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A Fortune Teller in Verse.


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Drawing- Lesson No,


The original and only geniiine "Rough on Rats" is manufactured by and has the name of Ephraim S. Wells, Jersey City. N. J., on each "Rough on Rats" box. We employ no traveling Agents, nor Peddlers is put up only in Boxes-


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E. S.

— SIBYL'S Or THE For love be you sure There is but one cure. resign CURE. The pain in the heart you take my advice. And villainous potions And.-^^^^'^^ cripples a limb all . if you have sense.. this This grave operation Requires consultation. I'd fain Away with your lotions. You'll be well in a thrice. Spend a very few pence say the same pain Of every That ruffles the temper Or maddens the brain (2) To make your ills fewer With -Wells' Health Renewer. Why Is If should be so a puzzle to know. Yourself. To marry." _J . . or pine ! And pleasure and duty. Will quickly depart. then. — That makes the eye dim That mars your beauty. The Sugar and Spice Will make the cure nice.

and embracing arms. to say the least. nuinbered from 1 to 100. effect that a Young or Old ? Love Hot or Cold ? Given Toss odd or even or Gold ? or Sold? — (3) Emma Abbott carries a dagger on the stage that is worth $16. 2. has paid $125 and costs of prosecution for thrashing a lawyer in his office.. but he says the amusement was worth every cent of it. if you are shrewd. destined for your heart and hand. This dagger on the stage is exceeded only by the lie off the stage. 1. 4.LEAVES OF DESTINY. A malicious story is afloat to the Meriden girl went back on her lover because he was so bow-legged she could not sit on his lap. . but the figures of some women are verj' deceptive. Choose one No 3. Ijeaves of Destiny.500. safety lies in multitude. One You'll meet this year on Brighton Strand. 5. It is said that figures won't He . Endless flirtation Doth seem your Bracing air vocation. Give Coney Island especial charms. A man in Chester county.Lesson No. and see corresponding- number in. Pa. DIRECTIONS FOR CONSULTINa THE SIBYL :-Draw for a number from slips Drawing. — Base Ball Season. you'll be told.

Drawing' Lesson No. Good for Ljidies }m (1entleme!(. (4) .

look at the rest. 6 7 - Some natures change on change of name. Away with pride and cold 9." Any lady who desires to try it. Watch This year a lover will with pride." as Sir Charles Napier said. With heart and purse as light as cork." *' motto — 'Tis simply true. Don't have for Both best. disdain. can_ do so by calling at our a office after business hours —we mean the song. tho' That you will now you may laugh. everybody knows why he died.Lesson No. . when he saw the purser mixing his rum and water." as an Irishman once said. "The Finish. and the coroner s inquest is not necessary.Drawing. 12. right one cometh from New York. worship a golden calf. The 8. entitled " Put your arms around me. the coroner must be called in. 10. Or you'll too long a maid remain. 4. thee sporting in the tide. If a man dies regularlj^ after being treated by a doctor. (5) We have just received a sample copy of new song. dear. When a man dies suddenlj' " without the aid of a physician. You'll have nursery squalls."— Jerome Pakic. 11. " Union is not always strength. But like the rose you'll be the same For music and balls." But '' Choose one.

Ask Druggists for " Rough on Rats. amusing. Mice. Everybody crazy for 5 it. Its Just LofELY.Drawing. And 35 Cents for Song and Chorus of "Rough ON -Rats. WELLS. Rats. A fortune in Filled with comic illustrations. (6) Cents for "The Seaside Sibyl. Don't die on the premises. * ' Send 10 Cents to E. in seven any room entitled " Household Troubles.Lesson No. Chromo. Jersey City. 15 Cents for a colors. 15 and 25c. instructive. Bed-bugs. Just out. ." It clears out Roaches. &c. All together. N. And The thing desired found at last. Its splendid." inches. in colors . J. Also.jiDiES. 50 Cents. ." This is immense. S. elegant for New And 10 Cents for a set of large size Scrap Book Cards beautiful. 13x21 or office." verse. Boxes.Best thing out. THEY MUST GO! . 5. or teller Leaves of Destiny. and receive by return mail a beautiful EouGH ON Eats " Iron Holder.

two beers. In this summer^s grand campaign.k greeted Grant. so helup you gracious " ! lO." said a schoolboy. Drink nothing but tea and attend your devotions. U- O A life With both long and wisely spent. Be sure there's not another side. . sheneral ? I vas overcome mit gladness by myself to see you . 14 15.At Ocean Grove you'll forsake wordly notions 13. You'll marry in haste and soon repent. right away. but so are several persons in New York and other It large cities. children to your heart's content.000 to look after the Indians during the past ten years. " What I'd like to know. quick. Lovers and books romantic of the grand Atlantic This year will make you nearly (7) They say when Bismar<. Before you go too far. frantic. The Indians may be poor. The A 1 brighter side to mar. he smiled one of those fatherland hand and exclaimed: " Vegates.000. A heart and fortune you will gain. 4 'y A ' 4 « Happy when single. held out his yourself down. Adolph." The boy has evidently not yet seen much of our congressmen. sit mit grins. " Is how the mouths of rivers can be so much larger than their heads. but not content. Music* M Q has cost $223.

but rather too late Broke tables. I cursed my sad fate. Got a grip of her tail.(8) Drawing: Lesson No. dogs or cats." My wife. lamp. but rather too late. They'd listen to nothing we wanted to state. and baby too. But to the next station lugged me off straight. chairs." ! — A . Not heeding a word my poor wife did swear. and the crockery ware The table received such a bump from his pate When the Justice said. 7. And tried to hold terrier back by the tail. roaring. I clutched a bottle. seized iron and broom. and made for the room. the rats I caught Jim by the wool. my young son. plates. Never was heard such a hullabaloo And the Police rushed in the cause to inquire. Swore I was drunk nearly murdered my wife. And of my poor infant endangered the life. Jim. chairs. and terrier too. with a scream. as she went for the rat. dozen or two. The supper was When " Oh ! laid on a table trim Jim. out comes. only protection was "Rough on Rats. Instead of depending on traps. tumbled over a pail. The terrier thought we were hunting the cat. ! My . with his hatchet. bear" Were upset on the floor. The people about shouted " Murder! Fire !" Imprisoned and fined. baby and all. When lateljr I learned. That teapot. mid *rash and squall. " What a savage old Are gobbling the supper. daddy. It woke up the cat.

you'll penance do For the innocents you slew. day by day one to say." added a third party. Yes." "And." You nobly '' strive to for make it known 'Tis bad man to be alone. in 21. The The Look Your '' Mig-hty Dollar" cannot buy love for which in vain you sigh. and the principal dispenses with gas and all other artificial light. A New . " he fancies everything he sees. ""is inclined to seize everything he fancies If there is anything in this world calculated to make a man forget ttiat he's been to hear IMoodey and Sankey on the previous evening.Lesson No. 22. (9) Jersey female institute contains thirty-four red-headed girls. the glass and you will see source of power and frailty. is to bounce cheerily ou t of bed in the morning and light on the business end of a tack. ''Stay! oh stay!" ! brella and commenting upon its fine '' quality. 20. A gentleman was examining an um- 24. A heartless all flirt . 23. cards will be about.Drawing. 19. 8. A well known is line you may transpose- ''A thorn always near a rose. No Drifting away." said a person present. 25." Your wedding Before the present year is out.

Have you seen the Song and Chorus "Rough on Rats"? of This cines. rather go to his own Doctor. man believes in Patent to advantage.Facial Drawing. Medi- and has used "Wells' Health Renewer " This man don''t believe in Patent Medicines.Liessons. Look (10) at him I .

pity your lot your heart is cold when you grow old. it is useless to preach the temptations of Rockaway Beach. worn by ballet girls. 9. free ^ ' • Merry and Soon tired you'll your revelry! be of devilry QQ 29. Tm afraid. has wisely concluded to retain his present prices $5 and S5. who make only $8 or $10 a week. .Drawing. vogue are those which divide high. You'll meet your match on a Rockaway boat. 31. proprietor.50 a day. 32. A New York hotel who With throbbing heart and trembling hand Soon at the altar you will stand. (11) thought of raising his rates. Your head I is hot. r\n ^0. in It won't do. And take to aesthetics. This will be hailed with gratitude by clerks and others. fits aesthetic. About Q'y To you. probably spoke through his nose. The editor who said his mouth never uttered a lie. the upper quarter only being worn. On some 30. The Lady Hahberton's divided skirt for females is to be exhibited at Kate Field's co-operative dress association establishment in New Vor":. fine day not very remote. You'll give up athletics. The only divided skirts When Take at you're seized with once a strong emetic.Lesson No.

is such as one friend can take pleasure in recommending to another.— The universal success of Wells' Throat and Lung Balsam. . WELLS. Even if every other means fail this gives relief. The good name attained by "Wells' is evidence of worth. is attracting notice throughout the covmtry.Drawing.00 Bottles. . (12) The best possible remedy in any and all affections of Throat. Coughs. Bronchitis. Cures Catarrhal Throat Affections. Great Triumph. Relief is immediate and certain. 50c. JERSEY CITY. Asthma and Pulmonary diseases. and $1. in Consiunption. a medicine must possess virtues so marked as to be plainly apparent. The only remedy of any service in whooping cough being always reliable and safe. Can never be given amiss. trustworthy family cough cure. Throat and Lung Balsam It You can't tickle "Rough on Rats" with a straw. It is without question a remarkable preparation. has proved a thoroughly reliable. E.. Cures of severest forms of long standing throat and lung affections reported every day.Lesson No. J. and has given abundant evidences of peculiar efficacy in controlling Pulmonary diseases. Chest and Lungs. To be Permanently Esteemed. S. 25c. N.

intent on sport. greatest blessing you will find That Love should be completely blind. bystander. wonders whether the news transmitted through the salt water be fresh. 39. take firm grip. Your Your rather fast love's by far too hot to last! pace. 11. is 36. You'll count amongst your future joys Six little girls. " he sees another puppy in your boots. . 35.tog. Spanish women are great S'noras. and Ralph says he has lived out ever since he was a little boy. ""'Why." asked a fop. You'll have no slip 'tween cup and lip. 38. whose boots were more polished than his ideas. like you. day to day you'll change your mind.ji. I guess our man Ralph is a good '' How so. six little boys. Newport is the grand resort For those." — Sar. my boy ?" " Why. 37.Drawing. speaking of the Is all that's required to make you divine." " Pa. I Christian.a. read in the Bible that the wicked shall not live out half his days. 33. Before you sip. The " The Springs." A will popular writer. From Inconstant as the fickle wind. 34. ' Pa. I fear.Lesson No. in the brine A blow on the pier (13) —a plunge " What is that dog barking at. ocean telegraph." said a.

Price (with Svrinffe-T |1. Impure or Diseased Discharges. Bladder and Genital Diseases.are as legitimate and common to both sexes (aU classel of society). on receipt * of 1i oS^'fi^^T?. A$5 0) CHAPIN'S INJECTION FrEUR u^ed Whites. His CONSTITIJTION BITTER S:KSl><'' dnyes all traces from the blood. $5. 22 Summit Ave.?. complete cure for all Urinary. you will have reason to rejoice over the day you commenced the use of P'ROIT' knows th?7|-^L^''V^ mat Kidney Disease.«?i?i t"" address. .. Stricture Irritation Inflammation.. Ulcers Tumors. quick. TurSli J"''^ ^. gpCHlJ-PAIBA (see'^other pag^! BUCmjIpAIBA.^^^^. as those mvolvmg any other portion of the ordinarj intelligence SFml'-^^S 81. Enlarg'emen? Blot^y or Puss-Matter discharges &c fil 00 ^^seases. S. Difficulty of holc^g or passing Urine. Jersey City.' V^ E. Vh-oS. -: . Gleet. Affections of the Bladder and Urmaiy Coniplaints.(X) per bottle.?^' ^""^ ^^^^ ^^ assorted.-A i*s to be with BUCHU PAIBA in cases of Ii^purl or Diseased Discharges. Therefore. Pains teTcf Draggmg Down. Inaction CHAPIN'S BUCHTJ-PAIBA. or a >.^^^ ^'^s* a^d other Deposits. at Druggists.^^ ^ (14) . Gravel. ^opsy. .. J. in Kidney male or ^f. a remedy possess^! unprecedented virtues in treatment of thSI diseases should have a respectful hearing If afflicted..?^''^^^^^^' I^iabetes. $1 . N. 6 bo ttles. .FALSE MODESTY. Price $1 ^^"ledy to be had of druggists. PROF. Thighs.==. economy. Sent to kny addre ss on receipt of price. Conin the BSck and Dripping. WELLS.

but he always remembers where he got that counterfeit The furniture recently sold at the Astor House in New York. fly away. Like Wilde. The So slightest rebuff makes you ready to die. Washington man who was treated to a " 25-center. and the other is a silly Hollander. A man may forget his business. 45. like the Heathen Chinee. 41. 40.Drawing. AsBUKY Park suppose you try The Tonics of Adversity." . Unless you resolve more social to be You must stop at home. So When weary of sands and the wild waves' play the glorious rich but sad White Mountains . 46. his family. Lovers come. and all the sacred obligations of bill. life. Ever dreaming never domg. You ape an angel in disguise. and such aesthetic guys. fatal the kick from a gay butterfly. To 44." slipped back to the cigar store. was rich with historical reminiscences and insects. 43. and economically it for " three for a quarter. 42. You'll gain nought by seaside wooing. 13. (15) — What is the difference between a tube and a foolish Dutchman ? One is a hollow cylinder. A exchanged the other day. and quickly go When they find your heart like dough.Lesson No.

yet effectively.) The extract from Save Hundreds of Dollars toy this plant is the chief ingredient Using "ROUGH ON An rats. 15. Skunks. WELLS. Ants. S. operate easily. PILLS. These no minerals . Clears out (don't die in the house) Rats. At Druggists or by mail. RATS. If you try them you will never use any other. . JERSEY CITY. in WELLS' MAY APPLE PILLS. &c. Dra-wingr Liesson No. MA! APPLE Owners of Vessels. &c.Drawing: Lesson No. Crows. Musk- Pills conare harmless. MAY APPLE PLANT. Roaches. Tenement Hodses. Mice. 14. having special tendency to the Liver and removal of a bilious condition. FARMERS. (Sometimes called Mandrake or Podophyllum." (16) tain entirely new discovery. E. Bed-bugs.

in good running order. . when he called his wife and two daughters out to assist him split up a cord of hickory wood. helps. 16. And will love and run away another day. Flirting hard with each new comer. Be merry now no more you'll laugh you have found your bitter'\i2M. . 53. You 47. ! ! Little. \\\ Alaska you can buy whisky for 14 and murder and villainy cents a quart . " Every Little The darling of your heart's devotion Is on the broad Atlantic Ocean. (IT) .Dravring. When 51.Lesson No. we suppose. from promissory notes which had been running on forever. You shall have a busy Summer. 52. " I'oR THE Ikon Piek— iJUvtcr. "Lelles" call a great many people to church What's in a name ? D. A paper watch. good cause to bless the day Your eyes beheld the famed Cape May. has been e.ire correspondingly cheap. Seaver drives a St." Your sorrow may endure a night.xhibited by a Dresden watchmaker. 49. live to love You'll have 48. Louis milk'wagon." said old man Cheer up cheer up I plainly see Bright golden days in store for thcc. Made. But joy will come with morning's light. 50.


Lament of the sidewalk '' Everybody is down on me." : (19) . 54. who writes well. Of 57. At Saratoga's famous springs era bright for you begins. all Did you ever know a country town that hadn't the best brass band in the State ? It is difficult to tell how much a fish will weigh by looking at the scAles. Bright visions rise. Which assail all average three tons of coal each. 56. that sin and cruel temptation young folk in the summer vacation. An 58. concerts. as this year theatres and balls. 59. A statistician estimates that courtships 60. Like the flow and ebb of tide Your spirits rise and soon subside.Drawing: Lesson No. Leeds paper says that a young widow in that city. is training herself for an editor. A When Avoid summer's heat and sport are o'er In Florida you'll seek for more. To taffy-pulling and singing schools. 55. Rural Shorts. falls. The easiest way to pay a gas bill is to burn kerosene. You'll go back. Who is the editor ? Sing when you're sad And soon you'll feel glad. 18. when the weather cools.

Our Occupations Gone ! " Rough on Rats " did it.Drawing Lesson No. (20) . 19.

" said a trading Quaker to his son. and An empty purse will never ^^^t^ ryi Blue and white your sole delight. giving it as your opinion that you would freeze to death there.^A OA You're building castles in the air. " in making thy way in the world. Lawn Tennis Where a life Too soon Texas Judge is credited with the following decision " The fact is. and to keep you from freezing. : ^^ftf^ You Hence lack the courage to say ''No." A 67. I will direct the sheriff to l. To end in grief and dark despair." — — Newi-okt. Yellow and black are put to flight." all your troubles here below. (21) The most effective learn a bee sees by finger into the hive. ^Q yJ^' OO ^"O* On Sea Girt beach entranced you'll be By charms more Sunflower.ang j'ou at four o'clock this afternoon " Remember. as cold as an iron wedge. Jones. a spoonful of oil will go further than a quart of vinegar. rickety affair. the jail is an old. You applied to this court for a release on bail. is the pastime sweet partner you will meet. lily rare than scenery. The weather has not moderated. — way just for a boy putting to his . Enjoy the sunshine while you may the chance will pass away. Polo. daffodil fill.

the greatest tonic on the face of the globe. They Pukify the Blood by removing inert and effete matter from the system. if heavy. dull or aching. 8^== If You are Bilious. and when it is so everything else goes wrong. They act pleasantly. always effective.. JERSEY CITY. Renewer. Pflls. healthful. use them. and producing the overloaded ile.Drawing Lesson No. Of all the organs the Liver is laost commonly out of sorts. the sour stomach. It is without question the most reliable remedy for troublesome coughs that has yet appeared. E. if you get up unrefreshed. the bilious feeling in general. . Dyspepsia. Repleasant liable. Purely. 21^ ar: -M These are the ones you want. JereeyCity :jS: tite. and safest. take a dose of "WELLS' MAY APPLE PILLS. Want of AppeStomach and Bowels. If you want a thorough Pill. indisposed to talk or act. the greasy feeling about the throat and stomach. Biliousness.. N. no injury in any weather or climate. Then invigorate and tone up the system with WELLS' HEALTH RENEWER. stimulating the secretions and restoring the digestion. (22) . In- Family 3PXX. WELLS. Strictly Vegetable. if your skin is sallow. Liver Lisease. 25 cents per box. no calomel. 25 cents. no gripmg. Safe in any weather or climate. &c. if you are drowsy. a healthy' flow of clogged up system to healthful activity. if any one or more of these symptoms.X-S For Billioasnessj Liver Goinplalnt> Dyspepsia and Constipation. made from juices of freshherbs. Stomach and Bowels. The success with which Welt^s' Throat and Lung Balsam has met proves it the most remarkable medicine of the past or present. $1. J. eyes yellow. Cure Headache. Chemist. dull pains in back and limbs. The coppery taste in the mouth. tongue coated. for Headache. They search every corner of Liver. stomach heavy or sour. &c.tossing about in bed). The Original and Genuine are only made by EPHRAIM S. eq'ially good for children The best. radically relieved by these pills. $1. li uUness.00 at Druggists. and follow it up with WELLS' HEALTH BENEWER. purest or adults. Its effects are so evident ar d well attested that it is attracting attention from all classes of society. head hot. properly. WELLS. ^^T^ELLS' You do not have to take a handful to get the effect. if bowels inactive and passages hard and occasional looseness. The Liver is the great regulator. bad breath. .00. PROPRIETOR. a Pill. S. and giving activity and health to the Liver and Stomach. Cor. Bottles. Dullness :^ and Depression. Monticello & Harrison Aves. if your sleep is broken (. a great improvement.

69. And yet women complain that they have no rights. 73. and I've come. are ''too utterly too too. 68. own at last the tender passion. Your mind change this very season." A Kentucky judge has decided that a man has no right to harness his wife to a plow. said the clergyman." said Pat. And 74. as you'll confess. 72. 22. and his crew. "and he told me to go to the devil. The story is told of a New Bedford clergyman. They pack them so that they won't Rotterdam bit on the way. You You'll break the heartless law of fashion. Your life shall seem a holiday. They are shipping apples from Grand Rapids to Rotterdam. now dead. A prized too much. . Like Oscar. life of single blessedness. You once You extolled the will "Age of Reason" "A NiBBL -Glen Island. who was asked by an Irishman to marry him. Avoid whate'er your Despise '' spirit " old women vexes of both sexes. The 70. Holland. Smiles and tears hopes and fears. rainbow hues of early years ! — Sweet and bright as the month of May.Bra-wing: Lesson No. not even w-ith a mule. yer honor. " what have you come to me for? Why don't you go to the Catholic priest?" "I've been tohim. 71. no. " Why. Pat.

but I didn't know you were going ' to take 'Wells' Health meal. flies. mosquitoes. roaches and " dollars per week extra but I can't think. for a moment.' (24) you — .Mrs. mice. of giving up the Renewer. madame. if bedbugs I will pay two will purchase a box of ' Rough on Rats ' and clear out all the rats. Hash—" True Renewer before every ' ! I did agree to board you for ten dollars a week." " Well.

contrive. 77. The wedding bells soon merrily Shall ring a chime to gladden thee. shot. 24.Lesson No. either. is Your destiny Bitter hard to fix. To do business a man must have dollars . baptised. and sweet so freely mix. (25) In our country it becomes tropical only under the name of Bourbon. Indian corn in North Germany often assumes a place among the household plants. you'll prudent twenty-five. . recently. A This year a treasure you'll discover brownstone house and brimstone lover. It is regarded there as tropical. This did not prevent his having his tooth pulled. buried. arrested. 79. and sense. To keep to single. Love requited —vows well plighted ! ! John Smith was born. in Omaha. 75. married and sentenced to the penitentiary for life. fav'rites disappear. Monday. 81. and then it warms a man up so that he feels as if he were under the tropic of Capricorn. To Your sole recreation cause a sensation will 76. all in one week.Drawing. And Your photo-book former change this year. and stopping his paper on the following Hearts and hands for aye united 80. Up 78.

25. from the thousands who have and are using it.00 bottle at druggists. vital and physical rejuvenator. and is or has been apparently increasing. It enables the system to recuperate rapidly and supply the drain thereon. payable with interest.00. too much drinking. and strengthen the entire organism against disease and premature decline. It produces a complete restoration to full power. $1. For this condition there is no remedy or treatment so admirably adapted as WELLS' HEALTH REN EWER. nerve. BRAIN-NERVE. Debility in some form may from excesses. tendency to CONSU M PTION or over-mental or physical exertion. but an imequalled Tonic of True Merit. daily adduced. : THE EXCESSES OF YOUTH old age. (26) . therefore. The evidence. ever the cause they are dangerous. buoyancy and freshness of youth. if not always. The victims. &c. siu-e sign of utter WELLS' HEALTH RENEWER Will stop and break up night sweats in two to four days. that profound exhaustion which in many respects is far worse than pain—is very large. Nervousness is the sense of feebleness. and who.Drawing. It is specially designed for just these cases and for those older who are lacking in animal vitality and vigor. often sooner. should lose no time in availing themselves of the remarkable restorative properties of WELLS' HEALTH RENEWER. or a bottle sent by express to any address on receipt of $1. The "Renewer" is not a quack medicine. Are drafts upon BIGHT SIEATS arise ARE a sign of Weakness.00 6 bottles $5. It may be had through all druggists at $1. though not specially and constantly weak in any one organ. a breaking down. or lack of stability of the nervous system as distinguished from the rest of the body.00 per bottle. without being ever actually sick. rejoicing health really is—who live constantly in a lower plane of being than is normal in man.Ijesson No. who are weak all over. bear testimony to its remarkable powers as a brain. Decline. giving to the aged or early wrecked of either sex the vigor. yet suffer at times. The number of those in the middle or higher classes of society who. Don't fail to try it. though they may never experience piercing and grinding pam. What. Wasting. never know what full.

87. Some dress to live but you. to an accompaniment of her own selection. Funny he "does not knew they're getting . when suddenly the turtle's jaws closed on the cat's tail. Your shall be right : joyful. Sighing and dying and wretchedly trying To look jolly and pleased when you'd like to be crying. Where men are true and women up fairs. Like many. customer while I go . 88. There was some very lively tumbling then on the part of the cat. Two hours after she was seen examining that tail tenderly. whose quiver's lot full. 84. I guess. An Indianapolis cat got to playing with a small turtle the other day. smoke and drink —the air. 83.Drawing Lesson No. out again. only live A sphere in life you (27) will ensure. You soon must To Asbury Park you will repair. around ^ sir. You'll catch the very thing you wish. solve the problem grave **An old one's pet. Where men may 85. Tailor ! mea-suring fat " Would you hold the end. "What are the churches doing for humanity ? " asked Brother Talmage. they are blest. or young one's slave"? If The "Seaside Sibyl" on the Df. to dress. 82. 86. evidently wondering if the piece would gro\. When you go out to sea to fish. pure. 26.ach. and was having a nice time tumbling it around.

Lecture on *' Rough on Rats.Lesson No. 27." — " This (?) is throughout your future useful careers." (28) .Drawing. 'Rough' Avoid anything containing ness. older heads object to its especial Shun it. We what killed your poor father.

boating Picnic. Contented you'll be with this year's work. - A As winter . or Turk. When gliding down love's young dream the placid stream. Your seaside dreams of love and in money " There's etter in the candle. is How sweet to thee 93. You'll seek a rural wilderness Meet penance for your wickedness ! 91 QQ Unless you're a Mormon. music. stealeth o'er the sea. flirting. bathing. polo. To Dear captive feet are now set free skip and dance right merrily. 94. (29) Noisy little boys in Cincinnati are told that right in the centre of the hind hoofs of every live mule there is a little lump of gold. which can be easily dug out with a penknife." is the title of new song. doting These your pastimes best worth noting ! 90 When vanities bring weariness. man can straddle hims«lf out in the parlor for a day or two and spit on the floor without spoiling a Brussels carpet. Will end country milk and honey. There's one pleasant thing about house cleaning.OQ Tennis. but yet we can't help think' ing that if the letter stays there long it's going to get scorched so that no one can read it. It's a pretty production.


and birds of prey To city haunts now fly away. 99.Lesson No. but the keys are lost Mexican girl living at Tusceolo has three well developed arms. YouVe leaving now to meet no more only one you could adore. To 98. 80. . You'll have in place of dance hall skips Holy greetings from brethren's lips Prayer meetings good fellowships. I Ocean Grove. 96. The happy day all is drawing nigh your pains and cares good-bye ! ' The Place Wheke the Good Folks Go. will next: year their fortunes old I t31) tell. Q yjOn fZ You'll It meet many cranks year at the seaside this must be the Comet that made them so queer. A 100. quick. : 97. and is told that the towel is in the drawer. to prescribe an ocean man who can't raise pay his street car fare Nothing does a doctor so much good as voyage for a sick enough money to down town. inquiring foi a towel. She can do up her hair without cramming her mouth full of hairpins. And To young and bid farewell. The The time for a man to stand firmly hy Job's example is when he washes his face with home-made soap and begins to paw around over the chairs with his eyes shut." The summer dies.Drawing.


CD m _ = §•?« t:*o Hrfp Ea»_i Q iiu f?v< 50 3 tsar-? B^S^g^PH.CD O Ss M f? (1i 2.p-i a* o :§ O ja&*n W.e B cats i: • 05 (C O » m 13 1 O* c. M 3f t(« t+d S P Pim . „g-tn e-2. M 2 P-rs 5^?P «! PI "0 05 ^ Z r3 CO -<1 O ^ 3 iw tJ a.pi u h Is SO" in a =^a c jo ^ S T 2 M o c n I 2 Si s 5^ P!^Hi2 H. l^S^ - . mi tt> IT'S >?d 5 1 rt> a> on cl-r.^c6tTj^ Q p.

31.A. LIBRftRY OF CONGRESS . J. Evening Journal Print. . Jersey City. N.i Drawing' Xiesson No.SK: F-OR 021 650 929 8 ^ mfrim 15 CElsTT & 25 OEISTT BOIXIES.

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