Blue Cat Productions

Production Log 3 20 February: Meeting with client

Today I had meeting with my client to see where we are in the production status. We discussed the photographs which will be used within the video and how we were going to display them. We also covered copyright issues in case anyone would try to steal GH’s photographs. In the agreement GH will place a signature on all her photographs which will be displayed online and on the promo video. The images which will be shown throughout this project will be a variety of GH’s collection. GH has successfully got me clearance to film her at NUA photography studio on the 6 th March. The shoot which I will be filming to capture the ‘behind the scenes’ shots will be a group of still life images. In the footage I will capture GH setting up her studio and preparing all the equipment and then finally capturing her image. Even though I am filming GH shoot still life the promo video will include different images and shoots of all her art work not just still life.