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LakeCaster March 2013

LakeCaster March 2013

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1 • Lakecaster • March 2013

march 2013 • Volume 24 Issue 3

One Day!!!

Promotional Magazine for Sam Rayburn & Toledo Bend



Photo courtesy of John Suttle, Jr Southwest Bassmasters


LUNCH SERVED EVERYDAY – 11:00 AM to 2:30 PM Daily Lunch Specials plus Catfish & Chicken Fried Steak Everyday!

500 SOUTH WHEELER (HWY 96 N) • JASPER, TX • 409-381-8688


March 2013 • Lakecaster • 2

Winners Wayne Triana Jr. & Jonathan Garrie $15,200 with 19.65 Ibs.

3 • Lakecaster • March 2013


Sam Rayburn
Apr. 6, 2013 Apr. 27, 2013

Sam Rayburn
June 22, 2013 Jul. 27, 2013 Aug. 10, 2013
Houston Houston

Mar 10 Apr 28 Jun 2

Shreverport Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport Shreveport Longview Longview Longview Longview Longview

Rayburn Rayburn Rayburn

Mar 3 Apr 14 May 11 Mar 10 Apr 21 May 5 Jun 2 Mar 3 Apr 14 Jun 16

Houston Houston Houston
Tyler Tyler

Conroe Livingston Livingston

Toledo Bend
Mar. 23, 2013 Apr. 13, 2013 Jun. 1, 2013

Toledo Bend
Jun. 23, 2013 Jul. 28, 2013 Aug. 11, 2013

Mar 24 Apr 21 May 26 Jun 23 Mar 9 Mar 30 Apr 20 Jun 1

Cross Black LAKE Caddo Red River

Tyler Tyler Tyler

Palestine Tyler Palestine Tyler

Mar. 24, 2013 May 5, 2013 Jun. 2, 2013

Lake Fork

Jul. 13, 2013 Aug. 3, 2013 Aug. 17, 2013

Lake Fork

Pines Sandlin Sandlin Pines

Lake Fork Lake Fork Lake Fork

Fork Fork Fork

Abilene | Austin | Belton/waco | Corsicana | Dallas | Del Rio Fort Worth | Garland | Sherman | South Texas | Wichita Falls

Plus 11 more divisions across Texas!

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 4

2 Of Us Southeast Region Tournament on Lake Sam Rayburn
By Linda Wick

We had a total of 23 couples fish the Lake Sam Rayburn Tournament on January 20, 2013. It was a cold start to a beautiful day of fishing. We were welcomed by our host Jackson Hill Marina. There were a total of 91 fish caught for a total of 236.37 lbs. First place was won by David & Tina Bozarth with a total of 22.23 lbs, second place was won by David & Molly Atwell with a total of 18.32 lbs, and third place was won by Yarri & Wendy Schriebvogel. Men’s big bass was caught by David Bozarth with a weight of 8.42lbs. The Ladies big bass was caught by Molly Atwell with a total of 5.89lbs.

Congratulations to all our couples for a great day on the lake! Kenny and I would like to say welcome to all our new and old members. We also would like to extend many thanks to Jackson Hill Marina for hosting our tournament on Lake Sam Rayburn. Kenny & I would like to thank all our sponsors - Lowe’s Creek Marina, Jackson Hill Marina, Hemphill BQ, BC Steel and many more. We will see everyone at Lowe’s Creek Marina on February 24th for our second qualifying tournament. We will be there at 5:30 for registration. And always remember “Don’t forget to take a kid fishing.”

Top 10 Places:
David & Tina Bozarth David & Molly Atwell Yarri & Wendy Schrieibvogel Larry Uzzle & Denise Sustaita Clint Wade & Stacy Spriggs Ty & Kim Hutchins Dean & Debbie Perkins Thomas & Paula Hilton Joe & Lillie Moore Scott & Lacey Gill 22.23lbs 18.32 17.94 15.70 15.70 15.24 12.30 12.18 11.82 11.13 100.pts 99 98 97 97 95 94 93 92 91

Work is the annoying time betWeen fishing trips

5 • Lakecaster • March 2013



all y C n Ken ay! To d
Salesperson of the year!

S Driv ilsbee S AV e a l i t t Ea l lot! e !

(409) 385-3796

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 6

“Town Ants” resist common control measures
By CHADD CAPERTON • Photo’s by Charles Kerr

It’s beginning to warm up and that’s attractive not only to us but to ants as well. As the average temperature rises, so does the temperature of the soil. This encourages ants to venture out onto the surface and begin foraging, or in our case, pestering. There is another ant that is on the increase in our area and it is not the fire ant. It is the Texas leaf cutter ant, also known as night ant, fungus ant or town ant. As you drive down the highway, you may have noticed what looked like gopher mounds—that’s a leaf cutter ant “town.” These ants are large and red and forage for fresh tender leaves. They take these leaves into the mound and store them but don’t actually eat the leaves. Instead, they allow fungus to grow on the leaves. These ants are essentially farmers and the fungus they grow is their only known source of food. A town ant colony can have a devastating impact on young tender crops, both fruits and vegetables. They also have a huge impact on our

pine plantations. During winter months when all other sources of food are scarce, these ants will forage on the young tender shoots of pine saplings and seedlings. They can completely devastate a freshly planted plantation. If you look close, you can sometimes find a well worn trail made from these ants all following one another to and from the colony. They will often travel up to 600 feet in order to find fresh leaves. The colony can be as large as two million strong and can exist for years if food sources are adequate. The mounds that you see in a single area are not individual colonies but are all part of one large colony, as much as 50-80 feet across. Underground they are all interconnected chambers, which is why treating or plugging one mound does no good – they may have dozens of other exits. There are few control measures that are effective. Although plants can be protected temporarily using dust or granular formulations

of contact insecticides like acephate, carbaryl or permethrin, such treatments must be reapplied frequently. Surface applications do little to eliminate the underground nest. The large size and complexity of leaf cutter ant nests makes it difficult to obtain good control with dust, liquid or granular insecticides. Because these ants eat only the fungus they cultivate, they do not respond to most other ant baits, such as those labeled for fire ants. A fipronil insecticide-based injection treatment (PTM) is available at feed stores and garden centers but must be injected directly into the mound. This method can be successful but it is very important that label instructions and warnings are followed properly. Improperly applied, fipronil can be toxic to fish, birds and bees. For more information on the Texas leaf cutter ant or any other topic please call the Texas A&M AgrLife Extension Office at 409-384-3721.

7 • Lakecaster • March 2013

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March 2013 • Lakecaster • 8

Jeff Wise and N Dee Williams Win Bud Light Trail Season Opener on Sam Rayburn
By Patty Lenderman • Photo’s from this event available at www.TheLakecaster.com

Fifty five teams converged on Sam Rayburn January 27, 2013 for the Bud Light Trail season opener. Several big sacks were weighed in and top weights climbed to a winning weight of 24.35 lbs, caught by N Dee Williams and Jeff Wise. Coats on one day, shorts the next. Here in the midst of “Winter”, warm sunny days have been blanketing this South region for a solid week. This is also warming the water temperatures, and many bass are moving to shallower water for spawning. Some say this almost freakish warm weather in January is warming the water too soon, and have the fish confused and ill-prepared with no developed eggs to make the move to spawning beds. Rayburn is in good shape being around two feet under full pool. As in all Bud Light tournaments, teams are allowed to trailer their boats to launches closer to the areas they will be fishing. Fishing time stops at 3:00 and anglers must be in line to weigh by 4pm. As the first several teams brought in their catch, it seemed that Rayburn was stingy with her bass. However, that didn’t last long as the weights kept climbing with teams coming in. N. Dee Williams and Jeff Wise won the tournament with five fish weighing 24.35 lbs. They had a good early bite on ½ ounce white Stanley spinnerbaits. “We had five fish in our livewell in an hour. The more the day warmed up, the better quality fish we caught. We were slow rolling the spinnerbaits, and hit several points and drains 8’ to 10’ deep.” They estimate culling at least 10 times to their final limit. They would like to thank The Boat Center in Palestine, TX and Stanley Jigs. Ken Smith and Dicky Newberry won 2nd place with 23.60 lbs. “We’ve earned a new nickname – ‘Team Bridesmaid’ – for

consistently being in 2nd place so far this year,” Ken chuckled. “We just did the same thing we’ve been doing. Going to deep water to catch a few, going to shallow water later on to cull. Almost everywhere we went there was a cluster of other anglers around, all trying for the same groups of fish.” Their main lures were spinnerbaits and rattle traps, and Dicky had to bow out around lunch time leaving Ken to finish out the day. “We found a range of water temperatures, depending on where we were on the lake ranging from 56 to 64 degrees. „ N.Dee Williams and Jeff Wise won We caught some deep, and the tournament with a 24.35 lb limit. some shallow. The water should not be this warm this early in 3rd place was won by the team of Joseph Goodrum and Rick the year. The bass that have moved up inside the grass line don’t have any eggs. The water temperature has them confused I think.” Witten. “We just had a good day.” They started out in deeper water, fishing drop offs dragging a Carolina rigged fluke. “We had our This marks this teams’ fourth 2nd place finish so far this year. first limit put together by 8am.” One of them was the Big Bass of They would like to thank Fun N Sun, Lucas Oil, V&M, Needmore the tournament weighing 8.62 lbs. “She bit around 7:30 in 16’ of Tackle, Ranger and Mercury for their support. water,” Rick explained. As the day went on, they continued to catch better fish and moved to shallow water around noon. “All total we „ Ken Smith, with the help of a junior caught around 40 fish, and culled all but the Big Bass.” competitor holding fish for Dicky Newberry, The next BLT tournament for the Jasper Division will be held shows their 2nd place winning stringer Sunday, February 24 at the Umphrey Family Pavilion. For more information click to www.BudLightTrail.com or call Bryan Davis at 469-955-7808

The remaining Top 10 line up:

„ Joseph Goodrum and Rick Witten won 3rd place overall plus Big Bass of the tournament, weighing in 22.96 lbs including their 8.62 lb kicker.

4th place 5th place 6th place 7th place 8th place 9th place 10th place

21.82 lbs 20.74 lbs 18.94 lbs 17.40 lbs 16.11 lbs 15.57 lbs 14.98 lbs

Mick Doggett & Greg McDonald Norman Land & Travis Moore Pete Shivers & Alan Shivers Ray Beck & Bud Pruitt Dale Gore & Maek Couch Dustin Jerrett & Kenneth Jerrett Brig Luce & Randy Turner

9 • Lakecaster • March 2013

Jim Brockman, Director 281-433-8360

Lone Star Grid “The New Path to Paving”
The Lone Star Grid is designed as an interlocking plastic paver, made from recycled High Digh Density Polyethylene and recycled rubber tires. When installed it creates a permeable surface which is ground water friendly. The unique circular cells of Lone Star Permeable Grid provide enormous strength to each piece. When interlocked together the Grid creates a strong surface for use residentially or commercially. Whether building a patio, a road, a boat launch, preventing soil erosion, or storm water management, this very diverse product with its interlocking design will provide more strength than concrete at ½ to 1/3 the total cost. Each piece can be cut to size for even the most intricate of landscape projects or many put together for a road strong enough for oilfield use.

From roads to boat ramps, soil erosion control and more, this strong diverse product will also help save your pocket book

Just lay out your network of the Grid and fill with crushed rock. The advantages of the Lone Star Grid Permeable paving are: • A dryer surface after rainfall • No expensive repair of “potholes” in the surface Finished • More environmentally friendly surface • Less expensive than concrete or asphalt (1/2 to 1/3 the total cost) • Aid in dust abatement • Reduces “Heat Island” effect for a much cooler surface

For more information contact Randy Greer @ 318-423-2146 or visit www.lonestargrid.com

This unique design allows water to flow through and is environmentally friendly. It is light weight but strong enough for industrial use.

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 10

Anglers Quest Rayburn Saturday Team # 2

Harold Moore & Charles Bebber Win!
By Bill & Barbara Long

Feb. 2, 2013 - Anglers Quest 2013 Sam Rayburn Saturday Team Series # 2 out of The Umphrey Pavilion at Sam Rayburn, TX began this event with 112 teamed anglers showing up to fish for the $9570.00 purse. Any team entering 6 of the Sam Rayburn Saturday Series events will automatically qualify for the 2-day Rayburn Championship. The top team in points after the series will be declared the Team Anglers of the Year and will be awarded free entries to all 2014 Rayburn Saturday Series events. The teams entering all 8 Rayburn Saturday series events will automatically qualify for all 3 of the Lakes Saturday Series 2-day Championships. Any team qualifying for any A/Q Championship will be allowed to enter the “Tournament of Champions” on October 23-27 at Toledo Bend. This 2nd event of 2013 was started at 6:55 am. Sam Rayburn water was in good shape and 3.07 feet below normal pool level with water temps running 56-58 degrees. The weather at takeoff was a calm 46 degrees with a warming to 70 degrees by weigh in time. The fish catching was good on Big Sam today as there were 33 limits brought to the scales, for a total of 171 bass at 467.53 lbs making the average bass brought to the scales today weigh 2.73 lbs. The team of Harold Moore from College Station, TX & Charles Bebber from Willis, TX ran their bass rig to north lake creek areas over grass to catch their bass throwing rattle traps in 5 ft of water. They managed to cull numerous times to finish with 22.08 lbs. This win made them $2350.00 for their day on the water. The team of Robert Moffett from Silsbee, TX & Danny Cherry from Kountze, TX ran their bass rig to mid & north lake creek

areas to probe the ditches, drains & points with grass using their rods & reels tipped with traps to bring 20.85 lbs to the scales. They finished in 2nd and collected $1450.00. The team of N Dee Williams from Cushing, TX & Jeff Wise from Lufkin, TX finished in 3rd for the 2nd event in a row with 19.84 lbs and collected $1100.00. The team of Butch Hollis & Marc Woolems both from Jasper, TX finished in 4th with 18.52 lbs and collected $900.00. The father & son team of Albert & Brandon White finished in 5th with 18.19 lbs and collected $800.00. There were 11 places paid in this event. The entire results from this and all A/Q events put on by Anglers Quest can be viewed at www.anglers-quest.com The Foremost Insurance Group through The Salamone Agency in Jasper & Kirbyville, Tx has come on board with A/Q to offer a great incentive bonus program for owning a Foremost policy… check out the details on our site. Ricky Guy was the $200.00 bonus winner at this event. A/Q would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors who offer the Incentive Bonus dollars for our anglers in the Anglers Quest Tournament Trail, The Foremost Group..ie The Salamone Agency, Bowden Marine, Power Pole “Captains Cash”, Solar Bat Sunglasses, Martel’s Rhino Bed Liners, Buster McNutty’s Gift Cards and PAA membership bonus. Please read the qualifications for these great incentives on our Anglers Quest website. On February 9th & 10th Anglers Quest will be at Kickapoo Bait & Tackle on Lake Livingston for the 2nd of 8 Lake Livingston Saturday Team & Individual Series events. Then on February 16th & 17th A/Q will be at Lake Houston Marina on Lake „ N Dee Williams & Jeff Wise finished in 3rd for the 2nd event in a row with 19.84 lbs.

„ Harold Moore & Charles Bebber culled numerous times to finish in 1st place with their impressive bag of fish that weighed 22.08 lbs. Houston for the 2nd of 8 Houston Saturday Team & Individual Series events. Anglers Quest will be back at The Umphrey Pavilion on Sam Rayburn on February 23rd & 24th for the 3rd of 8 Sam Rayburn Saturday & Individual Series events. On March 9th & 10th Anglers Quest will be back at Lake Livingston for the 3rd of 8 Saturday & Individual Series events. Anglers Quest still accepts credit cards. Pre-enter any event and you DO NOT have to report to the A/Q bus the morning of the events. Call Mr. Bill or Barbara Long at 281-852-8842 for any information or entry. 2013 schedules & results for all Anglers Quest series events are now

„ Robert Moffett & Danny Cherry came in 2nd place with their nice bag of fish that weighed 20.85 lbs.

„ Butch Hollis & Marc Woolems finished in 4th place with their bag that weighed 18.52 lbs.

11 • Lakecaster • March 2013

available online at www.anglers-quest.com. Anglers Quest suggest the use of these sponsors products & services: Automated Mailing Solutions, Bowden Marine Sales & Service, Buster McNuttys, Check-It Stik, City of Jasper, TX-Chamber, City of Onalaska, Custom Built Awards, Executive Security Integrators, FishingWorld.com, Foremost Insurance Group, Foster Fence Ltd, Freeway Truck Sales, Jasper Economic Development District # 1, Kickapoo Bait & Tackle, Lake Houston Marina, Lone Star Buffet, Martel’s Welding Works, Needmore Tackle, Power Pole, Rayburn Country Resort, Royal Purple Synthetic Oil, Sabine County Tourism, Solar Bat Sunglasses, Superior Paint Works Inc., The Stump Bar & Grill, Tri County Construction Co. and Vincent Turf Farms. God Bless & Good Fishing to All……

„ Top 12 places in Anglers Quest Rayburn Saturday Team # 2 tournament.

„ Ricky Guy won the $200 bonus for being the highest finishing person with a Foremost policy with the Salamone Agency.

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• Mercury, Yamalube, Quick Silver & 4 Stroke Motor Oil • Rods & Reels • All of your Rayburn & Toledo Bend Tackle needs • Hunting & Fishing License • Full Variety of Snacks & Groceries
Jeane Tackle 122 Emmit Jeane Rd (Hwy 111 – 3 miles north of Evans High School) Evans, LA 70639

Non Ethanol Gas & Diesel

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March 2013 • Lakecaster • 12

13 • Lakecaster • March 2013

Hello, Anglers. 2013 is shaping up to be another year where the marine industry is introducing products that will influence anglers and their choices of what to purchase. This is especially true in the areas of outboard motors and fishing electronics just to name a couple. On the outboard scene, most boaters and anglers are familiar with the huge success of Yamaha’s SHO (Super High Output) outboard engines that were introduced early 2010. The horsepower range has been a 4.3L Super High Output (SHO) 4-stroke with three engines of 200, 225 and 250 hp. However, there has been a strong demand for a smaller SHO 150 horse power. As they say.....Wait no longer, it is here! This engine will be a perfect fit for pontoons, mid-sized bass boats and bay boats, ski boats plus also well-suited for numerous mid-to-large sized high performing aluminum rigs. The new 150 SHO is a 2.8 L and weighs in at just 480 pounds. New information on the VF150 is coming out soon so check out YamahaOutboards. com for the latest. The hole shot is said to be super impressive for a 150 4-stroke not to mention fuel and oil savings. I talked to several boat shoppers at the recent Lake Charles boat show who expressed great interest in this engine. LATEST ELECTRONICS The other product which has my attention is Humminbird’s new 1158c DI Combo which is the industry’s largest down imaging unit. I have been using one of these for about a month and have it Ram-mounted on the bow of my Skeeter 21 FX. I also enjoy their side imaging units (which also includes down imaging) as well as I have a 998c HD SI Combo dash-mounted in my boat. However, as an angler who loves to fish clear, deep water, I dearly love this big down imaging unit. One huge factor to those of us who may not be tech geeks is that these Humminbird units are easy to operate, even easy to change settings, zoom and tweak various sensitivity and display options. A set-up that I use often is a split screen display with half on HD Sonar and the other half on Down Imaging. Another feature that is a favorite of mine is the Switchfire Mode where you have an option of Max-Mode for mostly deep water applications and Clear Mode for normal shallow water

Humminbird’s 1158c DI showing split screen Sonar mode/DI mode of a Toledo drop shot hole complete with coordinates.

Yamaha’s new 150 SHO Outboard.

applications. To get the most out of these units, the angler will need to go back and forth from Max to Clear Mode, depending on the structure and these user-friendly units makes it very quick and easy to accomplish. From charting, saving/deleting waypoints, navigating and finding the fish, these units, have proven very helpful and have made my fishing trips even more enjoyable. AUTHOR INFO: Joe Joslin is a syndicated outdoor columnist, tournament angler and pro guide on Toledo and Sam Rayburn. Contact him at 337-463-3848 or e-mail at joejoslinoutdoors@yahoo.com or website www.joejoslinoutdoors.com.

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 14


15 • Lakecaster • March 2013

Newberry nails it on Rayburn
Courtesy of FLWoutdoors.com

02.Feb.2013 JASPER, Texas – Dicky Newberry of Houston, Texas, weighed a five-bass limit totaling 36 pounds, 5 ounces Saturday to win the Walmart Bass Fishing League Cowboy Division event on the Sam Rayburn Reservoir. For his victory, Newberry earned $6,541. “I had located these fish a few weeks ago and have been doing quite well on them,” said Newberry. “I had been catching 20- to 25-pound stringers off the spot for a solid three weeks in a row. It was my planned starting point of the day and I was boat 22, so I was able to get there first. “When I arrived at the spot I caught a 6-pounder fairly quickly, but had some trouble getting anymore bites for the next 15 to 20 minutes,” Newberry continued. “I finally moved over to another location on the same ridge and caught a fish that weighed almost 9 pounds. I quickly made another cast in there and broke one off. Immediately on the next cast I caught my biggest fish of the day, the 10-7. It all happened so fast.” Newberry describes the spots he was fishing as staging areas in 6 to 10 feet of water. These key

rounding ouT The Top 10 co-anglers:

2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: 6th: 7th: 8th: 9th: 10th:

Tazz Ferrell, McKinney, Texas, five bass, 16-6 $1,135 Bill Fussell, Thibodaux, La., five bass, 15-12 $757 Dylan Griffin, Port Arthur, Texas, four bass, 13-9 $530 Billy Carlisle Sr., West Monroe, La., five bass, 13-5 $454 Randy Pewthers, Pearland, Texas, five bass, 13-4 $416 William Dowden, Leesville, La., five bass, 12-11 $378 Don Bonner, Bossier City, La., five bass, 10-14 $341 Bronk McDaniel, Pitkin, La., five bass, 10-10 $303 Charles Dellard, Burleson, Texas, three bass, 10-8 $265 Complete co-angler results can be found at www.fwoutdoors.com
About FLW FLW is the industry’s premier tournamentfishing organization, providing anglers of all skill levels the opportunity to compete for millions in prize money nationwide in 2013 over the course of 220 tournaments across five tournament circuits, four of which provide an avenue to the sport’s richest payday and most coveted championship trophy – the Forrest Wood Cup. FLW tournament fishing can be seen on the Emmy-nominated “FLW” television show and is broadcast to more than 559 million households worldwide, making it the most widely distributed weekly outdoors-sports television show in the world. FLW is committed to providing a lifestyle

„ Charles Hogg of Haughton, La., weighed in four bass totaling 17 pounds, 2 ounces Saturday to win $2,270 in the co-angler division.

spots were located on clay points, adjacent to the lake’s large spawning flats. “Most of the fish came on a 1-ounce football jig,” Newberry went on to say. “This is the largest stringer I have ever caught in an individual tournament. It was a very exciting day.” The next BFL Cowboy Division tournament is scheduled for Feb. 23 on Toledo Bend Reservoir in Many, La. After the fifth divisional tournament is complete, the top 40 boaters and 40 coanglers based on point standings will qualify for the Oct. 17-19 Regional Championship on Lake Texoma in Pottsboro, Texas. Boaters will compete for a top award of a Ranger Z518 with a 200-horsepower Evinrude or Mercury outboard and a Chevy Silverado, while co-anglers will fish for a new Ranger Z518 with a 200-horsepower Evinrude or Mercury outboard. The BFL is a 24-division circuit devoted to weekend anglers, with 120 tournaments throughout the season, five in each division. The top 40 boaters and co-anglers from each division qualify for a regional tournament and compete to finish in the top six, which then qualifies them for one of the longest-running championships in all of competitive bass fishing – the Walmart BFL All-American presented by Chevy. The 2013 BFL All-American is being held June 27–29 on the Nickajack Lake in Chattanooga, Tenn. Top winners in the BFL can move up to the EverStart Series or even the Walmart FLW Tour.

„ Dicky Newberry of Houston, Texas, won the Feb. 2 Cowboy Division event on Sam Rayburn with a five-bass limit that weighed 36 pounds, 5 ounces. For his efforts, Newberry walked away with over $6,500 in winnings. experience that is the “Best in Fishing, On and Off the Water.” For more information about FLW visit FLWOutdoors.com and look for FLW on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

rounding ouT The Top 10 pros:

2nd: 3rd: 4th: 5th: 6th: 6th: 8th: 9th: 10th:

Kevin Lasyone, Dry Prong, La., five bass, 21-11 Randy Deaver, Blanchard, La., five bass, 19-13 Harold Allen, Shelbyville, Texas, five bass, 17-0 Tommy Dickerson, Orange, Texas, five bass, 16-2 Myron Beachy, Baytown, Texas, five bass, 16-0 Teddy Cloide, Vidor, Texas, five bass, 16-0 James Dunn, Lecompte, La., five bass, 15-1 Kent Graham, Nacogdoches, Texas, five bass, 15-00 Corey Stanley, Orange, Texas, five bass, 14-8 Complete results can be found at www.fwoutdoors.com

$2,270 $1,514 $1,060 $908 $795 $795 $681 $605 $530

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 16

Texas Team Trail tournament series, designed by fishermen for fishermen.
� TEXAS SIZED PAYOUTS! � Entry Fee - ONLY $250/team. � Over 100% PAY BACK at every event plus additional bonus prizes & cash for qualified Ranger, Stratos, Triton & Evinrude owners that finish in the top 25% of the field. � Fully rigged 150HP Tournament Bass Boat Package GUARANTEED 1st place prize at each qualifying event. � Fully rigged Tournament Bass Boat Package GUARANTEED 1st & 2nd place prizes at Championship event.

Subject to Change

March 2, 2013 - Sam Rayburn � April 6, 2013 - Ray Roberts � May 4, 2013 - Belton � June 1, 2013 - Cedar Creek October 12 & 13, 2013 - Falcon Lake
*To qualify for the two-day entry fee Championship you must enter all 4 regular season events.


For more information & registration…

e-mail: Info@texasteamtrail.com � Phone: 210-788-4143


17 • Lakecaster • March 2013

Save Money on Fuel
By Dan Ashe (Texas Parks and Wildlife Department)

TPWD conducts creel surveys on either Sam Rayburn or Toledo Bend year round. Creel surveys are one of the best monitoring tools we have, where we actually talk with the fishermen and see what they are catching. One of the questions we ask is how much was spent on the fishing trip. The average fishing cost per day is typically between $100.00 and $150.00. The single biggest expense in a typical fishing day is gas, and it is beginning to get noticed on the lake at nearly $3.50 a gallon. I want to continue seeing folks fish, as it is my job to see that they have a good place to go. I realize that in order for people to fish boats will be used and gas will be consumed. Here are a few ways to conserve fuel and expense in the pursuit of fishing. Boats – The best way to save fuel in a boat is to simply slow down a little and take all the stuff out of it you don’t plan on using or need in order to reduce weight. In the interest of keeping weight down, run your bilge on a regular basis throughout the day if it is not automatic. Remember, a gallon of water weighs a little over 8 lbs. Check your prop regularly for bent blades and dings that will cause your boat to run less efficiently, using more gas. Keep a clean hull to reduce friction while moving through the water. Also, if your boat has something unnecessary you never use below the water line creating drag, get rid of it. Maintain a good steering system – the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. If there is a lot of slop in your steering and it has not yet driven you insane, now at the time of high gas prices is your justification to fix it. Plan your trip. Not only should you have done this for

safety reasons, but thinking ahead will save money by launching out of the nearest ramp to where you want to fish. Look at it like this. The average 225 hp boat motor uses anywhere from 10-20 gallons of gas per hour of run time, so it is easy to save a few gallons over the course of the day. That being said figure out how much fuel your motor does use. Running from public boat ramp cove to above the 147 bridge may not sound as good as trailering to Caney or Cassels Boykin. Work the system – There are both state and federal taxes on gasoline. The federal tax is $0.185 and the Texas tax is $0.20 per gallon of gas. The point of the state fuel tax is to help provide money for highway construction and maintenance. However, you can get a refund for the money you paid on fuel taxes for off road use. You can claim this refund on all gas purchased for boats, 4-wheelers, chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc. anytime throughout the year, just be sure to keep your receipts. You will need a “Texas Claim for Refund of Gasoline or Diesel Fuel Taxes” form available on the internet. Example- if you fish once a month and put about 20 gallons in your boat each time, then you are looking at an annual tax refund of $48.00 – take the wife out or buy some new tackle with it. It’s your money. Getting there – Because it hurts filling up, we all need to get smarter on how we fill up our tanks and drive. Fill your tanks during the coolest hours of the day. The warmer it is outside the more the liquid in gas expands, so the cooler it is the more you get per gallon based on the volume. Don’t top off the tank just to have an amount ending in a

number you like, when the pump shuts off you are done. That “extra” $0.05 or $0.10 or whatever amount you are trying to squeeze into your tank may not be making it there because it is likely staying in the hose or it evaporates. A big no brainer is to maintain your vehicle and change filters and oil regularly for optimum engine efficiency. Avoid long warmup times, even in cold weather - 30-45 seconds is plenty. Just like your boat, remove all the unnecessary weight out of the vehicle. As always drive smart – plan your trip and combine trips. Check those tires and keep the pressure where it needs to be. It is simple and saves gas. Call it like it is –Do your homework, as there are numerous misconceptions regarding gas-saving strategies. Dropping the tailgate on the truck does not help save gas or decrease wind resistance. Trucks are designed to be as streamlined as possible with the tailgate up. It is ok to drive with the air conditioner on. Turning it off or down is not going to save much fuel. The air compressor will use some power for the AC, but it is negligible, so enjoy the ride. Back flushing your oil will most likely not help with your fuel

mileage. As long as you change your oil on a regular basis (every 3,000 – 5,000 miles) you will not need to back flush your oil. The half tank is bad for fuel efficiency conspiracy is a lie. Your gas gauge moves down faster as the tank becomes emptier because the tank is irregularly shaped; your fuel efficiency has not changed. The number one way to save money while fishing is to take someone with you to share expenses. There are a lot of loners out there on the lake, so buddy up. As always, if you should have any questions concerning this article or have any other fishery questions please don’t hesitate to contact me at dan.ashe@tpwd.state.tx.us or call me at 409-698-9114. Good Luck and Good Fishing!

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From seed To garden, geTTing a jumpsTarT on veggies
By William Perego • Jasper Master Gardener

William Perego graduated from the master gardener program last year and is often seen at Jasper County Farmer’s Market as a vendor selling produce and baskets, and also doing seed planting demonstrations inside Tractor Supply. Starting seedlings from scratch saves money and getting an early start means early harvest. It’s time! Time to get your hands dirty. As I write this story, it’s early February and the redbuds are already blooming in East Texas. By the time you read this in March, the soil will be just right for tilling. We master gardeners can’t wait to get started.

There are many “starting points”, but if you don’t have seedlings, your garden will take longer to get to maturity. The later you get started, the hotter harvest time will be. For those so inclined, you can grow your own seedlings. If you have a warm sunny place in your home or a small greenhouse, it’s very easy to start your own. Here at Seedlings and Such Nursery near Kirbyville, we start thousands of seedlings from seed every year, from tomatoes to zucchini and everything in between. For soil, I use my own mixture of potting mix made from organic mushroom compost and sphagnum peat moss. The mixture is 60 percent compost, 40 percent peat moss. We begin most plants in small aluminum roasting pans. Put about 1 ½ inches of potting mix in your pan, add your seed and cover with 1/8 to ¼ inch of your potting mix and gently water. Mixture should be kept damp but not wet. Remember, some seeds germinate faster than others. Peppers usually take 10 – 14 days to come up. Squash, zucchini, and cucumber come up a lot faster, usually 4 – 5 days. Plan your timing accordingly. Here in East Texas our last killing frost date is March 15 (based on many years of weather observations; an early spring like we see now with flowers and trees budding is no guarantee that there won’t be one more seedling-killing bout of cold weather.) The earlier you get seedlings started, the better. It usually takes 40 - 45 days in cool weather to go from seed to garden, except for squash, zucchini, cucumber, and watermelon.

Last year William Perego helped young farmers start flower seedlings in plastic slurpee cups. The domed lids with large openings for spoons were a perfect container for zinnias for Mother’s Day.

Start them a little later, and get them to the garden quicker. When the plants are about 1 ½ to 2 inches tall in the foil pans, gently remove them from your starting pans to flats with individual cells. You can buy plastic starter trays or small peat pots, or make your own from recycled plastic containers – everything from milk jugs to water bottles will work as long as you poke drainage holes. Continue to keep seedlings warm and protected until next month. As planting time approaches, harden off by taking them out to a shady spot near their intended home in the

garden and let them spend a few days getting used to the new environment. Gradually move them into more sun (yes, plants can sunburn). Water lightly only when plants show signs of wilting. Once plants get 3 – 5 inches tall, they are ready for the garden. Gently remove them from the cells and plant them in your prepared garden soil. Water them in and care for them all spring. It’s very enjoyable to see a plant that you started from seed grow into a beautiful and productive vegetable plant!

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6 a.m. - 3 p.m. (weigh-in ends promptly at 3 p.m.) Cassels-Boykin Park on Lake Sam Rayburn


Friday, May 3, 2013, Noon- 8 p.m. & Saturday, May 4, 5 a.m.- 6 a.m. Entry fee $200 per team (1 or 2 person team) $2,500 guaranteed first place (based on a minimum of 90 teams) For entry forms and more information contact Lindsey Mott at Memorial Health System of East Texas 936-639-7613.

Visit us online at MemorialHealth.org

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What is happening to all of the turkeys?
Robert Baker, TPWD

The population of turkeys in East Texas has been doing some strange things lately including disappearing from some areas. In recent years the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department and partners have been actively trying to discover what is happening and how to get it going in the right direction. Harvest is the first thing that people look at first for management of a game animal. TPWD has been managing harvest of this species for some time. Season length and timing has been changed several times in the last 15 years to allow for a harvest rate that the population can support. Hunting season has been closed in 45 counties last year including Hardin, Shelby, Tyler, and San Jacinto to name a few in the local area. This was done in an attempt to protect what few turkeys if any remain in those counties. It was chosen primarily due to lack of harvest of turkeys and no turkey detections through turkey gobble count surveys. In the counties that still allow hunting, mandatory check stations are still in place. This enables us to get some much needed harvest data from each bird taken. This harvest data can teach us many things including age structure of the harvest, an indicator of hunter success, and where most of the harvest is coming from. TPWD has released many thousands of eastern wild turkeys across East Texas in an effort to restore the population. For the released birds to have the best chance of survival they must be released in the best possible habitat. What is being called the best turkey habitat is changing. The old procedure for measuring good habitat was thrown away, and a new habitat suitability index (HSI) has been constructed. This new HSI is based on research based on data collected from following actual turkeys and measuring the habitat conditions where they are doing the best. The HSI is currently in the testing phase where testers are going into the field in areas with known turkey populations and scoring these areas. TPWD has tried to recover the turkey population by restocking turkeys since the 1920’s. Various methods have been used to restock birds in the past, but they all consisted of releasing small numbers (less than 20) of birds over large areas. The new method (super stocking) is method that releases large numbers of turkeys (more than 80) in a small area of good habitat. The idea behind the new method is that a population that will survive is established on a core area of excellent habitat and as they reproduce and grow they can spread into new areas. This method has had some good

results with Rio Grande turkeys stocked in other places in the state and some success with East Texas. TPWD conducts surveys of population size and presence across East Texas. These surveys are conducted during the late winter and early spring. In the past TPWD would use gobble counts to survey turkey populations in areas with a turkey population. This method is where an observer would run a designated length of road stopping every half mile to call and listen for turkeys. Currently research is being conducted (by Stephen F. Austin University) to improve this process. This new research entails working with observers to determine how far a turkey can be heard, what type of call (turkey, owl, woodpecker) is best, and when is the best time of year to survey. TPWD collected observation data from hunting clubs across East Texas this year. With this data TPWD can determine presence or absence, age structure, and reproduction of turkeys in East Texas. Survival of the released Eastern Wild Turkeys is critical to

determine the success of the stocking program. In an effort to determine survival rates for released turkeys radio transmitters were attached to some of the released turkeys. With radio transmitters researchers can determine within a day or two when the bird died, and if they get to the carcass quickly a cause of death can sometimes be assigned (by examination of the carcass and sign at the kill sight). The survival of the radio transmitted birds can be applied to the entire population. Several other aspects of turkey ecology can be obtained from transmitter data including nesting, habitat use, and home range. There are many things going on in the turkey world. This new knowledge will allow TPWD to better manage the turkey population and adapt to changing times. For more information contact your local TPWD office or explore the TPWD website at www.tpwd.state.tx.us. With some help there will be wild turkeys for future generations.

Welcome to The

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23 • Lakecaster • March 2013

Anglers Quest Rayburn Individual # 2

Jeff Wise Wins!
By Bill & Barbara Long

Feb. 3, 2013 - Anglers Quest 2013 Sam Rayburn Individual # 2 out of The Umphrey Pavilion in Sam Rayburn, TX began this event with 49 anglers showing up to fish for the $3135.00 purse. This 2nd event of 2013 was started as a trailoring event at 6:55 am. The weigh in time was conducted at 4:00 pm. Any Individual entering 6 of the Sam Rayburn Individual Series events will automatically qualify for the 2-day Rayburn Individual Championship. The top Individual in points after the series will be declared the Angler of the Year and will be awarded free entries to all 2014 Rayburn Individual Series events. The Individuals entering all 8 Rayburn Individual series events will automatically qualify for all 3 of the Lakes Individual Series 2-day Championships. Any Individual qualifying for any A/Q Championship will be allowed to enter the “Tournament of Champions” on October 23-27 at Toledo Bend. Sam Rayburn water was in good shape and 3.07 feet below normal pool level with water temps running 56-58 degrees. The weather at takeoff was a calm 52 degrees with a warming to 74 degrees by weigh in time. The fish catching was good on Big Sam today as there were 18 limits brought

„ Tommy Dickerson finished his day in 2nd with 5 bass which weighed 16.80 lbs.

to the scales, for a total of 137 bass at 333.20 lbs making the average bass brought to the scales today weigh 2.43 lbs. Jeff Wise from Lufkin, TX ran his bass rig to north lake pockets over grass to catch his bass throwing traps in 2-7 ft of water. Jeff managed to catch 8 keepers to finish in 1st place with 17.87 lbs and made himself $1200.00 for his day on the water. Tommy Dickerson from Orange, TX finished his day in 2nd with 5 bass at 16.80 lbs and collected $600.00. Larry Cotten from Huffman, TX finished in 3rd with 5 bass at 16.55 lbs and had the Big Bass at a fine 9.04 lber and collected $500.00. Ray Beck finished in 4th with 14.24 lbs and collected $250.00. Danny Cross finished in 5th with 13.81 lbs and collected $150.00 for his day on the water. There were 7 places paid in this event. The entire results from this and all A/Q events put on by Anglers Quest can be viewed at www.anglers-quest.com A/Q would like to give a special thanks to our sponsors who offer the Incentive Bonus dollars for our anglers in the Anglers Quest Tournament Trail, The Foremost Group..ie The Salamone Agency, Bowden Marine, Power Pole “Captains Cash”, Solar Bat Sunglasses, Martel’s Rhino Bed Liners, Buster McNutty’s Gift Cards and PAA membership bonus. Please read the qualifications for these great incentives on our Anglers Quest website. On February 9th & 10th Anglers Quest will be at Kickapoo Bait & Tackle on Lake Livingston for the 2nd of 8 Lake Livingston Saturday Team & Individual Series events. Then on February 16th & 17th A/Q will be at Lake Houston Marina on Lake Houston for the 2nd of 8 Houston Saturday Team & Individual Series events. Anglers Quest will be back at The Umphrey Pavilion on Sam Rayburn on February 23rd & 24th for the 3rd of 8 Sam Rayburn Saturday & Individual Series events. On March 9th & 10th Anglers Quest will be back at Lake Livingston for the 3rd of 8 Saturday &

Individual Series events. Anglers Quest still accepts credit cards. Preenter any event and you DO NOT have to report to the A/Q bus the morning of the events. Call Mr. Bill or Barbara Long at 281-852-8842 for any information or entry. 2013 schedules & results for all Anglers Quest series events are now available online at www.anglers-quest.com. Anglers Quest suggest the use of these sponsors products & services: Automated Mailing Solutions, Bowden Marine Sales & Service, Buster McNuttys, Check-It Stik, City of Jasper, TX-Chamber, City of Onalaska, Custom Built Awards, Executive Security Integrators,

„ Jeff Wise managed to catch 8 keepers to cull from to finish in 1st place with 17.87 lbs

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„ Larry Cotten finished in 3rd with 5 bass at 16.55 lbs which included the Big Bass of the tournament, at a fine 9.04 lbs.

„ Top 8 places in the Anglers Quest Rayburn Individual # 2 tournament.

„ Ray Beck finished in 4th with 14.24 lbs. FishingWorld.com, Foremost Insurance Group, Foster Fence Ltd, Freeway Truck Sales, Jasper Economic Development District # 1, Kickapoo Bait & Tackle, Lake Houston Marina, Lone Star Buffet, Martel’s Welding Works, Needmore Tackle, Power Pole, Rayburn Country Resort, Royal Purple Synthetic Oil, Sabine County Tourism, Solar Bat Sunglasses, Superior Paint Works Inc., The Stump Bar & Grill, Tri County Construction Co. and Vincent Turf Farms. God Bless & Good Fishing to All…

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If this is the future of competitive fishing; all aboard for serious competition, High School enthusiasm and really cool shirts
By Terry Sympson, Jackson Hill Marina

Lumberton High School is one of the very first schools in East Texas to form a Bass Fishing Club and held the first High School Open Tournament on Sam Rayburn Lake. The first Premiere Yamaha Texas High School Open Bass fishing Tournament was held on Sam Rayburn Lake on February 2nd 2013 with the preregistration meeting and complimentary cookout held at Jackson Hill Marina and Sponsored by Their Patriots Challenge on Friday February 1st. and the Weigh-in held at the Dr. Bill and Emily Shelton Pavilion. The tournament was hosted by the Lumberton High School Fishing Club and open to any High School teams who have joined the newly formed Student Anglers Federation (SAF). High school fishing in East Texas got off to a great start as 48 teams took to the water at first light with chilly temperatures that quickly gave way to a beautiful sunny 70 degree day with a light southerly breeze. Teams from Rains High School, Genoa Central, Sulphur Springs, Carthage, Deweyville, Mansfield Legacy, Splendora, Royse City, Corrigan-Camden joined their host the Lumberton Raiders for a great day on the nation’s number one tournament fishing lake Big Sam Rayburn. Nine teams were able to bring a 5 fish limit to the scales while only seven teams failed to weigh in a fish. The Lumberton team of Colton Sims and Zach Johnson came out on top with a limit weighing 15.57 pounds. They reported catching their fish over grass in 8 to 10 feet of water. According to Sims, “the fish bit late, we did not have a keeper until after 11:30.” When asked about the „ Lumberton High School students Alisa Moore and Dakota Cline had one shy of a limit but they were good ones totaling 14.18 lbs for a 2nd place win.

winning technique, Johnson said “we were throwing Rat L Traps.” Colton was also the winner of the big bass award with a bass weighing 6.24 pounds. For their efforts, they each took home a brand new American Rodsmiths rod and a $50 gift certificate to Premier Yamaha. For catching the big bass, Sims was awarded a new Lews Speed Spool reel donated by R1 Bass and another rod from American Rodsmiths. Second place went to another Lumberton team. The team of Alisa Moore and Dakota Cline weighed in only 4 chunky fish that tipped the scales at 14.18 pounds. Cline reported, “We fished Rat L Traps along the edges of creeks in 9 feet of water. Most of fish bit early in the day,” according to Moore. By placing second, they each received a new rod and reel combo donated by County Home and Ranch and a gift certificate to Academy. Rains High School captured third place with a limit weighing 13.34 pounds. The team of Jackson Case and Chance Cobb reported catching their fish in water about 6 feet deep. According to their boat captain, they rotated through a set of drains and caught their fish on Rat L Traps. Case and Cobb each received a new tackle box courtesy of County Home and Ranch as well as a casting reel provided by Lumberton High School. While lipless cranks seemed to be the bait of choice for the winners, others reported catching fish on flukes, crank baits, and spinner baits. Total there were 109 bass weighed in for a total weight of 257.34 pounds. “I am happy to report that all fish were released back into Sam Rayburn to fight another day,” said Bryan

„ It was a late bite for winners Colton Sims and Zach Johnson of Lumberton, but they came out on top with a limit weighing 15.57 pounds Thomas, Lumberton High School Tournament Director. Darrin Satterfield who help bring down four teams from Genoa Central High School in Texarkana Arkansas was very impressed with both the professional way that the event was put on and the hospitality from the entire community. “Bryan just did an outstanding job to bring this whole thing together, all of the kids had a blast and we will definitely be coming back to Sam Rayburn” he added. With the success and fast growth of College Bass Fishing Tournaments across the country it seemed just a matter of time before High School Anglers competed for fun and school pride, however over the last few years High School fishing is emerging as one of the fastest growing sports in America. Now, you add in the chance for a college scholarship and the attention of the entire fishing industry and you have the key ingredients for explosive growth that has everyone involved excited to fuel the next generation of competitive fishing as well as a path way to learning and fellowship for many of our High School Students. The Bass Federation (TBF), the nation’s oldest and largest organized grassroots fishing organization, is leading the way with the development of the Student Angler Federation (SAF). One of its guiding principles is to promote education through fishing. The objective is to relate subject matter and basic principles of education to how anglers use them out on the water every day. It is aimed at getting students off the couch and back into the great outdoors by promoting the formation of fishing clubs and outdoor activities within the school. Of course this leads to the creation of competitive fishing in club tournaments and events between neighboring schools so you can see why the FLW and other

„ The Big Bass of the tournament was caught by Colton Sims weighing 6.24 lbs, anchoring the 1st place sack for he and partner Zach Johnson

27 • Lakecaster • March 2013

big name organizations and sponsors will be jumping on board to reach the next generation of competitive anglers. It is truly a win-win situation for everyone involved. The SAF is less than the cost to play nearly all “Stick and Ball sports”, such as Little League baseball. The benefits make it one of the best bargains in all of sports. The membership dues are $25 per student, and for that each club member, the club itself and any volunteer who participates in a club event are covered by liability insurance through the SAF. Mr. Thomas also added “Lumberton High School would like to thank all of its sponsors for enabling us to host such a tournament. They include: West LTD, Orange County Building Materials, BOMAC, Integrated Technology and Security, LLC., State Farm Insurance Randy Hicks, Brock Services, E2 Baits, HMT Tank Services, STI group, Stanley Lures, Illusion Baits, Deep Creek Lures, Premier Yamaha, R1 Bass, World Cade Technology, Rat-L-Trap, Jeane Tackle, Rollins Real Estate, BeAed. ICO Polymers, County Home and Ranch, Transit Mix, Buffalo Wild Wings, Lake Fork Tackle, Klint’s Reel Repair, Santone lures, American Rodsmiths, All Terrain Tackle, IOC Polymers, Universal Coin and Bullion, Market Basket, Rayjus, Rod Glove, River Valley Crank Baits and HEB”. To get more information you can contact Bryan Thomas Lumberton High School at bathomas@lumberton.k12.tx.us. If you have any questions about the SAF or High School Fishing you can contact the TBF National Youth Director, Mark Gintert, at mark@bassfederation.com or go to www.highschoolfishing.org.

TOp TeAms place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th 21st 22nd 23rd 24th 25th 26th 27th 28th 29th 30th 31st 32nd 33rd 34th 35th 36th 37th 38th 39th 40th 41st Team Colton Sims/Zachary Johnson Dakota Cline/Alisa Moore Jackson Case/Chance Cobb Damon Machost/Justin Watts Mason Maeker/Haden Scikles Stephen Davis/Gary Hardin Branton Halcumb/Bailey Bullock Chris Talley/Michael Partain Shane Spence/Logan Gunter Ryan Satterfield/Jordan Lemley Dillion Gossett/Hunter Dickens Collin Gunter/Remington Carbaugh Austin White/Jarrod Boutwell Wyatt Frankens/Clay Nash Carla Bates/Jalyn Norsworthy Hunter Goodrum/Cody Risinger Dustin Grammer/Austin Cutchall Josh Wellons/Dalton Tomplate Waymon Liles/Bryan Jacks Mitchell Brown/Trevor Knox Trent Salter/Tyler Miranda Kyle Dragulski/Tyler Woods Kamron Langford/Austin Palmore Dilan House/Nick Grell Canan Jones/Jessica Burke Connor Burkland/Cole Fricks Maddi Smith/Chad Venable Kealey Nicholson/Bethany Butler Jay Lawson/Kade Bentley Joshua Tucker/Cody Box Timothy Sowell/Elliot Pipps Hunter Coleman/Cody Risinger Colt Ryan/Jordan Burns Justin Lobaugh/Cody Dobson Cadie Lawrence/Marinna Collins Luke Hodgkinson/Tori Lipscomb DJ Beard/Owen White Cody Young/Corey Ortego Tyler Ozment/Zach Ruff Jake Hiser/Robert Brock Colton Bates/Cody Gantt Andrew Forsman/Tristan Fairchild JD Head/Justin Journeay Nick Buell/Trevor Yaste Tori Drake/Megan McGee Troy Corder/AustinStevison Tyler Cagle/Koby Yoder Bell Jordan/Belk Kaleb High school Lumberton Lumberton Rains Royse City Sulphur Springs Splendora Carthage Splendora Lumberton Genoa Central Rains Lumberton Lumberton Corrigan-Camden Dewyville Splendora Genoa Central Lumberton Carthage Dewyville Dewyville Mansfield Legacy Genoa Central Rains Lumberton Genoa Central Lumberton Dewyville Corrigan-Camden Sulphur Springs Lumberton Splendora Lumberton Rains Carthage Lumberton Lumberton Lumberton Lumberton Lumberton Dewyville Sulphur Springs Dewyville Carthage Lumberton Dewyville Carthage Lumberton Weight 15.57 14.18 13.34 12.98 12.5 12.36 11.96 10.24 9.78 9.51 9.3 9.21 8.65 8.07 7.87 7.35 6.57 6.5 6.36 6.28 5.42 5.1 4.51 4.43 3.84 3.42 2.77 2.7 2.54 2.52 2.46 2.3 2.29 2.16 2.05 1.9 1.85 1.72 1.69 1.61 1.48 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 0.00 Big Bass 6.24 5.31 4.77 4.14 4.18 5.05




March 2013 • Lakecaster • 28

Sam Rayburn Tournament Schedule
DATE 2 2 2&6 9 10 16 16 16 17 17 23 23 23 23 24 25-30 30 1-5 6 13 13 13 14 14 19-21 27 27 27 28 1 3-5 TOURNAMENT

LOCATION Umphrey pavilion Jackson hill 255 pUBlic Umphrey pavilion Umphrey pavilion Umphrey pavilion Jackson hill Jackson hill TBa sam rayBUrn marina Umphrey pavilion cassel-Boykin Umphrey pavilion Jackson hill Umphrey pavilion cassel-Boykin Jackson hill Umphrey pavilion Umphrey pavilion Umphrey pavilion sam rayBUrn marina Jackson hill sam rayBUrn marina TBa Umphrey pavilion Umphrey pavilion caney creek Jackson hill Umphrey pavilion caney creek Jackson hill

Test your skills while making new friends
Mar 2, Bad Weather Date Mar 3, Bad Weather Date Mar 9, Livingston Team #3 Mar 10, Livingston Individual #3 Mar 16, Houston Team #3 Mar 17, Houston Individual #3 Mar 23, Sam Rayburn Team #4 Mar 24, Sam Rayburn Individual #4 Mar 26, Tuesday Series #1 Mar 30, Bad Weather Date Mar 31, EASTER SUNDAY Apr 2, Tuesday Series #2 Apr 6, Bad Weather Date Apr 7, Bad Weather Date Apr 9, Tuesday Series #3 Apr 13, Livingston Team #4 Apr 14, Livingston Individual #4 Apr 16, Tuesday Series #4 Apr 20, Houston Team #4 Apr 21, Houston Individual #4 Apr 23, Tuesday Series #5 Apr 27, Bad Weather Date Apr 28, Bad Weather Date Apr 30, Tuesday Series #6


Texas Team Trail media Bass porT arThUr chemical Bass clUB BassmasTer Weekend series BlT spring series - Jasper division Bass champs se region Bass Texas B.a.s.s. FederaTion naTion 2 oF Us coUples iginiTion Bass anglers QUesT Team #4 c.a.s.T. soUTheasT region BFl - coWBoy division pigs & hogs Bass clUB anglers QUesT individUal #4 Texas B.a.s.s. FederaTion naTion paTrioTs challenge april BasscaT oWners ToUrnamenT Bass n BUcks Bass champs igniTion Bass yoUTh Fishing leagUe media Bass igniTion Bass 2 oF Us coUples mcdonald’s Big Bass splash Bass n BUcks porT arThUr chemical Bass clUB paTrioTs challenge BlT spring series - Jasper division maY porT arThUr chemical Bass clUB hoUsTon plUmBers

Night Crawlers & Red Wigglers Full Line of Baits Rods & Reels Hunting/Fishing License

Join Us On March 9th – Noon Till 6pm For A “Meet & Greet”
B.A.S.S. Pro’s & Tackle Vendors available for “one on one” discussions 2674 macarthur drive orange, texas 77630 (409) 883-4400 BBQ, Bounce House for the kids, plus more!!! We are increasing our freshwater & saltwater inventory daily!!


5776 U.S. Hwy. 69 S. Woodville, TX 75979

Monday Thru. Friday 8:00 am until 8:00 pm Saturday and Sunday 7:00 am until 2:00 pm

Deer • Hogs • Water Fowl Turkey • Exotics Big Game • Fish Replica’s
(409) 283-3141 Carol’s Cell: (409) 200-4730



Yeti Coolers Deer Corn Ammunition
Hwy. 190 - Jasper, Texas Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:30pm Saturday 7:30am - 5:00pm

2021 S Wheeler, Jasper 409-489-9355

Timeless Treasures Woodville


See our full schedule at

Living, Loving, & Selling Sam Rayburn O: 936.632.2121 C: 936.671.0200 E: tarasmithrealtor@yahoo.com

Tara Smith/Realtor

1945 US Hwy. 190 W – Woodville, TX

Antiques – Jewelry Candles – Consignment 409-489-3489


(409) 384-3100

29 • Lakecaster • March 2013

Fishing Forecast
March and Spawning Bass go hand in hand around “Big Sam”. Hopefully warmer weather will have kicked the spawn into high gear. The fishing has turned from catching a few fish, to having an awesome time on the water. There should be a lot of male fish in the shallows working on nests with some females coming in. There Lynn Atkinson should be plenty of buck brush in the water cell 979-220-0251 for these bass to move into for protection of Reel Um N Guide the nests. These male bass are busy trying Service, to clean an area in hope of getting some www.rayburncountry.com big female to join them. The female will hang back in deeper water till everything is just right before she’ll move up and do her thing. Then she’ll move back out and disappear. As you find these males in the shallow water, lots of different baits will work. Senko’s and soft plastics come to mind; pitch them into any opening you can find to get a hit. There will be a lot of fish scattered over the grass flats and a lipless crankbait comes into play here. Try working one over the grass edges around the points and pockets. There are a lot of big fish that move up this time of year so be ready. Remember these fish are in the spawn. Practice catch and release so they can get back to their nest and finish what they started, for the future of fishing for everyone. Sometimes there are a few large crappie in the grass. Remember if your bait hangs in the grass, you rip it free, then you get hung again; sometimes it’s one of the larger crappie. Before you rip it free AGAIN put a little pressure on the rod to feel if anything is there. I have caught some great big crappie this time of year and they’re good eating. Remember the Sharelunker Program entries started on October 1 and run thru April 30th. If you haven’t heard, it encourages anglers who catch a 13 - pound- plus largemouth bass to lend or donate it to the TPWD for spawning purposes. There are some great benefits doing this and one of them is that the angler receives a fiberglass replica of the bass. There is a 24- hour pager at 1-888784-0600 Check out the Program rules at their site along with the Benefits. http:// www.tpwd.state.tx.us/spdest/visitorcenters/ tffc/sharelunker/ There are a few crappie in the grass shallows spawning. Others are starting to setup on the brush piles and that can stir up a lot of excitement. The pontoon has been great with lots of room and fun for everyone. Gather up your fishing buddies and give me a call to get your trip booked for the summer. If you need some help learning the lake or just want to get out and have a great time on the water give me a call. We’ll get something set up for you. We do have a pontoon that can handle up to 8 anglers for fishing with family and friends. I want to thank my sponsors and many friends that have helped make this a great year. Stanley Jigs, American Rodsmiths, E2 Bait Company, El Grande Lures, Terry and Connie at Jackson Hill Park and Marina, Jerry and Glenda at Bass Strike Tackle and Larry at Tri-Lakes Tackle. God Bless

Lake level information updated daily at www.TheLakecaster.com Lake level as of 2/18/13 (161.85) Normal pool level (164.40') For lake level updates and generation schedules, call 409-384-5716.

Mid Lake & South End
It’s March, the biggest fishing month of the year on Sam Rayburn! Why you ask? On Sam Rayburn in March, you can catch bass just about however you like to fish and at many different depths. Let’s start by talking about the shallow water, from 1 to 4 foot. At this depth you will be fishing around the flooded hay Stephen Johnston, grass, bushes and willow trees. (As more Cell# 409-579-4213 water is still filling the lake at press time, Johnston’s Guide the water has already started to flood the Service hay grass and buck brush at the edge of gofish@johnstonfishing.com the lake as well as the willow trees.) This area is where most of the bass will move in to spawn. A Texas rigged lizard, baby brush hog, or V&M Chop Stick are all great baits to work around these areas. When the bushes have about 2 ft of water in them you’ll want to switch over to a beaver style bait, or V&M tubes are great also. Make sure to spool up with either Sunline 20 or 25 lb fluorocarbon or Sunline braid when fishing this cover. I like the 50 or 80 lb. braid. On the warmer days don’t forget about your frogs, this is another great bait to use around spawning fish, and easy to fish around the flooded hay grass and bushes. The next depth is going to be from 5 to 10 ft. At these depths you are going to be fishing on top of the grass. Your Rayburn Red lipless baits are the go to bait, like a Rat-L-Trap, Strike King Red Eye Shad or Yozuri. The depth of the grass is going to determine how I pick what size to use. For example, if the grass is from 1 to 2 ft under the surface I’ll go with a 1/4 oz. bait. If the grass is 3 to 5 ft, I’ll go with 1/2 oz, and grass deeper than that, I’ll go with the 3/4 oz. A Cyclone 1/2 oz. spinnerbait in white/ chartreuse, or red, are good too, with a gold silver willow leaf blade combo. You can also wacky rig a 5” V&M Chop Stick in watermelon-red or watermelon seed, or Texas rig it with a 1/16 oz weight . . . it works great over the top of the grass. Also, while some of you may think of it as “old school” don’t forget about a Rogue, either the Rattlin-Rogue or the suspending Rogue. The best colors are gold orange belly or clown. A little deeper is 10 to 15 ft. This area will be on the outside edge of the grass and on main lake points. Lots of these fish are going to be staging and will not move up to spawn until the April moon. This is great place to use your Carolina-rig, with a lizard, brush hog, trick worm or craw worm in watermelon-red, watermelon, or green pumpkin. You can also use your 3/4 oz Rat-L-Trap here. Crank baits are good in this area too, like a Strike King 5XD or 6XD and Series 5; the best colors are Rayburn red and orange craw. Texas rigged lizards and brush hogs are good too to work off the edge of the grass in this same area. That’s the run down on Sam Rayburn for the biggest fishing month of the year! Lots of ways to catch a bass! Just remember that when you catch a “big-un”, and you are likely to do just that, she needs to get back in the water ASAP!! Get a good picture of her, weigh her, and get her back in the water soon as you can. (Check your batteries for your camera/scales before you fish so you are ready!) The taxidermists can do excellent replica work these days and only need a good photo to get them started. You can also bring that photo by Needmore Tackle Store on Hwy 255 to be included in the lunker club, or email it to gofish@johnstonfishing.com, then look for it on our facebook pages. Have fun out there and stay safe on the water!

Sam Rayburn Reservoir

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 30

o. .C S.P

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Etoile Ramp

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to Nacogdoches

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i ve r


Spring is here and it’s time to enjoy some great family time outdoors. With so many parks and facilities here to choose from, give them a call and plan your trip soon. You’ll be glad you did.



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69 £ ¤


For full map and legend click to www.thelakecaster.com

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Polk Co.

0 Tyler

Tyler Co.


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31 • Lakecaster • March 2013

San Augustine C o.


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San Augustine


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o. C e in st o. gu e C u A bin 3229 an Sa

Bring the boat on thru!



Hwy 63 @ 2nd St Open 7 days a week

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Atto ya c R.



³ ±

Townsend 1277 Recreation Site

³ ±


' p

184 Sabine National Forest


' p

³ ±

Shirley Creek Marina


409-698-9511 Daily Specials BURGERS
Great Business FOR SALE by owner

Hwy 96, Brookland, TX Open 6-6 Tuesday thru Saturday

³ ±


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s Creek Park

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Jackson Hill Marina


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GRADY’S TACKLE DBA Holton’s Service Station
Bargains Everyday Complete Tackle Line Rods • Reels • Lures

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Sa nA

³ ±

Harvey Creek Monterey Park Recreation Site Cassells-Boykin Park

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601 N. W heeler St. Jasper TX 75951 ,

Tackle Since 1952

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Angelina ug National Forest ust

San Augustine Park

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Caney Creek 3373 Recreation Site

' p

Mill Creek Park

' p

4106 S. US Hwy 69 (Metal Mart Bldg) Lufkin, TX 75901 • 936-637-7119

' p

Bayou Recreation Site

. ina Co Angel

' p

' p

Powell Marina

yo u



OPEN Monday-Saturday 10am-6pm Bigger & Better Selection than ever!

' p
r Co. Jaspe

' p Letney Recreation Site

³ ±

Sandy Creek Recreation Site

³ ±

' p

Rayburn Park


Buoy, oh buoy.
96 £ ¤
Great boat insurance. Low rates.
Brent Meaux, Agent 219 N Bowie Street, Jasper, TX 75951

Twin Dikes Park Ebenezer Park ' p Overlook Park

_ ^

' p

Sam Rayburn Marina and Resort

Angeli na R .


Corps Headquarters

All aboard. The water’s more fun when you know you’re covered with the best. Like a good neighbor. 409-384-5747 State Farm is there.®

³ ±


Tyler Co.

Neches Riv

to Jasper


' p

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 32

Castledine tops Bass N Bucks field on Rayburn with over 27 pounds
By Patty Lenderman • Photo’s from this event available at www.TheLakecaster.com

Ninety boats scattered on Sam Rayburn February 9 for the third in a series of five spring Bass N Bucks events on Sam Rayburn. There were six sacks brought in over the 20 pound mark, and lone angler Todd Castledine championed them all bringing in 27.81 lbs.

Moorhead registered their largest catch at 8.00, overtaking the Big Bass race for a while. All total, 69 of the 90 teams weighed in their catch, and before it was over there were a lot of shuffling of the standings.

Top 10 line up:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

27.81 lbs 25.01 lbs 23.03 lbs 21.53 lbs 21.07 lbs 20.13 lbs 19.74 lbs 19.23 lbs 18.80 lbs 18.74 lbs

Todd Castledine Cory Rambo & Rusty Clark Derrick Strother & Bronk McDaniel Jake Wedel & Jeremy Wedel Jonathan Garrie & Casey Sobczak Dicky Newberry & Ken Smith Michael Lowery & Lance Lowery Tommy Shelton & Jason Moorhead Chris Harvey & Rusty Harvey Ray Beck & Bud Pruitt

Top Five Teams in The anglers oF The Year race aFTer Three oF Five evenTs:

58.57 53.28 51.09 50.19 49.09

Cory Rambo & Rusty Clark Shelby Shaw & Lance Hughes Jake Wedel & Jeremy Wedel Ray Livingston & Bill Rogers Michael Lowery & Lance Lowery

Forecasters predicted that temps would be tickling the 70 degree mark, but missed their mark as it barely hit 60 degrees by mid morning then got cooler as the day wore on. All Bass N Bucks tournaments are trailering events and the teams had until 4pm to be in line to weigh their catch. Jake and Jeremy Wedel brought in the first sack over 20 lbs establishing the weight to beat at 21.53 lbs that included a 7.88 lb kicker for Big Bass. Soon after, Tommy Shelton and Jason „ Cory Rambo and Rusty Clark won 2nd place with 25 pounds and is staying on top of the pack in the Anglers of the Year race.

The heaviest sack of the day was caught by Todd Castledine who fished by himself for this event. “I just looked for deep grass edges, around 10’ deep, and used a Texas rigged Kicker Bubble Fry in their new redbug color all day.” Before 9am he had a strong limit in the boat weighing just over 20 pounds. “The HydroWave kept the fish biting like crazy!” Once he put his initial limit together, there was a lull in his day, and he changed his rig to Carolina style. Then at 2pm he caught two big solid chunks and made some significant culls upgrading his total weight to 27.81 lbs to win the tournament. Bass N Bucks presented him with an $8,000 winning check. Todd would like to thank Jesus Christ, Kicker Fish, Legend Boats, Mercury, Combat Lures, Power Pole, HydroWave and Amphibious Sunglasses.

„ Todd Castledine fished by himself, putting together a limit consisting of all solid chunks weighing nearly 28 pounds to take the win. Second place was won by Cory Rambo and Rusty Clark with 25.01 pounds. “We started our day catching a 4 ½ pounder, then I caught our big one,” Rusty explained. Their kicker weighed in at 7.86 lbs. “By 8:00 we had five fish in the boat that probably weighed around 17 pounds.” They were fishing drains in 3’ to 5’ with ½ oz River 2 Sea spinnerbaits, rattle traps and Carolina rigs. “When that bite slowed down, we moved and made a few culls at different spots.” At the end of the day Rusty caught one more 4 pounder and Cory caught a 5 pounder to wrap up their final weight. They won the guaranteed 2nd place check for $4,000 and „ There were several nice kickers brought in by contending teams, but the biggest of them all weighed 8.11 lbs caught by Rusty Harvey. He and his son Chris won 9th place overall with 18.80 lbs

„ Derrick Strother & Bronk McDaniel had 23.03 lbs to win 3rd place overall for a nice payday.

33 • Lakecaster • March 2013

upcoming schedule:

February 23 – Toledo Spring #2 February 24 – Fork Spring #2 March 23 – Toledo Spring #3 March 24 – Fork Spring #3 April 6 – Sam Rayburn Spring #4 April 13 – Toledo Spring #4 April 27 – Sam Rayburn Spring #5 May 5 – Fork Spring #4 June 1 – Toledo Spring #5 June 2 – Fork Spring #5
a $500 check from the John Salamone Insurance Agency for Foremost as the highest team with a policy through that office. Their sponsors include: Castaway, Daley’s Hunt N Fish, West LTD, Premier Yamaha, River 2 Sea, Showtime Signs, G&G, Ranger, MinnKota, Humminbird, Yamaha and Sunline. Derrick Strother and Bronk McDaniel had a strong sack weighing in at 23.03 lbs for a 3rd place finish. “Our plan was to fish shallow drains, 2’ to 8’ with rattle traps.” Their plan executed well, putting a 16# limit in the boat by 8am. “The bite really slowed down when the wind switched. There was about a 2 ½ hour stretch where we didn’t catch anything. Once the wind lined back out, we pulled up to another spot and Bronk caught a 5 ½ pounder. We stayed in that area but moved deeper into that finger and culled a few more times before the end of the day.” The biggest one in their sack weighed 6.30 lbs, anchoring their 3rd place finish. They received $3,000 for their win and would like to thank their wives for

„ Tonia Simas of the John Salamone Insurance Agency presented a $500 check to Rusty Clark, fishing with Cory Rambo, for being the highest finishing team with an insurance policy through that office. It added some nice cash to Cory Rambo & Rusty Clarks 2nd place $4,000 payday their support and encouragement. Rusty Harvey caught the biggest bass of the day weighing in at 8.11 lbs, fishing with his son Chris. “We were fishing a point next to a creek channel in 10’ of water,” he reported. “It was around 8am and I was throwing a Carolina rigged brush hog.” It was their third keeper for the day. “The morning bite was good for a few hours, then it tapered off. We caught all of our fish on Carolina rigs and Strike King Series 5 crank baits.” The team won 9th place overall with an 18.80 lb total. They would like to thank Ranger, Yamaha, Costa Del Mar, Falcon Rods, Big Bite Baits and Premier Yamaha. For more information about any Bass N Bucks tournament, click to www.BassNBucks.com or call Bryan Davis at 469-955-7808.

3480 HIGHWAY 96 BYPASS 409-299-3221 • www.silsheeissan.com

P&L Enterprise 626 County Road 200 Nacogdoches, TX 75965

• Automatic standby generators (8-150 KW) - Hands-free operation - Natural Gas or LP fueled - Works if you’re home or away • America’s most trusted brand • Sales, parts, service & maintenance • Factory trained representatives




www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com

www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com

www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com

www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com • www.silsbeenissan.com

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 34

Owners: Alan and Carrie Fitts

Toledo Bend Lake


Convenience Items • Hardware • Cabins RV Camping • Fishing Tackle • Live Bait Mobile Home Park • Fishing License • Propane


409-625-4611 • www.midlakecampground.com
Hwy 3121 @ Palo Gaucho Bayou • R 1 Box 960 • Hemphill, TX 75948

& Hwy 63 (Last Stop for Beer, Tackle & Fuel before Toledo Bend)

Corner of Hwy 87

Burkeville Food Mart

409-565-2253 • Owners: Alan & Brian Fitts
Bait • Tackle • Convenience Items Deli • Beer • Lotto • ATM • Shell Gas & Diesel Hardware Supplies

GET YOURS NOW! Simon Outfitters (Orange) Toledo Tackle (Many) Daley’s Hunt N Fish (Nederland) Needmore Tackle (Sam Rayburn) Tackle Monkey (Sam Rayburn) County Home & Ranch (Nederland) Fishing Tackle Unlimited (Houston) Lake Charles Tackle The Tackle Box (Sulphur)

Rayburn Country House Rental 1213 Lakeshore Loop Dr.



• 4 Bedrooms and 4 1/2 Bathrooms • Large kitchen all appliances • Living and dining room • Family room • Laundry room • Garage

• Parking for 4 cars • 2 decks: one in front and a large deck in the back with a fence for pets • Large back yard on two lots • Beautiful design, Spanish roof

$2,000/Month and $2,000 Deposit


Call Raul Morineau for more details 409-698-9525 or 409-594-0398

35 • Lakecaster • March 2013

Fredregill & Bond took the field by storm at Ignition Bass on Sam Rayburn
By Patty Lenderman • Photo’s from this event available at www.TheLakecaster.com

Ignition Bass anglers found it to be a hit-ormiss day with challenging weather conditions surging through the area. Alan Bond and Tommy Fredregill hit a home run winning the tournament by a landslide with 19.57 lbs. 17 teams headed out on Sam Rayburn February 10 knowing there was bad weather on the way. Fierce storms rocked through Texas and Louisiana February 10 bringing with it hard rain, lightning, then smoothing out just hours before weigh in. Normally not a trailering tournament, teams were allowed to launch anywhere on the lake to be closer to their fishing areas for safety. Sam Rayburn Marina Resort is the host location for all Ignition Bass tournaments on Rayburn. The morning started out calm giving anglers a few peaceful hours to catch their fish before the bottom fell out bringing high wind, hard rain and lightning. Winners Alan Bond and Tommy Fredregill stayed out in the worst of it and enjoyed an all day bite. “We concentrated on grassy flats about 8’ deep,” the team explained. “We caught our first keeper on a rattle trap, but the bite was really slow. We finally picked up a pattern using Carolina rigged brush hogs.” Slowly, they started adding to their creel. Tommy caught their third keeper of the day, a 7.81 lb sow that won Big Bass honors for the tournament. “It took until 11:30 to put a limit together, then we culled four times after that.” Their final five fish weight was 19.57 lbs, way ahead of the rest of the pack. The team won $1,100 for 1st place, $170 for Big Bass and a $50 American Rodsmiths gift certificate. “We would like to thank Ray at R1-Bass for always taking great care of us fishermen.” Second place was won by David Wisdom & L.B. Ebert. “First thing off we caught two on a crank bait and one on a Carolina rig on a flat with a little drain running through it.” When the storm came, they ran to other areas trying to get out from under the worst of the storm. “When it

calmed down, we went back to our first spot and caught one on a spinnerbait. Later, we caught two more on a crank bait and one on a jig. All total we culled three times.” They weighed in 14.86 lbs and were awarded $550 for 2nd place. L.B. would like to thank his wife Denise for her support as well as Reco Machine and Power Rods. Not too far behind them were 3rd place winners Clint Lipham and Jeff Stimits with 14.36 lbs. “We trailered to the mid lake area, and caught a quick limit on a point with Carolina rigs and crank baits.” When the storm came, they headed back to the boat launch and sat in their truck until it passed through. “It took about an hour and a half. When it was done, we headed back out and fished shallow water with a swim jig and culled several of our first limit.” The team received a check for $240. They would like to thank American Rodsmiths, Elite Tungsten and Bowden Marine for their support. Rounding out the top five were 4th place anglers Craig Glenn and Brad Parish with 13.76 lbs, and 5th place team Dustin and Kenneth

„ Taking the field by storm Alan Bond and Tommy Fredregill won 1st place with their 19.57 lb limit

Jerrett with 12.87 lbs. Ignition Bass offers a 90% payback to their participants and has four more open events on „ 14.86 lbs was the winning weight for 2nd place team of David Wisdom and L.B. Ebert.

Sam Rayburn before the championship. March 17, April 14, May 19 and June 30. To find out more click to www.IgnitionBass.com

„ Tommy Fredregill caught the Big Bass of the day weighing in at 7.81 lbs, anchoring a 1st place win for he and partner Alan Bond.

Good ThinGs come To Those who baiT.

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 36


/ Real Estate Connection

Margie Sanford, ABR, CRS, SRES, e-PRO Sheilah Martin, Sales agent

Toledo Bend Tournament Schedule

Connect With Us
P.O. Box 1431 Hwy. 87 & Milam St. Hemphill, TX 75948 E-mail: mesanford@east-texasconnection.com

Offc. (409) 787-4536 Res. (409) 787-2690 Fax. (409) 787-4409 Cell (936) 465-8043
2293 Gilley’s Point Priced at $279,000
Absolutely Beautiful home & waterfront with its own personal boat launch. Built in 1999, this 3B/2-1/2B, two story brick home has approx 2,000 sq. ft. of CA/CH living area with oversize two car garage. Downstairs has Living/Dining Room with open concept and fireplace. Nice big kitchen with lots of cabinets, built in appliances, breakfast area over looking lake.Master bedroom & bath is downstairs,also ½ bath.Upstairs has two bedrooms,bath,balcony sitting area, and hallway to a large storage room. Outside is a well house and storage building, partially covered patio,detached two car carport cover,and no Subdivision fees or restrictions.This home is located at the end of the point, surround by well kept beautiful homes and good neighbors. Call for Appointment.

9 9 15-16 22-23 23 23 23 23 30 30-31 3 5-6 6 6 6 13 13 26-27 27-28 4-5 5 11 11 11 11 11 17-19 25 & 29 1 1 2 22 22 29 29

Spacious 2 story 3 bed/4 bathroom wood and brick home with a bonus room that could be a 4th bedroom or game room - approx. 3400 sq. ft with an attached garage and carport. The main Master bedroom and bath are downstairs. Living room, dining room and kitchen is all open concept. The utility room is located just off the kitchen with a full bath. There is a walkway almost all the way around the 2nd floor. The upstairs master bedroom opens onto a deck overlooking the lake and the bonus room also has another entry from the outside. Home has a beautiful glassed in patio overlooking the lake and a propane fireplace, 20,000 kw generator, 14 x 22 storage building with electricity, sprinkler system and fenced in yard. It is situated on about a half acre waterfront lot with a gorgeous view in a restricted subdivision located at the Pendleton Harbor Bridge on the TEXAS SIDE with easy access to State Hwy. 21.

130 Coastline Ct. Priced at $334,000

661 Cedar Crest Circle, Laguna Shores Sec. #6 Priced at $579,900
Motivated Seller! Best value on Toledo Bend waterfront! Fantastic tranquility & private! 600 feet of waterfront with a spectacular view of the lake and Sabine Nat’l Forest- No stairs to the boat dock! No bulkheads! 1.74 acres + leaseback with very level land. Brick home w/metal roof; 2,350 sq. ft., single story, 3B/21/2 B, Large master bath with Jacuzzi, large walk in pantry, Chicago brick inside, CA/CH, oversized 2 car garage, storm shelter room, covered patio w/2 ceiling fans,DSL & HD service.Bonus room upstairs that has been framed in.Separate Cottage - 1,000 sq.ft.,1B/1B,kitchen,HVAC,satellite,TV,separate phone line.RV hook up outside.Metal shop building-1,500 sq. ft. w/concrete floor and 2-10” can doors. Boat Dock w/lifts for 2-20 Ft. boatsplus a floating jet-ski cradle. Call for details, too many amenities to list. By Appointment only.

hemphill Bass clUB sporTman’s Bass clUB Texas oilman’s Bass inviTaTional anglers oF chrisT Bass clUB Bass n BUcks 1sT annUal open ToUrnamenT - hemphill Bass clUB Fishers oF men Jr soUThWesT BassmasTers porT arThUr chemical Bass clUB aBa disTricT 45 april porT arThUr chemical Bass clUB la oilmen’s Bass inviTaTional classic BassmasTer Weekend series ForT polk commUniTy BassmasTers sporTman’s Bass clUB hemphill Bass clUB Bass n BUcks Toledo Bend oilmen’s classic Texas sTaTe Bass may alBc BesT six ToUrnamenT 2 oF Us coUples sporTman’s Bass clUB hemphill Bass clUB BFl - coWBoy division media Bass crappie For cash mcdonald’s Big Bass splash porT arThUr chemical Bass clUB june Bass n BUcks sporTman’s Bass clUB 2 oF Us coUples hemphill Bass clUB (nighT ToUrnamenT) Fishers oF men sporTman’s Bass clUB Jr soUThWesT BassmasTers

Fin & FeaTher TBa cypress Bend TBa cypress Bend Fin & FeaTher loWes creek Big Bass marina six mile Big Bass marina six mile cypress Bend Fin & FeaTher resorT TBa TBa indian moUnds cypress Bend cypress Bend Fin & FeaTher resorT cypress Bend loWes creek TBa six mile san migUel TBa cypress Bend cypress Bend Fin & FeaTher Big Bass marina TBa loWes creek pendleTon Fin & FeaTher TBa piraTes cove

Single Family Home ,2 Beds , 3 Baths, 1643 sq. ft., huge covered porch. Pier, detached two car garage, greenhouse & unrestricted wooded acreage. 5.35 acres. MLS# 58753 - $450,000

667 ft of shoreline, 3 car detached garage, separate office with ½ bath, RV hook-ups, storage building, boat house, floating pier, lakeside pool. Home has 2 Beds, 2 Baths, 1760 sq. ft., MLS# 51583 - $475,000

Single Family Home, 3 Beds, 3 Baths, 2406 sq. ft. Lots of extras. Double garage, two stall boathouse, sprinkler system. 40x60 metal building, PLUS 6 large lots directly across from home. MLS# 60101 - $459,000

Very elaborate Single Family Home,7 Beds, 4 Baths (1 Half Baths) outdoor kitchen and much, much more. 6,273 sq. ft. Breathtaking waterfront. MLS# 61451 - $900,000

COTTAGE AT THE LAKE... Priced at $329,000
That’s what you will think when you drive up to this 3B/2B beauty.This home has so much charm. Downstairs you will find the kitchen, large living room, dining area with built in shelving, bedroom and bathroom. Off the living room outside is a covered patio and a bonus room that would be great for storage or whatever you might choose to use it for.The Master Bedroom and bath and a guest bedroom is upstairs. Off the master bedroom is a balcony overlooking the lake with stairs leading back down. Outside you will find 2 boat houses with lifts, fish cleaning station, storage, floating dock and water irrigation pump. This home comes with a guest house across the street. Guesthouse is a 2-3 Bedroom and 1 ½ Bath with a huge attached garage. Garage is big enough for RV parking. Also on the property is covered RV parking with full hook ups, gazebo, garden shed and much more. Don’t let this one pass you by. lowescreek@windstream.net

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37 • Lakecaster • March 2013

Lake level information updated daily at www.TheLakecaster.com Lake Level – as of 2/18/13 (169.06) Normal pool level (172.00') For lake level updates and generation schedules, call 318-256-4114.

Greg Crafts, Toledo Bend Guide Service & Lake Cottages www.toledobendguide.com • gregcrafts@yahoo.com • 936.368.7151 It’s March “Madness” to be considerate of your fellow fisherman and other temperature reaches the middle to upper 50s the Black and I’m not talking about boaters. Slow down so your wake does not endanger Bass and Crappie will start moving (staging), or heading basketball. I’m talking others. Remember, you could be responsible for any to the spawning flats. When the water reaches the upper 50s and lower 60s the fish will start moving onto the beds. about March “Fishing damage your wake causes. practice the “Golden Rule”! Do unto others, as Not all fish move onto the beds at the same time, but will Madness” on Toledo Bend. March is one the hottest you would have them do unto you. Don’t encroach on move in waves and a number of fish might use the same fishing months of the year others fishing spot and don’t cut others off ,while they are beds at different times. If a cold front moves in and drops the water temperature, the fish will not move far. They and thousands of people will be heading to Toledo Bend. fishing an obvious stretch of water. practice “Catch & Release”! Release that big will just back out to the nearest deep water. With so many people fishing the lake, it’s a good time to March is also one of the best months for catching female loaded with eggs so she can produce more fish for go over some basic boating and fishing “etiquettes”. White Bass (Sandies) and Yellow Bass (Bar Fish). With Don’t tie up the boat ramp! Make sure that when generations to come. great lake conditions and plenty of water in the lake, Don’t leave your trash in the lake-take it home! you pull up to the boat ramp you are ready to launch In March, numerous fish will be moving in and the Whites will be in the river proper. Slab spoons, Road your boat. Park your vehicle and trailer appropriately making sure you are not obstructing or taking up more out of the spawning flats through out the month. The Runners, chrome or chartreuse Rat-L-Traps, shallow water temperature is one of the single most factors to diving crank baits, tail spinners and live crawfish will fill space than you should. Be cognizant of your boat wake! The key here is consider in locating and catching fish. When the water a cooler of fish in short order.

Toledo Bend North End Forecast

Mid Lake and South End
Darrell Lyons• DW’s Guide Service for Rayburn & Toledo 409-787-3664 • dwlguide@yahoo.com • www.toledo-bend.net/guide Bass~ Excellent! We pie color. Then as the day warms, move into spawning like the Flying Fisherman Sea Stars to see bedding fish are seeing fish on beds areas and throw a Wave Tiki stick rigged wacky style in and remember to spray all baits with KICK N BASS. Crappie~ Excellent! Fish in 2 to 6 ft of water on beetle and staging on points. Christmas tree or green pumpkin red flake colors. The best set up for the chatter bait is a TFO 7’3” spins in orange with a gold blade or a tube in blue/white Start your day in 6 to 8 ft concentrating on points medium action rod and 20# fluoro carbon line on a 6.4:1 under a cork on a 1/32oz jig head. Catfish~ Good in shallow flats at the back of creeks using a 3/8 oz chatter reel, fish your Texas rig on a TFO 7’3” med/heavy rod with bait rigged with a Lake the same size line and reel for wacky worms switch to a on liver and trot line minnows. TAKE A KID FISHING AND REMEMBER IF IT TUGS ON Fork Magic Shad in watermelon red with orange belly or TFO 7’ medium spinning rod with 30# FINS Windtamer a 3/16 oz Texas rigged Wave Anaconda in sweet potato braid. Make sure to have a good pair of polarized glasses YOUR LINE SET THE HOOK!!!

South Toledo Fishing
By Pro Guide Joe Joslin, 30 Years Experience on Toledo Bend Joejoslinoutdoors@yahoo.com • 337-463-3838 • 409-565-1288 The lake is in awesome the outside edge of the grass which can be as shallow as 10 to shape and this should be as deep as 20 ft depending on where you are located. Currently, there are fish on all four of these areas in the one of the most productive months in a long time. On grass but the challenge is to discover which of these four is south Toledo, we have plenty the most productive. It has been very common for us to catch of submerged hydrilla in all, fish on each of these four areas in a given day but one or two of our major feeder creeks will usually be the most productive at certain times in the day. including Housen/Hurricane, Six Mile/Sandy, Mill Creek, Toro, I have found the shoreline grass to be the most productive in Indian and Buck....all have good grass that is loaded with bass. late afternoon and the outside edge to be better in the middle February has been very productive as the lake level has been of the day. The inside edge of the grass has been awesome high enough that there is water over a good bit of the grass so especially on cloudy days. As far as on top of the main grass the shallow patterns were excellent in February and March will line, this area can hold fish anytime depending on location, wind, clouds and the amount of grass present. Actually, some be even more so. GRAss 2013/101: Every year the grass on the south end of my favorite places currently are where the grass is scattered is different. This year, there are actually four shallow patterns and not as thick which makes it easier to get your bait in front (bass location/positioning) that the angler will need to consider of the bass and yet the bass still have cover which is the best depending on weather conditions and time of day. These four of both worlds. Our tools for these grass patterns have been Bill Lewis’s Ratinclude the bank itself with shoreline grass, second is on the inside grass-line as the main grass line on south Toledo is from L-Trap (cherry bomb and Toledo Gold) and Stanley Vibrawedge 7 to 14 feet so the inside grass line currently is from 7 to 9 feet. spinnerbaits (double willow/shad pattern skirts) when the Third is on top of the main grass line from (7 to 14) and last is bass have been aggressive and lots of slow, soft plastics when they won’t hit a moving bait. Our soft plastics have been splitshot Berkley Havoc Bottom Hopper, TX rigged Trick Worm and weightless and wacky rigged Senkos. We are using 8 to 17 lb Berkley 100% Trilene Fluorocarbon depending on what we are throwing. We’re having lots of 30-50 bass days. CRAppIe/YeLLOW BAss: Night fishing this month will be very productive. Locate a deep point close to ditches and drains as crappie will hold on these just prior to moving in to spawn. The last part of the month work Road Runners and crappie jigs (1/16 oz) in the mouths of ditches that empty into main feeder creeks as well as under bridges. Strolling a jig in 14 to 16 feet along the outside edge of grass will also catch ‘em, especially early/late and on cloudy days. Yellow bass can be caught on spoons and tailspinners on creek and river ledges from 25 to 40 feet. AUTHOR INFO: Joe Joslin is a syndicated outdoor columnist, tournament angler and pro guide on Toledo and Sam Rayburn. Contact him at 337-463-3848 or e-mail at joejoslinoutdoors@yahoo.com or for guide info and photos see website www.joejoslinoutdoors.com.

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March 2013 • Lakecaster • 38

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March 2013 • Lakecaster • 40

Weaver and Kile Win Patriots Challenge
Courtesy of Terry Sympson

„ Dean Perkins and David Huckabee placed second with 18.10 lbs.

„ George Weaver and Brian Kile topped the field with their impressive bag of fish that weighed 20.08 lbs. George Weaver and Brian Kile put together a nice five fish limit of 20.08 lbs to top the field at February’s Patriots Challenge bass fishing tournament. The team added a 5.88 lb kicker to put them over the top. Dean Perkins and David Huckabee placed second with 18.10 lbs. The best fish came fishing 1 oz football head jigs in 8-12 ft of water. Others had luck with everything from Carolina rigged plastics, lipless cranks in red, crawfish and chrome to spinner baits, however it seemed that the bigger fish are still just outside of the spawning flats waiting for the water to warm up another few degrees. Kevin Madeley and Anthony Sharp managed to hold onto third place with respectable 17.53 lbs. they also took big bass honors with a 7.19 lb. sow. The main lake had temperatures of around 56 degrees with the coves warming up to 60 degrees in some spots. Plastics in green pumpkin or green something, are working well. A great way to fish is to throw a Carolina rigged craw worm or lizard to the edge of the grass and work it slowly back to around 14 ft of water. When the sun comes out the water will warm quickly and there are a lot of buck bass stacking up in most creeks. One team reported seeing a good number of beds all ready to welcome a new generation of largemouth bass. Things really seem to look like this will be the best spring fishing in many years. The lake is less than three feet low and with this week’s predicted rain we should see water continuing to rise giving fish access to areas they haven’t seen in awhile. Grass is back all over the lake and with an abundance of healthy young fish Rayburn seems poised to please a lot of bass anglers this year. The Patriots Challenge Tournament is a program of Jackson Hill Park and Marina and a growing Outdoor Freedom Network of Sponsors, Partners, Volunteers and Organizations that work together to provide greater understanding, appreciation and access to the Natural Resources of Deep East Texas and Sam Rayburn Lake. Their

„ Kevin Madeley and Anthony Sharp came in third place with a very respectable 17.53 lb. bag which included the big bass honors, a nice 7.19 lb. sow. purpose is to do economic good for our local communities and to do social good by raising funds and offering outdoor recreational opportunities for worthy charitable causes and people in need. All net proceeds from the Patriots Challenge are donated to fund lodging, food and fishing trips for active duty military members at Jackson Hill, hunting and fishing trips for Wounded Warriors at Jackson Hill and other destinations around the country. The Wounded Warrior Association of East Texas is a 501 (c) (3) public charity. Patriots Challenge is also a financial and volunteer sponsor for the Honor and Remember Texas campaign to recognize a new National symbol for the Men and Women who have given their lives to protect and defend the freedoms that all Americans enjoy. If you or your organization would like to help support this event and help honor our Nations Military, contact Terry Sympson at Jackson Hill 936-872-9266 terry@jacksonhill.us

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41 • Lakecaster • March 2013


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March 2013 • Lakecaster • 42

Area Club Updates
Dusty Anders won his first tournament with the Many Bass Club. Fishing with his son Dustin, Anders won the Many Bass Club’s February tournament with a 5 fish 18.87 pound stringer. Anders caught his fish in the Pendleton Bridge area of Toledo Bend using a Carolina rig and flipping a jig in 6 to 10 feet of water. Bob Self was the second place winner with a 5 fish stringer weighing 16.98 pounds and Clay Ivy was the third place winner with another 5 fish stringer weighing 16.18 pounds. Clay also was the Big Bass winner with a 6.26 pound lunker. Dustin Anders caught the second place Big Bass with another nice lunker that weighed 6.09 pounds. A total of 134 fish were caught weighing 313 lbs for an average fish weight of 2.30 lbs. The Many Bass Club does not allow any prospective members who are not eighteen years old to join the club. However, junior fishermen are allowed to fish with their parent or custodial member in club tournaments. As mentioned earlier, the father and son team Anders & Anders claimed 1st place, Dusty Anders & his son, Dustin 2nd big bass and team winners in this past Bob Self came in 2nd place won the tournament with a nice 5 with his limit of fish that tournament. Congratulations Dusty & Dustin on fish limit that weighed 18.87 lbs. weighed 16.98 lbs. a job well done!


This awesome 9.11 lb. sow was caught by Brandon Bearden who won the big bass honors with this catch!

Brandon Bearden proudly shows just 2 of the fish that anchored his and Jeremy Bowie’s winning sack of fish that weighed an impressive 27.29 lbs.

Top Ten YTD 2013 Year End Standings:
Jeff Davis Bob Self Derek Mong Clay Ivy Mike Price Mike Smith Skip Carlisle Harvey Coward Bobby Munlin Tammy Mong
Dustin Anders won the 2nd place Big Bass honors with his 6.09 pounder.

Clay Ivy weighed in his bag of fish that weighed 16.18 lbs. His bag included the Big Bass of the tournament, an awesome lunker that weighed 6.26 lbs.

33.61 29.66 28.69 28.44 28.14 27.87 27.49 25.80 23.56 22.83

The 409 Bass Club held their first event of the 2013 season February 6th and 9th on Toledo Bend out of Six mile. There were 39 teams that consisting of 67 anglers to show up to fish for the all cash purse. Anglers that fished on Wednesday faced warm conditions with off and on rain showers during the course of the day. Anglers that fished on Saturday faced post frontal conditions with cloudy skies with a cool persistent east wind all day that made fishing tough. Anglers that had the best success fished for staging fish that were waiting to move up to spawn and were caught on a variety of baits including rattle traps, spinnerbaits, jigs, Carolina rigs and finesse soft

plastics. The team of Brandon Bearden and Jeremy Bowie stunned everyone with their limit of fish that weighed 27.29 lbs to take first place. Their sack was anchored by Brandon’s 9.11 lb sow that took home top big bass honors and the progressive big bass pot as well. Second place went to Damon and Thomas Childress with 17.64 lbs. Their sack was anchored by a 5.53 lb fish caught by Thomas. Third place went to Jim and Skip Swearinger with 16.49 lbs, and 13.61 lbs was enough to give Ben Adams and Bubba Courts a fourth place finish. The 409 Bass Club would like to thank Simon Outfitters and Bass Kandi for their continuing support.


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The February tournament for the Hawg Hunters Bass Club of Lake Charles was held on Toledo Bend. The father and son team of Larry and Quincy Byrd relied on jigs and spinner baits for a good bag of fish on a very tough day on the water. The first place team had 5 fish that weighed 16.33 lbs., which included the tournament big bass, a 6.75 caught by Larry. Second place of the tournament went to Rodney Owens and guest, Stephanie Savoy. Using Carolina rigged baits on deep points

Sat Feb. 9 was a very nice day on the water. fishing line, and Mustad Hooks. We would like The Hemphill Bass Club had eleven members to invite anyone that is looking for some fun fish the second tournament of the year. Top competitive bass fishing to come joins us on honors went to Jim Moroski with his very nice the second Saturday of each month. Visit us for all the info at hemphillbassclub.com sack of three fish with a weight of 12.33 and big bass winner with a 4.91. Second went to David Fontaine with his limit of three with 11.58, and in third was Shannon Tibodeaux with 10.48. Hemphill Bass Club would like to thank all their sponsors for everything they do. Bass Assassin Lures, Bill Lewis Jim Moroski took 1st place with his Rattle-Trap, Tallon 2nd place went to David three fish limit weighing 12.33 lbs, Fontaine with an 11.58 lb Lures, Scum and snagged Big Bass honors with a three fish limit Frog, SeaGuard 4.91 lb kicker

43 • Lakecaster • March 2013

Top 6 club standings:
Larry Byrd Steve Toney Jeff Latham Mike Willis Rodney Owens Terry Hornsby 26.85 lbs 20.41 lbs 18.34 lbs 16.23 lbs 15.44 lbs 15.03 lbs.

the teams second place 5 fish weight was 15.44 lbs. Mike Collins and Scott Gray also used Carolina rigs to catch 13.32 lbs, which was good for a third place finish.

The Port Arthur Chemical Bass Club hosted its first events of the season on February 2nd and 6th. The tournament was held on Toledo-Bend at the SRA boat ramp with 13 competitors. The water temp was in the mid to upper 50’s. The competitors that fished Saturday dealt with a breezy day while those that fished Wednesday saw damp conditions. Koy Leonard of Orange finished in first place with a 5 fish limit weighing in at 13.49 lbs. Mike Brekel of Beaumont finished in second place with a 5 fish limit of 11.51 lbs. Troy Leonard of Nederland finished in third with a 5 fish limit of 11.19. Big Bass honors went to Raymond Ford of Beaumont with a 3.13 pounder.


Big Lake, Big Fish, Big Fun!

Toledo Bend Lake was a chosen site for 2011 & 2012 Bassmaster Elite Series Tournaments

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March 2013 • Lakecaster • 44

Garrie and Triana rack up back to back wins at Bass Champs on Sam Rayburn
By Jeff Reedy • Photo’s from this event available at www.TheLakecaster.com

Saturday February 16 was a cold and windy day, but Jonathan Garrie and Wayne Triana would not be denied their second consecutive win at Bass Champs on Sam Rayburn. With 207 boats participating, they brought in 3 fish weighing 19.65 lbs with a 9.33 lb kicker to take home over $15,000! This brings their total Bass Champs winnings on Sam Rayburn this year to over $30,000 with over 40 lbs weighed in through the first two tournaments. Of the

Bass Champs sponsors added even more winnings to these teams: Skeeter bonus ($1,000) Lorin Lively & Tom Arnall Sure Life ($200) Jonathan Garrie & Wayne Triana Jr Revo Reel (Revo) Norman Land & Travis Moore Costa Del Mar ($200) Norman Land & Travis Moore With three events remaining for the east Texas Region teams, the top five points leaders for the Anglers of the Year race are: 427 pts Jonathan Garrie & Wayne Triana Jr 422 pts Dicky Newberry & Ken Smith 419 pts Rusty Clark & Cory Rambo 419 pts William Eddleman & Ben Matsubu 403 pts Martin Elshout & Mark Price 207 boats registered 149 of them weighed in with a total weight on the day of over 1350 lbs of fish. Most of the fishermen commented that it was a cold day on the lake with the morning temperatures in the middle 30’s and with the wind blowing it seemed much colder as witnessed by the white capping in the cove at the Umphrey Pavilion where the weigh in took place. As the growing crowd waited all were vying for a spot in the sun to stay warm. Garrie and Triana had a few spots in mind to hit. “The first area we went to was really rough with the wind. We were taking waves over the nose of the boat.” They caught a lot of small fish there, using a 6th Sense prototype crank bait. Jonathan did land a 3# and Wayne caught a 6#. “We went to a new spot that we found a few weeks ago. That’s when Wayne caught our kicker (9.33 lbs). After that we headed to another spot we wanted to hit, but another boat was already there.” They decided to head back down the lake and try another area. “We pulled some small ones out, but had a three pounder still in the livewell we needed to cull.”

„ For the second event in a row, Jonathan Garrie and Wayne Triana has championed the field taking home back to back 1st place wins. Going to their ‘honey hole’, a deep ledge that drops from 12’ to 50’ by the main river channel, they caught a four pounder to cull their smallest fish with. “The Lord has really blessed us. We’ve been very fortunate to hit the right places at the right times to be able to catch these fish.” Bass Champs presented them a 1st place check for $15,000 then they also won the Sure-Life bonus for an additional $200. They want to again thank Bass Champs for the great tournament trail and of course 6th sense lures and Custom Angle rods. It was close as Rusty Clark and Cory Rambo brought in a contender sack, just ounces behind the 1st place team with a

„ There were several nice kickers weighed in, but none came close to this 11.59 lb beauty caught by Travis Moore. He won $1,000 for this single catch, anchoring a 6th place overall finish for he and partner Norman Land.

„ Cory Rambo and Rusty Clark shows a hefty sack of cookie cutters weighing 19.38 lbs for a 2nd place finish

45 • Lakecaster • March 2013

1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th

19.65 lbs 19.38 lbs 16.93 lbs 16.66 lbs 16.55 lbs 14.28 lbs 14.12 lbs 13.91 lbs 13.66 lbs 13.31 lbs

27th 11.11 lbs

Top 10 Teams: $15,000+ Jonathan Garrie & Wayne Triana Jr $ 5,000 Rusty Clark & Cory Rambo $ 3,000 Wilson Burton & Kegan Kavander $ 2,000 William Eddleman & Ben Matsubu $ 1,500 Dicky Newberry & Ken Smith $1,000+ Norman Land & Travis Moore $1,000 Jason Bonds $1,000 Michael Lowery & Lance Lowery $1,000 Kyle Rowe & Vincent Neal $1,000+ Lorin Lively & Tom Arnall …..and last in the money…. $1,000 Brandon Flowers & Todd Preston

weight of 19.38 lbs winning $5,000 for second place. The pair was fishing in 3 to 6 feet of water with rattle traps and caught 8 fish in the 5 to 6 pound range during the day. “The water temperature was 55-56 degrees. We were looking for spawning areas, then backing out where they would be staging for it.” They used a ½ ounce River 2 Sea red Tungsten Vibe exclusively all day. “By 7:45 we had three six pounders in the boat. None of those went with us to the weigh in.” The fish they caught after their initial limit were so close in weight they had to use the balance beam to determine what to cull. At one point Cory had a fish on that may have been that few ounces more they needed, but at the last second pulled off of the hook. He felt like this fish could have put them over the top for the win. They were awarded $5,000 for their 2nd place win. Their sponsors include: Castaway, Daley’s Hunt N Fish, West LTD, Premier Yamaha, River 2 Sea, Showtime Signs, G&G, Ranger, MinnKota,

Humminbird, Yamaha and Sunline. The big bass of the day brought many ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from the crowd as the team of Norman Land and Travis Moore weighed in their fish. As the scale registered the weight it was an 11.59 lb bass that no one came close to for the rest of the day. Their total weight with 3 fish was 14.28, landing the team in 6th place overall. When Travis got the bite, he knew he had a big fish on. “We were fishing various drains with rattle traps,” Travis reported. “The bite had been slow until this one hit at 11:30 in the morning.” They took home a lot of winnings, starting with $1,000 for Big Bass, another $1,000 for 6th place, plus the Revo and Costa Del Mar bonuses.

ud el um N G i e Service e R
Come join me for a fun and enjoyable fishing trip on legendary Lake Sam Rayburn for Bass or Crappie. Checkout the latest in Sonar Technology with New Lowrance HDS 10 & New StructureScan Or Take The Humminbird 997 with Side Imaging The Bass Class on The Water Take Lynn Atkinson The Bass Class on The Water (979) 220-0251 Lynn Atkinson (979) 220-0251 www.rayburncounty.com www.rayburncounty.com srayburn@rayburncountry.com srayburn@rayburncountry.com


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Entry fee is $125 per team (1 or 2 people) Includes Big Fish entry Mandatory Rules Meeting Friday, May 10th @ Cypress Bend 6:30pm Mailed entries must be received by Thursday, May 9th Enter by May 1st to receive a FREE T-shirt and 1:00pm qualify for the free entry drawing Weigh-in Entries may be dropped off or mailed to Crappie for Cash, c/o Sabine River Authority 15091 Texas Hwy., Many, LA 71449

47 • Lakecaster • March 2013

on Toledo Bend @ Cypress Bend Park

May 11, 2013

$3,000 GUARANTEED Plus 100% payback of All entry fees!
Ù Sympson from Jackson Hill Marina Terry
showing off a 7 lb fish caught while fishing with David Truax on a Rayburn Red Nichols Rattle Shad.

Ù Page brought this Big Floyd

Sam bounty into Powell Park to be weighed on their certified scales – but it was too big! They had to call in to a friend to bring in a bigger scale, and it weighed nearly 70 pounds. He caught it on a rod and reel with 20# test line.

--------------------------Official Entry Form-------------------------T-Shirt Size(s) (1)_______ (2)_______ (We), hereby release Crappie for Cash and all participating parties hosting this tournament from any loss of property, and bodily injury or loss of life that may occur during this tournament. I understand that selected contestants may be required to take and pass a polygraph test to qualify for the receipt of any prize and in order to verify compliance with all tournament rules. I/We agree that my (our) name and or photo may be used by Crappie for Cash promotional purposes. Partner One Name Address City / State / Zip D.O.B. Phone # Signature Partner Two Name Address City / State / Zip D.O.B. Signature

Ù White from Houston with a Chris

magnificent eight point that scored 148 7/8 killed in the National Forest near Broaddus.

Ø McGalin and jimmy Jerry

Workman show off an 85 lb Flat Head Catfish caught on a trot line near Jackson Hill Marina.

Phone #

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 48

Brauer wins EverStart Series Texas Division event on Toledo Bend
Courtesy of FLWOutdoors,com

The Top 10 pros on Toledo Bend Were:

1st: Denny Brauer, Del Rio, Texas, 15 bass, 56-8, $27,137 + Ranger Z518 2nd: Dustin Grice, Hewitt, Texas, 15 bass, 53-12, $10,176 3rd: Stephen Johnston, Hemphill, Texas, 11 bass, 46-6, $6,784 4th: Jeromy Francis, Magnolia, Texas, 15 bass, 46-4, $6,106 5th: Todd Castledine, Nacogdoches, Texas, 13 bass, 45-4, $5,427 6th: Jim Tutt, Longview, Texas, 15 bass, 45-3, $4,749 7th: Keith Combs, Huntington, Texas, 15 bass, 45-2, $4,071 8th: Andrew Upshaw, Hemphill, Texas, 12 bass, 39-8, $3,392 9th: Kelly Owens, Crowley, La., 11 bass, 34-8, $2,714 10th: Bill Glascock, Kingston, Okla., 12 bass, 33-3, $2,035
16.Feb.2013 HEMPHILL, Texas – Denny Brauer of Del Rio, Texas, weighed a five-bass limit totaling 17 pounds even Saturday to win the EverStart Series Texas Division event presented by Mercury on Toledo Bend with a three-day total of 15 bass weighing 56 pounds, 8 ounces. For his victory, Brauer earned $27,137 and a Ranger Z518 with a 200-horsepower Evinrude or Mercury outboard motor. “It feels awesome,” said Brauer. “It was definitely a struggle today and I went through a lot of different emotions all day long wondering if I was going to end up with enough weight to win. I am totally elated. “All three days I fished boat docks and pretty much stayed on the lower end of the lake,” Brauer continued. “I was covering a lot of docks but catching most of my fish where there was 5 to 10 feet of water underneath. I was pitching a ½-ounce Strike King Denny Brauer pro model jig in black and blue color on 25-pound-test line. “I really didn’t see a lot people out there doing what I was doing,” Brauer went on to say. “That’s the neat thing about Toledo Bend. It’s

„ Strike King pro Denny Brauer refused to let a practice mishap force him out of the tournament and ended up winning all the marbles. (Photo by David A. Brown)

such a good lake and there is so much cover that boat docks are not the premier player here. Most people ignore the docks. The fact that I had them all to myself probably enabled me to win the tournament.” This was Brauer’s first victory in FLW competition but he is no stranger to fishing success. Brauer recently retired from an outstanding career with the Bassmaster Elite Series and moved south to his present home in Del Rio, Texas. This is his second season fishing

the EverStart Series and he is currently sitting in fourth place in the Texas division Angler of the Year race. Complete results can be found at FLWOutdoors.com. Tommy Rascoe caught the biggest bass of the tournament in the pro division Friday – a 10pound, 6-ounce bass – that earned him the day’s EverStart Series Big Bass award of $178. Burks wins co-angler title Kevin Burks of Kountze, Texas, won the co-angler division and a Ranger Z117 with an

„ Local favorite Stephen Johnston overcame a slow start and ended up in third place. (Photo by David Brown)

„ Day-one leader Dustin Grice stuck with an Alabama rig and finished second. (Photo by David Brown)

„ Co-angler winner Kevin Burks caught his biggest bag of the tournament on day three. (Photo by David A. Brown)

49 • Lakecaster • March 2013

The Top 10 co-anglers on Toledo Bend Were:

„ A chatterbait did the trick for second-place co-angler David Kayda. (Photo by David Brown)

            

   

„ Jim Furr, of Hemphill, Texas led day two but slipped to third with 32-6. (Photo by David Brown)

   


  

Spawning TemperaTureS

Evinrude or Mercury outboard motor with a threeday total of 14 bass weighing 36 pounds, 6 ounces. Martin caught the biggest bass of the tournament in the co-angler division Friday – a 13-pound, 1-ounce bass – that earned him the day’s EverStart Series Big Bass award of $118. The EverStart Series consists of five divisions – Central, Northern, Southeast, Texas and Western. Each division consists of four tournaments and competitors will be vying for valuable points in each division that could earn them the Strike King Angler of the Year title, which allows them to fish the 2014 Forrest Wood Cup. The next EverStart Series Texas Division tournament will be April 18-20 at Lake Texoma in Pottsboro, Texas, and is hosted by the Denison Area Chamber of Commerce. For complete details and updated information visit FLWOutdoors.com. For regular updates, photos, tournament news and more, follow FLW

on Facebook at Facebook.com/FLWFishing and on Twitter at Twitter.com/FLWOutdoors. About FLW FLW is the industry’s premier tournamentfishing organization, providing anglers of all skill levels the opportunity to compete for millions in prize money nationwide in 2013 over the course of 220 tournaments across five tournament circuits, four of which provide an avenue to the sport’s richest payday and most coveted championship trophy – the Forrest Wood Cup. FLW tournament fishing can be seen on the Emmy-nominated “FLW” television show and is broadcast to more than 559 million households worldwide, making it the most widely distributed weekly outdoors-sports television show in the world. FLW is committed to providing a lifestyle experience that is the “Best in Fishing, On and Off the Water.” For more information about FLW visit FLWOutdoors.com and look for FLW on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

                                    


1st: Kevin Burks, Kountze, Texas, 14 bass, 36-6, Ranger Z117 w/90 HP outboard 2nd: David Kayda, Huffman, Texas, 14 bass, 33-9, $3,694 3rd: Jim Furr, Hemphill, Texas, 10 bass, 32-6, $2,955 4th: Howard Hartley, Berwick, La., 11 bass, 31-4, $2,586 5th: Elton Brock, Denton, Texas, nine bass, 26-9, $2,217 6th: Jason Gates, Kountze, Texas, nine bass, 24-12, $1,847 7th: Kevin Gressett, Tioga, Texas, nine bass, 24-6, $1,478 8th: Casey Martin, Anacoco, La., six bass, 24-4, $1,108 9th: Steve Hope, Ovilla, Texas, seven bass, 23-11, $739 10th: Ralph Logan Sr., Magnolia, Texas, seven bass, 20-2, $591


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51 • Lakecaster • March 2013

Katy Jr Bass Masters starts 2013 season on Sam Rayburn
Cassels Boykin on Sam Rayburn hosted the 2013 kick off season event for the Katy Jr Bass Masters. Dalton Tomplait started the year off leading the pack with the first win of the year. The club had their tournament February 16, a cold and blustery day to be on the lake. Temperatures at take-off were 33 degrees, only warming to 53 by the afternoon. The wind was variable, 10-17 mpg. Winner Dalton Tomplait of Lumberton ISD used a watermelon candy wacky worm with a chartreuse tail for his catch. He was fishing in 8’ depths when he caught his 1.57 lb winning fish. Kevin Carozza attends Katy ISD and took a close 2nd place with 1.53 lbs. Also using a watermelon red candy worm, he chose to fish it with a shaky head and found success. A total of eight teams made the trek to Sam Rayburn for this tournament. Other club activities include: How to clinics, Conservation, Habitat Restoration, Good Fishing Ethics, Catchand-release, Bassmaster Casting Kids, Community Service Projects and Boating Safety/Water Safety Programs For more information about the club please contact Youth Tournament Director Phillip Carozza at carrozzap@rocketmail.com

Congratulations to 1st place Dalton Tomplait and 2nd place Kevin Carozza, winners at the Katy Jr Bassmasters season kick off

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LSU wins College Fishing Southern Conference event on Toledo Bend
Courtesy of FLWOutdoors.com

16.Feb.2013 HEMPHILL, Texas – The LSU team of Richard Murdock of Lawrenceville, Ga., and Beau Hadskey of Baton Rouge, La., won the FLW College Fishing Southern Conference event on Toledo Bend Reservoir Saturday with five bass weighing 20 pounds, 13 ounces. The victory earned the club $2,000 and advanced the team to the FLW College Fishing Southern Conference Invitational tournament. “Last weekend my partner and I had some really good pre-fishing action going,” said Hadskey, a petroleum engineering major. “We were fishing up north and catching them pretty good. But today there were waves out there that were four-feet tall. We chose to stay down on the south end of the lake where it was calmer and ended up doing all of our fishing between Mill Creek Bay and Six Mile Bay. “We caught all of our fish in six-feet of water or less today,” Hadskey continued. “It wasn’t necessarily a grass bite, but we were mainly focusing on the side of points. It really didn’t matter where we were on the lake. We were catching them in the main lake and back in the coves. The key to our success was fishing the shallow areas along the sides of points. We didn’t

catch many fish out on the points themselves, but once we got along the sides, we started getting bites. “We were swimming a jig and using a lipless crankbait,” Hadskey went on to say. “We looked for water that was a little bit colored because we weren’t getting as many bites in the clear water. The main baits that were producing for us were brightly colored chartreuse and crawfish patterns.” This is Hadskey’s first brush with FLW College Fishing success. His partner, Richard Murdock, a natural resources ecology management major, is a little more experienced. He has been fishing with FLW College Fishing since 2011 and competed in the National Championship last year at Lake Murray and placed 16th. The top 15 teams that advanced to the Southern Conference Invitational tournament are: 1st: LSU – Richard Murdock, Lawrenceville, Ga., and Beau Hadskey, Baton Rouge, La. (five bass, 20-13, $2,000) 2nd: Hardin-Simmons University – Randy Sullivan, Woodson, Texas, and Hubbell Allen, Graham, Texas (five bass, 16-11, $1,000) 3rd: Stephen F. Austin – Robert “Blaze” Platt,

„ LSU’s Richard Murdock and Beau Hadskey received a nice package of Plano products, along with their trophies and cash winnings at Toledo Bend. (Photo by David Brown) Kennedale, Texas, and Kyle Turner, Tyler, Texas (five bass, 15-1, $500) 4th: McNeese State University – Ty Griffin, Lake Charles, La., and Andrew Gary, Iowa, La. (five bass, 14-8, $500) 5th: LSU – Brett Matherne, Westwego, La., and Logan Mount, Leesville, La. (five bass, 12-13, $500) 6th: U. of Louisiana-Monroe – Blake Alford, West Monroe, La., and Paul Clark, Monroe, La. (five bass, 12-10) 7th: Stephen F. Austin – Jordan Grimm, West, Texas, and Jordan Lane, North Richland Hills, Texas (five bass, 12-3) 8th: Arkansas Tech University – Ryan Dorsett, Woodlawn, Ark., and Evan Barnes, Russelville, Ark. (five bass, 12-1) 9th: Texas A&M-Corpus Christi – Jacob Heath and Kennedy Schwartzburg, both of Corpus Christi, Texas (five bass, 10-13) 10th: University of North Texas – Michael Worley Bedford, Texas, and Branden Barnett, Denton, Texas (five bass, 10-9) 11th: McNeese State University – Quinton Trammel, Lake Charles, La., and Colt Reeves, Singer, La. (two bass, 10-2) 12th: Texas Christian University – Joseph Sanderson, Fort Worth, Texas, and Guillermo Gonzalez, Miami, Fla. (four bass, 9-2)

„ Stephen F. Austin received a third-place award, compliments of Kyle Turner and Blaze Platt. (Photo by David Brown)

„ Coming off their win at Lake Amistad, Hubbell Allen and Randy Sullivan earned a second place at Toledo Bend for Hardin-Simmons University. (Photo by David Brown)

53 • Lakecaster • March 2013

13th: Oral Roberts University – Zach Vankeulen, Overland Park, Kan., and Jonathan Williamson, Rocky Point, N.C. (five bass, 8-13) 14th: Louisiana Tech University – Matthew Loetscher, Many, La., and Caleb Boudre, Doyline, La. (four bass, 7-10) 15th: Texas A&M-Galveston – Noah Blackmon, Gladewater, Texas, and Roy Buxton, Dickinson, Texas (four bass, 6-13) Complete results can be found at CollegeFishing.com. Three regular-season qualifying events are held in each conference – Central, Northern, Southeastern, Texas and Western. The top 15 teams from each qualifying tournament will advance to one of five two-day FLW College Fishing Conference Invitational tournaments, where the first-place team wins $4,000 for their club. The top 10 teams from each Conference Invitational advance to the 2014 FLW College Fishing National Championship. College Fishing is free to enter. All participants must be registered, full-time undergraduate students at a four-year college or university and members of a fishing club recognized by their college or university. The next FLW College Southern Conference qualifying tournament is scheduled for Sept. 22

at Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Ark., and is hosted by the Hot Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau. For regular updates, photos, tournament news and more, follow College Fishing on Facebook at Facebook.com/FLWFishing and on Twitter at Twitter.com/FLWFishing. Visit CollegeFishing.com to sign up or to start a club at your school. ABOUT FLW FLW is the industry’s premier tournamentfishing organization, providing anglers of all skill levels the opportunity to compete for millions in prize money nationwide in 2013 over the course of 220 tournaments across five tournament circuits, four of which provide an avenue to the sport’s richest payday and most coveted championship trophy – the Forrest Wood Cup. FLW tournament fishing can be seen on the Emmy-nominated “FLW” television show and is broadcast to more than 559 million households worldwide, making it the most widely distributed weekly outdoors-sports television show in the world. FLW is committed to providing a lifestyle experience that is the “Best in Fishing, On and Off the Water.” For more information about FLW visit FLWOutdoors.com and look for FLW on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and YouTube.

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March 2013 • Lakecaster • 54

Toledo Bend shows off with 30 pound sack at Bass N Bucks Kick-Off
By Patty Lenderman • Photo’s from this event available at www.TheLakecaster.com

The Bass N Bucks Toledo Series 2013 season is underway. Seventy teams landed on Toledo Bend January 26 for the season kick-off and the fish were in prime form. Five teams brought in sacks over 20 pounds, but tournament winners Jeremy Burge and Kraig Welborne had a limit weighing over 30 pounds! They say here in the South that if you don’t like the weather, just wait 15 minutes and it will change. In the month of January we have seen frost, freezing temperatures, abundant rain, wind – but there is a flip side to that coin. Tournament day, for example, was picture perfect with partly cloudy skies and temps in the 70’s. Toledo Bend is in great shape at near 2 feet below pool and the fishing was awesome.

rounding ouT The Top 10 Teams Were:

4th place 5th place 6th place 7th place 8th place 9th place 10th place

20.72 lbs 20.08 19.10 18.81 18.62 17.74 17.47

James Elliott & Ron Hendricks David Mong & Derick Mong Malcolm Williams & Andy Williams Brian Schott & Jim Smith Sean Meche & Shane Cormier Justin Davis & Cody Jordan William Eddleman & Jim Furr

Contenders are allowed to launch their boat at any site on the competition lake in Bass N Bucks. Cut off for the last cast is 3:00, and the scales were open until 4:30 to allow everyone time to get in to weigh their catch. Art Sowell and Will Lloyd set the initial

„ Shannon Carroll and Larry Ford nudged past the 1st place team by 4/100ths of a pound to win Big Bass (7.96 lbs) but took 2nd place weighing in 26.02 on all five fish.

bar for most weight and biggest bass, having 17.28 lbs with a 6.19 lb kicker. From there the top weights continued to rise as did the race for Big Bass. All total, five sacks were seen over the 20 pound mark, and the two biggest bass weighed in were within 4/100ths of a pound of each other. Kraig Welbourn and Jeremy Burge had the best five fish limit weighing in 30.07 pounds, just missing big bass honors with „ Kraig Welbourn and Jeremy Burge caught a hefty sack weighing over 30 pounds winning the Toledo Spring Series kick-off. Their 7.92 lb kicker nearly won Big Bass as well. their 7.92 kicker. “It was pretty foggy first thing this morning,” Kraig began. “It 26.02 lbs. “The majority of our fish came early on swim jigs. Our was one of those days when it all just came together.” They had day started and ended quick, we had all but one of our weigh done some scouting a week before the tournament, and found a spot they had some confidence in. “We were fishing 15’ deep with fish by 9am.” They were fishing a grassy ledge 12’ to 15’ deep, and estimate the weight of their first five keepers to have been Talon jigs.” Kraig caught their first fish of the day, their 7.92 lb around 17 or 18 pounds. At 8:00, Larry caught the Big Bass of kicker. “We put a good limit together in that spot, then moved the tournament weighing in at 7.96 pounds. “Initially, I didn’t around to other areas.” They continued to catch several fish, but know it was a big one,” Larry recalled. “Then we got a look at didn’t cull their bottom fish until 2:30, and estimate gaining a her when she jumped a few times.” Things got a little tense when pound with it. “It was a good day, we caught what we intended Shannon went to net the big fish, and missed. “The hooks got to.” They would like to thank Allstate Insurance in Leesville, LA. tangled in the net with the fish outside of it. Shannon reached 2nd place was won by Shannon Carroll and Larry Ford with out and lipped her in.” The duo made their last cull of the day at noon, seizing 2nd place overall. They would like to thank Jeane’s „ 3rd place was won by Larry Todd, Keith Smith Tackle, Nash Paint & Body and Bo-Mac Contractors. and their guide dog Blazer with 24.41 pounds. Larry Todd and Keith Smith won 3rd place with 24.41 pounds. “We stayed in one 150’ stretch all day. It was a grassy pocket 4’ to 8’ deep.” They used a variety of baits throughout the day including jigs, rattle traps and lizards. “We had a limit by 8am, and culled four times by the end of the day.” Keith caught their biggest one weighing 6.17 lbs. “We’d like to thank our wives for putting up with us, and our guide dog Blazer.” The next Toledo Bend Spring Series tournament will be held out of Big Bass Marina February 23. Bass N Bucks would also like to invite all anglers to join them in the Sam Rayburn Spring Series, next one Feb 9 at the Umphrey Pavilion and the new Lake Fork Spring Series starting February 3. For more information or to register online, go to www.BassNBucks.com or call Bryan Davis at 469-955-7808.

55 • Lakecaster • March 2013

Bass, Largemouth Bass, Palmetto Bass, Spotted Bass, White Bass, Yellow Bluegill Bowfin Buffalo, Bigmouth Buffalo, Smallmouth Bullhead, Black Bullhead, Yellow Carp, Common Carp, Grass Catfish, Blue Catfish, Channel Catfish, Flathead Crappie, Black Crappie, White Drum, Freshwater Gar, Alligator Gar, Longnose Pickerel, Redfin Shad, Gizzard Shiner, Blacktail Shiner, Golden Sunfish, Longear Sunfish, Orangespotted Sunfish, Other Hybrid Sunfish, Redbreast Sunfish, Redear Sunfish, Spotted Warmouth

16.80 11.58 5.50 4.75 1.24 0.75 10.13 65.00 84.00 1.46 2.51 27.00 84.00 83.50 12.32 84.06 2.15 2.94 6.20 244.50 41.00 0.55 0.24 0.04 0.07 0.30 0.01 0.34 0.57 0.60 0.06 0.40

5-31-97 4-06-05 2-14-87 7-17-10 4-19-07 4-28-08 10-23-95 8-02-05 8-17-05 2-17-07 5-27-97 4-18-04 5-08-08 1-15-01 6-13-05 3-17-03 5-01-07 3-28-95 3-24-07 8-04-05 6-01-02 4-06-09 6-02-06 5-07-06 5-07-06 6-04-02 6-05-06 6-17-06 4-10-05 3-05-06 6-09-07 3-28-08

Tommy Shelton John Olive Curt E. Smith Marc Shaw Randall Bradfield Robert Biskamp Sr Lewis Byers Keith Riehn Kevin LaForge Randall Bradfield Willis Francis Jr Jim Welborn Scott Henslee Michael Crochet Gary Ritnour Donald Latham Ricky Ethridge Paul Burleson Randall Bradfield Keith Riehn Robbie Woods Douglas Wright Randall Bradfield Randall Bradfield Randall Bradfield Kenneth Thyssen Randall Bradfield Randall Bradfield Randall Bradfield Randall Bradfield Randall Bradfield Blane Morrow

Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Pole & Line Rod & Reel Bow & Arrow Bow & Arrow Rod & Reel Trotline Rod & Reel Bow & Arrow Trotline Trotline Trotline Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Bow & Arrow Bow & Arrow Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Fly Rod Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel

Sunfish, Redbreast Sunfish, Redear Warmouth

0.88 0.80 1.09

6-04-10 9-05-08 4-14-95

Gage Shepherd Robert Prejean William Tawney

Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel

Bass, Largemouth Bass, Palmetto Bass, Spotted Bass, White Bass, Yellow Bluegill Catfish, Blue Catfish, Channel Catfish, Flathead Crappie, Black Crappie, White Drum, Freshwater Gar, Alligator Sunfish, Longear Sunfish, Redear Sunfish, Redbreast Warmouth

11.57 2.95 4.10 2.18 0.98 0.71 3.91 3.16 52.00 2.12 1.58 1.14 192.00 0.10 0.27 0.45 0.40

4-23-05 6-21-07 9-18-10 4-20-08 3-13-11 6-14-07 3-17-12 4-17-11 3-25-11 5-30-09 4-10-10 6-06-12 4-21-07 7-02-03 6-09-12 6-14-08 3-28-08

Brandon Adams Nicholas Montano Tanner Moreno Hunter Muncrief Hunter Boren Tyler Hutchison Andrew Riley Cord Copley Blake Terry Ross Brusenhan Jordan Stoyanov Tommy Driscoll Ariel Drewery Travis Ellington Branden Ringham Hunter Muncrief Blane Morrow

Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel

Bass, Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, White Bass, White x Yellow Bass, Yellow Bluegill Bowfin Buffalo, Smallmouth Bullhead, Yellow Carp, Common Catfish, Blue Catfish, Channel Crappie, Black Crappie, White Sunfish, Longear Sunfish, Other Hybrid Sunfish, Redbreast Sunfish, Redear Warmouth

11.48 1.50 2.24 1.48 0.98 0.85 8.75 49.84 1.25 24.40 20.00 3.03 2.54 2.75 0.54 0.75 0.88 0.80 0.68

3-06-07 3-17-11 5-12-08 10-21-11 5-12-12 4-10-06 3-17-11 7-14-09 3-16-11 3-13-12 11-7-10 4-23-11 2-19-11 3-18-11 5-05-12 7-05-10 7-4-10 4-12-11 5-21-10

Dylan Lyons Gage Shepherd Dylan Lyons Nicholas Hirsch Nicholas Hirsch Kevin Johnson Gage Shepherd Heather Taber Mark Balderas Dylan Lyons Caleb Anderson Jacob Bowman Forrest Gothia Gage Shepherd Hunter Woodward Gage Shepherd Gage Shepherd Carson Downey Holly Berry

Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Bow & Arrow Rod & Reel Bow & Arrow Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel

Bass, Largemouth Bass, Palmetto Bass, Spotted Bass, Striped Bass, White Bass, White x Yellow Bass, Yellow Bluegill Bowfin Buffalo, Bigmouth Buffalo, Smallmouth Bullhead, Yellow Carp, Common Carp, Grass Catfish, Blue Catfish, Flathead Catfish, Channel Crappie, Black Crappie, White Drum, Freshwater Gar, Alligator Gar, Spotted Pickerel, Redfin Sunfish, Longear

15.32 15.81 3.40 33.22 4.40 1.48 1.66 0.86 19.00 81.50 84.76 1.25 32.00 53.50 84.00 97.50 7.94 4.00 3.44 31.50 181.00 8.78 0.66 0.54

7-03-00 5-25-87 2-07-09 2-08-80 6-19-10 10-21-11 6-24-09 4-30-07 1-03-75 7-04-11 9-09-06 3-16-11 3-04-11 8-02-06 4-13-07 5-24-91 4-25-09 12-05-02 2-21-11 3-03-95 7-27-09 3-11-12 2-10-09 5-05-12

Eric Weems Johnny Pritchett Larry Upshaw James Kent Jr Lisle Brook Nicholas Hirsch Carl Gantt Robert Kinberger George E. Lord Martin McIntyre Miles McDaniel Mark Balderas Justin Hunt Tontie Pennock Thomas Allcorn Otis L. Pleasant Clint Walker Hazel Bolton Claude Gilcrease, Jr Freddie Keel Michael Hughes Dylan Lyons Bill Ritzell Hunter Woodward

Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Trotline Bow & Arrow Bow & Arrow Rod & Reel Bow & Arrow Rod & Reel Trotline Trotline Rod & Reel Cane Pole Rod & Reel Rod & Reel Bow & Arrow Bow & Arrow Rod & Reel Rod & Reel

Jackson Hill Park Marina American Angler Powell Park Shirley Creek Sam Rayburn Marina Piney Point Store TX Parks & Wildlife Brookeland/ Sam Rayburn KOA 936-872-9266 936-872-3451 409-584-2624 936-854-2233 409-698-2696 409-698-2309 409-698-9121 409-698-3422

Lowe’s Creek Park Mid Lake Kampground Holly Park Pendleton Harbor Marina Pleasure Bend Store Toledo Tackle Fin & Feather Resort Bass Haven Resort Pirates Cove Marina Huxley Bay Marina Newell’s Fishing World Newell’s (night)


409-787-2600 409-625-4611 409-625-4424 409-625-4912 409-579-2203 318-256-5613 409-579-2056 337-286-9239 318-565-4467 936-368-2494 409-625-4928 936-332-4399

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 56


MARCh 2013
Sun: 6:43am - 6:14pm Moon: 10:27pm - 8:50am






Sun: 6:42am - 6:15pm Moon: 11:31pm - 9:34am

Best Fishing days
Avg Hi: 67 Avg Lo: 42

AM 1:53 – 3:53 PM 2:20 – 4:20 Sun: 6:35am - 6:19pm Moon: 4:09am - 3:25pm

2 9

Avg Hi: 68 Avg Lo: 42

AM/PM = Best Fishing Times
Sun: 6:41am - 6:15pm Moon: none - 10:22am Sun: 6:39am - 6:16pm Moon: 12:34am - 11:16am Sun: 6:38am - 6:17pm Moon: 1:34am - 12:15pm Sun: 6:37am - 6:18pm Moon: 2:30am - 1:17pm Sun: 6:36am - 6:18pm Moon: 3:22am - 2:21pm

AM 2:47 – 4:47 PM 3:14 – 5:14 Sun: 6:34am - 6:20pm Moon: 4:51am - 4:29pm

Avg Hi: 68 Avg Lo: 43 Avg Hi: 68 Avg Lo: 43 Avg Hi: 68 Avg Lo: 43 Avg Hi: 69 Avg Lo: 43 Avg Hi: 69 Avg Lo: 44
AM 3:42 – 5:42 PM 4:11 – 6:11 Sun: 7:32am - 7:20pm Moon: 6:30am - 6:31pm Sun: 7:31am - 7:21pm Moon: 7:07am - 7:31pm Sun: 7:30am - 7:22pm Moon: 7:43am - 8:30pm Sun: 7:29am - 7:22pm Moon: 8:19am - 9:28pm AM 4:40 – 6:40 PM 5:09 – 7:09 AM 5:38 – 7:38 PM 6:08 – 8:08 AM 6:37 – 8:37 PM 7:06 – 9:06 AM 7:34 – 9:34 PM 8:02 – 10:02 Sun: 7:28am - 7:23pm Moon: 8:56am - 10:25pm

4 11
Avg Hi: 70 Avg Lo: 45 Avg Hi: 70 Avg Lo: 45 Avg Hi: 71 Avg Lo: 46
new Moon
AM 11:01 – 1:01pm PM ------Sun: 7:23am - 7:26pm Moon: 11:45am - 1:05am Sun: 7:21am - 7:26pm Moon: 12:34pm - 1:53am AM 11:25pm 1:25am PM 11:48am – 1:48pm AM 12:12 – 2:12 PM 12:35 – 2:35 Sun: 7:20am - 7:27pm Moon: 1:25pm - 2:39am

5 12 19
Avg Hi: 72 Avg Lo: 47
AM 4:58 – 6:58 PM 5:22 – 7:22 Sun: 7:13am - 7:31pm Moon: 7:08pm - 6:28am

6 13 20 27
Avg Hi: 73 Avg Lo: 48

7 14 21
Avg Hi: 71 Avg Lo: 46

8 15

Avg Hi: 69 Avg Lo: 44

Avg Hi: 70 Avg Lo: 44

AM 8:29 – 10:29 PM 8:55 – 10:55 Sun: 7:26am - 7:24pm Moon: 9:34am - 11:20pm

AM 9:21 – 11:21 PM 9:47 – 11:47 Sun: 7:25am - 7:24pm Moon: 10:15am - none

AM 10:12 – 12:12pm PM 10:36 – 12:36am Sun: 7:24am - 7:25pm Moon: 10:59am - 12:14am

Avg Hi: 70 Avg Lo: 45

Avg Hi: 71 Avg Lo: 46

AM 12:59 – 2:59 PM 1:22 – 3:22 Sun: 7:19am - 7:28pm Moon: 2:18pm - 3:22am AM 1:46 – 3:46 PM 2:10 – 4:10 Sun: 7:18am - 7:28pm Moon: 3:13pm - 4:02am

Avg Hi: 71 Avg Lo: 47

AM 2:34 – 4:34 PM 2:58 – 4:58 Sun: 7:16am - 7:29pm Moon: 4:10pm - 4:40am

Avg Hi: 72 Avg Lo: 47 Avg Hi: 72 Avg Lo: 47

AM -----PM 3:46 – 5:46 Sun: 7:15am - 7:30pm Moon: 5:08pm - 5:16am Sun: 7:14am - 7:30pm Moon: 6:07pm - 5:52am AM 4:10 – 6:10 PM 4:34 – 6:34

18 25
Avg Hi: 74 Avg Lo: 49 Avg Hi: 74 Avg Lo: 49
AM 9:41 – 11:41 PM 10:05 – 12:05am

Avg Hi: 73 Avg Lo: 48

AM 5:45 – 7:45 PM 6:09 – 8:09 Sun: 7:11am - 7:32pm Moon: 8:11pm - 7:06am

AM 6:33 – 8:33 PM 6:56 – 8:56 Sun: 7:10am - 7:32pm Moon: 9:16pm - 7:46am

Avg Hi: 73 Avg Lo: 48

AM 7:20 – 9:20 PM 7:43 – 9:43 Sun: 7:09am - 7:33pm Moon: 10:21pm - 8:30am

Avg Hi: 73 Avg Lo: 49

AM 8:07 – 10:07 PM 8:30 – 10:30 Sun: 7:08am - 7:33pm Moon: 11:26pm - 9:18am

Avg Hi: 74 Avg Lo: 49
AM 8:53 – 10:53 PM 9:17 – 11:17 Sun: 7:06am - 7:34pm Moon: none - 10:12am


Avg Hi: 74 Avg Lo: 50

AM 10:29 – 12:29pm PM -----

Avg Hi: 75 Avg Lo: 50

Full Moon
AM 10:54pm – 12:54am PM 11:19 – 1:19pm AM 11:45pm – 1:45am PM 12:12 – 2:12

Avg Hi: 75 Avg Lo: 50

AM 12:39 – 2:39 PM 1:07 – 3:07


Avg Hi: 75 Avg Lo: 50

AM 1:35 – 3:35 PM 2:04 – 4:04

Avg Hi: 75 Avg Lo: 51

AM 2:34 – 4:34 PM 3:03 – 5:03

Indoors or out, no one relaxes in March, that month of wind and taxes, the wind will presently disappear, the taxes last us all the year.
Ogden Nash

ACCORDING TO MOON SIGNS Above-ground crops – 11, 12, 16, 17, 20, 21, 22 Root crops – 1, 2, 6, 7, 27, 28, 29, 30 Seed beds – 1, 2 Kill plant pests – 8, 9, 10, 23, 24, 25, 26
57 • Lakecaster • March 2013

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 58



LAKE GETAWAY - New 1bedroom in Westwood, Sam Rayburn. One block to boat ramp & swimming area. Covered parking, Satellite TV. Completely furnished. No pets and no smoking in house. Call 409-384-7645 or 409-489-2065 (March-13) THE LAST RESORT – Cabins for rent $55/$65 night - Sleeps 2 – 5. Boat Storage $40 month. Powell Park area. Fishermen and Hunters welcome. 832-818-4374. (March-13) DOUBLEHEART Rv PARK AT LAKE SAM RAYBURN NEAR SANDY CREEK PARK. FREE WIFI. Pull thru sites with level pads. Showers, propane, laundry & club room.

RV rental units available. 409-489-1515 several accessories. $6,000. Call REAL ESTATE w w w. d o u b l e h e a r t r v p a r k . c o m 409-284-3801 (March.-13) (Nov.-13) HOME FOR SALE – 2 Bedroom, 1 ½ WANTED Baths, Large Shop / Storage Building. THE CAMP – New 1 bedroom WANT TO BUY: Stephens Crack cottage on the Neches River in Shot Rifle – Please call 409-565-4310 Near Big Bass Marina $125,000 Call Zavalla. $150 per night - $100 (March-13) 985-531-5573 (April-13) deposit. 409-837-9914. Find us on Facebook! (March-13)


CARPENTER, CONTRACTOR, RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL remodeling, decks, kitchens, baths, garages & room additions, trim, doors, drywall. Richard Warner 409-383-3298 (April.-13)

For Sale: 2002 Triton 17’ Bass Boat. 60HP Yamaha motor. W/Trailer, W/Trolling motor and

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59 • Lakecaster • March 2013

March 2013 • Lakecaster • 60

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