18 February 2013 ATTN. MR. EDGARDO A. AGBAYANI Vice President Good day! Last October 15, 2012 the union did pass a letter requesting for union office, it came to our knowledge that the request has been approved by the management as per meeting held last November 07, 2012. We would just like to hear a follow up regarding this matter since it has been three months then. For the said office shall help the union function for its betterment. The office shall be used for private meetings, discussions, and huddles of the entire body. Moreover, it will be used for storage of files, documents and all other paraphernalia being of due purpose by the union. Rest assured that the requested union office will be used rightfully and of proper decorum. We are hoping to hear from you about this matter. Sincerely,

Mr. Joel M. Bulandus

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