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Writing an Analytical Paragraph in Response to the Short Story “The Flying Machine” by Ray Bradbury Assignment: Please write

an analytical paragraph in response to the following question: What does the short story “The Flying Machine” by Ray Bradbury say about its theme? 1. Make a claim about the story’s theme. 2. Find a supporting example (a passage in the text that supports your claim). a. Contextualize this example. (Say when in the story it happens: it’s not sufficient to say “at the beginning of the story” or “at the end of the story.” It’s necessary to connect your example to a significant event in the story.) b. After contextualizing, summarize the supporting example in your own words. c. After summarizing and contextualizing your supporting example, quote the supporting passage. d. After quoting your supporting passage, ask an interpretation question. Your interpretation question needs to link your claim and your evidence. In general terms, your interpretation question will be something like: How does the passage that I quoted prove my claim? e. Answer your interpretation question. f. Write a sentence to wrap your paragraph up.