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Cylinderical Compressive Strength Cube Compressive Strength Modulus of Elasticity

3750 4688 3491 24066283 24066


Fy m 200/fy

60000 18.82 0.0033

45 43 21.5

98199 Cube Compressive Strength Cylinderical Compressive Strength 3750 0.168227 3.1.616885 5866 0.5 10 .

5Ec ec x b + As' Es es T= As Es es M = 0.00 200.50 65.000 KN/mm2 mm  0.0035000 13.00 1000.0035 Fcu Fy h d d' b Es As As' M aps S C db 35.000 1.00 1000.00 0.853 259.00 40.0095390 6 Calculation of acr "acr " is distance from the point considered to the surface of the nearest longitudinal bar acr = ((S/2)2 +dc2 )0.em/(1+2.147 KN KN Eq-1 Eq-2 Eq-3 Eq-4 Eq-5 Eq-6 fs = Es * es fc = Ec * ec 1453.00 N/mm2 N/mm2 mm mm mm mm KN/mm2 mm2 mm2 KN-Mtr mm mm mm Substituting the value of es and x in Eq-4 and Eq-5 KN-Mtr KN-Mtr Strain at soffit of concrete beam/slab Strain due to stiffening effect of concrete between cracks e1 = es(h-x)/(d-x) 0.e2 0.8fy Concrete stress < 0.00042 0.25 N/mm2 N/mm2 >0.85 47.(acr-c)/(h-x)) .5*Ec ec b x (d-x/3) + As' Es es (d-d') M =As Es es (d-x/3) + As' Es es (x/3 -d') For M = Maps the Difference is NG 5 Calculation of Tension Stiffness Effect 0.FLEXURE CRACK WIDTH CALCULATIONS AS PER BS 8110 & 8007 INPUT IN BLUE FONTS 1 Input Data Compressive Strength of Mature Concrete Yield strength of Steel Depth of Section Effective Depth of Section for As Effective Depth of Section for As' Width of Section Modulus of Elasticity of Steel Area of Tension steel Area of Compression steel Applied Service Moment Maximum bar spacing Minimum cover to tension reinforcement Bar dia 2 Hit and Trial Method to achieve Equilibrium Condition Modulus of Elasticity of Concrete Depth of Neutral Axis Concrete Strain Ec x Change 'x ' ec Change Strain Value 3 Allowable Concrete and Steel Stresses Reinforcement stress < 0.45fcu 4 Calculation for Neutral Axis location Equilibrium Equation C=T C = 0.0099615 e2 = b(h-x)2/(3EsAs(d-x) em = e1 .00 20.45Fcu 0.00 0.d/x -ec Substituting the value of es and x in Eq-2 and Eq-3 T C For C = T the Difference is M = 0.00 150.779 273.5*Ec ec b x (d-x/3) + As' Es es (d-d') M =As Es es (d-x/3) + As' Es es (x/3 -d') From Similar Triangle x/d= ec/(ec+es) x=ec/ec+es es=ec.269 -726.599 mm mm mm 7 Calculated crack width w = 3.00 200.8Fy >0.625 81.acr.00 460.139 50.5-db/2 dc = Cmin + db/2 80.00 1000.00 250.0072692 1453.846 1535.

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