Principles of Biology Lab 2 Answer Sheet

Student Name: Ashley Sullivan
What are the steps of the scientific process? Step Step Step Step 1: 2: 3: 4: observe Hypothesis Theory experiment

Car Exercise: David's car will not start. Use the scientific method find out why it will not
start. What two observations could be made about David’s car?
Observation 1: Observation 2: Externally the car looks fine you turn the key and hear clicking sound but the car’s engine does not start.

What two hypotheses, predictions and tests could be made about David’s car? Start with hypothesis A.
Hypothesis A: Prediction of Hypothesis A: Test of Hypothesis A: Hypothesis conclusion:

My guess is that if there is gas in the tank, then the engine should start. If there is gas in the tank, it suggests the car should start. Look at the gas gauge and check the tank. Gas in the tank and no gas getting to the cylinder suggest that the cause is related to the fuel system.

Hypothesis B.
Hypothesis B: Prediction of Hypothesis B: Test of Hypothesis B: Hypothesis conclusion:

The car did not start because the spark plugs are dirty. If the spark plugs are not dirty, the car should start. You check the spark plugs to determine if they are dirty. The spark plugs are clean so this is not the problem.

Conclusion: Based on your observations and tests which hypothesis proved correct?

The Clampets are having a reaction to change in the pacific northwest. A curse cannot be tested because it invokes a supernatural phenomenon that cannot be tested. Hypothesis B: Prediction of Hypothesis B: Test of Hypothesis B: Hypothesis correct? Bears. pigs and other animals are sometimes infected with the trichina worm. Take a stool sample of the Clampets. Whitecloud rejects the trichina worm hypothesis and says the men were cursed for hunting on sacred land! Is it possible to test Mr Whitecloud’s hypothesis? Explain below: No. Stool sample does not reveal any parasites. The presence of trichina worms in Jed Clampet supports the hypothesis that he contracted trichinosis from eating bear meat. There is no evidence to support the hypothesis that giardia is the cause. People who eat rare meat that is infected with this worm can cause trichinosis. Performing biopsies on the Clampet’s and examine. Hypothesis B. What two hypotheses that could be made from these observations? Hypothesis A. Mr. Hypothesis A: Prediction of Hypothesis A: Test of Hypothesis A: pothesis correct? Mountain streams sometimes harbor a parasite called Giardia. Disease Detective: The Clampets are on a bear safari in the Pacific Northwest. Stool specimens will have giardia in them. Many backpackers have become ill with this parasite after drinking spring water. They have killed five bears. What two observations could be made about the Clampets safari that might have led to their illness? Observatio n1 : Observatio n2 : There was something in the bears hey killed that made the Clampets sick. . The clampets did not completely cook their bear meat.The car stopped running because it was not getting gas due to a blocked gas line.


This rule states that scientists must look for a naturalistic cause for a natural phenomenon. electricity and computers? Scientists use methodological naturalism. One of the suspects confessed to the murder when he was confronted with the scientific evidence. using critical and objective thinking. Two days later the car was found. Comparing fingerprints from the person who committed the crime and fingerprints left on Sally’s car will identify the subject. Take the subjects fingerprints and test them. as well as careful investigation . The police received tips about 3 suspects. Fingerprints from Sally’s car could link one of the suspects to the crime. Can the scientific method be used to solve this crime? Observation 1 Observation 2 Hypothesis Prediction Test Hypothesis Conclusion The police found fingerprints in the car. 1) The natural world has an order to it—nature follows the same general rules throughout the universe 2) Natural phenomena have natural explanations 3) Humans can uncover these explanations. For example. No one saw the murder happen. Fingerprints were taken from each. The scientific method is often used to learn about phenomena that occurred in the past or that is not directly observable.Forensics: Sally Smith was found murdered in the middle of the road. Her car was carjacked. no one has ever seen an electron. How do we know so much about electrons.

There are thousands of scientific papers written about the biology of yeast. The bleach kills the reaction of the yeast and the sugar makes it grow. Experiment Yeast + Sugar Hypothesis The water will bubble The two will mix with no reaction The bleach will kill the yeast Prediction The water will bubble The water will not bubble.Yeast: Yeast are single celled microorganisms. They reproduce by forming buds that eventually break off to become a new individual. Conduct the experiment as indicated on the website. We have learned much about yeast with the scientific method. The bleach will cause more bubbles. Mix together warm water. If yeast is added to similar carbs. Hypothesis Prediction of Hypothesis: Test Hypothesis: The yeast caused the holes in the bread. Observation about yeast Bread that was prepared with yeast has holes in it. What hypothesis could you generate to explain what causes the holes in the bread? Write down your hypothesis before proceeding. it will produce bubbles. No Yeast + Sugar Yeast + Bleach + Sugar Conclusion The warm water activates the yeast and the sugar will make it grow The two mix with no bubbles. sugar and yeast. .

Frog: A frog with extra legs! Read the article link and answer the following: How could you use the scientific method to determine the cause of this deformity? Overall what was the best supported hypothesis explaining frog deformities? Some scientists think that frog deformities might be caused by parasites found in water. . Investigators have blamed the increase on that and a greater exposure to ultraviolet radiation.

It is frequently used to persuade someone to buy a worthless product.Pseudoscience: Pseudoscience is false science. It uses SOME of the steps of the scientific method. Pseudoscience often challenges real science with claims that do not stand the rigor of the scientific method. The electric belt – Why is this considered pseudoscience? How would you test their claims to see if they were true? Laundry balls - Why would you consider this pseudoscience? How could you test their claim to see if it is true? Magnets - Why would you consider this pseudoscience? How could you test their claim to see if it is true? .

Johnson's claim to see if it is true? .Flat Earth - Why would you consider this pseudoscience? How could you test Mr.

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