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Biochemistry Books Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry by Nelson and Cox Biochemistry by Lubert Stryer, J.M., Berg and J.L.

Tymoczko Principles and Techniques by Keith Wilson and John Walker Microbiology Books Microbiology: Fundamental and Application, by Ronald M. Atlas, Microbiology by L.M. Prescott, J.P. Harley and D.A. Klein, Genetics Books Genetics: BD Singh Genetics: A Molecular Approach by T.A. Brown Principle of Genetics by E.J. Gardner, M.J. Simmons and D.P. Snustad Cell and Molecular Biology Books Cell and Molecular Biology: Concepts and Experiments by G Karp Molecular Cell Biology - Lodish Immunology Immunology by Janis Kuby Recombinant DNA Technology Books Gene Cloning and DNA analysis by T.A. Brown Plant Tissue Culture by M.K. Razdan Biotechnology by B.D.Singh Human Physiology Books Essentials of Animal Physiology by Rastogi Review of Medical Physiology by William F. Ganong Plant Physiology Plant Physiology by Salisbury and Ross Ecology and Evolution Books Text Book of Biology: NCERT XI and XII Basic Ecology by E.P. Odum Ecology and Environment by PD Sharma Ecology unit from Dinesh's Objective Biology Organic evolution from Veer Bala Rastogi

W.J. Maths etc.P. Computer. Stout and D. . G. Taylor Text Book of Biology: NCERT XI and XII PHYSICS Concepts of Physics (Part 1 and 2) by H C Verma Text Book of Physics: NCERT XI and XII CHEMISTRY Text Book of Chemistry: NCERT XI and XII Organic Chemistry by Morrison and Boyd Physical Chemistry by Atkins You also need books for statistics.BIOLOGY Books General Biology (10 +2 level) Biological Science by N.O Green.