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Tuesday, 26 June 2OO7

Departments:Common Purpose
||f '::i I P hi l ip D av ie s ( Sh i pte Co n se rv at ive) y, sour c e | Hans a rd To ask the Secretaryof State for Defencehow much his Department paidto Common Purposein each of the last five years; for what purpose;and what the outcome the of expenditurewas.
Derek Twigg (Parliamentary Under-Secretary (Veterans), Ministry Defence) nansard of source |

Sumspaidto Common Purpose in eachof the last complete UK years, five financial inclusive VAT,are as follows: of
Amount (f) 2002-03 56,576.25 2003-04 66,716.5O 2004-05 42,958.00 2005-06 58,456.27 2006-07 83,817.89

Thesepayments covered costof participation i'lODstaff in Common purpose the by UK'straining programmes. and education Programmes this naturehelpto develop of leadership skilfs, gain to understanding aboutbroader aspects government to shareexperience of and with and learnfrom participants privateand publicsectors, from boththe


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