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THURSDAY, MARCH 7 (9:30AM - 3PM) @ PDCI            There will be a boys side and a girls side set up for games in our main gymnasium. Each side will have access to their own change room / bathroom. Participants will need to be reminded to not leave any valuables in the change room. Outdoor shoes and / or boots will not be allowed in the gymnasium (participants and spectators will be expected to leave their boots outside of the gym doors). All of your teams may visit and / or rest in the cafeteria during the day. Please note that our lunch time is 10:40am - 11:25am. The officiating will be done by our senior student-athletes. We will provide basketballs to all of the teams for games and warm-up. Please do not bring any basketballs from your school. The game time will be 25 minutes running time. Warm-up time will be five minutes or less. There will not be a half time. Each team is allowed one timeout during the last two minutes of the game. We are going to have a 30 minutes fun skills competition at 11:30am (15 minutes for the boys teams followed by 15 minutes for the girls teams).

Boys and Girls Schedule: 9:30am 10am 10:30am 11am 11:30 12pm 12:30pm 1pm 1:30pm 2pm 2:30 Glen Tay vs Stewart 2 Stewart 1 vs North Elmsley Maple Grove vs Glen Tay Stewart 1 vs Stewart 2 Skills Competition for all participants North Elmsley vs Maple Grove Stewart 2 vs North Elmsley Stewart 1 vs Maple Grove Glen Tay vs North Elmsley Stewart 2 vs Maple Grove Stewart 1 vs Glen Tay