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Kerala is well known for its traditional industries. These industries include coir, cashew, handlooms, handicrafts and bamboo. The traditional industries are one of the major sectors, which give employment to more than 1 million people in Kerala

Coir Industry in Kerala
Coir industry is second to agriculture as a source of employment in Kerala, providing employment to 3.83 lakh persons, of whom 3.25 lakh are women. With 10.05 lakh hectares having coconut cultivation in Kerala, this accounts for 45% of the net cropped area. The coconut out put is estimated at 5759 million nuts annually. A Major Traditional Industry in the State

Concentration of Coir Industry in the State
 North Parur 

Varieties of coir yarn produced

 Arror Sp
 Rope Yarn

Varieties of Coir products produced & exported.
 Rubberised Coir products
 Coir Geo Textiles
 Tuffes Mats
 Coir pith 
 Curled Coir Provides employment to more than 4 lakhs people of which 84% are women. State production caters 90% of domestic consumption and 95% Export from the country

Export Figures as on 1999 – 2000 (in MT)
1. Coir Mats 27,433 2. Coir Matting 6,221 3. Coir and Carpets 2,700 4. Geo textiles 1,621 5. Curled Coir 689 6. Rubberised Coir 489 7. Coir Pith 5,675 8. Coir Other Sort 1,213 Total Exports of Coir products stood at 58,947 MT as on 1999-2000

Govt. Kannur Major schemes implemented by the Department coir Development Projects 
 Integrated For the Modernisation and Mechanisation of the Industries to improve quality and quantity 
 To provide better environment to workers
 For better wages 
 Revitalisation of sick and dormant societies. Kozhikode
 10. Chirayinkeezhu
 2. Alapuzha
 5. North Parur
 7. discount etc. Vaikom
 6. Kayamkulam
 4. Societies 72 Mechanised coir co-op. ¨Welfare Schemes Govt. Societies in the following ways: For marketing their products. To improve those quality of products by providing technical guidance.560 MT. as on 1999 – 2000 COIR DIRECTORATE Cater to the needs of Co-op. To improve production and to provide more employment.Statistics of Coir Co-operative Sector producing societies 10 small scale producers co-op. Trichur
 8. Provides financial assistance Project offices functioning under Coir Directorate 1. Ponnani
 9. Market Development assistance To sell the products of primaries. contributes to Coir Workers Welfare Fund Board for providing the following welfare measures Pension of coir workers Educational assistance to the worker’s children Marriage assistance Geriatric Centres etc. Societies 
 524 primary yarn Production of Coir products stood at 15. Kollam
 3. provides incentives by way of market development assistance
 As rebate. To increase production by reviving sick and dormant societies. .

10 National Level projects 5.21. canal embankment for construction of roads. This project proposes to implement.17. Alapuzha District Extent .23. To prevent soil erosion.Projects under implementation 
 Geo-Textiles Development Programme 
 Rs. 6. rails. 50 Geo-Textile production units 1. 20 state wide projects with the help of NGOs 3.17.9. 10 projects under various development Department 4.Alappuzha District Extnet . For prevention of sea erosion and other related application The Scheme will be implemented by the Department of Coir Development through Coirfed and Coir corporation.06 Acres Area Allotted . 10 projects with the help of exporters. 50 pilot projects through local bodies 2. HIGH TECH COIR PARK AT PERUMON – KOLLAM . 1.15 Acres to 14 entrepreneurs Investment expected By entrepreneurs . To protect roads.5 Crores COIR PARK – B Cherthala Taluk .15 crore 2.4 Govt. 865 lakhs investment for popularisation of Geo-Textiles To improve the utility of coir yarn by way of diversification. undertakings Investment expected . COIR PARK AT ALAPUZHA COIR PARK – A
 Cherthala Taluk.40 Acres Area Allotted .06 Acres Alottee .

 Hantex and Hanveev are the Govt.Expected project cost . 
 R & D on Geo – textiles applications. 17. Central and National Financing Institutions Proposed to be implemented with Centre for Development of Coir Technology (DOCT) Trivandrum This High Tech Park provides a meeting ground for scientists. popularization of geo-Textiles 
 FOAM MATTINGS (India) Ltd. mats and mattings. 
 Contact Address
 Director of Coir Development 
 Thiruvananthapuram –33
 Phone No: 0471-322046
 Fax No: 0471-322046
 Kerala's Balaramapuram handloom sarees are well known for its simplicity. Kannur handloom shirting.. research establishments. rubbeerised coir products R & D Wing undertakes. exquisite design and beauty. export. Govt. furnishing materials etc. Balaramapuram is also famous for its fine dothis and its traditional neryathu and the set mundu. Expected to open – up possibilities to develop a wide range of eco-friendly products based on coconut fibre. Largest suppliers of coir yarn.Rs. organisation for the entire development of coir sector 
 Research Centre at Kalaroor does various research activities in coir and coir based products. Kollam and Ernakulam are the main places where handloom concentration is high. dress materials and fine furnishings are being exported to various countries. design and quality. OTHER GOVERNMENT ORGANISATIONS COIRFED
 Apex Federation of 600 old Primary Co-op. 
 Balaramapuram in Thiruvananthapuram district Kannur Palakkad. 
 Different types of ready made garments. 
 A Central Govt. occupies an important place among handloom fabrics of India. institutions to help weavers in co operative sector as well as in the un organised sector for procuring and marketing their products through their well established showroom through out Kerala. owned organisation 
 Undertakes marketing of products of unorgansied sector. of Kerala Undertaking 
 Engaged in the production of rubbersied coir 
 Products and marketing. Kasaragod sarees are famous for it's color. 
 Pith plus & Coir RECT are the latest development made in the coir sector for reducing the retting time & for giving golden colour to the green husk fibre. manufacturing units.08 Crores To be implemented with the assistance of State. research on various applications of coir yarn and mized coir yarn with rubber. Societies 4 Regional offiers Over 100 large showroom network all over India.
 A lot of research work has been carried 
 . These traditional handloom saris are made out of the finest cotton yarn with intricate designs of golden jerry. technologists and entrepreneurs with universities.
 This sector provides employment to more than two lakh people directly and indirectly. COIR CORPORATION 
 Fully Govt.

palm etc. Kerala The Institute of Handloom and Technology. Demonstration Programmes on Ecofriendly Dyes. research and development in the handloom and textile sector that imparts need. Articles made out of buffalo horn and kathakali masks. Handicrafts Heritage Kerala. A variety of products ranging from buttons to flower vase out of coconut shell. The life size models of kathakali and the models depicting boat race of Kerala are Kerala's own master pieces. The institute organizes Entrepreneurship Development Programmes. Artisans Development Corporation. The gifted artisans makes beautiful idols of Lord Krishna. fabric & dyed samples for BIS and other standards. Handicrafts based on various kinds of wood. The artisans of Kerala carves in wood. The artisans of Kerala are at their best in making screwpine woven articles. coconut. Management Orientation Programmes. design in jewellery and makes idols in metal. seminars and workshops for the development of skilled personnel are organized in the handloom and textile sector including garment manufacturing and fashion technology. Tapestry etc. Kannur. designing.out to improve the quality and productivity at Institute of Handloom Textile Technology. Lakshmi etc. Goddess Saraswathi. Bamboo Corporation and Handicrafts Development Corporation. Ganesh. IHTT is the nodal agency in the state for training. handicrafts celebration week. (IHTT) is an autonomous body under the Ministry of Industries. are major attractions. The idols of Lord Nataraja in dancing pose and the various lamps (vilakku) which are very essential for every ceremonies of malayalees. The State agencies for the development of handicrafts industry include Handicrafts Co-operative Apex Society (SURABHI).
 Institute of handloom and Textile Technology. straw pictures etcare some of the popular items of Kerala.elephants in rose wood and other art works in varieties of other woods.
 Kerala's traditional handicrafts varieties are a class of its own. in sandal wood . Government of Kerala. Aranmula kannadi is another traditional art work in bell metal. beautiful lamp shades and other articles from bamboo reeds. is being conducted every year from December 7 to 15 . and printing in cotton and silk. Lab facilities exist for testing various parameters on yarn. dyeing. Kora mats are very popular and is used for prayer and sleep. Apart from training programmes. Kannur.based training in weaving. Government of Kerala.