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GEAS Exam_with Answers

GEAS Exam_with Answers

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1.Which of the following is a chemical property of a slice of chocolate cake? A. dietary calories* B. color C. volume D. temperature 2.

Which of the following is an extensive property of a bubble of air? A. percent oxygen B. radius* C. density D. temperature 3. Which of the following is an intensive property? A. density* B. mass C. number of atoms D. weight 4. Which of the following is a physical property? A. temperature* B. flammability C. corrosiveness D. explosiveness 5. The specific volume of a substance is the volume per gram of substance. Specific volume is an example of A. a physical, extensive property B. a chemical, intensive property C. a chemical, extensive property D. a physical, intensive property* 6. How many million tons of hydrogen are converted into helium every second at the sun? A. 500 million tons B. 400 million tons C. 600 million tons D. 700 million tons* 7. What is the expression of the magnitude and direction of the lattice distortion associated with dislocation? A. Vector graph B. Line vector C. Vector Diagram D. Burgers Vector* 8. What theorem relates the line integral of a vector field around a simple closed curve C is in IR3 to an integral over surface S for w/c C is the boundary? A. Stokes Theorem* B. Gradient Theorem C. Vector Theorem D. Euler’s Theorem 9. A tornado warning siren on top of a tall pole radiates sound waves uniformly in all directions. At a distance of 15.0 m the intensity of the sound is 0.250 W/m 2. At what distance from the siren is the intensity 0.010 W/m2? A. 74.0 m B. 75.0 m* C. 76.0 m D. 77.0 m 10. What is the speed of longitudinal waves in a lead rod? A. 1.1 x 103 m/s B. 1.2 x 103 m/s*

The string is 80% as long as the stopped pipe. What is the final temperature after the coffee and the cup attain thermal equilibrium? (Assume that coffee has the same specific heat as water and that there is no heat exchange with the surroundings. How long after the plane passes directly overhead will you hear the sonic boom? A. A. assuming that the walls are perfectly rigid and a constant distance apart. You are designing an electronic circuit element made of 23 mg of silicon. at what rate does its temperature increase? The specific heat of silicon is 705 J/kg•K.7 cm3* 15. +8.40 x 10-5 K-1. A glass flask with volume 200 cm3 is filled to the brim with mercury at 20°C.C.4 cm3 B.46 K/s* D. 4. with intensity inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the bird. 0. +1.41 13.5 s* C.4 mW = 7.7 x 104 N C. If your design doesn’t allow any heat transfer out of the element.5 s B. A. 2.120 kg and is initially at 20. -8. A.0 dB B.0 °C when she pours in 3.) . -1.47 K/s 17. 1.7 x 104 N* 16. 1.45 K/s C. 19.6 x 106 Pa. 2. 0. 0.5 cm3 C. 2. +8. We vary the tension of the string until we find the maximum amplitude.0 °C.6 x 106 Pa. is to be used as a spacer between two steel walls.00 kg of coffee initially at 70.44 K/s B.7 x 104 N D.3°C.6 cm3 D. calculate the stress in the cylinder and the total force it exerts on each wall. 0. 0. At 17.2°C it just slips in between the walls.0 dB D. 6. -8. Consider an idealized model with a bird (treated as a point source) emitting constant sound power. 20. +1. 0. -1. The Concorde is flying at March 1.6 x 106 Pa.6 x 106 Pa. When it warms to 22.38 B. If both the pipe and the string vibrate at their fundamental frequency. 0. -4.3 x 103 m/s D. An aluminium cylinder 10 cm long.5 s 14. calculate the ratio of the wave speed on the string to the speed of sound in air. 21. causing one of the strings to vibrate with large amplitude. where the speed of sound is 320 m/s. 2. -6. 22. A stopped organ pipe is sounded near a guitar. A.5 s D.7 x 104 N B.0 dB* 12.40* D.75 at an altitude of 8000m. By how many decibels does the sound intensity level drop when you move twice as far away from the bird? A.4 x 103 m/s 11.39 C. How much mercury overflows when the temperature of the system is raised to 100°C? The coefficient of linear expansion of the glass is 0. The cup has a mass of 0. The electric current through it adds energy at the rate of 7. 0. A geologist working in the field drinks her morning coffee out of an aluminium cup. with a cross-sectional area of 20 cm2.4 x 10-3 J/s.0 dB C.

graphite 19. 63. Silicon* 22. Cementite* C. Annealing C. ____ raises the elastic limit and ultimate strength of the steel without reducing the ductility A. Heat treatment* B. Cementite 24. Austenite B. Bainite 25. ferrite D. Heat treatment B.0 °C D. The intermetallic compound iron carbide is called ________ A.0 °C* 18. Martensite* C. Hardening 23. _____ the combination of operation involving the heating of metal/alloy in solid state and cooling it to obtain the desired properties A. Pearlite B. The principal source of information in the actual process of autenite under non-equilibrium condition as a ______ A. Manganese* D. Annealing* . alpha-ferrite D. Normalising D. Martensite C. Sodium C. 65. Manganese C. TTL Diagram C. In the Iron-Iron carbide diagram. Cementite B. Phosphorus B. CCT Diagram 26. Cast iron* C. The transformation product of austenite at low temperature is known as _______ A. 64. Any steel heated to a particular temperature above the critical temperature results in the formation of ______ A. the alloys containing solid phase with more that 2% carbon are known as ______ A. ______ involves heating to a predetermined temperature. Sulfur D. steel B. ______ is use to nullify the effect harmful effect of sulphur in steel and is added during deoxidation A. TTT Diagram* B. Austenite* D.A. TTC Diagram D. holding at that temperature and then cooling at a very slow rate A. Phosphorus 20. Magnesium B.0 °C B. Pearlite 21.0 °C C. Bainite D. 66.

7 months 34. Point defect 30. In handling unsolicited or unwanted commercial and promotional advertisement and surveys. A. Normalising D. the Philippines as well as Japan. A.Bragg’s law D. Annuity D. The ratio of quick assets to current liabilities is known as the A. Deflation 31. P 50. A. In accordance with the International Telecommunications Union. leptons 29. net margin 33. usually by a series of equal payments at periodic intervals of time. Amortization B. A. belong to what region as far as frequency allocation and wage is concerned. callable bond B. 5 months D. A. Hardening 27. Depreciation* C. acid-test ratio* C. debt B. A. and cold work-dependent contributions. 9292? A. A. Region 1 B. profit margin D. phonon* B. Plastic deformation D. Fick’s Law B. 3 months* C.000 . Photon C.A. Region 3* D. 1 month B. In Engineering Economy. Region 2 C. collateral bond* D. coupon bond C.A single quantum of vibrational or elastic energy. The total electrical resistivity of a metal is equal to the sum of temperature-. for most materials it is important only at elevated temperatures. quarks D. the principal and interest included. what do you call the method of repaying a debt.Matthiessen’s rule* C. Region 4 35. impurity-.C. Frenkel defect C. complainants who are not satisfied with the action of the Public Telecom Entities or Content Providers may bring the matter to the NTC in writing within _____ from receipt of the alleged text spam. The time-dependent permanent deformation that occurs under stress. What is the minimum fine for persons who violate a provision of R. subsidiary bond 32. Creep* B.Burger’s Rule 28. A type of bond where in the security is in sum’s form of recognized commercial papers of a well established subsidiary.

000* C.O. 3 D. Adding the vapor pressure of water B. P 300. 170 D. Multiplying by the vapour pressure of water C. 143 40.34* C. system design 39. 5* 37.000 36. The electronic designer will furnish how many sets of drawings. Find the amount at the end of two years and seven months if P1000 is invested at 8% compounded quarterly using simple interest for anytime less than a year interest period. F C. Fluorine* C. Bromide D.B.O. Chlorine B. Subtracting the vapour pressure of water at that temperature* . development D. P 1237. 150 B. P 250. forming or fabricating electronic equipment and/or related components. P 100. E. classifications and other contract documents? A.78 41. 4 C. It refers to the process of producing. quality control B.000 D. P 1171. E. Fluoride B. a violet layer is produced. When a gas is collected over water. parts. The unknown is a(n) A. K* 44. What law regulates the operation of CATV systems in the country? A. E. devices and accessories? A. The most active non-metallic element is A. Cl D. 180* 38. Li B. 160 C. 567 D. When chlorine water and carbon tetrachloride are mixed with an unknown.12 D. 2 B. P 1226. Sulphur 42. manufacturing* C.O. Iodide* 43. Oxygen D. Name the element of the first 20 whose atom gives up an electron the most readily A. In accordance with the Philippine Electronic Code the maximum accumulated permissible dose (MPD) of radiation associated with a radio transmitter for human being who is 54 years old is _________ rems A. 436 B. E. 205* C. Chloride C.66 B. P 1189.O. A. the pressure is corrected by A.

A.036 B. Gas compression problems D. A process where heat is released to the surroundings. Activation energy 48.267* C. Enthalpy is an expression for the A. Exothermic process* C. 1. Internal energy D. Subtracting the temperature of the water from the vapor pressure 45.60 46. Boiling points of gases B. 0. Heat content* B. 0. 0. Reaction rate D.5L of O2 gas? A. In a closed system at constant volume and temperature its energy decreases during a spontaneous process. how many moles are present in 1. Endothermic process B.536 D.D. At 5 atm pressure and 70OC. Gaseous diffusion* C. Carnot’s energy . Volume changes of gases when the temperature changes 47. State function 49. Energy state C. Graham’s Law refers to A. A.

Maximum Energy 50. 7800 cal B. If the income of his investment will be taxed 42%. Maximum Energy 51. A. Hess’ law D. Helmholtz Energy* C. It states that the vapour pressure in a solution is the sum of the vapour pressure of the pure component multiplied by the mole fraction of that component. Helmholtz Energy C. must his investment has to attain his goal? A. Hess’ law D. A reaction in which the number of chain carriers decreases. Assumes that the concentration of a reaction intermediates is constant during the main part of the reaction. Multiple-state approximation B. Zeroth law of thermodynamics 52. Concentration order D. Reaction order* B. A. A. The principle that the amount of gas dissolved under equilibrium in a volume of liquid is in direct proportion to the pressure of the gas that contact the liquid surface.22 cal/g-°C. Retardation step D. 17% B.B. Raoult’s law* B. Mangalindan would like to earn 7% of his income after payment of his taxes due. Mr. what is the minimum rate of return. Steady-state approximation* 56. Zeroth law of thermodynamics 53. Monostable approximation D. A. A reaction step that represents the reaction at the molecular level. Primary step D. 12%* D. before payment. Termination step* 57. 10% 58. Henry’s law* C. Intermediate step B. In a closed system at constant pressure and temperature its energy decreases during a spontaneous process A. Carnot’s energy B. Sum of all powers appearing in the empirical law. Bistable approximation C. Elementary step* C. A. 16% C. Ultimate step 55. Gibbs Energy* D. Branching step C. A. Raoult’s law B. A. Gibbs Energy D. Empirical order 54. 8800 cal* . How much heat must be supplied to a pan of 500 g to increase the temperature from 20°C to 100°C if the pan is made up of aluminum? Specific heat capacity of aluminum is 0. Rate order C. Henry’s law C. Propagation step B.

A steel tape 100m long is 2mm too short. 12 m high is completely filled with water. crystalline* C. What is the force on A? A.65 mm . 1500 N C. 20mm thickness. A charge A of +250 statcoulomb is placed in between 2 charges B of +50 statcoulomb and C of -300 statcoulomb. A tank 8 m in diameter. Ion Vacancies 63. 146000 J C. simple cubic 66. 5. 9800 cal D. Frenkel Defect D. A. What crystalline structure has a packing factor of 0. is classified as ____________ solids. 6600 N C. The effective dimension of the steel tape is 40mm. and 20mm width. specific modulus B.C.72 mm* C. A is 5 cm from B and 10 cm from C. Vacancy B. diamond cubic C. 164000 J 60. face-centered cubic D. modulus of resilience 67. 3200 N* D. Determine the minimum thickness of the tank plating if the stress is limited to 40 MPa. How much tensile pull should be applied at the edge of the steel tape to have 100m distance? The modulus of elasticity for steel is 200000MPa. What is the most common defects in crystals? A. Oldest engineering material known for its good malleability property? A. 106400 J D. 1250 N* 61. Young’s modulus C. lead B. How much work is done by the engine? A. A kind of solid which is characterized as consisting of ordered three dimensional arrays of structure motif. 6400 N B.88 mm B. alpha 65. 11. none of these 64. 1000 N B. body centered cubic* B. secant modulus* D. copper* D. 104600 J* B. iron C. A. 15. What gives the average ratio of stress to strain of the material operating in the non-linear region of the stress-strain diagram? A. 1850 N D. A.52? A. 10800 cal 59. A heat engine operates with a supplied heat of 65 kcal and exhausts 40 kcal. Line Defect* C. amorphous B. 3400 N 62. beta D.

What are stresses induced in vessels containing pressurized materials? A. 3. A. yield strength B. compression D. weigh heavy objects such as boulders B.403 N-m* D. A. screw dislocations D. A type of line defect consist of an extra row or plane of atoms in the crystal structure.0 D. A simple beam having a span of 6 m has a weight of 20kN/m. 3.648 N-m B. The amount of force required to cause a unit deformation (displacement) often called the spring constant is the A. edge dislocations* B. interstitialcy 76. mean stress 73. Nuclear physicists commonly use particle accelerators to A. It carries a concentrated load of 20kN at the left end and 40 kN at 2m from the right end of the beam.0 B. determine the masses of distant stars and galaxies C. fabricate elements that don’t occur naturally * D. stiffness* 72. thermal stresses 71. What is the material stress for brittle materials. structural stresses B. A. in thecalculation of allowable stress from the formula? A. pressure stresses* C.0* 69.D. mixed dislocations C.5 deg/m. Determine the maximum torque that can be applied to a hollow circular steel shaft of 100-mm outside diameter and 70-mm inside diameter without exceeding a shearing stress of 60 MPa or a twist of 0. wherein vapor bubbles form and then burst on a surface causing damage to the underlying material. 23. Use G=83 GPa. corrosion C.54 mm 68. explosion 70. residual stresses D. shear stress D. 40 kN* D. 5. Cavitation* B. compute the reaction at the right end of the beam. Aluminum is how many % by weight of the earth’s crust. ultimate strength* C. normal stress C. generate powerful beams of light . 5. 20 kN B.263 N-m 74.742 N-m C. A. 8. endurance strength D. 6. 50 kN 75. 30 kN C. modulus of elasticity B. 3. If it is supported at 2m from the left end and at the right end. A. 4. What do you call a form of stress assisted corrosion.5 C.

James Maxwell 82.7 x 1022 molecules * 84. A diverging lens A. is ideal for use as the objective in a refracting telescope. increase * D. the perceived force inside the ship is directed A. 6. is also known as a convex lens D. Louis de Broglie B. defined as 1/π candle per square centimetre A. These drops are not allowed to exchange energy with their environment. remain the same C. 1. A. long-term suppression of the immune system in human B.5 liters of gas at STP? A. under all conditions of temperature and pressure B. 79. losing speed in the forward direction. decrease B. only when the gas is near condensation D. These are highly penetrating electromagnetic radiation. toward the rear B. candela B. Under which of the following conditions does the behavior of a real gas resemble that of an ideal gas? A.6 x 10^24 molecules B. Who developed a wave equation. not deflected by magnetic or electric fields. only at low densities when the molecules are relatively far apart * 85. If a spaceship is slowing down. can collimate converging rays of light * B. skin cancer D. lambert * 81. cannot be determined . beta particles C. Erwin Schrodinger * D. Consider two water drops at a temperature T.5 x 10^24 molecules C. are known or believed to cause all the following except A. and produce little ionization A. 6. either short term or long term. How many molecules are present in 2. that is. there is no acceleration force 80.0 x 10^23 molecules D. toward the front * C. ozone depletion * 78. nowhere. gamma particles D. alpha particles B. delta particles 83. lux C.77. High levels of UV radiation. Werner Heisenberg C. These two drops collide and combine. only at very high pressure C. 5. the solution of which described the wave amplitude of the matter waves as well as the allowed energy values the particle can have. can focus the Sun’s rays to a brilliant point C. toward the side D. lumen D. How does the temperature of these drops change when they combine? A. fluorescence of certain materials C.

3 * D. accounting cost records D. the maximum load over the cross sectional area D. Melanosis B. Which of the following is the common name for battery acid A. How much is it? A. The promulgation of the syllabi/table of specification for the subjects in the board licensure examination for electronics technician (ECT) was done in the city of Manila on _______ A. Now the bank discovered that you are the only left in the clan and entitled to receive the money. Formic acid C. pounds of ash and sulfur per pound of fuel 86.223. 2011 B. Kuntosis * C.618. steam pressure at the steam turbine inlet D. 500 years ago. It is a financial summary showing the relationship among assets.01 with an interest rate of 5% per annum.3 93. and ownership in the corporation on a specific date A. the ratio of stress over strain * C. Molybdenum D.Md D. Leukosis D. P339. The shorthand name for molybdenum is A. Silicon B.618. balance sheet * B. What property of a metal describes the onset of plastic deformation in a tensile test? A.232. March 15.3 B. elongation C.223. February 9. yield strength * D. Nitric acid 90. Sulfuric acid * B.618. bookkeeping 94.3 C. Rajah Salayog deposited P0. Hydrochloric acid D. P339. P393.618. steam temperature at the steam turbine inlet * B. liabilities. Mn 92. The element that was discovered between calcium and titanium A. net heating value of the fuel C.85. 2011* . Mo* B. Xanthosis 89. tensile strength B. the ability of a material to resist corrosion B. income tax return C. none of the above 87.232. Scandium * C. The modulus of elasticity for a material refers to: A. Potassium 91. P393. Mb C. reduction in area 88. Which of the following quantities has the greatest Influence on the overall efficiency of a conventional (Rankine cycle) electric generating station burning fossil fuels? A. Which of the following is not a stage in color changing process in alchemy? A.

Ohm’s law D. which of the following is not classified under technical subjects? A. 10 CU B. college. 10 CU B. Trade or Vocational course in electronics or. Maintenance and Repair C. June 19. Technician. 7 years 97. 2 Series of 2011 C. Board Resolution No. 3 years C. 3 CU per hour C. 30 CU D. According to the syllabi for the Electronics Technician licensure examination. 2 CU per hour D. Basic Mathematics 98. 20 CU C. To qualify for the Electronics Technician examination. Board Resolution No. 1 Series of 2004 D. he/she must be a graduate of an Associate.C. 5 CU per hour* B. such equivalent and/or related formal or non-formal course or program from any school. 15 CU C. 5 years D. how many points will be given to the resource speaker of a recognized seminar/convention? A. A. In Continuing Profession Education. 2 years* B. university or training institution recognized by the government or the State where it is established after completing a resident course or program of not less than __________ A. January 16. In Continuing Profession Education. 2 Series of 2004 B. The promulgation of the syllabi/table of specification for the subjects in the board licensure examination for electronics technician (ECT) is also known as the Board of Electronics Engineering _________. how many additional points will be given upon completing a Master’s degree? A. 1 CU per hour 100. Philippine Electrical Code* B. 1 Series of 2011* 96. 2010 95. Board Resolution No. 30 CU* D. subject to the evaluation of the Board. sole authorship of book monograph with more than 100 page will merit the author A. 40 CU* . 45 CU 99. Board Resolution No. In Continuing Profession Education. 2011 D.

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