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FINANCIAL SERVICES Financial services are any service or product of a financial nature that is traded in financial markets; specifically

, they are financial instruments – for example, treasury bills and government bonds. The marketplace for financial services is extensive, as banks, insurers and investment banks operate in a global marketplace and have a wide range of customers, including retail consumers, business customers of all sizes and other financial institutions. MARKETING OF FINANCIAL SERVICES The forces of deregulation, advancing technology and general trend towards globalisation have vastly increased the competitive pressures within the financial services market that has in turn affected both the structure and operation of financial service providing firms like banks. Banks are providers of financial services, financial iritermediaries and key participants in a nation's payment system. As such banks play a major role in the economy and in the financial well being of a nation. Bank Marketing Strategies and Mixes The overall marketing programme of a bank may involve a large number of marketing strategies mixes. The marketing strategy includes (a) a very clear defnition of target customers (b) the development of a marketing mix to satisfy the customers at a profit to the bank (c) planning for each of the 'source' markets and each of the 'use' markets, and d) organization and administration The Bank Marketing Management System essentially should start with situation appraisal to evaluate the opportunities and threats for evolving a marketing strategy for the organisation.