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: and answer the questions:
We use “MAY” to ask for permission, it´s similar
to “CAN”, but may is more formal.
We use them (can, may) to give permission, ex.
May / can I go to the park?
Yes, you can / may


1- How is Gogo?
a) well
b) ill

c) angry

2- what has Gogo got?
a) a sore throat
b) a headache

c) a new car

3- when Gogo is cold, what does Jenny give him?
a) some soup
b) a blanket
c) a book
4- They phone the doctor, and the doctor says Gogo has got:
a) a headache
b) a broken leg
c) a cold
5- the doctor gives him:
a) two pills before meals

b) two pills after meals c) an injection

6- Translate into Spanish :
What´s the matter? ________________________________________
Of course ________________________________________________
I´m cold _________________________________________________
I´m hot __________________________________________________
Throat __________________________________________________
7- What do they have
for lunch?

Match Jeeby, Tappy
and Pod with their

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