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: Advanced Diploma in Information Technology
No. Module Name Hours

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Fundamental of Programming Operating System Database Programming Using SQL Server VB .NET as Front End Web Application Development Project
Total Hours

20 20 36 60 32 48

Qualification Duration

: 22


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Graduate day

Fundamental of Programming(20 Hours) Top Algorithms Data Boolean Concepts Creating Arrays Introduction to File Structure Operating System (20 Hours) Top What Processes Memory File General Scheduling Virtual Threading concepts is an OS? management Systems architecture Synchronization Paging


Representation Algebra Flowchart Flowcharts

OS & Memory and

Database Programming Using SQL Server (36 Hours) Top RDBMS Database Normalization ER SQL, Database Security VB .NET as Front End (60 Hours) Top . . NET NET Overview Framework Technologies Design Techniques Diagrams Queries


PG-DITISS . and & Type Web Application Development (32 Hours) Top Developing Web Architecture HTML DHTML CSS DOM JavaScript Project (48 Hours) Top Web Programming of the Applications concepts Web programming C-DACs .Visual MSIL CLR Preprocessors Delegates Unsafe Reflection Versioning Attributes Collections Studio (Microsoft (Common Intermediate Language and Namespaces the . Electronics CityBangalore Bangalore Karnataka 560100 : 080 28523300 Contact Person Courses : PG-DST. Uma Prasad : Fax : e-Mail : course_blr@cdac.Advanced Computing Training School Address Telephone : 68.NET Language) Runtime) Events Assemblies class Code.