Focus Group

Concept a. On a day a girl was walking through a park and no one noticed her, then the next day the girl sprayed the deodorant and then everybody noticed her and went up to her to smell her. Girl walking through the school she is self-conscious and has no friend. She sprays her deodorant and then she acts all confident and becomes all popular and gets friends. No boys are interested in this girl but as soon as she sprays her new deodorant she gets all the boys after her.


c. USP

a. Unique bottle something that gets your attention. b. Funky girly style for teens, something a bit different and is very eye-catching. c. On the lid have two caps that are spilt in the middle and spray different smells of deodorant. Names: Shine Fresh Dazzle Wicked Awesome Diamond Shimmer Tutti Fruity Ivy Echo Midnight Twilight Price Range: £2-£2.50 £2.50 - £3 £3 - £3.50 Target audience: Name: Kelly Age: 18 years Young, girly, Fashionable, likes hanging out with friends Likes a unique, refreshing, fruity smell to reflect on her personality.

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