Love Never Dies In our early youth death is not even a memory of pretend We all want to be older some

pretend their Mom or Dad As our lives expand even strangers soon become our friend Some friends we make move away some times makes us sad At the very same time teaching us life skills to deal with emotions In school we make both friends and jealousies and bullies too If we have true friends we unknowingly love them human devotions True love listens, speaks truth, earns trust and admiration as hero's do Love tells you what you don't want to hear a stern no teaching respect The most valued life skills as no brings love and gratitude for the yes Life in of itself it the truest form of the labor of love Mother do expect There is a reason it takes 2 to make love both genders is not a guess That does not mean men cannot love men and women cannot love each other The only act that should ever come between loves is faith without lies We all grow older because of faith we had in Mom n Dad sister and brother That feeling you get catch yourself doing like Mom or Dad is because Love Never Dies ©2013 I.M. Nobody

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