The Little Prince

Author: Antoine De Saint – Exupery Translator: Katherine Woods Released: 1943 Sold more than 80 million copies worldwide And considered as an all – time bestseller

Point of View
Are you a deep thinker? If you are a deep thinker, The Little Prince of Antoine De Saint – Exupery is a book you should read. The prowess of The Little Prince is in its metaphors.

Book Analysis
Full Title: The Little Prince (in French: Le Petit Prince) Author: Antoine De Saint – Exupery Type of Work: Fable, Allegory Languange: French, English Time and Place Written: 1942, summer and fall, Long Island, New York Date of First publication: First published in English translation in 1943. The first French edition did not appear until 1946. Publisher: Reynal & Hitchcock, Harcourt Brace Javanovich, Inc. (U. S Edition, both French and English); Gallimard (French Edition) Narrator: A pilot who crashes in Sahara Desert, where he meets the little prince. The narrator tells his story of the encounter after it happened. Point of View: The narrator gives a first – person account, although the large portions of the story recounting the little prince’s own story of his travels. Tone: The tone of The Little Prince is solemn and careful. The whole book is set in the past - the narrator is telling us about something that happened to him six years before he decided to sit down and write the book. Tense: past

The Narrator Major Conflict: . Sahara Desert and outer space Protagonists: The Little Prince.Settings (Time and Place): “Six years ago”. although the current date is not specified.

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