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February 26, 2013 BucCornEar Committee Meeting notes from February 25, 2013

Attendees: Mike Bube, Cathy Perkins, Steve Cale, Nancy Hinshaw, Glenn Elmore, Tom Wood, September McCabe, Russell Dean, Thomi Elmore

Thomi: Estimate from 2 Great Minds to product Rack Cards: 10,000 - $1062 or 20, 000 for $1868. Company will handle distribution in rest areas, etc. We will do local spots and at other local activities. Posted the Car Show on appropriate websites. Secured help for a new event – a bicycle ride chaired by Daren Redman. Friday special event for evening will be a Sea Shanty competition. Thomi will handle coordination. Entertainment for Saturday evening will be Amanda Webb with Triton’s Daughter. Group decided to go with the 20,000 count. Thomi will follow up. She is also working on PSA’s and website/facebook updates as well as adding the event on online calendars. Mike: Will contact popcorn growers to obtain product for festival rather than growing our own this year. Tom: Completed the request by the BCCVB for a follow up letter. Sara has been working on all of the sponsor follow up. It was suggested that we get a filing cabinet to put all our festival materials here so that we have easy access to records from year to year. Glenn will arrange a drawer in the work room filing cabinet. Group discussion reemphasized the following points: $5 entry fee per family/per day $10 entry fee for CAR SHOW includes ONE entry into festival $15 entry fee for Motorcycle (one rider) / $25 fee (two riders) includes one admission each $10 entry fee for Bicycle Tour includes ONE entry into festival Glenn: Introduced the new “Gauntlet” Challenge - an obstacle course. Glenn, Ricky, Mike and Jim will be working on this to get items and prepare the back lot. Glenn will call Ray Guffey about the car show. Russell: Offered to help find vendors. Thomi is finalizing the Vendor form. She will email out tomorrow for approval. September will help calling and organizing vendors after they are contacted. Direct mail campaign did not result in contributions. Per suggestion by Tom, Thomi will add a “BucCornEar” category on the newsletter and also make a direct appeal for donations there. Next meeting: Monday, April 1, 6:45pm

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