Orientation Content and Design

Objectives were clearly explained

K     4%  

Discussion provided new learning

J       100%  

J     96%  

2. Facilitators / Organizing Committee

Early and prepared


Approachable and K     accomodating



J   92%  

Adequate information
K     12%  

Entertained & responded to questions/queries

J     88%  

J   100%  

3. Resource Person K   Ability to respond to the 4%   needs of the participants K     12%   Sensitive to needs of participants J     96%   J     88%   Command of the subject matter K   16%   Provided meaningful insights J   100%   J   84%   4. Orientation Participants Actively involved in the discussion Participants were active & attentive Exhibited sensitivity to fellow participants K   20%   J   80%   K   24%   J   76%   K   16%   J   84%   .

5. Rate the following: Venue Schedule/Itinerary 4%   K     Organizing Committee K   20%   K   24%   J   80%   J   76%   J   96%   Three words that best describe your sentiments/feelings/realizations/experiences about For-the-Kids 2013: fulfilled exhausting worthwhile blessed enjoyment excited interesting humble accomplished grateful inspiring unforgettable fun happy heart-opening special memorable nice cute Which part of this FTK 2013 orientation did you like the most? How about the least? Helping the kids Games (mini Olympics) Bonding with the kids Facilitating our game Videos Learning about various disabilities Everything Dancing with kids Waiting Other comments and recommendations for FTK 2013 Start on time Covered field Keep up the good work! Fun! Fun! Fun! .

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