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Ken Slentz, Deputy Commissioner Office of P-12 Education Room 2M EB (518) 474-3862

February 14, 2013

Dr. Joel Klein Superintendent East Ramapo Central School District 105 South Madison Avenue Spring Valley, NY 10977 Dear Dr. Klein: I write in response to your January 16, 2013 letter. I want to thank you for posting Assistant Commissioner DeLorenzo’s December 19 letter regarding non-compliance with special education requirements. In addition, I appreciate the efforts the district made to pay the BOCES for past services and for submitting the following documents: • • • • • Anticipated 2012-13 Operating Deficit Possible Reductions to Educational Programs for 2012-13 and 2013-14 Treasurer’s and Budget Status Reports Timeline to Address the Budget Deficit Proposed Budget Development Calendar

However, addressing the budget shortfall will require more than the steps identified and the submission was technically incomplete in several areas including the budget status report, policies and procedures to oversee the budget, budget transfers, and accumulated deficits for prior years. I am also concerned about the district’s ability to repay the short-term borrowing issued to cover remaining projected shortfalls on both the expense and revenue sides of the General Fund budget in 2012-13. I share your concern regarding the anticipated deficit for the 2013-14 school year and would like to meet with you, the board president and your interim business official to discuss the steps the district plans on taking to address the deficit and provide an adequate educational program. It would be helpful for you to bring the following materials to the meeting: • • • Fund balance projection for the year ending June 30, 2013; Cash Flow schedule through August 31, 2013; A 3-5 year projection of General Fund expenses, revenues and fund balance that district staff has created;

• •

Anticipated schedule of principal and interest payments for any short term borrowings; and Basic assumptions being used for the development of the 2013-14 proposed budget, including initial tax cap calculation information.

I will have my office contact you to schedule a meeting. Thank you for your cooperation. Sincerely,

Ken Slentz

c: J. King C. Szuberla