Kristin McNulty Professor Smith EngRdg310 February 17, 2009 Beauty: When the Other Dancer is Self 1.

Walker is shot in the eye by one of her brothers while playing. Her eye grows an ugly white scar that causes her to stop being cute. Her brothers played a role because one of them shot her. They also told her not to tell so they wouldn’t get into trouble.
2. Before the accident Walker is “the prettiest” little girl. Her father

adores her and she is one of the lucky ones who got to take part in all the fun things. She likes dressing and playing the part of the little girl that she is, but also a tomboy she played with her brothers doing boy things. She is an out-going and excitable child. She knows that she is the pretty one may even be a bit conceded. After the accident she was self conscious about her looks, became withdrawn and hung her head low so that people could not look her in the eye. She would hide in her room to avoid people that came to visit. She was violent with some of the kids that teased her. 3. The people in church say that she is a little “mess” I think because she flaunts her beauty at such a young age knowing that she is cute. She

has a playful way about her that is womanly. I don’t really understand the why the word mess was used here at all.
4. Walker’s pain leaves her when her daughter sees the scar in her eye as

something other than it is. Her daughter looks at it and sees a world. For the first time Walker accepts the injury as just part of herself to be loved and not hated. The injury had taught her a lot. She could see it as part of her character and something about herself that wasn’t bad just different. 5. Walker’s experience is similar to Alvarez and Ali because both of them had an inner struggle with their looks always concerned about what other people thought of them and their beauty. 6. I like the ending of the story. I think that it is wonderful that after a lifetime of pain Walker can finally find peace with the help of her daughter. A young child who did not even have a clue to the impact her words would have on her mother. Yes the ending satisfied me.

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