The magnetic core is typically used with the coreless coil to emulate a nonlinear magnetic component.

The magnetic core takes an input voltage which it treats as a magnetomotive force (mmf) value. There are two equations you know for this part: Equation 1: Magnetic Field intensity, H, is: H = mmf/l Where mmf = magneticmotive force, the input voltage(V) l = core length (m) Equation 2: The output current, I, is derived from the equation: I = BA Where B= flux density (A*turns/m) A = cross section area (m^2) The Numbers of coordinates table is used to create the piecewise linear B-H curve and the values from the B-H curve is used to find the B and H value for the equations above. In this example, the following values are used:

B-H curve from the above table: .

Example Circuit: 2 3 0.002 sq.m 2 m 5V 1Ω V: I: 0 Calculation: H =mmf/l .

002 m^2) = 3.33 mA Mutlisim simulation results: .= 5 V/2 m = 2.5 A/m From the B-H curve we can see the flux density is: 1.6667 Wb\m^2 Therefore: I = BA = (1.6667 Wb/m^2)(0.

m 2 m V: 3.072 V . Vout = Iin*N Iin*N=Vout 1A*10=10Volts I1 1V 60 Hz 0 MMF T1 10 Turns + - 7.33 m V I: 3.2 3 0.33 m A 5V 1Ω 0 A coreless coil is converts current to voltage.002 sq.