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Types of Gas Used with Gas Metal Arc Welding

Argon…     Inert Gas… Cost effective gas shield… Produces smooth quiet are at low volts… Addition of 1% to 5% of active Hydrogen will give better penetration and faster welding speed on stainless steel… .

5) times that of argon… .Helium…     Inert gas… Useful in welding thick section and metals with high thermal conductivity… More expensive than argon Requires high flow rates (2 to 2.

Nitrogen…      Inert at room temperature Nitrogen combines with oxygen at arc temperatures and becomes active… Unsuitable for majority of metals… Gives good results on copper… More cost affective than argon or helium… .

However.Carbon Dioxide CO2  CO2 is also used in its pure form in some MIG welding processes. in some applications the presence of CO2 in the shielding gas may adversely affect the mechanical properties of the weld. .