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Course Outline

At Nine Mile Management Consulting, we strive to organize training courses that e ectively meet your company’s needs. Custom tailored courses allow for maximum value addition while providing strong relevance to your organization. Social Behaviour & Organizational Processes Group Structure & Cohesiveness Social In uence, Socialization, & Culture Behaviour of Leaders & Leadership Theories Types of Leadership Qualities & E ectiveness Manager-Employee Communications Decision-Making of Structured & Ill-Structured Problems - Rational Decision-Making Model Power & In uence Con ict & Stress Leveraging Social Behaviours as a manager to achieve corporate goals. Block 2 Redesigning, Empowering, & Establishing Organizational Change Block 3

Individual Behaviour Managerial Activities, Roles, Agendas 5-Factor Model of Personality Increasing/Decreasing Probability of Behaviour Perception & Social Identity Theory Values, Attitudes, & Work Behaviour Theories of Work Motivation

Total Organization Organizational Structure Organizational Change Importance of Communication & Information Flows

Keys to being an e ective manager by understanding the social workplace. Block 1

Training Blocks Schedule Example

1-Day Course Major focus on e ective management styles. Manager-employee communications. Organizational-speci c challenges.

2-Day Course Indepth analysis of management fundamentals. Decision-making, power & in uence, con ict & stress.

3-Day Course Equal focus on individual behaviour, team structure, leadership qualities, and organization.

4-Day Course Strong focus on addressing individualized organizational management challenges. Outlining management strategies with view of the individual, team, group, and organization.

*We o er custom-tailored courses structured to deliver maximum value to your organization.
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