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Black & Decker Build Your Own Custom Closet+OCR

Black & Decker Build Your Own Custom Closet+OCR

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Published by Vladimir Stojanovic

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Published by: Vladimir Stojanovic on Feb 28, 2013
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NOW that you have measured your space and
identified possible obstructions, you'll want to
determine which system is right for your space-built-
in, floor-based, or wall-hung systems are the three
most common choices when it comes to custom
designs. Usually in new homes, any system will work.
It's more a matter of personal taste. However, in an
older home, wall-hung systems are preferable because
you don't have to worry if the floors and walls are
uneven. Wall-hung systems hang on a wall track, using
brackets that can be adjusted for a plumb installation
despite an imperfect wall.

Wall Hung: Pros

• Easy to install
• Easy to make level, even
if floors and walls are
not square

• No notching around
• Nice clean, contemporary
look with everything off

the floor
• Allows removal or cleaning
of closet flooring

Floor Based: Pros

• Minimal weight limitations
• Allows for deeper shelving
• Has built-in look and feel

Wall Hung: Cons

• Weight limitations
• Depth limitations
• Doesn't have
built-in look

Floor Based: Cons

• More difficult installation
• Harder to level if floors
and walls are not square

• Need to remove or notch
around baseboards
• More difficult to replace
and clean closet flooring
• Mildly difficult to tear out

Built-in: Pros

Built-in: Cons

• Sturdy and permanent

• Difficult installation


• Typically constructed

• Minimal weight limitation

with more expensive

• Allows for deeper shelving

wood materials
• Cannot replace or clean
flooring unless unit is
torn out

• Very difficult to tear out

wall-hung units hang on a track, so perfectly level
floors are not required. However, if the tracks do not offer
adjustability, irregular walls must be accurately measured
and all verticals and cleats must be adjusted to these
measurements for a plumb installation.

A floor-based unit adds extra storage, but is more
difficult to level on uneven floors. For slight inconsistencies,
wood shims can be used under the units. Notch around large

Built-ins are permanently joined to the structure of the
house. They add a custom look to your home and allow you to
use awkward or wasted spaces.

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