Save Thomaston; Reject SMARTGROWTH!

According to the Town’s Newsletter, the members of the Thomaston Board of Selectmen recently attended the Maine SmartGrowth Conference and on February 5th, Maine Downtown Center staff gave a public presentation at Watts Hall regarding Thomaston becoming a Maine Downtown Network community…

…but, What is… SMARTGROWTH? SMARTGROWTH is: implementation of the land use policies of the United Nations Agenda 21, a program that will put government in complete control over all private ownership of land and other property.
SMARTGROWTH will: •  ake construction expensive, hard to finance, and more likely to M bankrupt before completion (even if you are crony developer) •  ake your property more likely to be claimed for eminent domain M • ncrease your property taxes I •  estrict your inherent right to use your own property R Nothing in the U.S. Constitution gives the government the authority to tell citizens where or how they should live!
Thomaston selectmen are planning on implementing SMART GROWTH

Lee-Ann Upham, Chairman: 354-6347 William Hahn, Vice Chairman: 354-6796, 236-2725 BILLHAHN@COUNTRYINNMAINE.COM Peter Lammert: 354-8000, 624-3729, Greg Hamlin: 354-6749, 596-8237, Jonathan Eaton: 354-2234,
For more information contact Anna Morkeski: (207) 200-8724

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