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Teacher: Mrs.

Galle Date: February 28, 2013

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Important News
B b Today we had Guidance and PE.

Word Family of the Week

High Frequency Words
I my a can see like for to the and go is red not at be no so good say ran into well Pre-Primer Words did up me you blue one it two big three come we funny run in play help away down find jump here little look yellow make said where Primer Words am all but on yes did get get he will like do ride saw she ate

Also, please continue practicing on the ABCs and sounds with your child. Please continue practicing your flashcards. (Pre-Primer and Primer Words- I will be doing a check on words at the end of the month!) We will have Theme 7 Test on Friday for reading. Wear your Miner gear tomorrow in support for our Ben/Shull Girls basketball team!

Next week at a There will be an Early Release day on glance

Classroom Goal
I will use a quiet speaking voice.

Wednesday, March 6th. The students will have a sub because I have an in-house training I will be doing.

Card Color
Check your childs Miner Binder for their color.