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CSD 195 A Phonetics Refresher Instructor: C.W. Starkweather, Ph.D., CCC-S Email, or Tel.

802-684-9794 This one-credit course will be taught online from July 15 through August 9, 2013. Goals: To help students recover skill in phonetic transcription, and knowledge of phonetic concepts and gained in previous courses but now faded. To prepare students for the use of Phonetics in Graduate School, for both academic and practical experiences. Methods of instruction: This will be a collaborative course. This means that students are encouraged to help each other learn. Accordingly, Blackboards Discussion Board will be the main vehicle for information flow. Assessment will be continuous during the course and based on students participation on the Discussion Board. Occasionally there will be a scheduled one-hour real time web cast meeting in which the instructor will demonstrate specific phenomena, and during which questions may be asked and resources shared. Power point slides, including audio, will be available. Requirements: Students must have access to the website so that they can enter phonetic symbols from their keyboards. Note that this site requires students to download the Doulos SIL font in order to use the IPA fully. The font is free. There is no textbook, but students are expected to have Internet access, to search for and share websites helpful to the discussion. Possible Topics (topics may be added or deleted based on class input): Recognizing and representing vowels Representing suprasegmental phenomena such as intonation, lengthening, syllabification, and syllabic stress Representing deviant speech regional and foreign dialect, articulation and phonological disorders, stuttering, velopharyngeal incompetence Measuring indices of speech production, such as speech rate, phonetic inventories, development