was only one sub lord ruling tile
cusp of rising sign aerording to the given by the aUCl' ist.
Now, Horar{ dl3rt os. per ACvanced
advocated by uef Honb:c GUl u)i. Cusps 0( 12 hoases
do:!tcrmined according to the princ(Jks of Knshnamn PadMhati
giVen by !.he Editor clsbcratelv In his world famoes magaZine
& Athrist1t."\" August Isscc, 19GB, at pag<'S 37-39.
r\ow fi gure "!7 · .... ithln 249 Sl10WS Rising sign '" 19'= On<:er
20' 21'33· 20". cusps v.we d!!ternincd according lO
the using Raphael·s Tables of hCJ5eS for thl!
ofQuef)' and '" 23"19' mart
Is giver! here:
Pl anets Star LOf"d Sub Lo.-d
Moon Kcthu
Mats Gom Venus
Railu r-l oon
Jupiter Ketilu<:;
Satutn Kethu
,n _c.-__ -,,-______________
Kethu "loon Ketho


I !:':

- -

v..r 141
Gull 12 (3

KeIhu 19:18
MOOI' Bi:' tance at 2 VlS. 2 mts. 7 dd'(S.
Now, to Krishnamurtl Padhdhati, for transfet;
houses 3,10,1 2 are to IJe
(i) J'" house is occupied by Kethu. and Kethu occupy
the sub nf Kethu. Heac€ Noon Kethu 'iigl'\ificator...
Kethu b', ofbeiJ19 IlCI:Upaot of)" house become
<:i g:'liflcator.;. t1ureuver, lord of of l'" house is 14errury,
Kelhu in Virgo ruled by Mer<ury and hellCe instead of
Mercury we are to tlke Kethu. ThiS shows that Kethu, by
way of thfe@qualiflCat ionshils become a strong 'ilgnifotor;
(ii) Tenth house is vacant:
(ii }l2'" is occupied by three pl anets, viz, Sun, Venus,
Ther€ no planet either In t he of SUn
and or in thei r subs. r>',ms, Saturn, Rahu are if1 the sub
of VeIlUS. Helice s...,tum and Ral'tu ate the 5igfl iflClltors.

NCMr, the Ascendant fa Is in Cancer sign-a movable sign
which is in conformity with tllC nature of the question
(movement-change of place). Also, lord of Rising sign is Moon,
occupying 11" house showinq that the qucrisl will Ilave a
fa'/ourab'e reply tram the Astroloqer.
Also, Kethu, Mars, Saturn and Rahu are strong
significators to cause transfer as shown above. Surprisingly
enough, Moon occupies the sub of Kelhu and in the slar of
Moon there Is Kethu. Hence and Kelhu are inter-related
and ooth of them have dlso become strong significators to
cause transfer.
At the moment of query the querist was under the main
period of Moon for 2 yrs. 2 7 days and the sub
period of Kethu for 0 year 0 month 7 days only. gives
at OrKe tieing fastest moving Hence I deciared that
the querist "Will be transferred in Kethu's sub period Le.,
within 7 days hxn 21-7-1%B" and take charge in VEnus sub.
Actually, ,he querist received lransfer orders on 22-7- 1968
ruled star ruled by Mars);
Moon was thOugh Gemin: ruled by Mercury (Kethu
represented Mercury). He reported for duty on 30-7-1968
(Tuesday ruled by Hastha star ruled by Moon;
was pilssing through V'rqo ruled by (Kethu represented
Kethu's sub period expired on 28·71968 wherEfrnm
Venus'b sub period ruled. Venus, being occupant or 12th house,
gave the querist a new surrounding in its Bhukti (operated
from 28-7-1968).
Ail ttlose confm'ed the correctness of Krishnamurti Padhdhati
word by word.
PaniC Mongers At all Ages
Thougll intellectua's do not pleasure in creating panic among
the people, yet they o'/erestimate themseilies and are sure
that tlle,( l"Iill ever be cor-rect; so they cOllie forward and
informanon I'Jh,<.Jl will l-'lrcaten and eIo'el
blood pressure 01" at least {lidcl:nt.:ss Of In many
There IS Instances wherein t ht! mOOical whispered
in the til rS of the cl ose: relatiyes and friends of paticr!ts in
crit icil l s:tuation that they could telegram etc.,
and lnvi: e all those inlere:;teG in seeing the pauents before
cremation or ir. jJayifl<) Ihc last to thNll, whereas the
p.1t1cnts 9Jrprislngly SlJrJivied. I he.-.-c: we rnstmce oMlich others
also moly know. One exp('rt physician was ill . The milCllcal
atte ndanl on him informed the patient's dlildren t hllt In a fe .. ,
minutes he \"IOulG brf'alhe his last. Due to the piltie:lt'S lUck,
he A fe',",' monms passed. TI"W' doctor who atterldeG
upon the patient, fell il l. He ... Jho got cured, attended on hi m.
Both the patient and me doctor Vlere sure of hi s survi val due
to favourabl e prognosticat IOn, But he passed away suddenly.
This instance SI'o::>I'IS that there is a limit3tioo to DlJr IMellect
knowledge or wisdom. SOmething el se, unknown and un seen
by us werates. Is ".thy It Is salG that proposes-GoG
di sposes.w A laGy "sks It is true In our case a:SO; so the lady
sa,s LaGy proooses, God But T say propascs;
Destiny Ac<:ording to rr.e (omes fi rst; God

Now On 29-8-1968 in tne Ne' .... s papers we COUl d see
the ioll owir.g material pub!isl"led.
Sun Explosion Forecast:
Ollndee: Srotland, August. 1928.
SOme (I.)y the Sun is goin9 1.0 c:xolode and v-.tlen It does,
the only Wil'( to avert the ealth will be to move it out of the
Astronomer and mathemilti c:ian I an Roxburgh, \'Iho
the t xpl osion at the British Associalio:1 for the adv<J nCemenl
of SCiEf1ce ycstcn:lay said befort the final blast, the Sun
would burn 10, 000 times brighter than it d d r(:JW exp::i nd
to 400 times its pl"esertt
nils is, illdeed, He said "Some d<ly
the Sun is go-no) to This t!ay may be so
many millions of years At t hat t ime ne.ther the
astronomer, nor we will living to witness and offer him
"f\obel Pri ze" if his words oome true. Again, Is it poss'bje to
move the earth 1.'rNay from such a !;(ordl'"9 SIXI. All these
staterrw;nts are like p<isslns douds. So non\i! need erl\.ertain
any fear.
one can IXIdl::rstand thilt In all ages, thm! IIL'erC ilstronomers
and mattw:'milti cians who announced their findings after lheir
strenuous rCSoI'"rch and oolhing had collie trUt. If any one of
them have been Pl"ove<i to true; Ule earth cannot
exist rlW.', lII'e .... '()'Jld not be living in thos age.
1) You may remember that Ital ian astronomer predicted
thaI the world ..... ould end, 4 years back. He wt'nt UP the MI to
shelter. Nothing happened,
2) A few quacks predi cted that B planets cDllfiguratlol'l will
do unpl"cdictabledamageil'l February, 1962: mthing happened.
If we refer A5lronorny", we can fina a learned
who \'las the Di re.;:tor of an UnivCfsity said that
one >'Ioulc cml'fgt' out from Sun. There must be al'l
exp·()sion. 1he heat wollie be tremendous. AU living beings
woul e be burnt to ash. We are to know, when his eXp!..'Ct<1 tion
YI'Ould come to pass.
lhere was a grcat astrooo;ner III R.A.S He Ihreiitcned
s<lyi119 t':'Iat SUn wi:1 Wikle with one booy and the latter
will be recured to € state and crus will destroy the EarUl.
Another professor s<oid It'klt due to 6 planets
(according to them) the Solar system will be disturbed. when
(December, 1919) all of us would be destroy"c.
Austria had proc!uceci a gem who created PiJnK: by saying
that the \'IOrtd could not exist after 13-11·1899. Thus h<.lndreds
of instances given out by the astronomers can be reproduced.
Mind 'I'OU, none came to pass. But they illone passed awiJY.
f.:ow, let us refer t o what is said in Bhagavathil rn In the
Chapter t i tl L'<J "Sruti". The,", 1'/(; to the conclusion:
1) NQthil'l9 Cdn happen to the for millions otyeaf5 1£1
2) As God crcctes and de5troyS '!IId we will be born
a!ld dead, agaln bam and dead, till we unite with the creator.
The,-eforc one need not pay l'feed to the statements of
type. EVer- be go-a-head-rnind your busine5s with
and pjeil'iUre. What is to happo::n must happen.
NOlle change fate-none can c1adge destiny.
Thus mental solace and rnent., 1 strengttl can be given only
by astroi09er5. A5tro109Y ls a:so a psycho-theril plly. Astrology
does not gilllo' incorrect infonnation. II brings out truth. Trut h
IS GOO. Hence astm/()gy Is divine sOc-nre exp1.:.ining the
learn astrology, To know the truth .... edd Krishnamurtl
Padhdhati wherein boldly truth is brought out a nd honestly the
faiiures in traditional ones are menti(lf')C(j and ronfessed.
Good Luck to ilil of you,
Number, 249, given by the quereist Is 75, at 10-00
I.S.T. on 15-8-1965 .
S<olJIT 2'10
t.kKln 19"9'
F'lanfta", QI'I
SLJf1l9'!; '
, .: A..'A
1.I ..
JJP ln5
Balance of Venus DaS<! 11 3 monthS, 6 days.
B.Bhav .. Chilrt
I BhaV3 - Mercury and Sun.
l! Bhava - Jupiter and '/eous
III BhaV3 - Kethu.
IX Bhava - Saturn and Rahu .
X Shalla - Moon.
XII Bhava - Mars.
Lord of Constellation
Lord of Sub
Sur. M:-rcury
5<ltum ®
Mars SaturI1 ®
Mercury Kethu
Jupiter Venus
Venus Venus

Moon Mercury
Nature of Query
Invariably Moun ir.dicates the mind. This rule does not fail!
In your case ""oon is in the constellation of Ver,us.
Venus Ol'lnS houses 4 and 11 and occLpies 2nd. You have
the question about marriage. But Moon's position shows
tIlat you have something more (in your mind) to ask
4" house (Vehicle, furniture, land, flat, etc.) The
houses 2 and 11 plus Ver,us (Chief gOYemor of
denote marriage. But what about 4'" house?
Moon sign is afflicted by SatUrl1. When ever malefics (by
nature or by owning G or 8 or 12) are associated with Moon at
the time of query, querist's mind will not be clear. Further if
SatUrI1 is with Moon it denotes the querist is
hiding something In his mind. (Saturn governs secrecy.)
In the present case Moon in the Silme
sign the querist is hiding something. He must be hiding
sometning 4'" house as Venus, the lord of the
in which Moon is tenanted, is also the lord on 4'"
house. 4'" house denotes land, fiat, vehicle, furniture, etc.
Therefore the complete question must be about marriage
plus of some flat, vehicle, furniture, money
(houses 2 and 11), etc. The native agreed this.
Is Marriage promised?
The sub lord of the 7" cusp deddcs whether marriage is
promised or not. If the sub lord is a then marriage
is promised. .. ise not. Tlle Silme rJle is to be extended
to the sub-sub.
I n your case the 7" cusp is 16'40' Capricorn, i.e. Saturn
sign, Moon Salur:l sub Venus sub. The sub lord
of 7'" cusp, Saturn is the owner of 7" house and also
7'" house by its 10'" aspect. But it is retrograde. Because
Saturn 7" house. 1t is a significator of But as
it is retrograde it delays, it IlIOgates sorr.ething. The sub lord in
your case not give immediately the result. let us go to
the 5ub 5ub. It is owned by Venus. (RJr sub sub please refer
to Astrolugy and Altirishta of Od.obcr 1958.) It is the Chief
Governor of marriage. Further Venus is in its own constellation
and sU:>. It occupies Bhava and oW'ns 11"'. As such it is a
significalor of marriage therefore i5
Time of Marriage
For this jlJdge houses 2,7 and 11. (The calculations could
not be worked out after ltie query as I had no
t ime. They are acLual:y further worked on 8-9-1968 at g.
00 P.M. I.s.T.)
Zd Bhava is occupied by Jupiter and Venus. No Planet Is in
t he constell ation of JUpiter. Ro1hu occupies Jupiter's slgn Pisces.
Therefore whatever Jupiter has to give will be given more
strongly by Rahu. Further Venus, Jupiler and Moon are one in
the constellations of Venus. Therefurn take Venus, Jupiter,
Moon and Rahu.
house is unoccupied. saturn owns it. Mars is posited in
the constell ation of Saturn. Take Mars.
No Planet occupies 11 on Bhava. Venus owns it. Venus has
been covelm above.
Therefore VC-flus, Jl()itef, Noon, Rahu and M.ns are the
of Marri<lge. As the ilre more in nUl\ber
us find OOJt the planets at the moment of
Le. at 9-00 I.S.T. on 8·(H.S.
Ruling: Planets
Day is Sunday owned by Sun. is in Pisces owned by
Jl4liter. Rahu is teoated In the SIgn Pisces ilnG therefore take in pretefeoce toJupiler. Moon is tro!.l1SiWnq UttarpaGmpad.1
oWneG by 5a:um. llle Ii!gna is Aries ()Wned by
anel m;lster.ation is Bharani owned by Venus.
The common pl anet!; of the slgnlfic;:!tors and tl'le ruling
planets are Rahu, Venus and (Rtlhu is stronger t h.ln
Is a planet in the constel lation of Saturn, a retrograde
planet. P1anets in the CIln!;l.eilation of retrograde anet appea r
to 9lve results but (all through. Therefore! />lars
appears to give re,;u:l but ultimately It will not gll.'I'. Reject
Th..,.etore the planets whl(h will actually bring abnlJt your
and Venus and Rahu only.
In Venus Dasa, Rahu Shukti has already started on 2.1-1-
1967. I n Rahu Bhukti, venus Anthra operates between 24-12-
1968 and 2.4-6-1969. You are to marry where In this
us consider t-'3I1Sit to pin-point the exact dane. Venus
tranSIt R.ahu star during the last week of December 1968 and
first week of January 1969. Jupiter, during this perlocl, transit
Rahu <lnd Jupiter subs. Further daring t his period Slin transits
Juplttlr Slgfl, Venus star, R4hu SIb OIl 3-1-1%9. Hencc)'O'J-M1l
marry on 3- 1-1969 positively.
Will he! get money, Furniture, etc.?
Whenever ttle 4" cusp SI.b lord Venus it denot es either
gain of furniture or ornaments or vehicle depending upon this
sign occupied a mov<1bie sign or a common sign it denotes
gain of vehic!e. If, on the ot her had, it occupies a fixed sign
gain of furniture and orn.1mcnts is promised. Further if the
sub lord af cusp is Mars t hen it promises gain of house or
fiat or land.
In your the cusp is in Libra 150 i.e. it is in the
cons:r1lation of Rahu and of Venus. Venus, in your chart,
occupies Leo sign which fixed sign. Therefore you will not
get vehicle but wi ll surely get ornamcn::S and furniture. Further
as Venus is of Z"' and 11" houses and of 2""
you will get money also .
As the slcb lord is not Mars gain of fiat or house is
(Editor's Note: - ON 15-8-1968, Saturn was conjoined with
Moon, i.e lord of 1 and 7 ' n conjuncti on. I had, on many
on:acions, said thilt conjunction of Moon and Saturn Is called
Punarphoe and attempts arc to be made Here, even
to predict he had do it, on a later date. InvariatJly whenever
Moon and conjoin one will negotiate and proceed with a
party: It will through i fSat t:rn is retrogfllde and the second
attempt made alone wil l material ize.)
Elder tJrother's marriage.
A !"dy a question about her eldcr brother's marriage.
Please give a number betWe€n 0 108.
Toke No. as 68.
Ti me of query: 5·30 I.S.T. on 20'" September, 1968.
: Bombay
Cheri: was 2naiysed at 5-50 P.M. on 20'" Septemb€r,
Balance of Dasa: Kethu Dasa, Jupiter Bhukti ends on 23'"
September, 1968.

',6'43' 0'28'
Pt>nettlry Po5lian at
5.':' P, M. ISf
en 20;, September 1008
MJ r,5'53'
.Alp 25' :;.\'
Soo 4' 16'
13'2(1' to
Kct 16'43'
. 6'40
0' 31'
V<l,, 29'5'
Lord af Coostellation Lord of sub
,"0 ,,"0
Satum @
Mooo Kcthu
Mars Kct hu
Venus Mercury
Silturn @
Saturn ® Kel hu Kethu
Rahu Mercury
Mooo Saturn ®
Whether Moon shows query?
Invariably Moon shows the nature of query or rather
qucrist's mind. Here the Moon is in the constellation of Kethu,
Kcthu is in 11" house elder brother. in sub of
Jupiter shol'.'s the question about cldcr brother's marr1 agc.
(Jupiter is lord of 7 in the constellation of lord of 2 counted
from 11'" house.)
Whether Marri age is promised o r not ?
For marTiage we have te ccn5lder hOLSCS second, s(",ent\l
and H". So we have te consider 2"' , 7'1> and 11" houses
frem 11'" hovse, I.c. 12:h, 5 ti1, and 9 tho
To sec w:'etlocr onc wil l many or not is shown by the 7'"
ru5P, sub- lord . Se take 7'" from 11'" house, i.e., 5'"
5" fal 15 in rlled by Jupiter. Constellation i5 ruled
by retrogradc Saturn and sub is ruled by Rahu and Jupter.
RahL is in Jupiter"s sign 2nd as such very powerful. Rahu is
directly on 5'" rusp and marriage is prom'sed. It wi ll be
under tile in'luence of Ra l1l1. As Saturn ® is als.o in 5"' house it
will delay tile marriage. Let us find out tile planets in 12 th, 5
til and 9 th houses from Horary Lagna (and not
from 11"'.)
Hou5e 12th is
House 5 t'" is occupied by Rahu and Sdturn @.
House 9 ti1 is occupied by :'-:ars.
No PlanEt Is i'"l the conste: lation at Rahu Saturn CoO.
Ke:hu is in r.astha by and W! rcury and Venus in
Chitra ruled by SignJicators are Rahu, @, KetllU,
Me-rury and Venus.
Here KdllU is stronger than Merclry as it is in the sign of
Virgo ruled by Mercury.
Rahu, Satun @ , Kethu and Venus are signifICators. Keti1u
DaS<l, Saturn Bhukti stllrts on 2-1'" September, 19GB. Select
Rahu a5 Rahu is in :he ru5P of 5'" house.
Rahu Anthra wil l rule !n the p<'riod from 9'" July to 9"'
September, 1%9. Sr' lcct Rahu Sloooksilma. Though V"nus 15
a signilkator it as:J.;Lts Rahu and Rahu i5 also the sub lard and
sign lord (Jupiter) of 5'" cusp.
This period wi ll rule from 9" Juiy 10 18'" July, 1969. When
Sun tril n5its in sign GemIni rul ed by r-lcrwry
repr esented by Kelilu (OilS<! lord) a.nd in the consteilalioo of
Jupoter (Rahu) Anthra le-l'::I sub at Si:ol um the result will
take pla<:e.
'I1hcrr Sun, 9"' anll 10" July, 1959, will be In the s.ub of
Satum, the marria<)e will l ake pla(e.
" Si r, I ' ... ·ould like to know wha; I r an OIier my
rroJbie. I Mve cfiJUgh rJ stocks on My r lills produce
(asl. Pf oducts do not ruOV€ equ<llry
your bank pasition i5 to improve. This is your
ai m. But you w:sh af income should
be by disposal ff goods. So, ni!tufe of Isgo.;Uing mantey:
Soun:e is sale 01
"Cdn you <;fl v!' any € 1 aoo 249.
" 78 COmes to my mind.·
"Arcording t o rr.y method 7S means, sign Carlcer,
Mercuri St.1lf Aslesha and S\Jb St: b 21"33'20" Nlrayana
should b.: taken ilS lagna. As today Krishnamurt i
Ayarldmsa Is 23<2()', t hen positKJn of ascHldant be
14'53' 20·, If for 13° latiturk North of Leo is the
ol:;c:mdant. lttel: 3Ccord. nq til RaVhad's second
nsp .... be 12-56 Virgo; 3'" c:usp 13·56 Ubr,,; 4' cusp 15-56
Scorpio; 5'" 16-56 Sag:ttlr 1)5 and fI'
Krlsl"i n<l m,J:ti AyanamS<l , 'fie gr. t 19" 36' Leo the second;
20"36 Virgo as 3'; 22036' li bra 4"'; 23<;r36' &orpkl as 5"'
Ilnd 22"35' Sagittarius dS 6"'.
Tn", 70diac , ..... ith the 12 UJSps musl be written ;!nc then t he
positio'1 at for the n'oment judgement at 5· 30 PJ·1.
1,5. .. on \ -7-6'J.
IX Sa: 1 :;"2&
ven ' ·QI
Sun lM7
Ratlo. \-49
X' ,:>-:lti

Vii i Iif.;!/;
2' ·3,·,0

V 2,.3&
Ke!u 1-40
1\1 22·:)(;
111 }'H6
Sun D.:!S.l baklnce oolv 9 clays.
Sale of proceeds LO g<! in t hereby is by the
Si,<niftaltufS of the hou.",cs 3 ,md 11 , ilS ,," house oenales
aad 3'" house IndiciI£e; pMt lr.g with pOSSl;'S!'>ions.
11 hOlF.e (ndott's profil . Only when lhel"e is a profit, bffief"1Ciil1
as pect c( 2'" hocse, bank position will ImprovE. [Jut if Ihc 12"'
tioUSt! operates, one loses not on lV what he
PO.'iSCs!'H or proou:es al i'I cost and sells away i'lt il iO'Wer
Therefore first '...nether lhe s<gnificator of UK!
li ouse is connected with 11 or 12 Of bOlh. 3 i'lnd 11 me\lnS
profit: 3 ane 12, luss; 3, 11 and 12 the 3'" IS in
Sl:b or Men:ury or lord or Ute cusp Is In il dual sign.
3" hC1Jsa rommcm:cs al 20"36' Virgo <lnd !!xtends up to
22'36', 2()<'36' Vi rgo manos, il is in ('100/1 star Venus sub.
V-: nus is in the (,xed sign. Hence, citha there (an
only 105& or only gain (lependinl:; on the s.ignificalors of 11'"
KIlI.';HNAMlmll 2ey
11'" house extends f.o:-n 7.)°36 ;aul us to 22'36' G:mini,
i:md Sun are depositl'd in 11 , Mercury stlr:s not
uccupied by any. Kl'thu will act as its agent.
Sun's star is occupied by Ve:lus, Ke::hu, J;Jritl'r and Moor..
Rahu acts as d']ent of Jupiter.
Hl'ncl' Jupiter. f<lercury, Kethu,. Rahu and Sun,
lil' is l'nteri:lg ilto daSd on 10-7-69. Th<.'
sub period shows t he corr,mencemEnt of the mOVl'mmts ot
goods arid obta:ning mo,ley.
1. f·1oon Dasa l-1oon Emukti Rahu Anthra and Jupiter Anthra,
2. Dasa Moon 5hukti Anthra onwards the
goods will be . sub-p":-iod of 7 months
there wil l be slagnation.
O'lly from February 71, continuously thc:r"l' will be movement
OL goods, Money wi ll be realiled.
As Rahu is in 8, in Jupiter's Rahu suh, all overdraft
w] 1 be cleared all: one'sol'lrl money wil l IX' alXunulating
in the bank h)ln r"'oor Da5d Rahu 8hukti Gu'u Anthra Rahu
Shookshma, i.e, 1971. Thereafter, for 3U months,
speedy :umo,w lal'gel' profits a:ld absolutl' satis5;ction ,
Satun sub-p::-rioc shows labr.ur troubk:-, entanglement of
monl'y, bi t: remain unp;,id; hencl' ,herl' will be pressure
lu6ily after thesl' I') mon::hs fO' yea's, the productiOl the
t l;..; profit, l'te. wi: 1 be satisfactorf a:Ki subst,ntial.
__ FR_I_E_N_DS __
On if' July, 1970. liIte in the night, r \\'';$ silti :'lg witfl oneof
mv hip-rids disu.lSsi rl!J Kris:,nilrlll,lrti . Iorary A$trology. At t:-ois
jUrl cturl', I ' .... to have il smllil talk \'lith aoot'ler frierKI of
minI:', SO 1 sent Words to him. ;n t'lll my friend,
who was sitting \'/ lttJ me ..... as anxKJUs lO krlo· ... • h€ will
(Oolle or nOI, .,nc: csked me to predict the time of arrival cl
the ff iend.
I him to quote " 249.
He yave it as 50.
11m" of Ju.:igement : 10-05 p,/,-\, I.S.T.
Pia" . of Judgerl1l .. :JI:: D<lv .. r .... f!I'e.
Jl:umbf'r 50 means Gerninl-t-ten.u')' s:9": An".r a- Rahu STil r·
Mercury sub 12<33'-2.0· to 14"26'·40",
!.he Wl'1i'!ellC€:neJ1t of the Sub. This is in Nirayana
p(l!;itio:1. Add for this is 23''20'. ThP.n
$l',.ana Ascerlce:lI .... ,11 be 5'53'-20" C2Jxer.
Latitu(\;> of plcce of IS 1'1°31', Take
table of hoUSllS and refer for l.dti:Ude whic h nearer to
14"3 1'. Then n(llC dQI.'/n the Seyana cusps d 2". 10"',
11" and 12' houses. Add 100' to BaLfl and r.aI(1JIi?te the
ott'l@r fi wsps.
Deduct f, 'ill tl amsa ro convert ttl Nire',ana !)OSltion_
enter in the fl9ure.
the position of Plll .,ets [Of til-OS P./'f •. I.s.T. un 6-
1- 1970 by toklng the por.inon !)ivell for ,.30 OIl
"IX! 5-30 Nt 0:'1 J-J-?O.
for 1l){)S P.M. J. S.T. 011 6-7-1970 Is as foila>'/ s:,
1 Y,,'2C)"
X (;'26'
XI9' E
IMr 10-J;j'
SJI 26' 1. 3u",[,-5"
R1lI" In."
I na
IX 5':0'
Moon ,07
Vellu, 2i<:iQ'
DIll" , 61, ."''' 197J
- - --------
vl n,' V ,':t.'
\II : 1r.1.>"2(r
I-lep! S'({'
),p 3'00
Urn 11 ·,5'
Stilr Lord Sub lord
JJPITer Jupitl'r
Juptter &m
Mercury JJp[tl'r Jupler
Jupiter Mars VenL;s
S<lturn Venus
Ra1u R;;hu
Kelhu Kethu

Saturn Satum
Note the 11'" cusp. I f the Slb-Iord is eitr_er or
r1el1Ositer1 in the oonstcl:"tion cf? plcnet ill retrO<jraue motion,
thl' is not prumiser1. 11 the prcsent chart 11"
cusp f" lls i1 ARIES 90-26', Ruller of t he sign 15 MARS. Lord of
ttll' is Kel'l u and St.: ') -Lorr1 is SATURN. SATURN,
the Sub-Lord is posited in 11" ,who is ncitil er retrograde nat
deposited in !tie co nstell ation of c. planet In motion.
LOt d of t.hto Le!;na and 11"' Lotd is in Lagna-bha'Ja
by JUPITER, a natural beneflc, <;() his coming is
derlnite- very certain.
And 01.11 I he or I " and 1 P Bhava as
Kt lshnemurtl Cusp form GEMINI 12.0-
33'-20" to CANCER7o-40·. MERCuRY, SU'l & are the
OCC·Jpants. The In the constellation of Mercury are
Moon & Venus. No planf!: is in Sun's coru,tellati(f1. )uplle. IS In
Mars So the !iignifiC"":GP.> alt! "\000, Venus, Jupiter,
501, Ml:ITury & Mars. Ruler of the I " CU<;p is Mercury. The
planet in consteli atlon is discu!';';ed above.
11"' CiJSp exl eflds from Aries 90-2&' 10 Taurus 120·26'.
Saturn is the occupanl . No plan.1 is in Sawm
So Saturn il'O a Sisnifi Cilt cr. R:.J1er of \.he 11'" cusp "1ar!>. The
planets in l'le 01 Mars already been discussed.
The @ the moment ci judgement afe:
Day l ord ; "ken
Star Lord: MefUJty
Sign Lord : Moon
Lagna Lord: Satum
Lagna Stilr Lcrd: lI.ahu
For Ifinor e vents II/hid ' ll,e 10 happen in few minutes or in
few hours one has to note dowfl the in the ZOdiac to ri se
in the east, ::he strong signiflcalOS conjcjnUy
Thl': punt in the Zodiac ,0 rise in the east, al lhe ti me of
arnval should br> sa',urn Sigo·Rahu Star-Noon Sub i.e.
to 190'13'-20" Aquarius. Out of this select Mercury
Sue Sub i.e. 180-45'-33" to 180·54'·59" AquariUi. The Sayana
8srenr!ant .... wid be 120-05'-33" :0120'14'-59" Pisca. ReferirlQ
10 the Raphael's lable of house!; for ISo North Lalilude note the sidereal time and Ihrn con·.-ert to Im11iM1 Standilrd
Time. The I.5.T. will be 10·31 p.m. 50 I predicted that the
friends' arri'{21 wi ll be 10-31 p.m.
As predicted I he fr iend arrived sharp at 10-31 P.I<!.
One of my office fr.ends " I!>ired me today. lie came witil a
girl's hO!OS(ope and wanted me to go through ;,t for rntl rr'><l ge
porutha"l1. It W<IS not a to '11e <IS I 1'1'015 that
there were mMy milrr.agc propo$dls tn hilTl . The chart WilS
(ilst Cl(cording to the Panch<lnga roet:'lod. They had used the
Ragunatha iyt!r Pa'1changa wh ich do not all'.'3ys give the
correct positions of planets. J WilS relucti'!nt to proceed
any further 00 thiS fragile dlcIrt. He requested IT.e to It
correctly and to proceed further. ! declined \0 do due to
JiKk of tJ me anc! for other Arro; how I cheO:ed
it on too and requested him to continue with the
Irre5fle<.1;ve of " vt!ry few deft'Cts,
I encouraged wijl salT'e statement WrlIch ! galle to hlm
about M year "90 that he would get in Venus d<lSCi
Vem/S Mlhl. The nt.!'1Oer given by him r;peIow 249 is 89. The
day and time of judgement .r.e 6·30 P.M. C.S.T. on 10-7-1970.
Ui T.

U .. , l(l.,ol!

E><l 1,lI1ce OO5a: Moon 9 yrs 10 months 24 days.
Moon indicates the nature of the query:
MoOl1 lord of 12'" is in 2"'. 12" house scpilrat ion,
moving into different environment and new facEs 2'"
house denotes 3:1 addition to the famirf. linance, education
etc. Moon i s in tl€ sign of lord of 2" and 11'" in 11"';
in tI1e star and sub of Moon too. IF' house denotes gain or
pleasure. the nature of the q'.J€ry is clear ly shown by
Is Marriage promised?
Look at thE 7'" cusp. Jt i5 in star sub. If the sub
lord of the 7" cusp is a signiticator of !':lan-iage, then marriage
is promi<;ec, other .... i5€ not. Here, is the significator of
2"'. Hence marrianE is promise<j .
Analysis of the Chart:
For consider house 2,7 and 1l.
2'" house is occupied by Consider the planets in the
sub of Venus and are the 5'Jb of Hoon, Hence
Venus and are signifitator5.
7'" is occupied by Rahu. Select the planets in the sub
of Rahu. Only Mars is in the sub of Rahu. Hence Mars is a
strong significator.
11th hou<ie is occupied by Sun, Mercury ami Mars. Select
the planets in the sub of above planets. Saturn and Mercury
are in the sub of Sun. Sun ard Kethu are in t he sub of Mercury.
No Pl,met is in the sub of He,ce Saturn, Stin Mercury
and Kethu are strong signifl(".atol"!;.
Nov .. t he significators that gi'l(' are Venus, MOOI1,
Mar5, Saturn, Mercury, Sun and
How to select the f ruitful ones from the above?
Select the planets that are In the houses of marriage f i.e.
l,7 and 11. Hence Moon, Sun, Mercury and Mars are fruitful
to give Hence will take place in
MOOfl dasa MQOIl bukttli SUn anthril ()(" 6Othra.
"V.rill you please the (Qrrect anttlra periodr mv frierxl

·'Yes. rt will done. r prefer Sun period."

Sun and Mercury are in the S<l mc S·lgn ruled by Mercury
and in the same star of Jupiter. But oore the sub
Tt.ey are di!Terent. "',Ordlf1g to (toei, scb posrtjorr;, "\ercury
!1cromes a !:trorg sigrJIfl<lCa":or of :a<:jnil, i.e. II to 2"'; while
Sun is strong signiflcator of 2"d and 11'". Hence I prefer and
select Sun the lord. So II will be between 5-2-1971
;ulli 20-2-] 971.
The horosc.ope of this native cast as per K.P. is <IS folloW!;;
1M 10-4U·
..oWiR) 2II-ll"
1 7.40" I .
l 3-<lr-4T
M,--:i1T" iI
P. 'J. C
(7'1 Ul' A SCE U)
VII 3-48'
Xi 3·10·
Ru,-, l!3<l.
X 9--10·
)(j 5--40·
t.I :on lSo-12' . IX10-4(1'
VeoI<ll2t.31' i S\IIl6--J8"
Balance dasa : Saturn d<ls<I 2 years, 1 montn, 2 days.

\'<lU me about the partnerr
l"I'Ml wI> lOrd ,-Iccn i., In "1El'Cury s'g-. Moon stilr "loon sub.
Hence should havE been born (il) on Wec:l nesday or
Monday (b) lagna ".,'Qu:d bE 90\1Erned by Moon or MerClJry (el
birth too will be € € lly MOtm or MereU"... $erne of
these will be defi nitEly found In her thdrt.
" ty fr'end was surprised to th!S as the horl:lSCOpe of
U\is girl showt.-d that she wa5 born on ilnd the
lagna was
wYou or may not reject t his. but It is your late that
you nave to get milrT£<! to one of the who satisfies the
above conditions. It is il\€'Vl\.abte and you cannot dodge your
Here. four planets, namely Mars. Jupiter, Saturn and MereU)'
ret rograde in this chart.
!\ad predicted that he wnul d !;et married In Kethu
dasa. Few h<Id predicted thal he would nEver get married for
man'{ r(' .d<;OnS. r<el hu dasa hod passed and VemJ'> dasa SUlrted
bllt marria!1t' did not manifest.
Is marr iage promised?
NotE t he 7'" It Is in Kethu star Sun sub. Sun Is the
!o, d of 7" besi des being the strong s'gnificalDr of 2"'. Hi! nce
marriaoJe is promised.
Whenever Saturn aspects VEnus nr Moon, the marriage will
bE d€layed or v..<I' Uke place l<liE in lite. Here Saturn aspects
bot:'! Ve:lllS and Moen. Here the marriage is Mc:I not
of the birth chart:
For consider the 2, 7, end 1t.
hovse is occupied by Mars. Jupiter, Rahu and Sun are
on 1>tars Slar. lOld of 2'" Is }\Ipit e r. Kethu is on Jupiter stollr.
Hence Jupiter, Rahu, Sun, lind i<ethu are signlflC.!Jt0r5.
7'1> house is by Ranu, un Rah.1 star:
lord IsS.JO. Salurn:!> on Sun st<::. Hence Mertllrv, Rahu, S1Itum
and SUIl are loiglllfiutors.
11" house is ·,ae'lI1t . lb lore' Is Jupite,-, It is

N()w ';he slgnifiealors are Jupiter, RahJ, t"lerr_Jry, "lar!;,
Sun Sal;unl.
t>crt R!ltru cnveTIS Sun and t·l a!'1; ...... t1ile Kethu gO','€ms SatlXn
Therefore ttle Sirung >it;nificatofs are
besides As Mereu,'Y is on the sUlr of
Ranu alld aspe<led by Rahu, fIIen thou!jh it retroqrades, it
may be considered to p:oduce weak res;.oll5.
''1'0,1 lOO had co:ne to dead ,Jock p;)illt as others, Kethu
had paSS€d away and when Rahl,! tomes I Will rr::)t be
aillie", he
You are also blindly following like tile traditional
If the resJlts do not openly and ea>ily,
yuu rnnde"n tn's system. Wher. they CillYIOt unde.'Stanci t he
pr inciples and ap:Jrl(atJoll, they condemn I(.P. What b the lise
uf mell10rizing the sIokas and Ka"';s' ytJu are (hC'.atng
Ihe alld findlly If VO'J ill afl examination, do
you the or (he CuestiOIl papers?You shoUld
be corv.lemned for 'y"Our puor perrormance. \Vnar is the use
ooastill!l tha: '((1.1 are widely read arid in of a
vast library .of books on Astrol ogy, I'.'hen your predictiOIl is not
worth even 10 Cents. Do lIot judge ether sy:.tems 3cccrding
to YOJr Try to K.P. eM COlorsI' no sloka,
ccmblrle-tions or 'fOI; <lS t o memorise and cheat others;
the theories and pril"ipies correctly; dige;t It properly; do not
tiuu','" OIJt or vomit for ,he >imple reaSllfl that you are used to
only tr «Iit"onal meUIOCb. Then only you ViiU under!' iII1d this
noble S<;ience and '(OJ that K,P. Is too simple to
practice fUI ' cOlTeet all d thril ling predictions",

Now we wiil come to the subject proper as to why I said
you Vlill get married in Venus dase Venus buktt1i. Note
Mars a strOllg Signifi(atOl" of marrillge is retrograding in 2"'.
But Venus and arc 00 the same star Mercury and Sub
venus. Hence Mars the s<lme resutts as that of Venus
erld Therefore VCOl US becomes or t urns out to be
a slgnificator. No € is in the star of Venus too.
Hence Venus, Rahu, and Kethu during their conjoined period
will give marriage, So you , .... m get mlIrried in Venus dasa venus
Bhukthi anthra i.e. between 5-1-1971 and 15' 3-1971.
The SOaksl'lma period will be governed by Rahu and it will be
betWeen 4-2-1971 and 15-2-1971.
Good LUCk.
A pe:son ..... ho was badly in need of lor me (O'lstrud«ln
if. his house at wanted know whether hewih gel
water-if so when' AS h€ w;:s aware of the for the K.P.
m€thod, wmte U\C fol lowing infOlTTliltion.
Time of query : 2.0<l p.m.
Date: t6-2-1970
Number: 187
F1i1Ce : B<lngalMe
With the number (100 time given, the nirayana chart is
erected, USi ng Tables and Kri shnamurti 's EPhemeriS.
" ,." tln3'
';' 7'; 3'
Mar» ,%4' 3.:1 10'30"
VII 28'27'
Venus \[r!b'


11'42 Ket, ' .'26
X 9'!j'
IX ,:>.1'
Xii 2 :;:;'
.... , 12'l!'
Planet Lord of Constellation Sub lord
Sun Mars
Rahu Jupiter

Mercury Mars

Jupiter Rahu r-t.ercury
Venus Rahu Silturn
Venus Rahu Silturn
Silturn Kctu Saturn
Ketu Venus Rahu
Balance of Rahu Dasa 11 Years 9 months 7 days.
Accordittg to Prof. Krishnamurti, one wii l tap water from the
well if the sublord of the 11th cusp or the lord of the in
which the Sl:b-I ord of the 11"" cusp is situated, is posited in a
watery sign, If it is in a balTen sign, one cannot tap water.
Further If the sub-lord is posited In the constel lation of Moon,
Venus or Mercury one will tilP water quickly.
The of the and its connection with other
wil l c'ecide the time and the afwater avail"ble.
Moon is posited In the constellat ion of Rahu and sub of
Jupiter. Jupiter aspects and Rahu acts as an agent of
as he is posited :n Therefore conti nuous
supply of wil' be avai lab:e, but the wi!1 be
insuf:'"tcien:. As and Saturn are ccnnec:ed witl1 rmon,
lhe \"later wi! 1 be po: luted ilnd blackish.
The even: is fortified by Rahu, Saturn, Jupiter and
Venus. As the querist i s now running Rahu dasa Saturn Bhuktl
Ve:lUS Anthra, 2nd as qui ck resu l t is dc-not ed by lhe
conste!lction lord Venus, the br,e i s fixec by the Sun's transit
on the signifying combil1(ltion of the eVe'nt.
The Rul ing planc-ts at the time' of judgement around 4 p.m.
on 22-2"70
KIlI!;HNM I:J RiI F.WI101 lATi
Day lord
Moon S:gn lord
Star Lord
Asc. Sign Lord
Asc. Star Lord


Hence the fruct:fying combinati on selected isJup;ter, Satum
and Vel1l:s. position i5 between 338''6' to 340"'20' in the
Zodiac. Sun t ransit's th;s position on 23·3-70
As regards depth which water would be
the chief planets assure supply of water are Moon, Juptier
and whose total number of dasa period amounts to
yea!'i . a scale of 1 ft. depth per said by
Prof. K.S.K. in lecture it wa5 predicted wOlild be
at a depth of 45 feet from the Ground level.
Hence it was declared will get continuOlis
but insuffICient of pol luted and a bit brackish on
23-3-70 Monday.
To the profound of us, we received a letter from
the querisron 30-3-70, from happines.<;
he able to get the water, a litt!e brackish from th well at
a depth of 45 feet exactly as preeictee on the basis of Prof.
Kishnamu1;i 's Method, whi(tJ all th£' required guidance
to precict cor:cctluy. If test is done, it wil l show
the growth of Lactose Ferrnenters. If Chemical test done,
there wi ll be such solid above 100 parts per million - the
permissible limt, and"li'e wil! show high figure forrnrdness
chlorides and SUlph.ltes.
An officer was interested in transfer to his place of choice.
The matter was analysed by help of the 'The theory of sub
lord' of Krishn<lmurti Padhdhati.
Particula rs
Date 26-6-81
Time 8.00 a.m. 1ST
Place 85' 5Z'E Longtitude
21)<15' Latitude
Number (1 to 249) 139
Founder Krishnamurti was :n favour of using
1. His own Aynamsa
2. Raphael's Table of Houses
3. A feli able Ephemeris giving the day to day positions of
4. Besides tIlat, I()() -table to calculate t he position of planets
given in "Advanced Ephemer,s" by Sir Balasundaram has
been used.
The aoove book and AyanamSil haVE been used in the
calculations. It is my own eXperie:lCE that 5e\Ienty percent
of my calculations have been proved absolutely correct and
the rest twenty n.-e percent have gone wrong due to
1. Ayrlamsa other than Krishnamurti Padhdhati
2. Different Eptlemeris and tables of houses (except TOH
and Ephemeris.
Disposition of t he sub lords:
For any I\'e have t o first scrutinize the 5ub lord of
lhe reqUired house a:sp al-.d its dlspositlon_ The w b lord d
!.he required house ('J5p must signify the rel evant houses,
or.'terwise there Is no prQm!se of of the matter.
Therefore the cusp sub lord should occupy.
1. The the lord of which otrupies (first rate
signirlCator ) 0:- O\'IOS rate signffic.<lIOf) the relevant
11 0ll5e.
2. The sub of a planet Q(rupying or ov.:ning !he relevant

J. The cu<;p lord himself should Q(Olpy 1Jle IEquired house
or ONn it. or connect.ed La it ''f association or aspect.
DiSpolIltlon of Dasa lord, BhuktllOf"d.!'lOd Anthnl lord :
1. The clasa lord may signify a number CJf hou'>es by virtue
of ruling a house or and O('"(I.J'Ylng another and again
by pla(ement in li1e constellation of a plan€!. o .... niflg t ertain
other houses and occupying a Muse other tl1an those
considered so far. I t may also represent some ot:'\er house{s)
by aspect and associalion with their lords. The lord of the sub
Q(cupied by the dilsa lord shol!:d be a frui tful signifl(ator as
said above, otherwise the das<l lord YI'Ollld be In el'fective.
Similarly. the io:d and .. nthr" lord snouki bf! considered
for thell' singi llcator.;. When the dasa Iurd! Bhukthi lord I anthra
lords co-r,peate wim each Other, that is to say by signifying
houses In (ommon, then the event rnmcs \0 pass when the
signifir.atOfs pass in the sensitive p<!rts of me zodiac co·ruled
by Ule si gnifkaotrs. In Olhf' .... ords, we may say the trilnsits
should agree In nature. The dasa lord, Ion:! and anthra
lord sr.oul d transit such and the lords fA
whidl snol!ld signify \he under stUdy.
Reverting t o the subject matter of querry, the horary chart
(Or til(> nll'l1ber and for the time of )i.ldgernent fr&rned by me
is as follows : Aynamsa l!Sed 23"29' K.P.
VI 22"""a' 'ill l l!r58'
Suo 1(r501 '
Mc ;.n 22;i;'
VI' i:'- a:,'
Mil ,;; 21'25'
IX 18'58'
- ---
Von 2'33
'i 22'!iS'
Ri " 9'. 2
X Nt.!l'

XI 22'5B'
Kclhu 9'4<'
Ju;. 6' 13'
"' 1B'5,'

Ju;l,9-;; 3'
XII 22'SR'
Planets Houses Star Lord Sub lord
Owned Occupied
500 11 8
Moon 10 6 Mer (R)
8 Mooo Venus
Mer (R)
9/12 8 Mars
11 SOo
Saturn 4/5
11 SOo Venus

9 Saturn Venus
3 SOo Venus
2. Position of Cusps ;
3" Cusp JJpi tcr
Venus R<l hu
9" cusp
Mercury Rahu Mooo
10'" Cusp Mooo
Mercury Venus
12'" Cusp Mercury
Mooo SOo
3. Balance of Mercury dasa Sy-l1m-lld
dc5<l { Moon Bhukti onthra is upto 17-7-81.
4. Ruling Planets :
a. Day Lord
b. Moon sign lord
c. Moon Star lord
d. Moon sub lord
e. Ascendant sign lord
f. Ascmdant star Lord
g. Ascendant Sub lord
Mercury (R)
Mercury (R)
The Moon reflects the Mind:
Tronsfer which only involves a change of position at the
same place comes under the houses 5, 6, and 10. If It also
involves change of station, the 3" and 910 would also be
The Moan is lord of 10'" and occupies the cusp of the 6'"
house very stroogly in star, Moon's sub. Mercury
rules 9 ard 12 and occupies 8". Moon receives the aspect of
Jupitn, lord of 3 and 6 as wel l as of Saturn, lord of 5'".
lhus signifies 10, 6, 3, , 9 and 12 which, <15 we have seer"
have reference to changes in The 9'" being the 12"'
to the 10"', change in profession; the 5"', being the 12'"
to the 6"', cl"k1nge in job; the 3"', being the 12" to the 4" ,
removal from present residence, The 12" also denotes
residential changes (the langna describes also residel"Ke).
Will t he querent's des're be fulf:l led? For lhis, look to lhe
11'" cusp which nies desire a:Kl its realisalin.lffai ls in Sun's
sign, Venus star and Saturn sub.
Sun is the 11" lord in the constellation of Rahu in the 9'"
ond sub of Salurn, lord of 4/S in 11; Venus occupies the 9"" in
the constel lation of Jupiter, lord of 3{6 in 11 the sub of
Rahu in 9; rules 4{5 dnd placed in 11" in the
constellation of Sun, lord of 11 in 8"" and sub of Venus in 9.
The sign, star and sub lords are thus connected very strongly
TO lhe 9'" .: nd II'" besJees other r.onne<:ted hot."Se5. so t hill
the accomplishrnent desire is beyOJ'ld all doubt.
However, as :he sub lord of 11, Satlrn, Is In li1e of5Ln in
B"'. the trat"lSter rni:l}' nol be the ..,ldCE desired though it will not
be '-Insalisfactory.
Signification of sub-lords of rewective (liSPS :
SUlr lord of 3, V('rlUS strongly signlties me at 9"',
11"', 6". The sub lord of :he 3') cusp ,S Rahu occupies
the 5.'91"1 of Moo;"!, Io;d ct 10 In 6 .... Rahu itse'f In 9. Besides
Ra'lu oaupies the star of sat urn a'wn,ng 5 and oa:upying
11"'. Me the Sub af Venus, anot her occupant of the g"' house.
So the 3"< sublo-d strengthens the IndiCiltion of transfer
change of place.
The star dnc sub lords of the 9'" are Ral"JiJ and Moon. We
hove a:ready fou:xl that both MOOll and Raht. are stroogly
placed ilnd denote trilnstCf .... ith change of place.
The star and sliblor() ct \he 1:2'" cusp are Moon aod Sun.
We ha-..e alreitCly seen Mean'!; significahons. The Sun is 10l' d
11 anC: Is the star of Rahu a good si gnifO::Citor of 9" (change in
pro{esS:on), 6' and ]0". Rahu is also strOngly by Slb
(ie. satum runrl9 the 5' ar-..:I a«upying the 11"').
The method of aSS(l!;si rlg t he 01 a house as
per Knsl1rl<lmu"i Pi-d'ldl...,ti is very sirr.p:e, nilr.lely.
1. f'1anet!i pos-lted In the ronstellafjQr1 of
3. P;anets pos:ted in ,he cQflS(eliation of the cusp sign lor d
4. Cusp lord
5. Plane!!; il ssodati!<l .... ith anO aspected by the above
especially Ule star lords of the cusps.
The dasa period in operatiC:'! at the (irne of j UC:gement WilS
conjointly goverened by Mer,ury and (as dasa and
BhukUli lords respective.'y). In 'A' dasa 'S' Bhllkth •• the anthrn
0( 'A' Is t he strongest. Therefore in aflthra the transfer
come off, ilnd this was predicted to the Mrr(ury
is lord of 9/12 placed 11"1 t:-te 8" house. is t l-!e only planet
in "'ertury's Slilr. Mo::;n is a lready pointed out, rules the 10'"
and occupies the 6'" cusp. Also, receives the aspect
of Saturn, loru of 415 in 11 in the ulflStelatiol"l of Sun In the
8"'. receives the aspects from beth Saturn aod Jupiter,
the 3'".1 6"'lord. The 8" house connected 0( 1'1001""1 aoo Mercury
as weH as S<;turn whiCh aspects the former two shows clearly
lh<;t thetr.msfer to the p:ace will not be realized though
the new plate ..... mAd r1(lt after all, be uncongenial.
l-1oon and are among thp. fast moving planets,
and as soon as becomes direct.. the event should
fructify. ActIJally, as predicted, the o,uercnt received orders of
trarl.';rer to " place other than what he .... "nled during the
anthtll of Mercury in Moon Bhuklhi In J-iercury dasa. He
submitte\J h'S JOining report on 26-7-19B1 i:lnd actually joined
the ne:d: day 27-7-81, a Moon star day in Venus sign.
aDove Instance proves !.he aro..racy 0( the system of
predi ctlon outlined in KrishMmurti Padhdhati and all the credit
goes LO thetate Prot. K. S. KIishnamurtl. lhe greatlbt astrologer
of our times .

t------=--------------........ -..
__ • ___ --'J
A yOUrlg handsom!! 'Joy came ill my residence confided
lo me t hat he ' .... as in luve wi':h his elder brother's sister-in-law
'""m':ei:! to marry her, but his parents ',',ere ag<l inst this
prop0.5i1I. lie ',',as interested to k;]ow ''''ihether he would marry
her or not. I asked fer number between 1 to 249 and he
immediatety mentioned no,20
The query taken up for astrological judgement on the
24'" March 1980 at 9.30 p.m 1ST at LucknO' ...... The horary
cuspal positions and planetary positions at the time of
judgement are det'<llled below:
1. No. given 20
2. date 24-3-1930
3. Day Monday
4. Time of judgement
Place of Judgement
6, Ayanam5<l 23'29'
9.30 p.m 1ST
lucknow 26' 51'N, 8O'59'E
7. Epheme--is of Daily planets for 1971 80
>l UI
"'" :'C-,-".
• ,a".
.... 0.,>;><
. h
V Il-)
Xi -7,
, .... ,;.
"" :'i "".'"

IX ' 0", ..... 25'S
"1I 1rlO
mll l,-m "I.ANT
of Jurier dasd :
11 ,{edrs - 0 l7lonth - 29 days
I.Planctary positions

Hoose Sigr :::tor

Sani S'Jn
],"il):,r Bum,
fm (R) 123-24-201,8
Keth, S,n
S!n Ra,u
lq;:t,r {R)12,i-22-0
9/12 3


',': 1IlI5

S<ri (R) l4'J -20-20 1Cill



Kethu 303-59-0

II. Cuspal Significators :
Cusp Sign LordSl;ilr lord SIAl lord
Sub SUb Lord
11 'ietlus Mars R!h,
" SiJI' S"d,a

lIT! Jupter YenJS

Xl SJ r, Rallu SJ'i
UI. Analysis
Su'l Sub
SJr i


In astrological rar71a,ce, courtships, love
or ,eldianshir;s COr.1e und<:;r the of the 5"
house. According to PcdhchMi meal)', me
sub lord of the S"' cusp should be perused, and unless he is
asignificator the house5 2"', 7" Cine 11th I':hich toncern€d
with the matter will not, fructify.
In the harel)' the sub ,'ord of the 5" cusp is Budha.
Budha is pla::ed in the If" bh.3va (rumllrrent
Budha is in t"ie constellation of Rahu placed in be -'1" bhava,
but R.lhu represents Sun by The Sun is the lord
of 5'h placed in 11th bhclVa, Sun is in the of
5ani who is lord of 10'" dnd 11'" bhavas placed in 5"'.
the sub sub lord c! the 5'" cusp is Venus. Venus
the lord of 2 ar.d 7'" placed in12 (but a very ro€ar t o lagfl<l) .
Venus is in its own constellation, Kethu sub sub and Sun Sub
sub. Kethu represents Sani.
I\RISHllAM(Hn 311
So til(! lord 'Lb lord "rthe 5" cusp
<Inc; \tenus, 2. J, 7 one: I L "lena: it c1ear r
Indicates t hat j )e bo{s of "arrri ng !:is .... ill 'lc fu fillt!<;" .
rlJ che-ck u", wllether the gil l is also l"Ii lling to tilE bO)"5
proposal Cl" it b ooly ;} one sieed one Lan €
follo'llln9 war. 7" of tile 'Jay's ,trat
l"I il lt-.ecorre IJf the ;lirl ane "'Ie 5" fC (hc 7''' 'Jnalia i.e
llt> sub iOI"d 'mil indictte ti.: ma:ter. tiere the sub io.-d
"r t'"le 11 '" hou!>!': sani. Sani is lord 01 10''' ilIne 11"
hoo<.o=!l ('I' end 5" hollS<: ,on:! from t:le 911'5 It!:)llC) plaCeu in
the 5' , 11"" houSl: from girl'ro lil n£<r). it indicates
th<.t the 9'11 '5 <l;5O ;n ivoe \',I:h the tV'1 <lnc is .... illing to
m::my hl m_
IV. Whe n will the marri ag e be cele bra t ed?
f or :narricgc, t."Ie hou5cs 2, / and 11 al e to be JLdgcd_
U:l(! : pl<ll'lCt i, in the secund bllavil. OI':neT
Venu" Venur, II" its own Tr.: I)Ilava a'
Sat'I' Sun is in Seni con5tel.ation. I tenre Venu:;, Sun and
Jre Ule of thb hou'lt!.
Vll:ll boo,,;: : No pinel in \lk 7'" hhav,;, o."n<u V('I1l'S.
Is 7' house. Vr.rus is ,)lone in its own
oonstoe:l"tlon. Ift!N.s € c Ii€r( p(l\'/I; -rul
0( the 7" housr.,
XIth !"ousc : SudKl and arc :he OUlJp<I"lts of the 11'"
house. fjo pl;: net i, in 5udha Sani is 'n Sun
Otmer 0' 11" house i, A'one SUIl is ill Sani
c()I)stcilc.t:on. ;, 1" hOll'>e is <l!.r;:e(lcC br Mars . R.:hu,
and St.n!. Kethu io"l -' -ars I'lildha is in R.a:1U
(Onstclla:ion. Moon;r, in co!1slcllcti oo and SUIl is in Sani
Ho.:nce So.ln, Buo;M, Jupiter, RGhu,
Sari ane Ke\ hu 31'\! Ihe of II"'
To find out Uk stron;cst them, the
h€lp of l"le Ruii'lg plenc:s 21 rno'1llOl1t of j udgement i5 to
be ;:ilken.
V. Ruling pl,lncts at the time of judgement:
1. t ilgni! lard Venus
2. tilgna Lord Jl!p'te:"
3. tagna sub lord Solri
4. Moon lord Budha
5. {-loon lord Jupiter
6. Rasi sub lord Budha
7. Pay lord Moon
Hencc, the wmmO,l for his
')re l:Jpiler, Budha, Venus, Moon and sani . The
marriage h..1S to take place in the con:oinl: per'.od of the alxm!
in Vimshottari dasa.
As jX'J' the horil:y chart, the boy will undergo the following
periods :


2-'-1080 ;6-4·80
2. Alp.
;, Ju<,; , !JIY.:11d
',," nil!<
4. Ju.:\ BvJlb
As Vr. n.:s IS the and alw it is the Karalta
for 1 seI«:cd Jtrpi':CT-BudhaNenus perind. I told
the boy that he wi; 1 g<;;l. ma 'ried bet-. ..... ccn 3-6-1980.and 19-10-
1980 il M to t:'lc same girl. The boy- VlilS vcry much IntO"ested
to kno>v the t!XdCt date of thr. event.
1 lhcrefore calculate the sool(,shma periods in the iJnthr'il
peri od of Vm us in f·1cr(l.l ry bhbthi. Jupiter dasa, as foHows :
I. 3·6-80 to 2'1-6-80
2. Jt!pitcr'Buciha-VcnU5-Sun 24+80 to 1-7-80
3. Jupitcl· 6udha-Venus-t-1oQn 1-7-80 to 12-7-80
4. Jupittlr-SUu1la - Venus-Mars' 12-7-80 to 20 -7-80
And SO on ....
I was notfced tI1at tx' tween 1-7-1980 and 12-7-1980 all
powerful his marriage were Opefating.
To pinpoint ,I;.:- tate of the event the help of transils must
be tilken. Aly [T,atter C2n on!',' r-luor anc Sun
ard :he signifcators transit sign, star and SJb.
On 7" July :980, Venus tI'C' sub anthra lord
becomes direcl in moUor, so tI'e I-latler can frl,ctity bet .... een
7"" July and 12" Ju!y 1980.
Seeing the Sl.! n and :ransits, I tourd t hat on 9'"
July 1980 (Wednesday).
1_ Sun is tcar siFng ir Budha sign, Jupiter coostell at ion.
2. Moon is transil irg in € sinn, Moor lOl1ste' latior
3. transiting in own Jupiter cor ste! lat"or
4. Jupiter is transitirg ir Sun s-gr. cOfstellat"or
S. Venus in owr sigr, Moor conslel lalior
6. lord l>udha.
As all the tra ns its 1'1C1"C' agrrong for the 9" Jur)" 1980, I told
t he boy hewould ge: 0'1 the 9" 1980.
In last I'leek 0; Jl ne 1980 the 00',' agair came to my
ard with a very face conveyed the news that
his parcrls have at le<ltt agreed ard the date of
had beer fixed with the same girl an<.llhat 'tl'you[d be pelfonned
on the 9" July 1980 exactly as by Ire 3 'h months
ir ildvil r ce. He al<;o in'ted me ':0 atterd his marri ag(' and
Dless them both.
Su<: h a correct prediction only be- giver by fol lowing the
stel lar enunCated by late rever('d GUrl.:jee S.I<.
Krishnamu,l:i. I always 001'1 PlY hec:d in deep reverence him
as has to us all a veritable treilsure ir fo;m of
Krishnarnurt' Padhdhati Readers which give us astrological
krlO'Nledge in a simple, corv' nci ng and clear-cut sty1e.
My lI.i fe went to take P.lrt in Ceremonial marriilge of her
elder brother to be held on 16-1-71. Whilf', 00 day of
she Info."1lled rly molli e!' t.l i1t she would be tl<xk to
(aleulttl on or befor e 23- 1-78. On 23-1-78 till late IlCurs she
had not returned ho:ne and my m01,her got anxiety il nd forced
me to find out as per ticMn to tind out the lime of
llef returrl has to avoid her worTing mi nd. To the respect of
my rr other and with over tile I took HorClry
Tables of Houses and up€ned it at once. the riglltenr-d
Pl\ge I found to 219. S<J taking number 2191 have t<Jketl the
Judgement of the ctMrt 10.00 p,rn: 1ST on 23+78 Monday
at Calcutta f(X preparil'l9 the chart I have used K.P. Horary
Thbles 01 Houses Clnd Adlmnced Emphemeris.
The [>I epMed chart ilr.1 the cuspal posij lion have he"ewith
gl\l€n berQl,1I :
I ''''''
1'7 M)

1",,'10<1 1I:..:.r:.
' l'l:n.aI


....... mr
"'" 1'-'11 1127->]1
lII U.ij1 X2lt' .1 .. 2:1-31
_,,> (Iij J-!..<

"'_7_' 5--11
... :ttl f-3
. ,., 1( _ll
5ignl ord Stilr Lord Sub Lord

Venus Jupiter


Mars Mercury
Planets Star Lord Subl ard

Mal"$ (R) SOWm Kethu

Jupiter (R) Maes
Satul n (R) Kethu mars
Kethu Saturn Jupiter
Uran us J:.Jpit('J"
Neptune Men::u;y Mars
AnatjS5 : In a tJorary horoscope Moon calloo Malhi, iodiCatC:$
about querems nat ure of the QUI!!)'. Here Moon is poSi ted In
her o;o:n sit;n K.:Jti ka 101 the star of GUI"\J and in the sub 01 rahu
arid furt J"termore. Moon is in conjunction with Mars ret rogrudE.
219 fall s in the of Kumbh.3 ruled by Sani irl Rahu star
sub of SUn. Moon lore of 6, under t he infl uence r:I: V
bhilva Ju?iter lord of 2 &. ; 1, is occupying Mithuna under
(OI"lldors of IV bhilva. Lord {Jf 2 indiC3tes family and finance,
IV house indicates do"'\les1ic happiness and relative whereas
11" house stands f« ful f,llment of desire. Sub ;ord Rahu is in
Kilnni in the star MOQ"l lind In the sub of saturfl. Rahu is
pOSIted in P I;tJeva end 1"' house indiLites aboUt wife, and
2" hoU'"..e regardroas famliy ioclude w'.fe a:SO. Hence
t he Query deady indic-dles the nature of the question rul ing
over the mind.
As Wove said 7'" house Indicates wife. 4'" from 7" house
mdit:atr:s Ir:sidence 11"' house from 7'" indicates her retum 10
home. tleflce house (it is the <I'" house 1'nYn 7"') and 9'
house (it is the 11 house from must be for the
time of retuming bou,c. Sdtl;rc is in 5imh" in the star of
Ketu and sub of Mars lord of '1 & 9 11 th [0 the 7"" housr.
HelKe due Lo uo1expected of hrr
brothers her in home is causrd. 10'"
house falls in Vridli ka Rasi and ro planets arc in thal70ne. 5'"
house falls in sign Mit'l una and Moon and I"ars
the ocLu;;ani.5 of 5'" Now, we to sec
apy planets posited in the star of Mars or Mercury.
Venus in the and sub of Moon, rapt
with Sun in Makara. Moon and Mars aspccti ng
Venus and Sun in Makar'll. JJpiter is: n the stars of I"ars. Rahu
is in the star of Moon and represer-ting for Mercury
Krtu will he [{'preser- ti ng for Jupiler. is in t he of
Ketu and sub of Mars.
At the time of judgemcnt aL 10.00 p.m. 1ST Calcutta
ru:ing lagna falls in tll C star of in Kanniya by
Budha. Luminary Moon in here own sign and in
ttlC star of Jupiter. Day is ruled by [-1oon.
On account of Saturn (onjunction wittl t he 7'" and
also aspectlng the horary I decided that my wife 'Ni ll
rrturn I"oon over the :orgit ude of SdLurr in Simtid
and I tood my that she 'Nil: b.. rrlumng homc only on
27-1-78 when Moon trnnsts in the star of Venus in Simha Rasi
is the significator of 11'" house to the 7"" also I"ars is
VNlUS. Arxordingly my wife came on 27-1-78 moming
whf'(] Kumbha lagna ]upi:er star rises in East at Calcutta at
8AO a.m. My mother got excitement when my wife came on
27-1-78 marri ng. For this clearancc of I'/orrirs in the all this
saluttion mllst go to our Gl<ruji who has and
discovered these wonderful t heory by the Lor d uchista
* * *

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