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Management Consulting

e-Tablet Learning
The Nine Mile Management Consulting Group strives to o er the best quality Management Training program to all of our participants and organizations. We o er the option of o ering all of our training materials through the e-Tablet format in replace of standard course textbooks or course notes. The e-Tablet format allows participants to engage in di erent ways interactively, while having full access to course contents, reading material, background information, and presentation slides that they can view at any time. The use of the e-Tablet is also integrated into the course activities, as participants use it as a means to record their presentations/pitches and receive analysis of their verbal and non-verbal cues and projections. It provides participants with an extra dimension of course-engagement that is not often achieved through traditional trainings. *The cost of the e-Tablet plus all pre-loaded content comes at a price of an additional $110 / participant.

To help your business reach its full potential, please contact us:

Our Consultants bring a range of diverse backgrounds, educations, and industry experiences. We constantly look for ways to solve business problems, seek growth opportunities, and leverage internal capabilities. We are passionate about what we do.


Management Training Course

Course Tuition

Our course tuitions are outlined below and are structured to o er an advantage with increased length of course instruction. We strive to o er your organization the best value.

Per Course Standard Hours

1-Day Course Tuition $720 / participant

2-Day Course Tuition $1,280 / participant

3-Day Course Tuition $1,800 / participant

4-Day Course Tuition $2,240 / participant

Monday-Sunday ( exible scheduling)

*We also o er the availability of custom packages. Our courses are o ered to meet your time demands and needs. Courses are o ered on a exible schedule from Monday through to Sunday. All courses come with a course-kit, training materials, presentation materials, and course notes.
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