Day 13

Day 15

Dear God, thank you for hearing all my prayers.

This week I will pray for:

_ _________________________________



Day 14

Day 13: Love Your Enemies  Luke 6: 27-36  Ask your kids who their best friends are. Is it easy to love them and play with them? Are there kids that aren’t very nice to them? We have a neighbor who loves tantalizing our 4 year old son, Sammy. He is so mean to him, comes over just to tease him. My mother bear comes out and all I want to say is, “Sammy, why would you want to play with someone like that? We don’t let people talk to us like that.” And while that is so very true and a good lesson to be learned, I often forget that we should pray for this neighbor boy. Maybe there are kids like that in your child’s life that you can lead your child to pray for. You can also touch on praying for our friends/siblings when they wrong us. We are so blessed not to be God’s enemy because of Jesus. Because Jesus clothes us in his clothes, his blood, we aren’t enemies with our heavenly father, but heirs of His kingdom.  Take time to identify with your kiddo who they can be praying for this week: encourage them to write names of people who have hurt their feelings on their square today. If they can’t think of an “enemy” then list some specific people and then pray for them throughout the week.

Day 14. The Lost Sheep  Luke 15: 1-7 Day 15: The Lost Coin  Luke 15:8-10 Day 16: Zaccheaus  JSB p 264 or Luke 19: 1-9

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