Permaculture 4 Day Interactive Series

Joel Glanzberg and Brad Lancaster present an introduction to Permaculture, Regenerative Design, and Water Harvesting

March 13th – 16th
Wednesday 13th –Thursday 14th - Friday 15th
Mornings: closed classroom for registered students and participants Afternoons: guided walks with Mary O’Brien (wed), Joel Glanzberg (thurs), and Brad Lancaster (fri) <guided walks are open to the public but limited in space – call to register>

Saturday Rain Garden Installation Workshop ALL DAY – location TBD – open to the public Evening Lectures – 7 pm at the Wake & Bake – open to the public 14th Thursday : Joel Glanzberg – Permaculture and Regenerative Design 15th Friday : Brad Lancaster – Rainwater Harvesting 16th Saturday : the Do It Panel – How to Get Started Q&A; panelists to include Joel, Brad, and Emily Niehaus of Community Rebuilds

ENVS 4950 / 6900

Call Emily at 435-260-0501 with questions or to register

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