GH Photography

“Finding old memories on a film roll is quite magical in a sense. You can remember moments of taking a photo; perhaps even some of the photos you’ve taken. But you never really know until they’re in your hand or the screen. And I find that element of surprise and suspense quite invigorating." - Photographers vision GH is a student from NUA University who is beginning her career in photography. Her work has a variety of talent. GH captures a range of images covering many elements and has received a positive response from her audience. The audience’s response for GH’s photography work is soft, unique and distinctive. Her work is a mixture of elements from fashion to youth portrait to abstract. She varies in many ways and can capture a simple image and make it into something extraordinary. In some aspect her work is elegant and captures each element through the use of lighting, angles, effects, and technique. This makes her work distinctive and memorable and best of all eye-catching for her audience. Each image captures a sense of beauty and gracefulness through the technique and use of camera work and Photoshop. Her inspiration comes from a range of artists with a mixture of talent and vision;      Paolo Roversi Cathleen Naundorf Stefan Milev Irving Penn Laurence Von Thomas

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