Date of birth : 05/08/1990 ▪ Working Experience : Freshers Address Contact Contact number emailid

Profile Objective : To be a part of a progressive firm offering opportunity for carrer advancement and professional growth ,which will help me gain sufficient knowledge .

Skills Adobe- Photoshop,Premiere Design, Management skill, Communication skill, Problem Solving skill, Initiated, Developed, MS Office and Internet Surfing.

Educational Qualification 2008 2010 Appearing Workshop XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX Bachelor In Media Science(H) XXXXXXXXXXX

Work Experience


Languages Read Bengali English Hindi    Write   x Speak    Personal Details Father’s Name Nationality Marital Status : Mr.Activities and Interests Sports Travel Hobbies : Cricket : Like to travel : Freestyle Rapping. Nikhil Kumar Maji : Indian : Single Place: Kolkata Date: Signature .Drawing. Remixing.

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